IC Time: June 03, 2007
Location: Waffle House, La Push
Synopsis: Isaac see's Bev…
Submitted by: Beverley

The last rays of the sun are slipping away for the night, but the Waffle House is nowhere near closing. There is, however, a shift change of the wait staff, as many of the servers go around telling their tables who their new servers will be. One of those just getting off is Beverley McKinnon, she's tall and blond, a mile of legs and the waitress uniform does nothing to help that fact. Once she finishes talking to her last table she slips into the back, coming out a few moments, having changed into a royal blue dress with black calf high boots with a significant heel on them. "Night guys," she gives, waving and flashing a bright grin to her co-workers. "See you tomorrow," is given as the teen slings her oversized purse over her shoulder, thank goodness for Saturdays!

It's exactly that moment that a beat up and dusty black Ford F150 pickup that full of bits of lumber, tools and other pieces of carpentry projects in various stages drives up into the parking lot. The streetlamps pop on and a very large native looking man steps out of the oversized cab to the ground, not even bothering to use the running board to help. He grabs a tool belt from the passenger side and buckles it on, not wanting to leave his tools where someone might want to steal it. It's a habit picked up from years working in the big cities where a drug addict could grab whatever wasn't nailed down and sell it to a pawn shop for the price of his next fix. He turns and then hitching his jeans, which, while well worn and faded show off the musculature of his legs and thighs quite well. He heads towards the glass doors and opens it just as the blond teen is about to step out and…

Beverley makes for the restaurant's exit, not really bothering to look as she waves a cheery goodbye to everyone, it's not until she's just inches from the door that she turns to look, which is fortunate, otherwise she might very well walk right into the man. Pushing the door open she offers a polite little smile towards the Quileute. "Hello," she greets with a slight nod of her head, shifting her purse so that it's behind her, to allow her to move past Isaac without the extra width of the bag pushing her too close in his direction.

It's that bare second that makes the big man freeze. He barely has the presence of mine to step aside to let the young woman pass as there is a shock of recognition, so sudden that he can't even understand it until she's already out of view and one of the waitresses asks him if he's alright. He shakes off his shock and then says in his sonorous voice to the waitress, "Ah, yes, excuse me." He turns and with huge strides follows the girl, trying not to look like some sort of stalker, he needs to know her name… because he recognizes that this is the woman he's been born to be with for the rest of his life. The age difference doesn't bother the large man too much, as he has the patience to wait until she is ready to be claimed as his mate. That doesn't mean however that he can bear to be too far apart from her. He's heard from Jacob what it's like to imprint, and so he knows what's going on, though how he's going to explain this and himself and everything to her and have her believe, he has no clue.

Beverley is halfway down the block when she goes fumbling through her bag and turns back around, right back into the restaurant. "Elise, did I leave my cell phone back here?" she questions of one of the waitresses, the one, in fact, who asked Isaac if he was alright. "It's not in my bag," she states with a slightly annoyed look on her face. "I bet I left it all in the back, you know me, forgetful, and I'd really hate to leave my lifeline," she gives with a wink as she swishes right past the wolf, again, making note to not hit him with her big purse. "You know, you can sit wherever you want here," she gives with a bright little smile towards the big native man.

The large man frowns and then decides it's better if he appears normal for now. He takes a seat at a table and looks to the waitress and says in his deep sonorous voice, "I would like some coffee… black if you please… and who is she, if I may ask?" He indicates Beverley who goes into the back to find her cell phone. He wants to approach her right now, but fears she might run away if he does, and that scares the large man, as flight from fear could lead her to get hurt and he cannot risk that. He looks outside at the encroaching darkness and frowns more, toying with the idea of offering the girl a ride as he is afraid of someone attacking her while she walks home. However as he is a stranger, rightly he could appear to be some sort of pervert. He is torn right now and for the first but not the last time he laments not being younger than he is.

The waitress nods at the order. "Her? That's Beverley, she's a sweetie," the woman answers, she's clearly older than the teenaged girl, who now breezes back out, pouring a warm drink into a go cup as she does. "I swear, Elise, I'd leave my head if it wasn't attached," she notes with a wink. Elise laughs as she makes her way around the counter, getting a cup of coffee and whispering a few words to the teen, undoubtedly about the man. Bev raises a brow and takes the cup of coffee. She then walks towards Isaac's table, setting the cup, and herself, down. "Hi."

The large man blinks as the teen sits at his table and he is completely unable to speak for a long moment as his mind doesn't seem to want to work. He is staring at her with goofy love-struck eyes before he coughs and clears his throat and says in a deep, native, sonorous sounding voice, "Oh pardon me… I was just wondering…" He twists his hands and decides to take the plunge and pray he can protect her if she runs. "Since it is getting quite dark, would you care to get a ride home? I assure you that I am not some pervert, I saw you walking and I did not like seeing someone so young risk herself…" He trails off, he's babbling, not good. He grabs his cup of coffee and downs it in one gulp as he tries and pause and think up a way to get out of this mess.

Beverley tilts her head to the side slightly. "Right…" she eyes him a little suspiciously for a moment. "I'd laugh and say that this little backwoods town is fairly harmless, but… it really isn't," she gives with a self-depreciating laugh. "First you have to answer two questions. I need to know your name, I won't accept a ride home from a stranger, and, in keeping with that theme, I need one random fact about yourself," she gives, firmly nodding her head and offering a light smile. She's not running away, yet, this has to be a good thing.

His name and a random fact about him… this is good! He can do that! He clears his throat again and says, "I am know as Isaac Hawkfeather of the Quileute tribe, but like my friends, you may call me Hawk. As for one random fact about myself?" He considers before he says, "I like to make hand crafted furniture." There that wasn't so bad, was it? Is it enough to at least get her to trust him a little? He peers at her a bit worriedly.

