Command And Control - I

IC Time: June 2, 2007 Evening
Location: Throne Room - Castle/Outside Volterra
Synopsis: The Three put their plan of action in to effect with devastating effect.
Submitted by: Inari

Aro has assessed the intruder, Josephine who is incapacitated by Alec. His orders are to bring him the rest of the intruders. Stasia has been tracking them via various proxies since the initial attack against Inari and Stacy in which Inari reports the link to have been reestablished. Isolated in the dungeons and monitored by Chelsea she has only recently been summoned to the Throne room.

At Aro's decision, his brothers have all taken their own actions. Caius to track down the leader of the intruders and Marcus to lead the eventual capture or destruction of the remainder. To this effect, Marcus has summoned Inari, Chelsea and the wolves should they be inclined. Stasia's last comments were that the intruders were on the move and Marcus' last command was for Jane to kill Inari with her thoughts alone, if she could. He knows Jane's penchant for toying and wants maximum effect as fast as possible. Various other guard members have assembled in the Throne room.

Vampires don't get tired, they say, but Aro has taken a seat in one of the regal thrones. Pacing got to be too repetitive. His cell phone sits nearby, and some others are here. He waits for others to arrive: unmoving, his filmy eyes lazily scanning the room. It would seem he's relaxed, but inwardly, he is not. He is micro-analyzing the situation and for now, waiting for his orders to be carried out.

Chelsea is here sitting in one of the chairs, looking rather like some red eyed angel in a white summer dress. The look countered by the look of focus and concentration on her face as she continues to monitor the links in place within Inari. Trying to track them, to study them. She likes a challenge but this has proven to be the most frustrating of them all.

Abbey has made her way towards the regal throne room after getting the message that she was needed it seems. Her pale gaze drifts over the ones here while she pauses at the entrance after being allowed in. She seems somewhat unsure about moving any further within unless being allowed that is. Her clothing at the moment is a white blouse with jade green ankle length skirt and simple sandals upon her feet while her long curled hair hangs freely across her neck.

Inari is on her knees held there by two of the guard. She's thirsty as is evident by the color of her eyes a nice inky black. At Marcus' instruction, Jane smile a beautiful angelic little smale and steps towards Inari and without too much preamble, squats down to peer at her, the effect almost instantaneous.

As Inari sucks in her first lung full of air, not screaming just yet, Marcus turns towards Stasia, propped up against the wall in the corner of the room, "Tell them where they are, Stasia." He holds up a finger for the assembled Guard letting them know he will pick out the teams.

The three have left the city and are racing across the twilight lit countryside, going in the same general direction but off at tangents. All going west. As Jane begins her work they all freeze and oddly enough they begin screaming before Inari does, but too much sooner. Inari begins to scream. Marcus continues to wait for Stasia to give positions.

Caius has taken over pacing where Aro has stopped. His movements, however, betray a level of eagerness. While the audacity of Volterra being invaded and some of his Guard attack arouses his ire, the promise of sweet retribution makes it worthwhile. He alternately watches the others in the room, paying attention to each of them.

Stasia, however, does not pace. Taxed nearly to her limit, she doesn't have the energy or spare iota of concentration to do so. The young vampire is in the far corner of the room, leaning against the walls where they meet. Her eyes are closed and brow is furrowed as she uses her "eyes" to track the three escaping vampires. Splitting her consciousness into three creatures is not difficult, but the same gift that makes humans and vampires alike ignore the strangers, also makes her proxies want to ignore them as well. The minds of the animals acts as something of a filter, so Stasia is able to mark and remember them. However, it also means that she has to deliberately continue prodding the creatures toward them, which takes constant effort.

"West. Outside Volterra now… maybe three miles past the gate. They crossed the brook at the old stone bridge." A pause. "I can hear them screaming now. They feel Jane." Her voice is thick with the effort of speaking.

