Don't Eat Me

IC Time: June 5, 2007 - 8pm
Location: Black Residence, La Push.
Synopsis: Charlene goes to meet Jacob. She is confronted along the way by Lorelei.
Submitted by: Charlene

Charlene is just parking her car, a light metallic blue Accord, at the entrance to Jake's driveway and stepping out of it. She has a brown bag with her and her phone quickly in her hand, flipping it open to peer at it before she begins to walk up the driveway.

Lorelei is making her way outside, keys of the truck in hand to go pick up some stuff for the house. She pauses though seeing Charlene and lifts a brow. Smirking she moves towards her instead. "Charlene.." Is heard as she gets closer.

Charlene frowns as somebody uses her full name, that usually spells trouble since she just left Esme, the only other person who calls her that. Glancing over towards the voice Charlene makes you out. "Uhmmm Hi." She smiles hesitantly as she flips her phone closed and begins to pick up the pace towards the Black Residence. "Sorry. Busy. Can't chat." she says in a hurried tone.

Lorelei blinks at this and grrs faintly as she is just bushed off.. Which doesn't make her happy too say the least. "What the hell?.. You break into my home and suddenly don't have time to talk?"

Charlene turns away from you in almost a full circle till she's facing you and backing away, eyeing you warily. "Stay away from me." She's very nervous, or perhaps even scared, heartbeat skipping beats and breathing quickly enough. "Not like I had a choice!" She glances back over her shoulder to see what's behind her before snapping her head back to you.

Lorelei smirks as she watches Charlenes. "Scared of me?.." She questions with a thin tone. "An why didn't you have a choice?" A sigh escapes her and she shakes her head. "You could have came to me, or Jacob.."

Charlene keeps back peddling away from you. "Yeah. I don't want you to eat me." She throws the bag at you, "Stay away!" She turns and begins running for Jacob's house about as fast as she can.

Lorelei blinks as the bag is thrown at her and she jumps forward running after Charlene without a problem, she's quick in her human and wolf form after all. She makes a grab for the other girls arm. "Charlene!" She snaps out faintly while trying to hold onto her but not /that/ tight.

"Jake!!" Charlene screams, leaning away from you as hard as she can till she falls on her butt and begins scrambling away , kicking at you. "Help! She's going to eat me!" She stomps viciously at your shins, trying to kick you away as keeps scrambling away. She throws her phone at you too for good measure, its only hindering her grip on the grass anyways.

Lorelei blinks and rolls her eyes at the kicks and ehs faintly before tilting her head as she watches her. "Charlene.." She says with a soft tone before grunting at the shin stomping. With a roll of her eyes she stands there just peering down at her. "Why do you think I would hurt you?.." It actually hurts her more then anything so far. She hasn't had to deal with something like this in a while.

"Cc..Cause Jake said you were mad enough to eat me…." She stops scrambling backwards, looking at you wide-eyed. "He forgot to tell me there were more of him…" She glances towards the house. "You don't really eat people do you?" She asks hopefully, mixed with a bit of a feeling that she's been had. "Jake doesn't…"

Lorelei sighs. "Leave it to Jacob.." She grumbles a bit. "I don't hurt humans.. I protect them from anyone that might hurt then." Not that she says what type woudl hurt them.

You say, "Yeah. Ok." She glares at Jacob's house. Climbing to her feet she begins dusting herself off. "You know that makes no sense? Humans hurt humans." She begins walking to collect her thrown things. Bending down to pick up her phone she looks up at you, "Uhmmm. Sorry." Straightening she tucks the phone away into her pocket. "Your stuff is in the bag. But you should let me keep it." She begins walking towards the bag she threw at you. "They will hurt people if they don't get your stuff."

Lorelei glances to the bag and then looks back to Charlene. "Who will.. I don't understand why someone would want you too do this.."

Charlene turns towards you as she bends to retrieve the bag. "Now, if I knew who I wouldn't be going through all this shit. I'd have Jake beat some sense into them." Checking the contents inside the bag she rolls it back up. "They will hurt my family if I don't do it, that's why. You got the note, right?"

Lorelei nods slightly. "Ya I got the note.." She sighs some. "Why didn't you tell us Charlene?"

You say, "I was going to. But I needed stuff for the next drop and nobody was home. I couldn't find Jake… things just went too fast." She holds out the bag towards you. "Here. It's your stuff." She looks down at the ground sheepishly, "I don't know if they watch me or stuff, so I just go through the motions for now."

Lorelei tilts her head sniffs out faintly to check the passing breeze. "Look.. Just keep it for now.." She offers softly while taking in a breath. "I'll go to the drop and make sure everythings alright."

Charlene lets out a deep sigh. "You sure? I don't need it for tomorrow. I'm going to 'steal' something of Jake's…." She rolls her eyes at that thought. "That will go over real well." She laughs slightly, "He's gonna be so pissed." She holds out her hand to stave off any lecturing, "I'm not really gonna steal."

Lorelei shakes her head. "I rather not get you in trouble though.." She offers and smirks. "He won't get mad if you tell him what is going on."

Charlene shrugs, "He will still get mad." She smiles, "That's okay though. I need his help. I want him mad." She turns towards the house in question, rolling the bag tighter. "I'll save this for last, in case we never get the stuff back." She indicates the bag by lifting it slightly. "Thanks." she mumbles guiltily.

Lorelei smirks at that. "Oh.. we will get it back no problem there.." She'll make sure of it that's for sure. "Sure.. An I'll talk to him as well."

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