Beverley smiles again, nodding as she does. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Hawk of the Quileute tribe," she responds, chuckling. "I'm Beverley McKinnon, originally of Belfast, Ireland. Everyone calls me Bev, though," is given as she follows through on the name and random fact request. "Hand crafted furniture? That's kinda cool."

Hawk relaxes now at least a little bit and burns that name into his mind for all time 'Beverley McKinnon, originally of Belfast, Ireland, who everyone calls Bev.' He even manages a smile and then says, "I think so… I like to work with my hands, I am a master carpenter after all." He asks although it's a dumb question because she's obviously not over the age of 18 yet, "Do you go to school here in Forks?" Inanities, yes, but he wants to know as much as he can about her, so that he can protect her from now on even if he can't be with her yet.

Beverley chuckles lightly and nods. "Of course, I'm a junior, well, almost a senior, soon enough I'll be graduating. Hopefully," she gives as an after thought, shaking her head a little. "I haven't seen you around, have you been on the reserve for awhile or… I mean, I see Jacob all the time, a lot of the time, I've seen a lot of the people from the res…" she trails off, chuckling before she looks up at Elise, ordering an apple pie.

Hawk looks up at Elise and asks quietly for a refill of his coffee before he says to Beverley, "I actually only recently came here from up north… I wasn't born on the reservation, my parents moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and raised me there. I came back down here to reclaim my heritage and it felt so right being here that I decided to stay. But yes, I have been on the reservation a lot as of late, the dock was st… err broken and I was commissioned to build a new more permanent one. Since I have no place to live on the reservation yet, I have been cam…" He stops, probably not a good thing to say to someone already wary of a strange man.

Elise nods and goes to get the apple pie, returning with both that and the coffee pot, the pie is placed in front of the tea and then she refills Isaac's coffee, then she's off, taking care of other customers. "Vancouver? Hmm, I've never been there, I hear it's nice, though," she gives with a lopsided grin. "Forks is nice, so's La Push, I mean, I've only been there a few times, but, it was nice," is offered. "Camping?" she catches on. "That's actually really cool, I love the outdoors," even though she doesn't look it. "And, it's probably better than sharing a room with a ten year old sister…"

Hawk seems to relax as she doesn't seem to mind that he's essentially homeless and then nods, "I never had any siblings, and I lived on the streets for a good portion of my life. My father was an alcoholic and my mother was.. shall we say, in the oldest profession in the world." He sips his tea and continues, "So a tent is quite preferable to sleeping in the cab of my truck." He smiles at the girl.

Beverley crinkles her nose slightly. "Yah, I'd rather a tent as well, over the cab of a truck or, well, sharing with my little sister," is offered with a faint nod of her head. "Soon, though, my older sister'll be off to college and then I'll get her room, for a year, before I head off to college," is offered with a grin. She does, of course, note the comments on homeless and his parents, but she ignores it.

He sits back and grins, "Feeling a little cramped are we? You should know that in college you will have a roommate in your dorm room as well."

Beverley grumbles. "Well… maybe I'll buy my own place and then I won't have to share a room with anyone. And, at least if I did have a roommate, then, well, she wouldn't be six years younger than me," she gives with a crooked grin. "Or… I could move into co-ed dorms…"

Hawk chuckles at the first comment, but when she talks about moving into the co-ed dorms his hand literally snaps the coffee cup in half and he makes a growl in his throat, quite like a wolf. He doesn't even register the fact the hot coffee has burned his hand as he says, "Not if I can…" quietly, although probably not quietly enough.

Bev's head snaps up as the coffee cup snaps in half. "What? Are you that opposed to co-ed dorms?" she enquires with a quirk of a brow as she grabs some napkins to start cleaning up the coffee-mess. "Not if you can what? Is there a reason that I shouldn't move into a co-ed dorm?"

Hawk tries to regain control of his rising emotions and says, "No… it's just… guys… are there…" He says this lamely as he tries to think of someway to say this that won't make him look like an idiot or a psycho and fails miserably. How he wishes he had one of the Pack with him to help him out… preferably Jacob who's young enough that he could relate to Bev and help him explain.

Beverley nods slightly. "That would be the point of a co-ed dorm. There's /guys/ there," she gives with a light laugh. "The point of college, other than to further your education, is to meet someone," little does she know, really. If she did know, she wouldn't even think of the co-ed dorm.

The large man known as Hawk wrings his hands and looks out the windows, he desperately wants to say that she can't go meet guys because she's already found the one she's destined to be with. But how can he say that in here, where at the very least she's look at him like he was crazy and the rest of the staff and customers would be calling the police to pick up a potential rapist/pedophile. He says, "You… don't… need… to meet… someone… in college…" That's about all he trusts himself to say at this point.

Beverley chooses to take the wolf's words in stride. "Well, no," she laughs lightly, "I could meet them in high school, or I could meet them in town, or outside of the college, when I get there. I'm not even sure where I'm going, they may not have co-ed dorms," she points out offering a crooked grin. The teen is entirely unaware of whatever type of torture she may be inflicting on the Quileute.

Hawk closes his eyes and clenches his fists underneath the table as each word she utters is like a dagger to his heart. He doesn't know what to say, he can't think of anything but the thought of other men her own age hugging her, touching her, and he stands up suddenly and says, "Excuse me!" And rushes off to the men's bathroom. He splashes some cold water on his face as he tries to calm himself down. He slowly comes back to the table and sits down again and considers how best to approach this.

Beverley blinks slightly as Hawk takes off, though she says nothing and instead occupies herself with her pie. When he returns she busies herself for a few more moments. "So, what was up with that?" she questions with an upraised brow, though she keeps her attention on her pie.

