Breakfast With Friends

IC Time: June 02, 2007
Location: The Waffle House
Synopsis: Jake, Charlene and Esme meet over breakfast
Submitted by: Esme

It's clear, humid, and beginning to warm up in Forks now that the sun is fully awake. The morning's chill is beginning burn away. It's a little bit colder than normal for this time if year. The sun, even though it rose officially more than three hours go, is just starting to get the hang of things. The dampness in the air makes it somewhat clammy and uncomfortable, almost foreboding. Jacob and Charlene arrive for breakfast, chatting about college plans and cars, and jobs. It's just what you might expect from the two of them, on their way in life — to big things.

Charlene slips in with Jake, she looks a bit under the weather but certainly happy enough. Hands are trembling a bit if one really watches and her eyes are slightly bloodshot. Otherwise, she is smiling and joking with Jacob about career choices, college degrees, and having to pay tall insurance rates for his taste in cars.

A white Mercedes pulls up outside the waffle house. The roof is up on the car and the tinted windows are also rolled up. Once the vehicle rolls to a stop, Esme Cullen steps out, attired in a pair of dark slacks and a light weight turtleneck with a blazer thrown overtop, all in all she's covered as much skin as she can. The woman takes little time in making her way from the car to the Waffle House, having spotted Charlene and Jacob walking in to the restaurant.

Jacob smiles winningly to the waitress who bustles over to seat them. It's not that busy so it doesn't take long. Jake scoots into his seat next to Charlene and looks over the menu. He says under his breath, "You know, I kind of wish this place had a little more competition… I would have picked a nicer place to go for breakfast if there was another choice." He smiles and looks lingeringly at the eggs benedict on the menu. "Hmmm."

Charlene leans over to read Jake's menu, nodding at his choice, "I like poached, not so keen on the Hollandaise." She reaches over to point at the French Crepes with the berry sauce. "I like them." She stays pressed again Jacob's side, not really for any intimacy, just comfortable there. "I don't need nice places." she says absently.

The door chime tinkles and Esme walks in, following her nose, but not to the restaurant, or to any sort of human food, instead, without even looking, she finds her way to Jake and Char. "Good morning you two," the woman greets as she gets closer, a smile dancing across her face.

Charlene looks up from her perusal of the menu, smiling slightly as she recognizes Emse. "Hi, Mrs. Cullen. How are you?" She shifts slightly so she's not leaning totally against Jake, but moves closer to him so that she's brushing up against him anyways - always polite, well almost always. "Won't you sit? We're just about to order."

Esme can't help the smile as she watches the interaction between the young couple, it really is hard to hide much of anything from a vampire. "I'm well, thank you," she gives as she takes a seat, sliding in so that, should she accidentally bump hands with anyone, it's more likely to be Jacob. "And how are the two of you doing?" she questions, turning her gaze to carefully study the human.

Charlene says, "It's day 1. Day 0 sucked." She glances towards Jacob, her expression is hopeful but filled with doubt. "I'm trying." She holds out one her hands for Esme to see, it trembles and twitches randomly, but not badly, not yet anyways. "It's better with Jake here." She clears her throat, "Anyways. Jake here is gonna fix up Dr. Cullen's Mercedes…"

Esme nods slightly. "You look decent for a day 1," she gives in a gentle, motherly tone, which most everyone is used to at this point. "Jacob's good for you, that's quiet easy to see, and I know you're good for him," she gives a wink towards Jake before she flinches, faintly, thinking only of the shape the Mercedes was in the last time she saw it. "I'd rather that car not be 'fixed up' at all," she murmurs, showing no love for the vehicle that she often drove to get where she needed.

Charlene hides her hands under the table in her lap for the moment, "He's not going to keep it, Mrs. Cullen. He wants to sell it. Not exactly his style, I think." She looks to Jake, with her head slightly tilted. "No, not his type." Taking the menu from Jacob's hand she offers it to Esme, "Did you want to order something Mrs. Cullen?"

Esme watches the girl a bit longer, probably examining her appearance. "Good, I'd really rather never see it again," she gives with a frown, though it's a fleeting frown. "No thank you, Charlene, I just had a large breakfast with my family before I left. I just happened to see you two walk in here and wanted to see how you were."

Charlene looks a bit pale, blood shot, heart beat is strong, if slightly erratic, but that's probably Jacob. She doesn't smell of drugs, except perhaps from the light sheen of sweat that's developing in the enclosed place. As the waitress approaches, she orders for both Jake and herself, "Eggs Benedict, French Crepes, two OJ's, a glass of milk, and side of sausage links. Oh. and a stack of banana nut pancakes." She adds the last almost as an afterthought as she glances at Jake. She shrugs apologetically at Esme as the waitress leaves. "He eats a lot." Not that that was big order by Jake's standards by far.

Esme laughs lightly at Charlene's explanation, before she nods. "Oh, I know. He's been over to my place for enough meals that I'm well aware of his bottomless pit of a stomach," she gives with a crooked little grin, aimed at both Charlene and Jacob. "He's a growing boy, after all, I'm surprised he hasn't eaten his dad out of house and home," is noted.

Charlene smirks slightly as she peers sideways at Jake, "Boy… Yeah. Okay." She grins at him unable to help herself, reaching out to caress his shoulder and arm. "He might have, I couldn't find any eggs at his place…" She's still grinning at Jake, "We'll hit the Thriftway on the way back. Prices are cheaper."

Esme laughs. "House and home, I'm certain, maybe that's why he was always up at my house, knowing he'd get a good steak out of the deal," she gives before the woman gets to her feet. "It was nice seeing you two again," the woman nods her head, smiling as she tucks her hands behind her back. "I'll see you about, Jake, you take care of Charlene, I'd hate to have to tell Bella that she got hurt on your watch when she gets back," is stated with a laugh.

Charlene presses her cheek back to Jake's shoulder and waves politely to Esme, "He won't let anything happen to me, Mrs. Cullen." She peers at Jake sideways again for a moment, "Steak." She nudges him in the side. "That explains a lot." She glances back up at Esme, "It was good seeing you again, Mrs. Cullen."

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