Carpentry And Best Men

IC Time: May 31, 2007
Location: Newton's Outfitters
Synopsis: Isaac and Esme talk about carpentry, Jake and Carlisle crash the party.
Submitted by: Esme

Newton's Outfitter's isn't exactly the busiest place in all of Forks, but, then again, nowhere really is. It's fairly quiet in the stop, with only the clicking of heels interrupting the scuffling of runners on the floor. Upon further examination it can be seen, of course, that Esme Cullen is the owner of those runners, and she's currently browsing through the sporting goods section of the store.

A very large native man walks into the shop and stops, peering at the decor inside. He inspects the woodwork with a carpenter's eye and nods to himself, a decent job although nothing special. He walks further in, heading towards the sporting goods section himself and more specifically the camping gear. As his truck is getting mightily cramped to sleep in and a tent by the dock in La Push would at least keep him close to his work. He notices a familiar scent in the air and his nose barely wrinkles as he's now gotten used to the Cullen family scent and calls out in his deep sonerous voice, "Greetings Mrs. Cullen, a pleasure to see you again."

Esme crinkles her nose, a reflexive action, even though she's quite used to the smell now. "Hello Mr. Hawk," she greets as she takes a look at one of the many footballs before turning her attention on the Quileute lad. "How're you today?" she enquires with an upraised brow.

The large man raises a shoulder in a shrug and says, "Well enough I suppose, although I admit sleeping in my truck is far from being comfortable and I am here to purchase a large enough tent to fit me comfortably among other things." He tilts his head, "And what are you here for?" He asks the old woman politely.

Esme ahhs. "They do have some rather large tents around here, I expect you'd like one comfortably large enough for you and some space?" she questions with a light chuckle before she easily tosses the football up in the air, catching it again. "I have a very athletic little family, and I'm out buying some sporting goods for them. I already picked up all new baseball gear for them…"

The large man raises an eyebrow and says, "Baseball… you enjoy baseball?" He seems a bit staggered by this, but then he likes hockey himself so he supposes that there's a reason to everything. He then looks at some of the bigger 6+ man tents and nods to her question about being comfortably large, "Yes, I think one designed for 6 people should do nicely, I will have room move around in." He looks for the waterproof ones and tests the material."

Esme offers a smile and a nod. "It's the American past-time, after all. It can be very entertaining, actually, to watch the family play," she gives with a crooked little grin before she puts the football back and follows after the wolf. "Six is a decently large tent, they do make bigger, but, it depends on if you need or want that much room to move around in," she gives.

The man known as Hawk gives a small smile, "I suppose it would be… although I personally enjoy hockey myself, but then, I am Canadian and it is the Canadian way of life." He then nods at her suggestion and says, "Well, I suppose I could go for bigger, but then that would take hours to set up and really I do not need that much room. Once the dock is finished and your daughter's club finished I should be able to afford a place to live in La Push that doesn't require tent poles or stakes to put down."

Esme chuckles slightly as she finds a nice, six-person tent. "This one is large, and it's got a bit of a 'foyer' entrance, you could stash anything that you didn't want to leave in your truck in there," she offers with a light shrug. "And, if you have company, than this can also double as separate sleeping quarters, as well."

Hawk laughs then and says, "I highly doubt that, seeing as it looks like everyone in La Push has paired off and been imprinted. But I will keep that in mind." It's the first sort of real strong emotion the man has shown and his smile stays genuine before he takes it from you and says, "Very well, I will take your suggestion and get this one, if only because I do not like leaving much in my truck. My tools are my life and are irreplaceable if they get stolen."

Esme chuckles. "Well, I doubt everyone has paired off or imprinted," she gives with a lopsided little grin. "Though, I suspect Jake probably felt that way himself, for a bit," she notes with a light shrug of her shoulders, nodding as the tent is selected. "See, you'll be able to store your tools in this part, where they'll be safe, while not taking up any of your own sleeping space."

Hawk smiles and says to the woman, "I'm philosophical about it, I have lived my life alone, since I was but a small boy. I was not lucky enough to have found a foster family such as yours did. I had to grow up on the streets, like many native children did in Vancouver." He takes the tent to the cashier and then goes and gets some other camping gear such as a tarp to put over the tent to keep the rain and snow off, a camp stove and ice chest to store food among other gear.

Esme nods slightly as she listens to the wolf. "You seem fairly well adjusted for having had that sort of a childhood," she gives with a light nod. "I suppose we just try to live a peaceful life, and those we take in we like having around, or, I do, at any rate, and I know Carlisle does. It's unfortunate that not everyone can be so lucky, at least in the familial regard."