Hawk manages a smile and says, "Oh that? Something I ate earlier…" He tries to pass it off for now. He's got plenty of time to explain things to the teen so he calms himself a bit.

Beverley nods faintly. "Right, and I grow wings and fly," she gives with a wink and a laugh. "I may be a blond, but I'm not that kind of a blond, just so you know," is given with a shake of her head and a light little laugh. "But you're one of those people who isn't gonna tell me the actual truth, right?"

Hawk looks down at the worn table, "It's nothing… I just don't believe you could handle the truth…" That's about all he can say without seeming like a crazy man.

Beverley laughs, it's not a light laugh, it's an all out laugh. "You don't think I could? Oh, funny. I bet you already know. You know, your legends… well, the Quileute's legends," she gives, shaking her head in amusement. "I'm a bit on the nosy side," she taps her nose as she speaks.

Hawk raises an eyebrow and then says carefully, "What legend are you referring to?" He asks quietly, staring at the teen, sitting back in his chair.

Beverley nibbles lightly at her pie for a bit, before shrugging. "About… umm…" she debates how to properly word what she wants to say. "I promised Jake I wouldn't tell anyone that I know, cause, I don't, well, I do, but… it's bad enough when they're chasing you through ski slopes," she offers with a sigh and a shrug, "and wanting to make me her 'daughter'."

Hawk raises an eyebrow, "You met the 'cold ones'??" His eyes turn red and he gets a sudden burst of rage at the thought of Beverley being chased by vampires and almost becoming one. The thought that he might never have met her makes him want to jump up and shift and kill something.

"Would you keep your voice down?!" Bev hisses, shaking her head as she looks around the room shifty eyed and all that. "I promised Jake I wouldn't tell /anyone/ about them. I don't even know why I'm telling you. I really shouldn't be telling you," she gives as she busies herself with her half-eaten pie.

Hawk then smiles, "Oh, it is alright… I and Jacob… well, we are of 'like minds' you might say. Have you met Charlene?" He asks politely, maybe he can indirectly get her to jump to the right conclusion if she knows some of the Quileute legend.

Beverley blinks slightly before shaking her head. "No, maybe in passing. I mean, if she lives in Forks I've probably seen her a few times, but I can't put a name to a face," she gives, tilting her head slightly, blond locks falling about her shoulders. "Why?"

He sighs and shakes his head, "No reason…"

Beverley ohs. "I dunno, I'm sorry. I suppose it'd be more helpful if I did know her, right?" she questions with an upraised brow. "So, we playing a guessing game or something now?"

Hawk sighs, "Not really, but I won't discuss things further here. There is another part to the legend, a part that you have become part of now yourself."

Beverley tilts her head the other way. "That I've become part of?" she questions. "You're as bad as Jacob is. All elusive and never directly answering a question, are all you Quileute's so evasive?" is enquired.

The large Quileute stands and puts enough money on the table to cover the food and coffee and pay for the broken cup and a very generous tip and says, "I will explain everything if you come with me… do you trust me?" He offers his hand to the teen, a very large hand.

Beverley gets to her feet and settles her slight hand in the significantly larger one of the wolf, slinging her bag back over her shoulder. "As much as I probably shouldn't, for some reason, I do," she gives with a nod of her head, her brows furrowed slightly at the complexity of her words.

Hawk gives a smile and says, "I'll explain the reason for that too.." He leads her out the door and unlocks and opens the passenger side of the truck and pulls out some papers and junk and tosses it in the back. "Excuse the mess…"

Beverley quirks a brow as she climbs into the truck. "For someone I've known all of a few hours, you sure are pretty confident you have all the answers," she notes as she pulls the seatbelt down and buckles herself in, placing her bag onto her lap in the process as she tries to recall some of what she'd heard and researched about the Quileute's.

The large man known as Hawk drives you into La Push to the beach close to the forest and stops and says, "I am about to tell you the true legend of my people and why you are now involved.." He climbs down from the truck and helps you down and starts a small fire in the fire pit to help keep you warm.

Beverley keeps her bag with her as she walks along the somewhat familiar beach to the fire pit. "How am I involved now? I'm not one of your people, I mean… I'm not Quileute, I'm completely Irish," she notes, curiosity filling her voice as she speaks.

Hawk says then, "In the legend of the Quileute, there are the 'cold ones' the ones who feed upon human blood. Vampires they are called by the white man, you have seen them, yes?"

Beverley nods, faintly. "Yes, a couple, at least, I think they were. Weird and creepy, tried to kidnap me," she responds, flinching as she speaks the words she'd intentionally not said in nearly three months. The teen then takes a seat, setting her bag at her feet and tugging her coat about herself a little.

Hawk sees that and it breaks his heart and he says then, "In our legend a certain number of our people were granted the power of the spirit to shift into a form strong enough to fight these 'cold ones'… for our tribe, that spirit was the guise of the wolf."

Beverley takes in a breath, nodding as the wolf-man speaks. "Okay," she gives, debating this in her head. "So… you're saying… what?" she questions, working on putting two and two together, the fact that she's debating on this can be noted by the furrow of her brows as she squints her eyes.

He waits for you to put it together and says, "The Quileute have always had protection against the 'cold ones', I am one of them…" He stops there.

The teen remains quiet for a good several minutes, her mind working as quickly as it can put things together. "I know that a part of the legend is true, I have no reason to think the rest isn't… nor do I have any reason to think it is…" she ponders this more, thinking out loud. "So your tribe, or members of it, can shift… wolf, werewolves?" she questions, stumbling over the last word as she finally looks from the fire pit to the wolf himself, the expression on her face is quite curious.

Hawk looks at her sympathetically and nods, "Into the form of wolves, yes." He looks at her, "And part of that legend is what concerns you… all the wolves of the Quileute have a mate, which… once they meet… instant know and they imprint on each other and become each other's lives.