Aro acknowledges Abbey with a nod, "Hello, Abbey." He continues speaking as if the torture was not going on. "As you may know, quite a situation is going on. We may need your assistance, if it isn't too much to ask." The report from Stasia causes him to smirk slightly — "So their link has its disadvantages. I suppose we will close in on them quickly, now. Once we get them, we will place the call to the leader," he directs. Aro glances at Chelsea, noticing her look of concentration: "You, my dear, have been key in all of this. You shall be handsomely rewarded when this is done." He seems pretty confident.

For once Chelsea is working hard to HOLD the link in place. Usually she is up for such banter when she is playing around someone's mind. Today though all her focus turns on Inari's mind, to those three intertwined lines and holding them steady until the source can be found. There is indeed a darkk look on her face as she focuses, no longer even breathing, still as a statue.

Abbey blinks as she looks towards Inari and Jane watching them quietly and frowns slightly at the sudden scream that echoes in her ears, she knows all too well what is going on. At least with Jane. Her gaze turns to Aro and she offers a slight nod back. "Of course.. If I can help, please let me know." This said with a soft tone. A glance is offered towards Stasia before her attention goes back to Inari watching the scene before her.

Inari keeps screaming, though it doesn't really stop her from trying to get to Jane. She lunges forward on her knees towards the little sadistic angel. The two Guard holding her simply yank her back and put her firmly on her knees again. Inari is forced again and again to suck in air which she uses to scream, beginning to writhe. The braided link that Chelsea is so intent upon is not showing any real noticeable activity, which in her experience means it's one way at the moment and apparently in the wrong direction, for them anyways.

Out on the countryside, the Guard on duty inside and outside the city are closing in on both the sounds of the screams and the reported locations, Demitri himself in the lead. The first target is sighted. A stocky looking young man in his 20's, whom Aro and Stasia would most likely recognize at Constantine - the deadly one with the ability to slice off heads with relative impunity.
Marcus smiles and gently lays his hand on Jane's shoulder. "A little longer." Not that it looks like Jane is expending any real effort.

Caius keeps in contact with the Guard in the field, by use of discreet and high-tech radio equipment. He always does insist on the best toys. The smile on his face is definitely eager now, anticipating what is to come: the rending and the burning.
From the corner, Stasia murmurs, "I see Corin and Felix… closing in on the one who took Corin's head before." A pause. "Corin wants pay back." Having a vindictive streak herself, Stasia can appreciate this.

"They should be getting all of this…they haven't closed the link yet…" Chelsea says in a strained but cool voice. Her fingers are gripping the sides of the chair as she focuses her will on keeping those lines open. They have blinked out in the past and she is going to fight it this time if they try to do it again. Inserting her own will into the three interwoven lines.

Abbey lets her gaze move over the others here, she glances to Caius a few moments before looking towards Stasia. She isn't sure how to feel about this, after all not to long ago Caius was after she and Aset and it wasn't a pretty picture from what she can recall. Her eyes close slightly as Inari continues to scream, she lets her arms fold in front of her, fingers pressing against your arm slightly.

"Corin will get his revenge soon enough… for now, the intruder needs to be brought back," Aro says, steepling his hands and watching Caius direct orders. He glances at Marcus. "You're quite enjoying this, brother?" It's more of an observation than a question. "Have they located the other two?" He is beginning to get eager, closing in. His filmy eyes dance.

Inari stops screaming, though it's more likely because she's isn't breathing anymore, just violently and forcefully struggling against the Two guard attempting to keep her pinned to the ground on her knees. Her eyes are open and completely black though not really focussed on anything, crazed with pain.

Out in the countryside as Stasia continues to track their prey, Felix and Corin don't even hesitate. At inhuman speeds Felix goes high and Corin low, Felix in the lead slightly. Constantine's head is ripped from his body and his screams abruptly cut off…

The link within Inari that Chelsea is so avidly keeping a watch on flares slightly completely open, then attempts to wink out, which is usually an effortless feat, but not with Chelsea intent on keeping it there.

Demitri veers off from the first target and heads towards the next closest, Felix gives chase, leaving Corin to deal with Constantine's pieces. The remained of Caius' Commando's closing in on the third location by the sound of the screams alone at this point.

