Restablishing The Link

IC Time: June 2, 2007 - 10 AM
Location: Volterra - Private driveway by the Public Gardens.
Synopsis: Stacy and Inari are out for a steamy stroll only to be interrupted by three very powerful vampires. The Link is restablished.
Submitted by: Inari

Stacy's smile grows as she's drawn close, meeting Inari's lips with her own in quick, fleeting, teasing kisses before settling into longer, dreamier kisses. "Yes you are…" she whispers back, with an impish wink, before pressing her lips firmly to Inari's, one hand gently slipping into her hair (if it's not braided) at the back of her head to support the kiss as she draws it out…
Inari chuckles low and softly, not drawing away she continues to kiss you, starting to do naughty and even more enticing things that include her tongue. Her hands following suit with her mind, and mouth. If she had a beating heart it would be thumping erratically, though it's kind of an advantage to not have to breath, makes for far longer kisses.

Stacy moans softly as Inari's hands and tongue go to delightful work on her senses, the sound lost in her lover's mouth as the kiss lingers ever, ever on. The hand enmeshed in Inari's hair gently caresses her scalp with fingertips, as her free hand traces a long, sensuous line from Inari's shoulder down her back, coming to rest lightly at her hip.
Her own breath flutters once in a while, reacting to confused, impassioned signals from her brain that falter between breathing faster and harder, and the realization that she doesn't have to breathe anymore. The latter slowly overtake the former, thankfully, and she continues to hold the kiss.

There's a flash of light. Yep. Somebody just snapped a picture of Stacy and Inari. If one were to actually look and see who, they'd find three people. Two men and one woman, all blonde. They are standing very close together and the man on the right has the camera. Even stranger they are smiling. Not in a touristy friendly fashion but in an adoring, concerned fashion, not so much at Stacy but at Inari. Their words are the strangest yet, as they speak. Man #1 "Ari…" Woman in the middle "How are you?" ….. Man #2 to the right, "What have they done to you?" They ignore Stacy for the moment.

Inari is pretty dull in the senses and what she has is very engrossed in Stacy. A flash of light? Nope. More interesting things over here. She continues to do just what she was already doing, just adjusting for what Stacy is doing in return, every motion and action just a nothing click in the dial leading to more passion.

Stacy blinks, the flash flaring through her closed eyelids, and looks with one eye over at the direction of the flash. She breaks off the kiss, blinking owlishly for a moment upon seeing, and hearing, the interlopers. "Wha… um, who are you?" she asks, faintly irritably due to the interruption despite her efforts to be polite. "And who is… Ari?" She gives Inari a confused look, then looks back to the strangers.

All three begin moving almost as one. They split up slightly, with the woman heading toward you both. The men split and both head in different directions up the small side street next to the gardens. The woman exchanges her concerned smile for an attempt at a friendly one. Her eyes flick to Stacy, "You stay out of this Anastasia. Please." Then back to Inari. Her tone is once again concerned and worried, "Poor Ari. We should never have left you here." She begins to reach out with one hand as if to tenderly caress Inari.

Inari turns as Stacy stops doing all the nice things that kept her occupied. What she was ignoring all to well finally gets processed and she blinks at the blonde woman. She takes a step back from the proffered hand and attempt to touch her, though she doesn't seem afraid. "Who are you?" She side steps closer towards Stacy trying to keep them both out of range.

Stacy blinks again, starting more violently and instinctively drawing Inari closer to her side as they both step back. "How'd you know my name?!" she cries. "And /who are you/?! Why don't you bloody well answer?" She darts her eyes in the general direction the two men had gone, remembering that they could easily be surrounded if the three were even halfway thinking about it. "How do you know Inari?"

Two other Vampires very quickly appear, and guess where? Right where the other two are waiting for them. There is a flash of blue light along the right and one guard goes down with his head severed by a process that's not clear. The other Guard simply freezes in his tracks, looking very confused, as if he's suddenly forgotten why he's there. The woman smiles at Stacy warmly enough, "We know you, because our Ari knows you." She's running out of time and knows it, and simply dashes forward to touch Inari, her fingers sparkling faintly as if they were encased in sunlight. "Don't be afraid…"

Inari stares at the woman, looking for some kind of lie to come out of her and is confused by the lack of them. As one guard goes down and the other freezes, Inari's head swing back and forth quickly between the two points, only to return to the woman. As she lunges forward Inari attempts to shove Stacy out of the way. "Run!" She shouts. She arches backwards to avoid the touch as best she can but manages to simply hit the wall surrounding the gardens, but remains untouched.

Stacy squeaks as she sees the guard's head and body go their separate ways, drawing back from the flash instinctively. Only Inari's push brings her attention back to the current threat, but too late to keep her balance. She falls sideways with a shriek, sprawling her length on the cobblestones, and already scrambling to her feet. "I'm not leaving you!" she cries, coming to her feet, her tights bearing runs and tears from her fall despite her unmarked skin beneath.

The man on the right, having beheaded the one guard, immediately turns back towards the trio in the middle. He's a blur and is suddenly standing next to Stacy, attempting to take her arm, and restrain her. "Don't be foolish." he says in a calm reassuring voice. The woman simply continues her attempt to touch and reaches down in a quick blur and places her hand on Inari's ankle, under her pant's leg. "Tag!" She grins, and immediately steps back, not even looking at Inari any more. Stacy's arm is released almost as quickly as it was taken, if it ever was. And the two begin to move off, as simply as that. The other maintains an intent stare at the confused Guard at the other end of this private little street. The two others are moving towards him ad his captive audience.

Inari begins to push off the wall angrily but stops in her tracks, looking much like she did last night as her mind tried to do such a difficult and consuming task. She's blinking rapidly. Whatever it is, takes up all her attention, though she still struggles to move in small jerks, towards Stacy mostly now. "We… have to go…. Castle. Fast." Her tone is halting pleading and for Stacy.

Stacy notices the man reaching for her arm almost too late, and finds herself unable to pull free of his grasp. But the grab is unimportant next to the woman's touch to Inari's ankle that leaves her friend nearly frozen. As she's released, she bolts toward Inari, noting the man staring at the guard as she grabs her friend and tosses her into a fireman's carry. Squeezing her eyes shut, she backs toward the general direction of the castle, doing the only thing she can think of to halt their pursuit: singing. Loudly. The first thing that comes to mind is 'I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore', by Bad Religion, and she tears right into it despite its desperate need of guitar work. Never mind that she can't possibly get any real effect in time, or that it's probably going to draw their attention to her… if worse comes to worst, she plans to run with everything she's got and hope none of them specializes in running. Maybe they'll forget the guard in the mayhem, too…

Two of the three, catch up with their brother and one by one almost synchronized they blur and zip off, away from Inari, Stacy, the stunned Guard and the beheaded one: One by One. Only the woman glances back towards Stacy with a friendly smile, "Good girl. Take care of Ari for us." She teases. With that, she is the last to blur and round the corner. The stunned guard takes only a moment to come back to his senses, less than that really, before he too is a quick blur and is at Stacy's side. He, now recognizable as Felix, bends down and rips a manhole cover out of the ground, and points down, "Get yourselves to the Castle entrance but don't do inside. I will clean up here."

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