Beverley blinks. "So… you're a wolf?" she questions, tilting her head slightly, she doesn't seem too bothered by that, but, the question is, if she truly believes this herself. "Wait, what do I have to do with that? I hardly know any Quileute's, I mean, there's you, and Jake, and I've hardly talked with either of you for more than a little bit at a time," is given with a curious look. "So I'm still not seeing how this could involve me, at all…"

Hawk takes a deep breath, this is the most important part after all, and he hopes it won't frighten her TOO much to know that suddenly she's been bonded with him with no real opportunity to choose. He says then, "Well, as I was walking into the waffle house and you walked out… I imprinted on you. You are my mate for life." He says this matter of factly, actually kind of pleased that he did it. He hopes her reaction will be of joy and happiness… not the likely fear or revulsion.

Beverley sits, perfectly still, for a good several minutes, not seconds, but minutes. "What?" she finally questions, staring at the fire pit, absolutely refusing to look the Quileute in the eyes. "I know I've heard a lot of crazy things, but this takes the cake," she notes as she scuffs the toes of her boots into the ground. She really should make a run for it right now, and once she absorbs that she should do that, she'll probably have her boots off and be gone.

Its dark, and its likely an interesting sight when a glowing green fresbie is seen flying along the beach. A dark shape follows it, a large dog it seems, runs after and leaps, catching it and bringing to ground. Amber eyes then turn and look towards the bonfire pit before the dog trots on over. He is a big dog, the closer he gets.

Hawk suddenly realizes that she's not exactly overjoyed at this turn of events and so he says, "Wait! I know it sounds crazy… but tell me… I asked you once to trust me, and you said you did. Why would you trust me? You don't know me at all, yet you've come all the way here. Look into your heart and tell me that what I am saying does not resonate with you." He sniffs the air and then sees the glowing green frisbee and it seems like a huge weight is lifted and motions the 'dog' over, "Marshall… I want you to meet someone… I need your help explaining being imprinted to my mate, Beverley." With that in the fraction of a second he's sitting next to Beverley with his huge arm around her holding her close, but gently, as if she were some fragile flower needing to be handled gently and carefully.

Lorelei follows along a few moments after the 'dog'. "Hey.. Where you.. Oh.." She pauses as she hears voices and she blinks as she peers over at Bev and Hawk, she knew they should have went to the forest for the game.. Would have been more fun if they was both wolves.

Beverley stares at the big dog for a bit, eyes wide before she turns those same, wide eyes on Hawk. "I… what?!" she questions. "I don't know, but I'm beginning to think you're insane and need to be committed to an asylum," she states. "You're… you're talking to a dog like it's human!" she points out as she moves to shove Hawk's arm off her and get to her feet, her bag in hand.

Marshall looks at Isaac a moment, his ears perked forward, then over to Beverley. He tilts his head, amber eyes studying her quietly as he continues to hold the glowing fresbie in his muzzle. He then looks over to Lore and whines softly, thumping his tail on the sand.

Hawk looks stricken and stands up, "Beverley! Wait… I am not insane… if you believe in the 'cold ones', vampires, why is it such a stretch to believe in people that can shift into the form of a wolf?" He doesn't try to grab her, as they are close to the fire and he could potentially hurt her. Finally he says, "Wait… I will show you… please… trust me… just this one more time." With that, he immediately jumps in front of Beverley and shifts in front of her in full view, his clothes ripping to pieces but not caring, this is too important for that. In the place of Hawk the human is a very large looking black wolf with a brown nose and paws.

Beverley shakes her head as she eyes the big puppy, and offers a light nod towards Lore, before she eyes Isaac. "No, I don't believe in any of that. I think I've been sleeping and when I wake up it'll be February, before the ski trip and when all of…. this… started…" and then Isaac faces and Bev screams. "Holy <censored>!" is yelped as she stumbles backwards, eventually planting herself on her backside and staring, wide-eyed at the wolf. "Okay, I'm ready to wake up now…"

Marshall spits out the fresbie and sighs audibly. He then looks over at Isaac, /Idiot./ Is his main thought as he looks at the other black wolf, then at Beverley. /Were you telling her you imprinted? Its not just mate, its more, and less./ He keeps watching Beverley though, /Well, she didn't faint at least. I am sure my mate can talk her through this without me shifting back./

Lorelei moves on over to where the 'dog' is and pauses. "Hey.. Don't bother the.." Oh crap.. She just blinks as Isaac shifts into a wolf and isn't sure what to do for a few moments before she moves over to Bev to take hold of her arm. "Ya your sleeping alright, you been drinking some of feather's tea?" She really hopes she drank something while she was here.

Hawk turns a second and glances at Marshall, «I could use some help… she doesn't understand, and I don't know if I can make her understand without help. I am afraid she will bolt if I can't get an adequate explanation for her.» He whines as Lorelei makes things a little worse by trying to make Beverley think this is a dream. He can't mind link with Lorelei while she's in human form and so he moves to put himself between Lorelei and Beverley, a clear sign that she's his and he imprinted on her as he puts his head on Beverley's lap and looks up at her with lost puppy dog eyes. Yeah, let's use the cuteness factor, that might make things better!

Beverley is set to get up and bolt when she's got a lapful of puppy dog. "I'm going to open my eyes and be in my bed, nice and comfy," she gives and squeezes her eyes firmly shut before she shakes her head at Lore. "Just got here, had nothing to drink, but if you've got anything that'll knock me out… I'm all for it," is given. See, she actually kinda trusts Lore, Lore's a /human/, so far as Bev knows. "If this isn't a nightmare, I'm so moving…"

Marshall lays down on the sand, huffing again as he looks back at Isaac. «You need a lot of help. Understanding imprinting is one of them. Tact I think is another. The pack doesn't know her, and we try to keep ourselves a secret.» He then rises and shakes himself off. «Do you trust…never mind, you imprinted. Who is she?»

