Taming Bella

IC Time: June 3, 2007 - Evening
Location: Forks Cemetary
Synopsis: Charlene goes for a walk to dwell over things and encounters Carlisle Cullen at the cemetary. Unknown to her Newborn Bella is hiding and attempting to cope with not eating her cousin. Esme joins Bella and attempts to sooth her.
Submitted by: Charlene

Another cloudy day in the life of Forks. The rains have kept the ground saturated but lucky at this moment the rains have ceased. Carlisle stands in front of a headstone staring towards it respectfully. Leaning down he lays a small rose then pats the top of the stone gently. Walking past it he then heads to another small group of stones, his golden eyes reading the different names.

Charlene wanders into the cemetary as she often does since they moved out here, finding the place slightly creepy, but at least quiet and usually free of prying eyes. In her hands is a small book, though slightly on the thick side. She is flipping through it curiously, back and forth and occasionally just running her fingers over the pages. She has on some rain boots and is well prepared for the muddy spots she might come across. Stopping under a tree she shuts the book and sighs, closing her eyes.

Bella is not visable at first, standing in the shadows of the treeline surrounding the cemetary as she waits for her Father in Law. Her curious red eyed gaze watches him perform the rituals at the various gravestones, but remains quiet and respectful. Most of the time she only goes out with Edward or Emmett, but she has been so good with things, well she wanted to join Carlisle today. At least pretend she was going out without a guard for once. Though as Charlene enters the far end of the Cemetary, the movement catches her red eyes and she quickly closes her mouth, her hands drawing into tight balls at her sides. "Carlisle…" She manages to hiss as one hand reaches for a nearby tree.

Carlisle can hear the intensity within her voice. Looking over towards Bella briefly he gives her a knowing nod of the head. Not wanting to exactly expose her to anyone, he doesn't move towards her before glancing around the cementary. "Ah Charlene!" shoving his hands into his pockets he heads within her direction. This would be a good learning experience for Bella to practice control plus he'd be able to check upon an old patient. "Fancy meeting you out here of all places." his smile brightens, "How have you been?"

Charlene's hand was beginning to sink into her pocket, but she pauses as somebody calls out her full name. Opening her eyes and looking towards Carlisle she puts on her friendly smile and withdraws her hand from her pocket. "Hello Dr. Cullen." She begins heading towards him, shrugging slightly, "I'm coping. Not doing the best I could, I suppose." She knows to usually speak honestly to the real grown ups, even if it's slightly misleading in the process. "How's your family?" she inquires politely enough… bringing him away from any subjects she hates.

Bella looks with horror as he seems to take this in stride. Is she ready for this, can she do this? She forces herself to just hold her breath. If she can't smell it she won't be tempted by the sound of her pulse, the pink of her flesh. Her nails dig into the tree trunk at her side and she steps stiffly into the darkened woods. Her gaze focusing tighter on the woman in the cemetary, her horror increasing as the human memories bring focus to the face that should have been so familiar to her. "Carlisle.." she whispers so low that only he could hear, strain tight in her voice.

Standing out in the open is Carlisle on this cloudly day talking to Charlene, while Bella is hidden behind a tree and having trouble getting a grip of herself. "That is all anyone can do. The best that they can! Is good to see you out and about." his smiles never falters as he listens to Bella once more calling his name in a tone only he can hear. Using one in the same towards Bella 'Remember you don't have to breathe. Air isn't something you need anymore. Esme is supposed to meet us here anytime now.' he just smiles towards Charlene his lips barely moving enough to even seem he might been speaking to anyone else. "How are things with Jacob? Did he tell you the news that I asked him to be my best man for my vow renewal with my wife?" he asks Charlene.

Charlene scrunches her eyebrows briefly in concentration, nodding, "I think your wife mentioned that. Might have been Jake though." Okay she's a little fuzzy of late trying to quit and all. At the moment her heartbeat is a methodical and steady, too methodical. But she's used to it. It keeps her calm. As for Jake, she sighs wistfully, grinning, "He's doing okay. Going to fix up and sell your Mercedes." She still has no clue what happened to it. "And I'm still waiting for my first kiss." She laughs quietly at that. "I think he's shy."

Bella steps behind a tree, resting her forehead against the bark as her nails dig into the side of the tree. Trying to let the rough bark distract her from the human so close at hand. "It is wrong not to smell…" She starts before clamping her lips shut as well as her eyes. See no human, smell no human, eat no human. Could make a funny little series of vampire figurines. Too scared to move in case she should happen to come across another human alone, too scared to stay in case she gets a scent of the human so nearby.

