Link Intruder

IC Time: Moments after the Intruder is subdued
Location: Turret Room - Castle - Volterra
Synopsis: The Brothers learn what they can from Josephine
Submitted by: Caius

Aro awaits Caius and his entourage within the Turret Room. Standing on the dias with a few chosen personal guards. His brother Marcus is not far off, behind Aro and idly watching the comings and goings with barely an interest. The fact that he's watching betrays some truth to it. Caius arrives, arrive preceded by Corin and Felix. Behind him is somebody Aro has never seen before. A tall female vampire. Dark very curly hair - Josephine. She is being carried by Jane and Demetri, holding her up - each by an arm. Trailing behind all of the is Alec who is keeping his concentration on Josephine, cutting her off from the world, shutting her inside her own head.

Caius watches Josephine with narrowed eyes. Attempting to gain access to the castle by means of subterfuge is fairly high on his list of unforgivable sins. Perhaps some quality time with Jane might be needed to truly underscore that. His gaze moves to his brothers, "An interesting talent…" He says slowly.

Aro's eyes have hardened into steel, his jaw set. If there was one thing he couldn't handle, it was imitation. Or was it? Her power, if it was true, was quite impressive. "It might be best for me to read her while she is out of it," he remarks, eyeing Alec and taking a step forward. As he does so, his guard steps up too. "Then we will question her and try and understand her actions." He nearly sneers as he takes a hand and gingerly places it on Josephine's arm.

Spinning backwards through Josephine's memories is an interesting tale. She's been in Volterra for nearly a week. She doesn't appear to be involved in any mental link of which Chelsea has described to Aro in her reports. She does have memories of such a link however, and it was terminated nearly a week ago. She keeps in contact with a Vampire named Jared via cellular. She has order to retrieve Inari should things not go well. She, however has plans to kill Inari should things not go well, finding it the easier path. Josephine belongs to a rather low key coven that spends their time searching for and recruiting talents individuals, much like Aro, but they tend to refrain from turning then and simply use them to alter the course of events, of which Jared has the ability to see in individuals in the support of keeping humans very unaware of the supernatural - opposed to groups that would likely not care, should they ever gain the upper hand.

Aro's steely stare goes into a more relaxed, thoughtful look as he reads the vampire's former thoughts and memories. After a moment, he drops her hand and immediately faces Caius and Marcus, though Marcus is some distance away and Aro's gaze doesn't meet with his. "The coven seems to support a similar agenda to our own. They are peaceful, though it is hard to believe right now." Considering the breaking and entering. "Or were peaceful, at least. She had the link. It is now gone. Clearly, someone has such an ability in their coven. In fact, many have abilities in their coven, though, they do not have the numbers and influence we have." He pauses and murmurs more information to Caius: "She intends to kill Inari if she gets a hold on her, it would be easier for her, even if it's not her direct order." He waits for Caius's opinion before he explains any of his conclusions.

Caius scowls, but it's uncertain as to why. Perhaps he -does- find the idea that their intentions are peaceful difficult to believe, under the circumstances. Or perhaps he's upset that their intentions are peaceful and he may lose out on some bloodletting.

"We should bring them in and make them account for their actions." He states. "The other three, are these the remainder of the coven in Volterra?"

Echoes of the reading are still reverberating inside Aro's mind. At Caius' question he realizes that yes, Josephine believes there to be three others within the city. Eric, Constantine and Miranda. Eric is the vampire with the ability to go unnoticed and Miranda the one who can link them all together. Constantine is a combat pusher, using his mental concentration to devastating effectiveness, though his endurance is limited. There is a fourth of their coven, their creator and he is not in Volterra that she's aware of. Josephine considers this entire situation ludicrous and dangerous. She would have preferred to have left well enough alone.

"Indeed. Stasia has the location of the other three." Aro paces. "Account for their actions, yes. But let us first talk with them. Learn how they planned this so we might not make the same mistake again. I'm also interested in the talks of a negotiation? Dante said she was blabbering on about that," he remarks, eyeing Josephine with another snarl, clearly not impressed. "I would want to negotiate, however, with the creator."
"She must know how to reach him." Caius likewise bares his teeth, looking at the incapacitated Josephine. "Tell him that we have captured this one and know the locations of the other three. Send out teams to each of the locations to watch them, in case they escape."

And yet more of Josephine's knowledge is drawn to the fore as Aro requires the information. Her creator is a precog. That much she knows. How it works he has never explained and says he never will, as the telling makes it somewhat ineffective. She does know that he has the uncanny ability to warn them when things are about to go very bad for them and has saved their lives numerous times with these warnings. Yes, her cellphone has his number in it. Negotiations? She doesn't believe they will occur, she just wanted to be brought inside to kill Inari, seeing as subterfuge wasn't going to get her in.

"He isn't in the city. She does, however, contact him by phone." Aro smiles suddenly, an idea in his head. "Search her," he demands of Felix, who begins to try and look for anything in the vampire's pockets. "Brother, why don't you help us organize the teams? Stasia knows of the locations." He nods to Marcus, who is looking rather useless over there.

Caius considers, "How were they able to confound Felix before?" He wonders. "We will need to ensure they are unable to do this to the teams we send." He likewise looks at Marcus, wondering if the reticent brother will choose to partake in this.

Felix quickly searches the vampiress, turning up a cellphone and some local currency.

Josephine is familiar with Eric's ability to stun opponents. He simply focuses his entire power on the individual and they simply can't remember what they were doing or focus on it.

Marcus, on the other hand, simply looks dully at Aro before his eyes move without seeming to cover the distance between to regard Josephine. A blink dismisses her and he turns gracefully, gliding along towards the exit and only entrance to the room. "The throne room, I suppose?" he asks in case somebody would care to enlighten him as to where Stasia may be or still be. That he asks shows his interest.

"Right, she's in there. Try not to disturb her too much." Aro waves a hand at Marcus as he goes to rally the troops. "Wait." Caius has a point. "Secure the woman in hiding and the man named Constantine. The other we need to approach more carefully, as he confounded Felix before…"

Caius inclines his head. "This… link. It works two-ways, am I correct? Each of them can feel what the others do?" Caius's smile just got nasty. "Send Jane after the one who creates the links. When Jane works, it's impossible to even move. I would be willing to wager that the one who creates the links also won't be able to muster the concentration to sever them, under Jane's influence."

Marcus pauses to swivel his head and regard Caius. He'd smile but that just takes a bit too much effort. He is, however impressed, with Caius today but decides to show him who really is the tactician in this trio. He crooks his finger at Jane. "You can come with me." Tilting her head slightly he nods to Chelsea, "And you can bring me Inari." Turning back towards the entrance he makes sure his instructions are clear. "To the throne room, please."

Caius takes the cellphone from Felix. In spite of his immense age, he is well versed in modern electronic devices and has no difficulty locating the phone number in question. "Secure this one," He nudges Josephine with his toe, "Once Inari is out of the dungeon. Keep them separated." A glance toward the retreating Marcus. "Whenever you are ready, brother."

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