Jacob arrives to clean out the fire pit. Someone's got to do it and it might as well be Jacob. He doesn't get very far up the beach however as he begins to take in the situation. For the moment he simply tries to determine if the human here is in any immediate danger. His hand quivers a little bit but he manages to control himself. "… uhm…" he says searching for words that can explain this away and finding none. "Can I help?"

Lorelei blinks at Isaac and eyes him. "Don't start with me.." She states with a thin tone, Lore could take him down if needs be ask Marshall she isn't scared of him just because his a giant wolf at the moment. She looks back to Beverley and sighs while shakes her head and tries to hug Bev. "Shh.. It’s alright.. really." She offers softly while looking over to Jacob and nods towards Isaac. SO his fault..

Hawk looks back at Marshall «I was not prepared for this, I did not think it would happen so soon, Her name is Beverley.» He sighs and shakes himself a little, what a mess this has become. He looks back at Jacob and tilts his head and nudges Beverley to show that he's imprinted on her. He then backs off and hangs his head and whines some more, it's not his fault, he really wasn't prepared and nobody was around to help him with this. He didn't know what to do and so he did what he thought was the right way to do it… apparently not.

Beverley looks up as she hears a familiar voice. Once she no longer has a wolfie head on her lap she scrambles to her feet so she can hide behind Jake. This is someone she knows, and someone she trusts. "Jacob… you can explain everything, right? This is all a big weird dream and I'm going to wake up anytime now, right?" she questions with an upraised brow. She seems a little calmer now, more rational, maybe, with Jake around, it probably helps that she does know this person, although Lore is helping as well, between her words and Jake's presence, she doesn't look like an insane teenager anymore.

Marshall looks at Jacob, his muzzle splitting into a grin as he sits back on his haunches and pulls his head up and back as if he were threatening to howl. This large wolf knows how to smirk, as he waits just a little, before rising and moving over to Lorelei, nipping Isaac on the rump when he passes, «Then next time ask wood worker. I am easily found. So is my mate. So are many others.» He looks at Lore and then back to Jacob and Beverley, giving a look that pretty much says he is willing to play along.

Jacob takes on an air of authority, "You really should be more careful Isaac.", he says calmly, "It's not good to kill the people you're trying to impress. Can't you see she almost had a heart attack? Now… go over there and change back before someone /else/ sees you." He points to a secluded little spot where Isaac might phase without giving Beverly a /further/ shock. Not once does he raise his voice, but there's no compromise in it either. He shakes his head, "Smooth move… real smooth." A bit of a smile shows through his concern.

Lorelei shakes her head slightly and smirks while she glances to Jacob.. So his going to tell her? Well that's not her call, but its not like they can take it back now can they? She's quiet while she looks to Marshall, a hand lowering to press against his head and pet slightly. With Jacob here she figures he can take over dealing with it, but she's there to back what ever he has to say.

Marshall leans against Lore, his head turning to get the most out of the petting as he wags his tail. He huffs again, turning to watch Isaac a moment, then back to Jacob, his head tilted slightly, his ears perked forward.

Hawk drags his tail as he heads to his truck and nudges in back for his spare set of clothes and heads into the secluded spot indicated and phases back. He quickly gets dressed and walks back in human form and looks abashed and mutters, "Not the way I wanted this to turn out…" He had such grand plans, that somehow she's understand everything and it would be all fine… yeah right. He moves and takes a seat at the fire pit and says nothing now, he's done enough damage for one night.

Beverley brings her hands up to rub her eyes as Hawk returns, in human form. "Okay, just… what's going on?" she questions, her voice is precisely schooled so that it doesn't sound like she's panicking, although that's really what she's doing right now. Bev's eyes dart between Jake and Lore, and then to Isaac, back to Jake, thus far the big wolf-doggie (ie. Marshall) doesn't keep her attention all too much.

Jacob quietly offers, "What's going on is… very much up to you.", he tells Beverly. What are you prepared to believe? I think it's clear to you that Isaac there looks upon you now with something like… love, but it's deeper than that. I think it's clear to you that the monsters that seem to spring out of the very sand here… mean you no harm. But, it's deeper than that." His voice takes on the odd quality of his family when telling a story. "I think it's clear that if your mind is not ready for this… it will protect you from what you're not ready for. It's time to ask yourself what you believe." "Don't just look with your eyes… look deeper than that." "Come on Beverly, you're smart…put it together in a way that isn't going to require a trip to the hospital…" "It's up to you."

Lorelei watches Bev, a faint heh escapes her. "Just follow you heart Beverley.. Its not that scary actually." She offers softly while she kneels down next to Marshall and stays close to him. She isn't too sure what to say, though she recalls trying to explain it to Marshall.. Which wasn't that easy.

Hawk just looks at Beverley, his eyes pleading with her to understand and accept what he's told her. The thought of losing her because of his own impatience and being far too close to the situation is like a dagger through his heart. He hopes this doesn't end badly, he dearly would love to say something, but what more could he say as it's something only she can work out for herself.

Beverley nods, slowly, methodically, thinking about the words that Jacob speaks. "You're… like him?" she questions beckoning towards Hawk. "You're furry and howl at the moon and all that stuff?" the teen tilts her head to the side, the look in her eyes makes it obvious that she's thinking, working on comprehending everything. "I don't think I like your legends anymore, Jacob, they all turn out true," she gives, before looking at Marshall. "Is he… like… like Hawk?" she questions, stumbling over the words as she tries to reason them out in her mind. "Okay. But, he can't love me, or whatever, I'm just a kid…"

Marshall leans against Lore and noses her gently. He huffs against her shirt, then pulls away, moving over to Isaac. He does a very wolfish thing for the man that looks quite upset and sad, and sneezes on him. He then approaches Jacob and Beverley, looking at both of them, his eyes on Jacob a moment, then on Beverley. They do have a spark of intelligence that most animals don't have. Besides being huge.

