Link Marcus I

IC Time: June 2nd… moments later.
Location: Throne Room — Castle— Volterra
Synopsis: After leaving his brothers and the prisoner, Marcus sets things in motion.
Submitted by: Stasia

The throne room has been cleared, except for Stasia. Two guards are posted at the doorway, on the outside chance that combat would reach this room. The level of concentration Stasia requires to keep eyes on the three intruder vampires is immense, not that controlling three creatures is particularly difficult, but the animals are almost trying to ignore the vampires and keeping them focused takes work. Regardless, the animal minds are acting as almost a filter and Stasia herself is able to "see" and remember everything.

She stands in the far corner of the room, behind the thrones, leaning against the walls. Her eyes are half closed, brow knitted in concentration.

Marcus glides into the throne room, with Jane trailing behind him. His expression is neutral as he regards Stasia. Marcuc is an expert at manipulating his own state of mind. And he's applying that expertise in an abstract manner. He knows his enemies and knows what needs to be done, and at the moment that means nothing. Not even a decision. So he's still contemplating the very best way to do so in great detail, even considering doing nothing at all, it would be quite easy to do just that. And so Marcus toys with a Precog - a challenge for his unique mindset. He turns towards one of the guards. "Bring me the wolves. I have a few points of discuss on the treaty." He does in fact, have questions, but they are mere curiosities. But in this case getting answers has another purpose.

Minutes pass. Long minutes in which Marcus does nothing.

As things come closer to a resolution, however. Stasia's controlled animals, however see a distinct reaction from the three she is watching. They are no longer sitting still, doing nothing. All of them have risen, almost as one and moved towards the exits to their various rooms.

She was vaguely aware that Marcus and Jane had entered. Of the three Brothers, Stasia has had the least interaction with Marcus. Caius has occasionally barked orders at her and it is common knowledge that Aro has taken a particular interest in her (which might account for the reason that Stasia is only vaguely acquainted with Jane, well known to be jealous of Aro's attention.) Her eyes open now, looking at Marcus. She doesn't know what to expect of him. "They're leaving." She murmurs, when her "eyes" observe the three intruder vampires leaving their havens.

Marcus turns towards Jane as footsteps can be heard coming towards the throne room. He fixes her with a steady gaze. His tone is icy. "Listen to me /very/ carefully, Jane." No sooner has he finished that simple sentence than is Inari escorted in by two guards who are somewhat restraining her - followed closely by Chelsea. Behind them come the two Wolves. Things begin to happen very quickly at this point, as Inari's eyes widen at the gathering, though she is smiling slightly maliciously at the sight of Jane. Being linked, however, this information and her thoughts on the matter are relayed instantaneously to the others, to include Jared. The three idly watched vampires instantly take off. Traveling through the city towards various exit points…

And still, Marcus waits, gaze still locked on Jane. "See if you can kill Inari with your thoughts, alone, Jane. And do it quickly. /No/ games." he finally makes his decision.

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