Link Inari I

IC Time: June 2, 2007. Afternoon
Location: Underground Entrance to the Castle, Volterra
Synopsis: Caius takes charge and begins to assess the situation.
Submitted by: Inari

As Felix rushes into the Castle just moments behind Inari and Stacy, carrying Corwin's body and head. He issues commands to the guards in the entry room in a quick monotone, not really pausing as she heads up the stairs towards the Three's quarters, still carrying the body. As Anastasia sets Inari down on the floor, as she has been carrying her, two guards rush out and take her by the arms and begin dragging her towards the castle. "Leave her. It's too dangerous to bring her inside."

Inari is on her knees, looking much as she did in the room with Caius the other night as her brain tried to process too much information, her body lagging behind. She is not a happy camper. She looks angry and confused, struggling with whatever is going on inside her head. She growls in frustration, "I don't need this. Get out of my head!"

Caius moves very quickly to intercept the group being brought to the castle. His entire body posture has changed, in response to an external threat. His stride, the set of his shoulders and jaw, all of it screams to his level of alertness and combat readiness. One might almost think he is enjoying this, at some level.

"Report!" Caius barks, looking first at Corin. Seeing that Corin's body wasn't destroyed by fire and can be put back together, he fixes Felix with his filmy, crimson eyes.

Chelsea comes running in a blur of white, allerted to the activity out here. Is she the Angel of Mercy today or the Devil of design? Her red eyed gaze flits between Felix and Caius and the others here before settling on Inari. Her mind is quick to check the bonds in Inari's mind, but making no move to manipulate them.

As other race towards the entrance another is quick to follow. Theresa makes her way out a few moments after Chelsea, her cape fluttering slightly as she comes to a rather quick stop. Her gaze snaps over the ones here and then back towards the entrance to see if the attackers are following. She isn't much good here with her powers, but that doesn't mean she can't do anything to stop someone.

Felix is usually a casual dismembering brute, but not today. He peers down at the body parts he's still holding and grins at Caius. "Three externals attacked Inari and Anastasia. We moved to intercept but they were ready for us. Took out Corwin with some kind of blue light and stunned me with some kind of mind trick. Can't remember more than that. All Fuzzy."

Inari doesn indeed have that link, or something similiar that Chelsea has seen before. It's stronger and two-way this time. She can see the interaction just pulsing back and forth between her and something or somebody close by but still out of sight.

Inari is still talking to herself, apparently, "Don't give me that shit. I don't care. It doesn't matter." She glances up at all the sudden activity, frowning slightly at Chelsea before freezing as she realized she heard Caius's voice somewhere in t here. Turning slightly she focusses on the Edler. "Get them out of my head please!" Yes, she's pleading with Caius as if she expect him to know exactly how to do that. She's very sure of it in fact.

Caius's white brows furrow darkly. Felix is generally reliable and the massive vampire's addled manner is disconcerting. He jerks a thumb at Inari. "Chelsea?" He is evidentally looking for an assessment.

Chelsea looks up to Caius and nods, "The link is strong now and active…really active. It is pulsing." She sighs before going on to explain."Most links just exists, passive things. Ties we have with people, connections. He is…using the link to mess with her." Chelsea shakes her head in a touch of disbelief and a touch of awe. Oh she has power over links, but not like this. She is impressed.

Theresa blinks as she lisitons to them and then looks to Inari looking rather confused to say the least. "Who is messing with her?" She questions with a confused tone while she looks around the area and then back to ones before her once more.

Inari clutches her hands into fists. Still peering at Caius though her actual focus goes in and out as she continues to argue with herself, "I can't talk to you all at once!" That seems to do something and the link suddenly stops pulsing and goes back to the simple solid connection that Chelsea recalls. It seems to be composed of a solid relationship, consisting of multiple entities. Only a single strand of what might be four others is idly twinkling within that link now. Relieved of some of the pressure she growls, looking back up at Caius, "They are still in the village, Master. They are afraid of the wolves, Master. Send them!" The link suddenly flares again, all of the links creating a steady pulse. Inari winces and closes her eyes again, "Please make Jane burn them out of me." she pleads with Caius again.

Felix, in the meantime sets Corwin's body down and begins moving down the corridor towards the entrance taking up a guard position. There are scraping noises coming from far down the corridor and a single almost noiseless thump as something or somebody drops down into the sewers.

"Get her out of here. Isolate her in one of the dungeon cells." Caius hears Inari's words and they do seem to register with him… after all, he hasn't ordered her death. "Chelsea, go with her. Learn what you can from it." To Theresa, "Get Corin back together and put him and Felix in the conference room until they can be debriefed." The notion of the wolves interests him, but he doesn't give the order to summon them just yet.

There is uncertainty that touches Chelsea's features, "What do you want me to do the link Caius? I can try to snap down on it, but it might yet be useful and…it think it would take me some time. It is not a simple connection. It is like a cord, several lines intertwined, I would have to tease them apart first." She sounds uncertain, but also ready for the challenge.

Theresa smirks at the command she gets, Felix can do that.. She could help him. With a faint nod she moves towards Corin and grabs up his head and moves to put it back with his body. Her head tilts back towards the scraping noises and then the thump as someone drops in. Her eyes narrw while she sniffs out trying to catch the scents that are now all around them.

"Study it for now. Marcus will join you shortly." Caius replies to Chelsea. He's about to say something to the awakening Corin, when the sounds of an intruder reach him. "Go now. Alert the castle." He orders in a lethally calm, soft voice. His gaze flicks to Theresa, then Chelsea, briefly. The remaining Guard move to flank their master, who begins to slowly stalk forward to intercept, his gliding gait unmistakably predatory.

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