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IC Time: June 2, 2007 - Shortly after the Attack on Inari and Anastasia.
Location: Inside the Castle, Volterra
Synopsis: Stasia responds to the threat facing Volterra and tracks their enemies.
Submitted by: Inari

The guards were first to respond to the call, the larger of the two literally attacking Stasia's door with a shoulder that surprisingly takes a second thrust before it flies inward. The pair quickly step aside, not forgetting their duty to watch over Lilly while she is visiting Aldo in the castle, as they go silent and make way for the Guardsman and his…lady. Hands deftly move over his shirt as Aldo buttons the fabric up, his brow furrowed with a slight distaste before he zips up his pants and finally sighs. "What's all this about?" he wonders, half-heartedly as Donovan appears at his side and Lilly can be seen close behind him. "I was in the middle of…" he starts, only to clear his throat. "A wonderful dream." Smooth…

Stasia is seated on the edge of her chase lounge, eyes half closed. Her brow is furrowed with concentration and occasionally, she tilts her head to the side. She seems to be aware that someone has entered her room, answering her call, but she doesn't look at them. "Outside the… castle… near the gardens.." Her voice is soft, trailing off now and then, as if it's taking effort to speak, though she doesn't seem in any distress. "Felix… Inari… an attack. Corin's down…. tracking them now… three of them… into the village."

Lilly follows behind Aldo, her hands smoothing down her shirt over her form as if trying to make herself look proper, but of course she is more well off than Aldo is, as she's not buttoning or zipping anything. She looks, well… pissed, perhaps. Her crimson eyes livid as they move to Stasia, then to the guards, then to Aldo, then back to Stasia. She doesn't speak anything, the Newborn simply waiting.

Aldo squints at Stasia for a moment, a look of confusion washing over his features and in time he breathes a laugh. "An attack…? Here?" he wonders, his tone bordering on disbelief. "This has got to be some kind of joke…" he murmurs before sighing, and Donovan chuckles as well. /Yeah, only one way to find out for sure though…/ the apparition replies before turning swiftly to step out of Stasia's room. "Right," Aldo replies to the ghost, only to turn and looks to Lilly to whom he offers a smile. "Guess we're goin' with a raincheck today, babe," he offers to her with a sly wink and a pat on the shoulder before swiftly making his way out of Stasia's room. He forgot his whip in all the excitement.

"Wait.." Stasia says slowly. "This is /very/ strange." Her brow furrows deeper, concentrating. "People.. aren't seeing them… running right by, very fast…. people aren't noticing, are forgetting…. They're splitting off now…tracking…"

Aldo pauses in the doorway and rolls his eyes as he's told to stop, and Stasia goes on about things being strange and yada yada. He wasn't really listening. Donovan was though, which was strange since he was even farther into the hallway. /Eh, so what the heck are we suppose to do? Just sit around here with a man down?/ Aldo shakes his head and spins around swiftly to look again at Stasia, his hands moving to rest on his hips and his eyebrows raise skeptically. "Waiting…" he says when Stasia notes that she's tracking the unknowns, and his foot begins to tap. Donovan is quick to appear by Lilly's side, and the apparition moves phantom fingers through the Newborn's hair. /Man, you've got to be peeved… Your two favorite things to do in the world, and you can't do either. Kinda funny from my perspective./

One of Lilly's Guards is already down the hallway, presumably returning with one, or all, of the ancients. Meanwhile, Stasia smiles faintly. "Got them." She murmurs. "They've split up. One is in a basement apartment, off the plaza. The others are in two hotels." She names the exact locations, by address.

"Hotels, or basement… Hotels, basement… Basement…hotels," Aldo says out loud to himself. Hotels generally mean more trouble, while basements tended to be much more discrete. It was pretty obvious which of the three he would have gone to check up on a month ago, but oddly enough the close quarters of a basement scuffle sounded so much more appealing than the game of cat and mouse that tracking a vampire through a hotel generally provided. "Sweet, guess it's time for me to grab my six shooter and lasso some broncos," the Guardsman offers in his best American cowboy accent. "Anything else I should know?" he wonders as he again moves to retreat slowly through the doorway.

"They want to see her." The guard that had went to give the Brothers word of the attack has returned, nodding to where Stasia sits, still concentrating. "Aro says to help Felix get Corin inside and debrief them. They will give orders soon."

"Aldo," comes Lilly's soft voice, the want and need to go with her 'boyfriend' clearly obvious in her crimson eyes. There is a single steps towards him before her hands clasp at her lower stomach. "Hurry back to me," is all she finally offers him.

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