Light steps are the only sound made as Esme gracefully makes her way through the cemetary, though she doesn't come through the open, she's aware of Bella's presence in the area, and as much as she'd like to be with her husband, she knows that she should be with her youngest daughter. "Bella?" Esme greets as she approaches the newborn, her voice loud enough for only the other two vampires. "It's okay, Bella," she gives moving to wrap her arms around her daughter.

Carlisle relaxes upon hearing the voice of his wife. "The first kiss is always special! I'm sure it will happen when the time is right." he smiles briefly recalling the first kiss he shared with Esme, vampire or not he was rather nervous. "I'm sure he will make it good as new. Never know he might even in the end keep it for himself or give it to you." he could definitely pass along the suggestion to him.

Charlene grins at the idea of her first kiss. They've been close, very close, but just haven't done it, always distracted by something else or just plain fun. "Mmmmmm, no. I think he has his heart set on a Lamb." She chuckles at the thought, "Definitely his style. He's been trying to figure out how to get enough money, I think." She glances down at the book in her hand, "I might help him with that, if he lets me." She frowns just slightly, "He's so practical and tight sometimes."

There is a quick intake of breath as Bella feels Esme's arms go around her and she raises her arms to push her away. Her nostrils flare with the smell of the cemetary, a faint waft of human, only so faint overlaying the sound of the lone heartbeats. She growls low in her throat, fighting hard the compulsion to just go out there and end the burning in her throat. "Esme…hold me…" She hisses as fingers tighten into fists again, her body taught with the struggle she is going through right now.

Esme smiles gently as she easily recalls her and Carlisle's first kiss, and many of those following it. "Of course," she gives, holding her daughter tight to her. "Just don't breathe, it's much easier than it sounds, actually," she gives with a gentle smile, her words far too quiet for Charlene's human ears, though undoubtedly loud enough for her husband's.

"Jacob likes to earn his way. Nothing wrong with that at all." Carlisle smile remains as if a permanent fixture to his face. He knew how intense things are for Bella at the moment and that Charlene has no clue about 'what' they are… "Please be sure to give him our best." the doctor tells her taking a step back as if to return to what he was doing before she got there. 'Esme get Bella home. I'll be there in a minute' he whispers to where they can hear him turning to face a headstone as he does.

You say, "Is that what it's called?" She laughs slightly "He's more than earned his way with that first smile of his." She watches Carlisle begin to break off, reading the signs well enough. She's been to enough of her parents' parties to realize when somebody wants to be excused. "It was nice seeing you again, Dr. Cullen. Give your wife my best. She's great." She backs away a few feet before turning and walking politely away, glancing down at the book in her hand once again, muttering quietly, "Braille."

If Bella wanted to she could probably throw Esme half across the Cemetary and part of her wants to so badly. She didn't ask to be held over any physical restraint, but emotional one. There are few faces she could handle seeing the disapointment of breaking her vow. Esme is definately in the top four. Her eyes roll back in her head as she fights the compulsion and she raises her arms quickly to push Esme from her as she steps forward, but then the name. Jacob. That name hits her mind. A name that is definately tied for top place. Maybe even first, because at least the vampires would forgive her. With a strangled cry she turns and starts to run away. Would Carlene have been so lucky if she had been some stranger?

Esme nods as she hears her husband's words, but doesn't get a chance to say anything as Bella's already gone. The woman takes off, following the teen. "Bella, go to the car, please. It'll be easier once your inside," she states simply, racing after her daughter as she speaks.
Carlisle hated to cut it short but felt is safer in the long run. Hearing a sound much like the wind he knew the pair must now be running. Figuring it would look rather odd if he himself did this too, no the good doctor slowly turns walking to the exit of the cementary.

Charlene also makes her way to the exit, but her exit is closer to the shortcut she takes through the trees towards the back of her house, it not being far off at all. She glances up at the waning full moon as she trudges home, already planning out her next day, though things rarely happens as she plans them.

Esme's words never reach Bella. She is trying to close off all her senses at the moment. What she can't see, hear, smell…she won't eat. Her path though is taking her directly on path for home, running as fast as she can, which is nearly as fast as Edward with her strength.
Esme sighs slightly as she realizes that she stands no chance in keeping up with Bella. Instead she runs back to Carlisle and hops in the drivers side, waiting long enough to see if her husband's going to get in the other side. Once that question is answered she pushes the car to it's limit to meet Bella back at the house, hoping the newborn doesn't get distracted on the way.

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