Hawk raises an eyebrow, "But then again, not everyone agrees with your… shall we say, diet? I would think that those of you that aren't vegetarians might be less inclined to trust others and lose their humanity and slip into insanity. How could one be able to enjoy family when they can't even stand their own self?" He shrugs, "As for being well adjusted, I was luckier then most, I managed to graduate high school and become an apprentice carpenter to a man who managed to channel my anger at myself and at others into constructing beautiful homes."

Esme nods. "You're correct. I'm certain that it's our ability to not eat like the others that allows us to be so closely bonded with each other," she gives with a light shrug of her shoulders. "One day, Mr. Hawk, you'll have to come to our place. I admit, I probably gloat too much about it. I think it turned out quite beautifully… well, the inside, at any rate, the outside was that way when we got there, we just make sure it's kept up."

Hawk smiles and says, "I would enjoy that, I always enjoy admiring the work of others, it gives me ideas for the future." He pays for his supplies and carries them out easily to his truck, tossing them into the truck bed.

Esme smiles. "I'd love to show it to you, actually. It was a lot of fun putting it together, the whole family had their input on it, as well," she gives with a delighted look in her eyes. "I warn you, you probably won't like the scent of it," is noted.

Hawk smiles ruefully, "Probably not, but I expected that anyways, and your smell isn't as horrible as I thought it would be at least." He shuts the tailgate to his truck and says, "Now, I need to get some new clothes, the shopping in La Push is… well… far too native for my taste." The large man chuckles.

Esme laughs slightly. "That's somewhat amusing, Hawk," she notes, leaning against the wall to Newton's. "They've got some good sporting type clothes, if that's what you want, otherwise, it's out to Port Angeles for you," she gives with a snicker and shake of her head.

Hawk smiles and says, "Port Angeles it is, I suppose. I'm afraid baseball or football jerseys do not match my tool belt. It is good that later tonight I will be meeting your foster daughter and son there to look over the building they bought for their club. I will be able to shop there while doing so." He stretches and then says, "Can I give you a lift somewhere, Mrs. Cullen?" He walks to the door of his truck.

Esme nods faintly. "That's good, that you'll be seeing the club, I've yet to go and see it, actually. I should probably go," is given with a polite nod. "And no, thank you, I've got a bit more shopping to do and my own car," she gives, chuckling. "It was nice to see you again, Mr. Hawk."

Jacob arrives, carrying a broken lantern and looking cross. How very unusual. "Hi everybody… Oh, Carlisle.. Esme… I never expected to see you here, what is it you could be buying that you don't already have?" He smiles to show that he's teasing. He looks around… "And.. Isaac! Just the person I wanted to talk to…" "So… did you or didn't you want our help on the dock?" "I know that I offered, but I didn't want to you know, step on your toes if you'd rather not have the help." He lets that sit with Isaac for a minute as he turns back to Carlisle and Esme, "Charlene is seeing a councilor now.", he drops into the conversation quietly with a hopeful look.

Literally walking in behind Jacob already greeting him outside. Carlisle wasn't aware his wife was even here until he said something. "I was going to keep going but saw you come in thought I'd browse a moment." he explains to Jacob then nods his head with a smile. "Glad to hear she is getting the help she needs." Stepping towards Esme greeting her with a kiss, "Hello darling."

A large native-looking man was about to step into his truck when Jacob caught him and asked him his question. He is about to reply when he catches another scent of vampire and then realizes thanks to the passionate embrace who this man is and he says in his deep sonerous voice to Esme, "I would assume that this would be your husband? The infamous Dr. Cullen?" He smiles and inclines his head to Carlisle, "A pleasure, Dr. Carlisle… I am known as Isaac Hawkfeather, but you may call me Hawk." He then replies to Jacob's question, "Yes, I would prefer some help, I have all the lumber needed stacked at the spot where the old dock used to be. Most of the hard work we will need to work together driving the pylons into the water as the Council cannot afford to rent the machinery we would need to piledrive them in. After that, once I build the foundation, the rest is mostly simple and won't require too much skill other then good sound hammering technique." He smiles and then says, "I should also mention, I have met Rosalie and Emmett and once the dock has been well on it's way to completion I will be working with them to build their new nightclub in Port Angeles. If any of our pack shows any promise, I may take them on as apprentice carpenters. It would help me rebuild my subcontracting business and bring much needed money into the reservation."

Esme smiles as Jake, and then her husband, walk into the room. Jake gets a wave, and Carlisle gets a firm hug around the waist. "Hello Love," she greets of her husband before nodding. "That's good, Jake, I'm glad she's getting the help that she needs for that," is noted with that almost ever present little smile of hers. At Hawk's inquiry she nods. "Yes, Mr. Hawk, this is my husband," she goes on, and is about to introduce the man to her husband, though he beats her to it.

