Link Stasia I

IC Time: June 2, 2007 Afternoon
Location: Aro's Throne Room, Castle - Volterra
Synopsis: Stasia updates Aro and provides invaluable assistance.
Submitted by: Inari

The last few moments have been chaotic, to say the least. One of the grey-cloaked guards assigned as escort to Lilly had come with the news that from her room, Stasia was reporting that there was an attack on Felix, Corin, Inari and Stacy, out near the gardens in Volterra. Only a minute or so later, the confirmation of that report comes from the sentry in the sewer entrance. Corin had been decapitated, but not destroyed. Inari was in a … bad way. Felix and Stacy were unharmed. Caius and his team head to the underground entrance to get the report from Felix, while Stasia is brought to Aro.

Stasia has to be escorted to the throne room. Her head is bowed, her brow furrowed in concentration… almost to the point that focusing her attention on trying to walk there is difficult. Afton and Heidi walk closely near her, curious.

Aro is on the phone with the gaurd at the city gate. "Close the gates. Nobody comes in or out. We have a slight emergency… no need to panic the townsfolks," he explains. A gate might not stand in the way of vampires on the run, but it can provide some hindrance. The ancient ends the call and slips the brand new iPhone into his pocket, heading for the door of the throne room to check on the chaos — just in time to meet up with Stasia, coming in. Things are less organized.

"Ah, Stasia!" He manages to keep rather calm, despite all that's going on. "Just the person I wanted to see. Come, tell me what has happened…" He extends a hand.

"Found them…" Stasia murmurs, in a distracted manner. "It's hard… I know where they are." By the time she finishes speaking, she reaches Aro, taking his hand.

Since the announcement that there were intruders in Volterra, the newest member of the Guard has been using her ability to do an extremely thorough and systematic search of Volterra. It so happened that one of her "eyes" was near the Gardens, when the attack happened. The entire event is witnessed: Corin's decapitation, Felix being addled, and Inari being… touched. At the same time, Stasia began pulling her other spies closer to the Gardens, wanting as many different "eyes" on it as possible. The effort was taxing… far more taxing than it should have been. The creatures /want/ to ignore the three strangers, so it takes extra effort on Stasia's part to keep them focused.

Once the attack is finished, she tracks the three vampires through the village. It takes some fancy manuvering, combining an aerial view from a raptor, with different creatures on the ground. But she is able to follow them, even after they split up. Two took up in different hotels in the village, while the third hides in a basement apartment. She keeps watch now, but it's difficult and she's beginning to tire. Stasia is able to provide a good visual look at each of them, but also, it's noted that the villagers in Volterra don't seem to notice the vampires, even as they run past. Or rather, they notice and seem to immediately forget.

Aro releases Stasia's hand after a moment, his brows creased in thought. "I see." He manages a smile, "As I predicted, you've become an invaluable member of this team. Your efforts are commenadable and you shall be rewarded." There is a pause. "There is something odd about the villagers, no? There is some sort of power they have. Inari should be put into the dungeons. We should try and capture the others, though the process might have to be mroe strategic than simply snatching them up…" he talks more to himself than Stasia.

Stasia seems pleased at the praise. In fact, if she wasn't expending so much effort, she would probably be overjoyed. "Thank you…"

"You're most welcome. I know it's strenuous, but try and keep it up until we can at least go after one or two of them so you will no longer have to monitor them." Aro paces, "The hotels. At minimum, we can get some information off how they paid and the aliases they used to check in. We will need someone to do that. Even Gianna could do that."

"Yes, master." Stasia murmurs. She'll hold the link until hell freezes over, if that will make Aro happy. But she does, however, lean a shoulder against the wall.

"I can arrange to have a meal brought in if it would help you with the fatigue." Aro's brow creases as Stasia leans against the wall, he's pacing still, but stops his pattern of left to right and steps behind Stasia, placing his hands on her shoulders and giving them a squeeze. "Every century or so something like this happens. Traitors and enemies to the coven will be eliminated. There is nothing in particular to be alarmed about." He does seem calm. Thoughtful and slightly worried, but calm. The ancient gives the young one's shoulders a squeeze.
Stasia smiles, her expression serene. The gesture of affection from the ancient is gratefully appreciated. "Feeding might… be too distracting, Master. But after… I will gladly accept." If anything, her will is bolstered by the contact and encouragement.

Aro nods, "Ah. We don't want too many distractions. In fact, you can this room as a place to concentrate your efforts. It should remain relatively calm in here, even if chaos breaks out. Which it won't." He smiles assuringly. "I should seek out my brothers to discuss these events. I suspect Caius is already at the gate."

Stasia looks momentarily concerned by the idea of a fight breaking out. Not frightened, at least not for herself. "I can fight… but I don't think I can fight and maintain this." She peers up at the ancient, some apprehension showing on her face.

"I know. I shall have somebody guard the door in here. They won't breech our castle, anyway. The security systems, beyond our own guard, of course, are high advanced." The ancient releases his hands from Stasia's shoulders and turns toward the door, "I am going to go and see if I can't reach my brother. I will check back in with you in less than thirty minutes, young one."

"Yes, master." Stasia murmurs, redoubling her efforts to concentrate. The idea of trusting others to keep her safe in a dangerous situation isn't easy for her and it's a testament to the strength of her bonds to the coven that she's able to overcome that. But as Aro moves toward the door, he's met by another of the Guard, bringing news of an intruder….

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