Alone Time

IC Time: June 06, 2007
Location: A meadow in the forest
Synopsis: Carlisle and Esme have a private discussion
Submitted by: Esme

The window of their room is open and he was sure she'd know where to find him. Carlisle left the house to find their special clearing away from everyone. Standing barefoot within the moist grasses his gaze is skyward. For once he wished he could talk to his father though nothing could probably console the feelings he had right now. Except for his wife in which now he waits to see if she comes to him in their special place.

It doesn't take long for Esme to find her husband, once she makes her way up, in a dejected fashion, to their room. Upon seeing the open window she ran to the clearing, where she quickly wrapped her arms around her husband's torso, burying her face in his shirt. She doesn't say a word, she just holds tightly to her husband, like she might lose him if she let's go.

Carlisle holds onto his wife just as tight. Closing his eyes he wish for once he could just sob. His kids have all done their own things before but he's never felt like he has lost everyone before. "Long ago I decided I didn't want to be lonely." his voice is soft and he pulls from her grasp. Lowering to his knees he rests his head against her stomach, "Now this family grows apart."

Esme gently tousles her husband's hair before she sinks to the ground next to him. Tenderly she rests her hands on either side of his face, gently turning him so that she can easily look him in the eyes. "No. Not the whole family, Love. Bella and Edward are here. Moving is nothing new for Rosalie and Emmett and…" she chokes as she's about to speak of Jasper, instead she moves on to Alice, "Alice is simply shopping like the pixie that she is," is noted. "And you will /always/, always have me," she states, placing a feather light kiss on her husband's lips.

"Rosalie thinks we've replaced her with Bella.. Bella thinks Rosalie hates her. Emmett just wants to keep the peace. I haven't really spoken with Jasper other than earlier but briefly and that wasn't alone. Bella is on this poor me kick and keeps acting as if she is the only one that has gone through this.. I'm not sure about Edward. Alice is just Alice.." Carlisle looks up into her eyes, "I can't make everyone happy. Between work and family… Everyone wants to know what I want. But no one is listening."

Esme wraps her arms around Carlisle's neck, one hand absently playing about with his hair. "Rosalie knows we could never replace her, she's our first daughter, and that's something special," she gives, attempting to reassure her husband, even if she's not fully feeling it herself. "And you can't blame Bella for thinking that, Rose hasn't exactly been fond of her, though I can't blame Rose for that, either. They're kids. I think we need to let them work this out themselves, as much as they can. For once, maybe, we need to let them come to us if they need help, instead of us offering unwarranted help?" she suggests, her dark honey-hued eyes never leaving her husband's. "I'm listening, I'm always listening."

Carlisle just nods his head in agreement. He knew that her words are true about them needing to step back. Leaning close he kisses her lips gently, "I just want everyone to be happy. I miss the laughter that used to be within the house." Taking hold of both her hands he laces their fingers together, "I was upset with Bella earlier. Even used a tone like my fathers." he simply shakes his head.

Esme offers her husband an all adoring smile as she squeezes his hands with her own. "You are a father, Carlisle, I expect that you would sound like your own father, from time to time," she notes as she shifts so that she's kneeling right in front of the love of her long life. "We'll get it all back, Love, we will. Time is all that we need," she points out. "Those children love you, like you were they're father by blood," Esme assures, leaning closer so that she can touch his nose with her own. A few moments pass before she speaks again. "I love you," is given, punctuating each word with a kiss, one gracing each eyelid before the last settles on the corner of his mouth. "Bella will understand."

"I love you too." he smiles very lightly for the first time in a while. Carlisle kisses her lips again, "I can understand how Bella feels wanting to help Kyler. Actually to see it makes me rather happy because she too notices that he is alone. I know how that feels…" Looking down for a moment he closes his eyes, "But.. She needs to see we can't just bring just anyone into the house. For her sake I'm glad Rosalie is in Paris with Alice."

Esme smiles gently, shifting again so that she's sitting on the ground. Once settled she tugs lightly on her husband's hand, pulling him towards her if he wants to. "Bella is an amazing young vampire, I couldn't be prouder of how well she's taken to this life," she points out with a faint nod of her head. "I see a little bit of you in her, she's so compassionate, so loving. She cares so much about others, like you."

Carlisle settles on the ground beside her an arm going around her waist. "I know you don't take much to him though." he says lightly, "I spoke with Kyler in the park a few days ago. He really isn't that bad perhaps a little misled but a good sort. Actually you remember my old pda? I was trying to figure out what to do with it since I got my new one. Well.." he smiles, "I gave it to him."

Esme giggles lightly as she settles her head on her husband's shoulder. "I've spoken to him. I know he's not as bad as it seemed the first meeting," she gives, nodding her head a little as she firmly wraps her arms around him, holding him as close to her as she can, or perhaps she's holding herself as close to him as she can. "I remember, yes. He thought he'd broken it, when he'd really just turned it off. I don't mind him, Carlisle, I'm just not ready to add someone else to our house. We're complete, finally."

Carlisle allows himself to fall backwards in the grass and his wife to snuggle as close as she wants. "I'm not either but I don't see why we can't help him a little. Really I don't think Bella meant to ask him to come live there other than her emotions got the best of her." he stares up towards the sky examining the stars for a moment. "I'd really like for all of us to go camping sometime."

Esme settles herself nearly on top of her husband, her head resting over his unbeating heart, on hand resting on the other side of his chest, the other curled upwards and playing with his hair. "I don't mind helping him, at all. I know he's…" she chokes again on Jasper's name, "our son's friend, and I trust him," she gives nodding lightly. "It may be easier for him, with some sort of support. Maybe we can get him a tree house closer to the house? He prefers being outside anyway," is noted. Upon her husband's final comment she nods. "I agree, camping would be fun, and good for the family."

Carlisle half closes his eyes, "The conference was canceled by the way." he decides that now is good as any to tell her. "However.. I need to go to Tennessee next weekend. She's not well." he mentions with a sigh.

Esme nods, her head barely moving, at her husband's words. "Of course," she gives, gently. "I'll send something with you for her," the woman notes as she, yet again, moves, this time to nestle her head at the crook of her husband's neck. Her own eyes close slightly, peaceful, for the moment.

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