"They've got him. Pursuing the next…" Stasia continues to report. One down and the load is marginally lightened. She continues to lean heavily against the wall, with the effort of keeping the creatures focused.

Caius continues relaying instructions and receiving reports from the Guard as they close onto the second of the three.

Abbey shifts some near the door and moves back to leans against a wall. Her eyes closing as she listens to the room. A head lifting to rub slightly at her temple. Everything is a bit much at the moment that's for sure. She lets her eyes open slightly to gaze towards Stasia as she speaks up.

Aro nods his head, listening to the inflow of information and directing as needed. His eyes fall upon Abbey. "I know this must be confusing for you… why you are here. I know, too, seeing Inari like this might make you uneasy." His eyes follow the female alpha, "It is my guess that your kind may not be 'seen' by their leader… his gifts. We might need you to help get him in here."

Marcus squeezes Jane's shoulder with a short nod to the vampiress. His eyes are on Chelsea however as he evaluates her expression and intent. Jane blinks and the process of creating pain on never ending pain stops. Marcus' eyes flick briefly to Abbey, dancing a slight smile at Caius' forethought, understanding why he didn't have them executed after all.

As the pain vanishes as abruptly as it started, Inari moans, and growls as her first image is of Jane peering at her. "Don't stop.." she gasps out. A dispassionate look from Marcus to Inari earns a flick of his eyes towards one of the Guard stationed at the entrance, "Bring us Anastasia."

Demitri and Felix quickly approach a blonde with tight curls, who has just stopped screaming, and seems to be recovering quickly, she's already on the move but seems distracted by something. She pauses glancing in the direction of the oncoming threat. Frowning she attempts to cut off the link once again and disturbed by the lack of response and simply opens it completely, attempting to shut down the vulnerability in a different fashion. The delay however costs her any precarious lead she may have had. She dodges the first two lunges by Felix and Demitri and begins to head back towards the Castle in a burst of speed, which Stasia would recognize as towards her co-conspirator, Eric, who is also being pursed by a small group of commandos, though they seem less sure of themselves, even with him in direct sight.

Abbey lets her gaze turn towards Aro. Uneasy? He has no idea.. Especially when she knows just what Jane can do to someone. "I see.." She offers softly while she looks to Inari and blinks at the talk of bring Anastasia in as well. Her gaze turns back to Aro. "An.. this is all part of getting them?" She questions after a moment. Inari is one of the few vampires she actually likes, and seeing and hearing her like this isn't helping how she feels about certain others.

Stasia continues to relay what she 'sees'. "The other two are… trying to meet up. Afton and Santiago are…. dammit, stay /focused/." She frowns. "He's the one. /See/ him!" She hisses, baring her teeth briefly.

Caius looks over sharply at Stasia and continues to give orders in a quiet, harsh tone.
Chelsea's fingers clench tighter to the arms of the chair, little bits of powder flaking as the stone crumbles. When the lines go active, her attention doubles to keep them open. Keep them open so they can be tracked so they can be cut off from the source. Her eyes are wide and nearly black now, focus so intense it is adding to her hunger. "I am not sure if I can hold this for longer…you must take them!"

Anastasia arrives a moment later, escorted as usual. She blinks as she looks around the tense room, startled. "Is this what all that screaming was about?" she asks the room in general.
Only a good look at Inari stops her musings. She hurries over to her friend, drawing up close enough to touch her. "How can I help her?" she asks, worriedly. "I don't know what's going on, but I don't want to disrupt it…" She looks helplessly at Inari, not quite touching her.

The two in the countryside do indeed meet up and quickly go back to back and face off the 7 vampires who have them surrounded. Their tactics are odd but effective. Attacks against them are shifted towards the female in fluid movements as if they two were of one mind, and indeed they are. As Demitri lunges forward he suddenly finds himself face to face with Miranda who sparkles with a ghostly white aura briefly as his attack actually hits, snapping her backwards into her partner. The effect is however extremely disorienting to Demitiri who suddenly joins a linked mindset of 5 individuals all sharing their every thought. He stands there trying to absorb the sudden influx of data. Though he does realize one thing, that they want to surrender.

