Link Abbey Visits Inari

IC Time: June 2, 2007. Evening
Location: Dungeons, Castle - Volterra
Synopsis: Abbey pays Inari a visit during the commotion surrounding the lockdown.
Submitted by: Inari

Inari is pacing back and forth in a cell. Sometimes moving normally, other times blurring in quick steps. She's snarling a bit. As she picks up the sounds of somebody entering the dungeons and coming down the steps, not to mention the scent, she pauses in her pacing and turns to face the stairs, oddly quiet at this point.

With the news on everything and everyone basicly on lockdown Abbey finally found out where Inari was and asked to vist her. Seems at the moment it was approve though it could change at any time. Steven, her guard follows along after her, till the bottom of the steps where he stops. Abs moves onwards towards the cell that Inari is in, her clothing tshirt and jeans along with sneakers. Her pale gaze slowly drifts over the area before she looks to Inari. A slight smile is offered. "Hello Inari.." She finds it strange that she is on the other side of the bars at the moment.

Inari's eyes are dark dark crimson, almost black. She looks slightly disappointed that you aren't dinner, glancing past you to make sure you didn't bring any with you, just in case. She twitches momentarily and smiles a satisfied smile for some reason. "Hey Abbey." She moves towards the bars of the cell with a slight blur. "How are things topside? How goes the war? Where's Aro?"

Abbey catches the look in Inari's eyes and stiffens slightly at the sudden movement, she ponders if the bars can really hold a hungrey vampire or not. "Everything's on lock down.. I wanted to see how you was." She blinks and ahs softly. "Busy with his brother's I'm sure." Not that she is keeping tabs on the leaders, not her job. "I just caught wind that they had locked you up.. What is going on?"

Inari leans in close, pressing her face against the bar, still smiling like the cat who ate the canary, maliciously even. "They're scared of you." She whispers. Trying to move even closer to you against the bars, delighting in something. She flinches slightly eyes blinking closed for a moment before she growls and steps away from the bars. "My /brothers/ and /sisters/ have decided to reestablish their little partyline in my head."

Abbey lifts a brow while she watches Inari, her eyes narrow slightly while she shifts closer, right before where bars. Her head lifting as she listions. "Who is afraid of me?" This questiond before Inari tells her about her brothers and sisters part. "How does a vampire have brothers and sisters?"

Inari steps closer once again and gives that satisfied smile for some reason, "They are afraid of you. Jared's coven." She rests her forehead against the bars, sighing slightly as she lets the maliciousness leave her. "Because one person turned us all, I suppose. Or it's a coven?" She shrugs, "I don't really care. I've never met them except in my head - except Jared, of course."

Abbey smirks at this. "You act like I'm suppose to know who Jared's coven is." She points out while shaking her head slightly. "Why would they be afraid of a wolf?"
Inari tilts her head up opening her eyes, smiling again. "Cause he can't see you coming." She steps away from the bars again, so she can approach them them again in case she feels like it.

"No. You don't know them. Even if you did, you wouldn't now." Boy she likes riddles. "Don't worry about it. Just remember that he won't see you coming." She begins to approach the bars again, slowly, though it doesn't produce as much satisfaction as the first time.

Abbey blinks at this, won't see her coming? She ponders what this means, and wondering if he has a hard time smelling like Inari does? Who knows.. She isn't very good when it comes to riddles. "Why do they want you now?"

Inari laughs quietly, "They don't. Now now. Not anymore. Now they want to fix their mistakes and get me out of this alive." She suddently presses her face to the bars, smiling at you. She's not completely right apparently, her thirst making her a bit feral, she's only 3 after all. "Abbey. Jared is a precog. He can't see wolves. Please remember that."

Abbey doesn't seem all that worried about how Inari is acting, she's dealt with hungrey vampires before after all, and then of course the bars are between them. She ahs faintly at this before nodding. "I'll remember that.." Is said before clearing her throat. "Can I get you something?" Food she would get her, but it wouldn't be a human..

Inari turns away from the bars and you, hiding her face, shaking her head, "No. I wouldn't want you to see me feed like this." She moves to corner of the cell and slumps down into it, her back to the walls. "Chelsea's working on that anyways, I'm sure. It would be better if she didn't though." Hugging her knees to her she rests her chin on them and smiles, "It was nice of you to visit. Thank you."

Abbey frowns a moment before slowly nodding as she watches Inari. "Very well.." She offers softly while taking in a breath and looks around the place then back to her. "It was the least I could do after you helped me and Aset." This said softly while she turns to leave. "If I can do anything for you just let me know.." She isnt sure how much she could help but she would at least try.

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