Link Inari Ii

IC Time: June 2, 2007 Afternoon
Location: Dungeons - Castle, Volterra
Synopsis: Inari rants and Chelsea evaluates and reports.
Submitted by: Inari

Inari is pacing back and forth in her cell, sometimes at regular human intervals, other times at a blur. Most of the time she is snarling. Her eyes are a dark dark maroon, almost black. She's not talking much. As somebody else enters the dungeon she is at the bars, grasping them applying an enormous amount of pressure to them. Her snarls quiet as she spots Chelsea and she follows her every move with her eyes.

The link is still there, though more as Chelsea remembers it. A braided band she now realizes, but not pulsing at all. Quiet.

Chelsea walks down the stairs quietly, a rather serious expression on her face. This is no longer a game to her. Her white gown flutters around her as she moves just out of arm's reach of Inari. "We should have some food brought down for you." She says as she notes the colour of her eyes. She focuses on Inari for a moment, on the link as she paces in time with Inari. "What do you feel Inari?"

Inari freezes and turns toward Chelsea interrupting her pacing once again. "Don't feed me. It will just make it worse, then I will be able to tell if they are lying or not again, I like it better this way." She flicks her gaze towards the dungeon stairs, "Just bring Jane and burn them out." She snarls and turns away, "What am I feeling

"What am I feeling? There are four people in my head when they want to be and all of them are listening. They don't lie and they are saying good bye to me. They won't leave till they talk to Aro."

"I could try to unravel it, but everytime I have tried they just made it disapear. It looks dormant at the moment." Chelsea responds, sounding faintly frustrated over the whole deal. "We just have to find the source and be done with it. Maybe if Jane and I work together, we could fry it out of your brain all together."

"They're listening, Chelsea, not dormant. They can turn it off and on, without disconnecting it." Inari flinches slightly as one of the strands lights up. "Shut up." she comments to nobody in particular with a slight snarl. She comes to the bars again, gripping them, "The source is still in Volterra. Miranda. In a basement apartment." Once again she flinches but this time with a smile and doesn't responds to the 2nd strand to activate. A 3rd activates but creates no reaction for Inari. "Don't tell me what you are going to do, they will hear it. Caius is right to keep me isolated."

Chelsea snarls at that new bit of news and curses under her breath, some rather colourful varients of early 19th century variety. It is very rare she meets her match in this department. Love bonds ok…but this. A bond the woman doesn't even want to have. As she gives the directions Chelsea is quick to go up the stairs to pass it on before returning and keeping careful watch again.

Inari is motionless with her eyes closed while Chelsea is away, except for the sometimes vocal responses she makes to the voices in her head. "This helps?"……. "He will never let you go." ………. "Who's Josephine? I don't hear her." ……. "Just go. Aro can read whatever messages you leave." Slightly absorbed, or uncaring Inari doesn't pay much attention to Chelsea's return till she opens her eyes. Ghosts of other bonds are beginning to develop on Inari, normal bonds of the sort Chelsea can deal with. Much along the lines of at least beginning to trust somebody, or somebodies in this case. "They think you are wasting your time, Chelsea. That this link isn't something you can touch." She smiles slightly as a few of the braids flickers, "Get Jane. Show them they're wrong." All of the braids flare up. Inari simply grimaces.

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