Jacob smiles, "I'm not like him…", he says, somewhat teasingly to Hawk. "I have better sense…" "But… we are all different, and the same." "We can, when we choose, change our form. It is not something we choose to be. It's what we are. Isaac too, cannot exactly choose how he feels about you. He has given you a part of him… forever now." "But you do not have to give him any part of you…" Those must be cruel words for Isaac to hear, but it's true enough. "Give it some time. You may feel… differently after you see everything that he can be for you. You need a champion."

Lorelei blinks at Marshall and smirks faintly before a sigh escapes her. "Marshall is like Jacob." She says with an amused tone.. "I am too." Is said after a moment while she turns her gaze back to Beverley. She and Bev met before when she was a wolf, the night Jacob was out looking for 'real' wolves.

There is a look of shock and desperation in Hawk's eyes as Jacob says that and he bites his lip from saying something that definitely would make things MUCH worse. He curls his hands into fists and stands and walks to punch a tree hard enough that it shakes the tree in its foundation and leaves a huge fist-sized dent in it. Hawk takes a deep breath and then walks off, he needs some space and air right now, in his state he's liable to do something he regrets terribly.

Beverley settles down to her knees as the Marshall-dog approaches her. She tilts her head, eyeing the animal for a bit, before doing what is normal, well, what she thought was normal, and offering her hand, palm up, for him to smell. She's a little…. a lot… timid. At Lore's words she looks up. "You're all… big furry things?" she likes those words more than 'wolves' right now, so that's what she's going to stick with. She's about to say something else when the tree is damaged. "Umm.. oww," she gives as she rises to her feet to take a few hesitant steps towards Hawk, before she sits down. "Okay. So, you're all big furry things and… for some reason, I'm important to him, even though we just met, and he's got to be significantly older than me?"

Marshall flicks his ears at Beverley, then nods and noses her hand a moment. He then turns to watch Isaac hit the tree, sighs again, then gets up and follows the newer wolf. <Don't worry toots, wood boy won't age.» Not that the others here can hear that, but the rest of the pack can if they are furry. He trails after Isaac, to make sure he doesn't go off and do something..well..dumber..

Jacob confirms, "You're very important to him — and unless I miss my guess, at some point he may become very important to you too." He chuckles a little, "Yes.. it's a lot to accept but you seem to be taking it well. I'll phase for you if it'll help prove the point… even though it's not exactly a comfortable thing to do." He shrugs.

Lorelei ahs faintly and chuckles. "Furry things.. Nice.." She murmurs softly as she takes in a breath and then blinks at Isaac. With a faint sigh escaping her she looks to Jacob. "You got this?.. I don't want him turning on Marshall at the moment." She rather like her boyfriend in one piece after all. A glance is offered to Bev and she nods slightly. "Or I can an you can hide behind Jacob.." This said with a teasing tone.

Beverley listens to both Lore and Jacob, taking in everything the pair say, as much as she can, at any rate. "Will he come back?" she questions, a concerned look crossing her features at the question. "I mean, I guess I can live with knowing that you guys all… run around looking like wolves, and the thing with… whatever it is, me meaning a lot to him… but I'd really hate it if he got hurt because of me," she points out, firmly nodding her head with this. "I won't hide this time. I just…" she pauses, to think of her words, "I wasn't expecting it last time. You can't blame a girl."

As he walks onto the beach, his nose in a book. Young Brady is walking towards the group as if he was watching where he was going. His eyes intently reading on his books as he moves towards the group.

Hawk doesn't notice Marshall following along after him, nor does he do anything to the wolf, he just stares out into the ocean. He's out of view of the rest of them and he sits down on the sand and lets the waves lap at his feet as he takes a breath to let his turmoil go. He knows what he has to do, and for her sake he'll subsume his emotions so that she won't be frightened of him. He looks over at Marshall finally and says simply and quietly, "Do not worry… I am fine… I will return in a moment…" He looks back in the direction of where Jacob, Lorelei and Beverley is and closes his eyes, trying to find the calm center within himself.

Marshall looks back and huffs at Lorelei, then turns and carries his head high as he trots off, the big snot apparently heard that Lore is afraid Marshall can't handle one wayward wolf. He is quiet at least, helps when one can't talk. When Isaac settles, he moves up next to him and sits, looking out over the ocean as well. He sighs a little, nearby furry pack members getting one clear thought from Marshall, «Damn. Feathers is right..»

Jacob looks gratefully at Lorelei and Marshall for their help. There is indeed, strength in the pack, and those two lend it well. Jacob spares a moment to look in the direction Hawk went as well. Every wolf is needed after all, especially in these times. He explains to Beverly, "We don't have to go over /everything/ all at once, like, right this second." He says, "Take it in smaller bites. We're here for you to talk to… all of us, now that you know. We can be a little bit more… open about what you need to know." He tries to reassure her, "You'll always be welcome here, because of your connection to Isaac. He's a brother and we cannot ignore his…imprinting to you any more than he can." He reassures Bev, "He really will be good for you, you wait and see — and we're not easily damaged, so I suspect the tree got the worst of it.", he nods.

Finally after Hawk manages to calm his turbulent emotions somewhat, he nods to Marshall and stands, dusting himself off and walks back over to the group that now include Brady. He looks at Beverley solemnly and does nothing else. The decision is hers and he will accept whatever decision that is, and if she rejects him, he will live with that and protect her from afar.

