I Swear. On Prada.


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Summary: Beverley packs questionable clothing. Lacie laments life in Forks.

Date It Happened: June 15, 2007

I Swear. On Prada.

McKinnon Residence - Forks, WA

It's a typical Forks day. It's overcast, school's out, so all the kids are either sleeping our out causing trouble. Save for Bev McKinnon. This particular teen is up in the room she shares with her younger sister, who isn't home at the moment, with the door shut. On her bed is a large duffle bag, and a variety of clothing, from practical to very not practical (read: mature, revealing, etc), having joined the bag. Everything is being sorted through, it would seem, some is getting put into the bag, some not. The teen is being very methodical about the whole thing, so, it's safe to presume that she's not necessarily running away.

Lacie Lee is a familiar face around the McKinnon household. So familiar that no one thinks much about calling to Beverley when she makes her usual random appearance at the front door. She grabs a few oreos out of a cookie jar in the kitchen and heads straight for Bev's room to find the door shut. "Hm," she tries the knob, "Bev? It's your favorite fashionista!"

Beverley doesn't seem surprised by Lacie's arrival. The teen is quick to pull the door open and usher her friend in, before shutting the door again. "Hey Lace," she greets with a grin cast towards the other, before she goes back to the task at hand… getting a bag ready for whenever she slips out to the reserve.

"Oooh, are we doing a sleep over tonight?" Lacie inquires as she climbs on to the bed. As Bev starts throwing things into the bag, Lace starts pulling them out. The first few items get nods of approval. And then one of the more adult pieces of clothing appears and Bev gets a /look/. "Bev, sweetie. What," she holds up the top, "is this about?"

Beverley frowns and is quick to grab the article of clothing and question and stuff it back into the bag. "This is not for you, Lacie Lee," she states, shaking her head slightly. "This is getting stashed at a friend's place, for whenever I end up out on the res over night, I'll need a change of clothing," the teen points out, nodding her head.

Lacie rolls her eyes and pouts a little as she goes back to picking at the other pieces of clothing. Though she keeps to what /hasn't/ been stuffed into the bag. "You know. /I'm/ a friend. /I/ have all sorts of clothes from LA. It would be easy to keep that stuff at my place. No one would notice…" She gives a very melodramatic, very /Lacie/ sigh. "So, what do you plan to tell your parents, anyway? I mean hey I'm going to sleep at the reservation isn't exactly something they'd react positively to. At least. I don't /think/ they would.'

Beverley chuckles slightly. "I know, Lace," she gives, tossing a random garment at her friend, aiming for the face. "I'm thinking I'll just keep it at a friend on the Res' place, that way, if I don't expect to be staying overnight, then it's all there," she gives as she stuffs a swimsuit, one of those tiny swimsuits, into the bag. "Uhh, I was just gonna tell em I was crashing at a friends for the night…" more things to think about…

"Right," Lacie Lee drops the clothes back onto the bed and climbs off. She heads casually over to the dresser and begins sorting through some of Beverley's accessories. She carefully puts some gold hoops in her ears as she talks, looking at her best friend through the mirror. "So. It's a lot of fun over there, huh? Have you got your makeup in that bag yet?

Beverley chuckle slightly. "Of course it's fun, why do you think I spend so much time there?" she questions with an upraised brow and a shake of her head. "Umm, no makeup, not yet, I'll have to be selective about that, since I have to leave most of it here," she points out. "You stayin over tonight L?"

Lace shrugs. "Well, I suppose I might as well. Who else is going to help you get your stuff together for… A night out on the reservation?" She glances down at the makeup. "Or you could borrow some of mine. That's the good thing about sharing skintones," she chuckles and leans forward, turning her head to admire the earrings in the mirror.

Beverley just laughs. "You should stay, I mean, I don't think I'm going anywhere…." that could change, however. "Sorry I've been randomly disappearing lately, just, lots of stuff. Last night there was a meeting that I had to go to, I guess I didn't /have/ to be there, but…" another shrug on her part, oh how she hates not being able to share.

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Busy Beverley," Lacie just shakes her head. "Then I'll stay. And if you decide to run off and play native, I'll cover your tracks." She's a good little best friend. "The scandal of it all… So, anyway. Am I ever going to meet your mystery guy, or what?"

Beverley smirks at her friend, rolling her eyes. "Eventually, you'll probably meet him," shortly before she plays 'maid-of-honour' at the eventual wedding. "Just not yet, he'd be hard to explain to, well…. everyone," the teen notes with another shrug as a few more things get placed into her bag. "Erin's gone for the night, so you can have her bed, or we can crash on the floor…."