Felix attempts to get in close enough to the couple to rend one apart but is stopped short by Eric as he focuses her full attention on him once again, as he did in the alleyway by the Gardens in the initial attack and Felix goes blank and simply stares in frustration at the world, trying to remember exactly what he was supposed to be going.

The 5 Commandos however are not as brave as Felix and Demitri and simply just rush in from all sides, finding their marks half the time and no so much the rest. The result is two of them go down as Miranda deftly includes them in her Link by allowing them to make contact. Miranda and Eric are separated however and it only takes a moment for the rest of the small squad to tear enough pieces of Eric apart to render him helpless. Shaking off his daze once again Felix growls and advances on Miranda who's focus is almost too intent to do much more than back away.

Back in the Throne Room, Inari smiles briefly at the sound of Stacy's voice. Jane smiles too, squinting and instantly and begins once again…(you want more screaming? lol). Inari stiffens and shudders, sucking in that first lung full of air once again… managing a few words before she starts screaming, "They want to surrender…"

Aro glances at Abbey. "Yes. With your help, we may be able to save Inari." Anastasia comes in at the right time. "And her help, too. Hello, Anastasia." There is then, an influx of information from the radios. "Things are progressing. It might be prime time to make the call, Caius."

Once Eric goes down, his power goes with it. Stasia breathes a deep sigh of relief, leaning her head back against the wall. "Got them…" she murmurs.

Caius bares his teeth in a fierce smile, dialing Jared's cell phone number, which was pulled from Josephine's memory.

Abbey blinks a Aro and ahs faintly before nodding. "Very well.. Just let me know how I can help." She offers before all the talk goes about on the radios and Caius dials in a phone number for someone.

There is a troubled look on Chelsea's face as she tries to deal with a sudden influx of bonds, "They are linking with the guard as well." She informs those in the Throne room, her gaze flickering to Aro and Jane, though her mental focus remains on the line. Their vamps she tries to tease from the lines.

As Inari begins screaming once again, so does Miranda, Demitri and the two Guard. Not to mention Jared, wherever he is. Though Demitri now has the tenor of everyone's thoughts in the link, to include Jared's. Felix sends Miranda flying into a tree with a lightning quick punch. The three remaining guards restrain her as Felix quickly and viciously removes her head from her body with a satisfied growl, though those in the link feel the ripping sensation. Abruptly the only one still screaming is Inari, who is once again beginning to violently thrash.

Marcus keeps his attention on Chelsea with only his hearing attuned to Stasia as he awaits reliable updates of the sort that actually concern him. His lips are a tight line and his concentration absolute.

As Caius makes his call and the link is severed it is at least answered by a rather haggard strained male voice, "Go." is the only response. For Chelsea's eyes, there no longer a link. It winked out when Miranda was incapacitated.

"I hope so…" Stacy murmurs at Aro's reply to Abbey. And about then Inari starts screaming again, and the young singer's face twists in anguish. An instant later she's grabbing Inari's shoulders, but the impulse to shake her fiercely is shouldered aside. She looks to Caius and Aro uncertainly. "Tell me how to stop this! Please!!" she all but screams.

"You will surrender yourself immediately." Caius hisses over the phone. "You know what we hold." He begins pacing again, eager to have the leader of this imprudent band brought in and punished for his audacity.

Stasia says nothing, still leaning in the corner. She will need some time to recuperate.
"It is done…the links are gone…" Chelsea says as she drops back into her seat, looking rather exhausted. Her head falls back against the chair and her eyes close for a moment before lifting it again and looking around the room.

Abbey gaze drifts around the room slightly and she chews on her lip a moment. Who ever is on the phone would be smart not to surrender themselves really.. With the way things are going here it is a death sentence for sure.. Not that she would ever ever say this mind you.