Brady blinks and suddenly looks up. His eyes moving towards the group just as they fall on Beverly. He looks over towards Jacob and then at the Marshall's wolf form. He cocks his head to the side. He closes his book and hmmms as he begins to slide it into his backpack walking up to them. He nods and says, "Might I ask…ummm what’s up?"

Lorelei smirks after Marshall. "Ass.." She mutters faintly and for now just stays with Jacob and Bev. "I'm sure he will when he calms down.." A slight grin is offered. "Actually.. I'm sure the tree got most of the damage." Her gaze rests on Bev. "Your welcome to ask what ever you like. An if you want to wait that is understandable as well. A glance is offered to Brady and she nods to him.

Beverley shakes her head, slightly. "I don't think I'll ever fully understand any of this. I just have to know one thing. Age difference, huge, he can't possibly…" she shakes her head again as she turns to watch Isaac come back to the group. "At least let me see your hand," she half demands, half requests as she moves towards the older wolf, intent on at least examining the hand that punched the tree.

Marshall sighs and trots back the way he and Lorelei came, off into the darkness. The large black wolf remains gone for several minutes, before finally he himself comes back, in a pair of shorts and sandals. "Heh, what a night." He has a bag slung over his shoulder. He then stoops to get the frisbee and stick it in the bag before nodding to Brady. "Good book?"

Brady looks over at Marshall, and nods plops down in the sand. He is sure someone will explain to him why a human he does not know just saw Marshall shift and things. He runs a hand through his hair with a confused look on his face.

Hawk sighs and says, "It is fine…" But he can't help but do as she asks and puts his huge hand in hers. The knuckles of his right hand are scrapped to the bone but as she watches, it quickly heals until there isn't even a scar. He looks over at Brady and inclines his head, "Greetings…" He then waits for Beverley's reaction to his accelerated healing process.

Jacob explains, in part for Brady and in part to help Beverly work things out by hearing it again. "Beverly here…", he nods politely to the human. "Has long suspected that some legends might be true.", he starts, remembering he and Beverly's long ago conversation. "Isaac here, Imprinted on Beverly and shifted thinking it would explain things better…" He smirks. "With the cat out of the bag… or in this case, the dog… we're just, taking it slowly now."

Lorelei shakes her head some and ehs while she watches Bev and Isaac speak. Her gaze turns over to Marshall and she eyes him playfully. "So.. go and play frisbee huh?" She questions softly.

Marshall looks at Lorelei, then smiles and shrugs a little. "Seemed like the right path for this evening." He yawns a bit, then looks over to Jacob, "We need to talk soon." He turns to watch Isaac and Beverley a moment, then yawns and turns, ruffling up Brady's hair, "I'm starving. Gonna go find something to eat." With that, he starts heading back up to the parking area.

Beverley takes the hand and stares as the wounds heal. "I'm just going to pretend that that's normal, okay, because if I don't I'll freak out again, and I don't feel like doing that," she notes as she drops her hands back to her sides and looks around at the group. "So, you're all… furry? Like, the whole tribe, or just some of the tribe? I mean, I guess if I'm gonna be around here, I should know these things, right?" yup, there's acceptance in her voice, not an aggravated acceptance just, it is what it is, and she'll try to take it in stride.

Jacob answers openly now. "No, not the whole tribe, just direct descendants of my Grandfather. We're all… a family."

Brady smirks and says, "And well furry is not a technical term unless you want to account for Jacob's arse?"

Lorelei oys softly as she watches and glances to Jacob a few moments before she turns to move on over to Marshall and gives his hair a ruffle. "Come on.. I'll go with you." She thinks the ones here can handle the conversation with out her, heck she is suppose to be relaxing after all. A glance is offered towards Jacob as he goes about explain why some are and some aren't wolves.. She remembers that conversation rather well. "Nice Brady.." She says with an amused tone while she slips off.

Beverley stares, wide-eyed, for a few moments, at Jake's comment. "Like, you're literally all family?" she questions, shaking her head slightly. "Okay, that's… that's manageable," she gives before she laughs at Brady's words. "Uhh… well… I don't know what else to call you guys. You're all… fuzzy, I mean, I guess you all are…" she shrugs lightly as she looks between the group. "So, when are you gonna explain to me how he gets to… care about me? I mean, well, I don't know how old he is, but he's definitely not a junior…"

Hawk says quietly, "Yes… I am… nearly 32

Hawk says quietly, "Yes… I am… nearly 32 this year. I cannot explain it, for I do not quite understand it myself." He looks over at Jacob helplessly, the Alpha can explain it! Yes, leave it to him to save the day.

Jacob chuckles, "Yes, we're all family although some of us are more distantly related than others. It really doesn't matter. All it takes is one pure drop of the line and you /might/ find yourself a wolf someday. It usually happens around puberty… when stress and hormones get the better of you." He nods. "As for him…", he gestures to Hawk "… we have no real idea why Imprinting happens… we have some, ideas… maybe subconsciously, it's driven by the Imprintee's need for someone… like us. Maybe it's just, a survival strategy. But, Isaac here has crossed that line, whatever it is… and he'll be whatever you need him to be." "That… doesn't necessarily have anything to do with hormones… it's not, love, exactly. I tried to explain that earlier." "But it can become that, if that's what's… needed most."

Beverley nods as she listens, her eyes flickering between the two wolves as she does. "I'm so not even gonna try to explain this to my family. My brother'll kill me," her father'll bring out the rifle. "You're all well aware of the fact that this makes absolutely no sense to me, right? I'm trying to understand, I really, really am," she gives before she goes back to sitting near the bonfire. She doesn't look like she's in any rush to run away this time. "Wolves?" kind of out of nowhere, but she's still working on comprehending everything.

Hawk paces and says, "I know… and it kills me to see you so confused because I do not know what to do to help you understand this better."