Jacob answers the Cullen’s first briefly, "Not that we might not need your help with that..", he says, "I'd like to know what it is she's into… I have no idea except that it was something blue." He shrugs, not wanting to say too much more than that at the moment so he turns to Isaac, "Well, that's something I hadn't thought about — you know, carpentry is a great skill — I'm sure some of the others would love to learn… That's a great idea." He nods, "How long does something like that take? I mean, to learn enough to hold your own?"

Reaching out shaking his hand, "Pleasure to meet you, Hawk. Please just call me Carlisle." After the introductions are done he glances back towards his wife. Leaning close he whispers something to her touching a hand against her cheek afterwards giving a knowing glance with his eyes. Turning to face the other pair, "Jacob glad to see you here because I was wanting to ask you something." of course he waits until he's done chatting with his packmate before he'll ask.

The man known as Hawk raises an eyebrow as the conversation about someone Jacob knows goes over his head and he ignores it to focus on his question. He rubs his chin and says, "Well, normally a person would need to be apprenticed to a Master or Senior Journeyman carpenter for a minimum of 4 years plus some classroom instruction and 7500 hours work experience. Then the Apprentice would take an exam and then be granted the status of Journeyman and able to work on their own. The pay is actually quite good as good skilled carpenters are always in demand." He then nods to Carlisle, "The pleasure is mine, Doc… err Carlisle. Your wife has been kind enough to help me pick our a tent and some camping gear as my truck cab has been getting quite cramped to sleep in as of late."

Esme offers a nod in her husband's direction, undoubtedly a response to his words to her. "Alright," she gives in an airy manner. The woman then falls silent, listening to the conversations going on between the packmates, as well as her husband.

Jacob scratches his chin, thinking that sort of effort to become a tradesman might be a good thing for him to pursue. He looks over at Carlisle and Esme as well, "Something to ask me?" "Of course, of course… what's up you two?"

Carlisle smiles taking hold of his wife's hand. "Jacob.. Esme and I are will be renewing our vows upon our anniversary. You have become important to us both and I'd be honoured if you'd stand beside me as my best man for the occasion." Of course he might later on inquire to Hawk about some carpentry work for it.

The man known as Hawk looks quite impressed with that statement by Carlisle, and it deepens his respect for the man who has so obviously a very strong loving bond with his mate that he would reaffirm it in a ceremony. He gives the man a nod of respect and admiration and says to them both, "Congratulations, to re-honor vows taken shows how deep and strong the bond of love between you truly is, I applaud you and admire you for doing so."

Esme can't help the excited little smile that stretches across her face when she realizes what her husband's up to. Thus the woman stands, holding tightly to Carlisle's hand, watching Jacob intently as the question is asked. She's certain that she can guess at what Jake's answer might be. To Isaac she nods, smiling, still. "Thank you," she responds, though her attention quickly turns back to Jakey, waiting for his answer.

Jacob blushes a little bit as Carlisle's question catches him off guard. He looks younger and awkward for a moment, "I would be honored to be your Best Man, Carlisle… actually I don't know what to say except that I'm the last person I would have thought you'd pick… but… it'll be so great, watch… it'll be great."

Carlisle smile brightens once he accepts, "You honour us with your acceptance." Moving his gaze towards Hawk with a nod, "Thank you very much."

The man known as Hawk inclines his head to Carlisle and Esme and intones, "You are welcome." He then grins a little at Jacob's discomfiture, enjoying it.

Esme chuckles at Jacob's discomfort before she moves forward to give the big wolf boy a hug. "Thank you, Jakey, we appreciate this," she gives with a smile before she steps back to her husband's side, giving both the wolves a smile. At this point, however, Carlisle's phone goes off and he steps away to answer it. It's a brief conversation before he returns to the group. "I'm needed at the hospital," is noted before he gives his wife a quick kiss and a nod to Jacob and Isaac. With that, the man is gone, leaving the trio as they stand.

Jacob grins, "I guess… I guess you'll need a toast… and I might need something new to wear. How much time do we have before the big day? Oh this is so exciting all over again… thank you!" The teen seems to be a bit confused as to what to do next, but he's headed for the door, probably getting ready to write up some things for a toast.

Hawk chuckles and then says, "Oh this will be interesting indeed…" He then nods to Esme, "Thank you again for your help, I will see you soon, congratulations on your impending renewal of vows. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work on the dock and then drive into Port Angeles to see part of your family." He smiles and with that, gets into his truck and drives away to La Push.

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