While others in the room look exhausted from using their powers too much, Aro looks quite alive, no pun intended. He rises to his feet and claps his hands together. "Excellent. And now, the fun begins, the mystery unravels, the truth comes out. Friends, our happy ending is near." Like someone on crack, really. He looks on unsympathetically at Anastasia, "She'll be fine, I'm sure," he says, smiling fakely.

Jane glances up at Anastasia at her reaction. A briefly tingling like pins and needles escapes her concentration as he grin broadens before dropping back down to Inari intensifying yet further just to see what other reaction she can get from Anastasia.

Marcus lays a hand atop Jane's head. "Enough." He twists it away from viewing Inari with a simple flick of his fingers. He turns towards Aro, releasing Jane's head as quickly as he twisted it, his point made. "Glad to see things are working out for you, brother. The the two Guard he gives a simple order as she begins heading for the exit, "Remove Inari and the other to the dungeons. Have Inari fed, Stasia as well. Allow Anastasia to visit her ~friend~." His inflection is amused at what he sees as a fleeting friendship. Marcus handles the details so his brothers can concentrate on their own agendas.

The voice, meanwhile on the cell phone sighs and is resigned. "I will be there in a day or two. Travel time to Italy will take that long. Please don't hurt them. They are very important to things to come."

"I will burn their appendages one at a time in front of their eyes, if you do not arrive posthaste." Caius promises. "Then we will discuss your audacity."
Stasia stirs at the mention of food. Her exertions have taken their toll, her eyes glisten black, above bluish circles. She rubs her forehead as if it pains her, glancing over to see how Chelsea fares.

So much Energy used in this battle, though it may not have looked so to an outsider. Chelsea finally starts to breath once more and looks up at the mention of food. "Yes…" Her own eyes are pitch black, though she never usually lets herself get this hungry that it becomes a consuming thing. "Anyone in the pens?"

Abbey makes a face at the talk of feeding and she looks to Aro a few moments. "Did you need anything else from me, tonight?.. If not I'm going to return too my room."

Stacy blinks as Jane's head is twisted away. Her expression changes as she looks at Jane, and the disbelieving anger in the singer's eyes could, in some other reality, be focused into a super weapon that could level cities.

She looks at Inari again, once more stricken. "I'll be close by…" she whispers. "Seems there's a lot of explaining that needs to be done." She pauses long enough to kiss the girl's forehead, then leaves without a word.

Her escort stares after her for a disbelieving moment, then hastens to catch up.

Aro, can of course, hear the call through the cell phone speaker, as everyone. His eyes narrow slightly. "Days? I wonder just how important these 'things to come' are." His eyes relax somewhat, "But I trust he will come, yes." Aro turns to Abbey. "Fortunately, we didn't require your gift, but we may, in the coming days. Thank you for your presence, my dear friend," he expresses, sounding sincere, but who knows?

The hungry ones are glanced at, too: "But of course. Food is ready and waiting, dear Chelsea. Stasia could use a morsel or two as well." He silences, watching Anastasia and her anger, a crease of worry briefly on his brow. She was too precious to lose, they would need to be careful.

Abbey nods to Aro while she turns to leave. "Of course.. You are very welcome." She offers with her own words sounding rather sincere as well. A glance is offered around to the ones here before she slips off.

Marcus has left and the two guards hoist Inari up and begin escorting her back towards the dungeons. Caius' promises don't go unanswered as the voice responds over the speaker, "Not to worry, I will be there as soon as I can arrange a flight."

Caius gets his reports over his commlink. The others are being retrieved and being returned to the Castle, kept in pieces for the moment and separated, why waste effort putting them back together just yet when Caius may want to burn limbs.

Guards stationed outside relay a few commands and two of them move towards Stasia and Chelsea to guide them to their respective rooms with murmurs of substance to be brought to them, as Aro so ordered. Their replacements are in place before they even finish escorting the two out of the room.

Jane. She just gets to her feet, straightening from her squat with a flat look at Marcus' retreating back. Yeah, he's still a softie is her thought. Still hasn't gotten over /her/. With a pleasant enough smile she bows towards her favorite, Aro and also begins backing out of the throne room to allow the brothers to proceed with their plans.

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