Jacob says, "Maybe… just relax a little. It's only been about an hour since your world turned upside down. Have something to eat… just, let things ride."
Beverley nods, yet again, she's like a little blond bobblehead. "Not that long, no. It's very confusing, really. What would have happened if I hadn't survived the ski trip?" she questions, referring to the trip in which she was only an Alice away from being a vampire. "Would there of been someone else for Hawk?"

Jacob thinks about that, "I don't know. Probably not. According to our way… you are his perfect match. I doubt there would be another 'you'."

Beverley blinks and shakes her head. "Yah, I'm not getting this. How can his 'perfect match' be half has age? How can anyone's perfect match be half their age? I'm a junior in high school!" she notes. "This is gonna take some time to get used to all this. Sorry."

Jacob nods, "We have time. You'll eventually catch up to him."

Beverley umms. "Jacob, how am I gonna catch up to him… I'll always be half his age, he'll always be twice my age. Just doesn't work any other way, sorry…" except she's not dealing with normal anymore, this is supernatural now. "And, umm… why does this kinda stuff happen to me? Just out of curiosity."

Jacob drops a simple statement, "As long as we maintain our wolf form, now and then, we don't age." He shrugs. "It's a wolf thing." "Don't look at me all surprised either.. I'm trying to keep this simple."

Beverley nods, bobblehead Bev. "So, so long as you… shift?… you don't age. So he'll stay almost 32 until he stops turning into a… wolf?" she stumbles over a few words, but, overall, she's been doing a good job, thus far. "And he'll be what I need? That sounds really really odd, y'know…."

Jacob agrees. "It's very odd." "But then, so is ripping off your clothes and turning into a huge wolf."

Beverley hmms quietly at Jake's words, before she falls silent, looking into the woods that she's now facing.

Hawk says tentatively, "What are you thinking, right now?" He asks this, his heart in his throat, wanting to protect the blonde girl in front of him, but from what, he has no idea.

Beverley hmms quietly, tilting her head slightly as she thinks. "I don't really know. I mean, I don't know what to think, it's all very odd," she offers in a light tone. "I'm thinking that I have a lot of things to try to comprehend over the next little while, but, I guess I have some time for that, don't I?" she questions, her gaze finally moving from the forest to the wolf-type.

Hawk nods and says, "Yes, many years to do so…" He rocks back on his heels and says, "Would you like me to drive you home now?"

Beverley shakes her head. "I don't think I'd be able to walk into my house not looking like someone who should be locked up," she points out. "Besides, I like La Push, it's nice out here," is given with a faint shrug of her shoulders. "Would it be… I dunno, wrong… if I wanted to see wolf-you?" she questions with an upraised brow.

Hawk looks at you and shakes his head, "No… but not here… perhaps in the woods where no one would see

Beverley gets to her feet and grabs her bag, slinging it back over her shoulder, again. "I guess I'll follow you. You probably know this place better than I do," is noted with a smile.

Hawk takes you deep into the woods until he reaches a dark clearing and he says, blushing, "I need to err… get undressed for this… would you care to avert your eyes for a moment while I do so and shift?"
Beverley manages a fierce blush as she turns around, so that her back is towards Hawk. "Sorry," she gives, quietly. The teen proceeds, now, to examine the forest around her, the one that scared her because of the wolves that inhabited it.

Hawk quickly sheds his clothes and then phases into his wolf form and pads over to Beverley, reaching up with his cold nose to nudge her hand gently.

Beverley jumps lightly at the cold nose before she turns around, her gaze dropping enough to take in the sight of the wolf. "Aww, you're not as scary as I thought," she notes as she sits herself on the ground, leaning against a tree as she slowly moves her hand to pat the wolf on his head.

Hawk gets a look of pure doggie ecstasy as you pat his huge head. The wolf is almost as tall as you are but he looks like a little puppy as you give him a little affection.

Beverley smiles as she gets a little more courage and is actually able to pet the canine. "You're fur is so soft," she gives, before she lets her hands drop back to her sides. "I suppose I should let you turn back though, shouldn't I?"

Hawk simply plops his head into your lap and looks up at you with his puppy dog eyes, he's enjoying being petted far too much to think about phasing back right now. His pink tongue slips out to swipe at her hand gently.

Beverley offers a light laugh before nodding. "Okay, I get it," she gives, still snickering as she continues petting the wolf-Hawk, scratching the canine, smiling as she does. "This really isn't as bad as I had originally thought…"

Hawk leans into the pets and scratches, pausing to peer up at her and lick her cheek, wagging his tail furiously.

Beverley crinkles her nose. "Eww, dog drool," she states with a snicker and shake of her head, sounding momentarily more like a carefree six year old, than a sixteen year old in the midst of writing finals, surviving school, and everything else thrown her way. Despite her comment, though, she keeps scratching the wolf.

Hawk then gets a very mischievous look in his eye and uses his great bulk to shove you over and then pins you to lick your face mercilessly.

Beverley squeaks, literally, as she manages to find herself flat on her back. "Eww!" she gives trying not to laugh, though she's failing in that attempt, she's also trying to protect her face, more failure. "Doggy breath, yucky," she gives, with a bit of a wink, though her eyes are squeezed shut.

Hawk then gives another doggy grin and moves away to sit on his haunches and look inordinately pleased with himself. He then pads over to his clothes and hopes you have the presence of mind to turn around as he shifts back to his human form and starts to dress.

Beverley scowls, playfully, as she sits upright, and is quick to avert her gaze, away from the wolf-man, before she can see anything she doesn't want to see.

Hawk then walks over and offers her his big hand to help her up and smiles, "See… I am not that bad after all…"

Beverley dusts her hands over her now dirt covered dress and scowls slightly before taking the preferred hand. "No, I guess not," she concedes with a nod of her head as she makes an effort to comb her fingers through her hair.

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