Lacie eyes the bed. "That decision shall be made later. Right now, I'm not tired." She reaches up and removes the current earrings absently. "You're acting like you're dating a celebrity or something. But whatever," she glances around the room, almost looking uncomfortable as she shifts. "You want me to make some popcorn and bring up the cookies? We can slum it and watch chick flicks…"

Beverley rolls her eyes, again, tossing a random shirt at the other girl. "A) He's not a celebrity, and B) I'm not exactly dating him…" she's not exactly dating anyone, but she's a lot more intimate with mystery guy than anyone else. "Mmm, I'll order pizza," she states in response to the barely younger teen.

"You do that," Lace gives with a small smile. "Pinapple and ham. Oh, and extra cheese!" She returns to sitting on Beverley's bed and holds up one of the unsorted shirts, shrugs, and stuffs it into the duffle bag. "Well, whenever you decide to 'exactly date him'," she adds, "I'll be the first one you introduce him to, right?"

Beverley grabs her phone and dials the pizza place, putting in the order for a large ham and pineapple, with extra cheese, of course. "Well, he's already introduced me to his… friends…" large, extended family. "But things are different on the res. If I introduced him as my boyfriend to you guys, well…"

Lacie drops her hands into her lap and stares at Beverley. "I get that you already know all of his friends. I get that the reservation is very close-knit. What I'm saying is that when you start telling people /off/ the reservation about him, I want to have the first chance to meet him."

Beverley chuckles. "Well, of COURSE you'll be one of the first one's I tell, but… it'll be awhile," she states with a shake of her head. "Who else would I tell first? Dad? Puhlease, he's the guy with the rifle… I'd like to keep my man alive, y'know."

Lacie smirks. "Your man?" She shakes her head, "Whatever though. Seriously, if you ever start telling your dad about guys /before/ me, you and I are going to have words!" There is a lot of glancing randomly around the room at this point, "I'm glad you've got someone though. It's nice to see you not wasting all your time with me."

Beverley smirks. "Yes, he's mine, he told me so himself," she states, with a crooked, mischevious little grin. She doesn't need to be told, anymore, how insanely devoted her wolf-man is to her. "Don't worry, Chica, I'll tell you first, you can talk my dad down from shooting him," nevermind that rumours run wild in small towns, people've already seen Bev and Isaac hanging out…

"In the meantime, just be careful, okay?" And then nothing more is said on the subject. Lacie Lee instead turns her attention to much more important things. Like her hair. And shoes! "Oooo," she squeals and darts to the end of the bed, lifting up a pair of strappy heels. "When did you get these? /Where/ did you get these?"

Beverley nods. "Always careful, Hun. He won't do a thing to hurt me," the words are said in complete and total confidence, there isn't a shadow of a doubt that he'll take perfect care of her. "Oh, those… I got them when one of the Cullen's took the family out to Hollywood…" she states with a shrug in an entirely non-chalant tone. Looking at her wardrobe, one can see a lot of the 'Holywood' influence in there.

Lacie pouts. "No one ever takes me to Hollywood. And that's my hometown!" The last comes out very high-pitched. "My own parents don't even fly me home. They've probably forgotten all about me up here in the middle of nowhere! It's not /fair/." Whine, whine. Squeak, squeak.

Beverley smirks. "I didn't go there just for fun L.L.," she gives, shaking her head. "Remember, I left for, like, a month or so, shortly after I broke my arm and sprained my ankle on some stupid ski trip," she points out. "Just after I healed up, actually, anyway… besides, we /won/ the trip, and we didn't have enough room for one more, otherwise I would've totally taken you."

"I /know/ that!" Lacie sighs heavily. "The point is there's never enough for one more and I never win anything that cool. And it rains here. Like /all/ the time. And…" She throws her hands in the air and then falls backwards onto the pillow. "It's just nuts. All this slow-style life. It drives me nuts. And what I wouldn't give for some real sushi!"

Beverley snickers, listening to her friend as she speaks. "Well, if I ever get to go, which I doubt, I'll take you with me, okay?" she offers, nibbling lightly at her lower lip. "Lacie…" her tone is suddenly serious. "Promise me you won't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you…"

Lacie puts her hand to her heart. "I swear. On Prada." It's not as though she would ever tell her only friend's secrets anyway. "Speak what's on your mind, Bevsie-dear, and I'll keep your secret safe."

Beverley rolls her eyes. "I know, I just have to make sure we're all clear on this," she states as she pulls out a pair of calf-high boots, that lace up the back… can't argue with the hottness of these. "I'm gonna marry him, someday," she mumbles, head stuck in her closet.

Lacie stares. For several long moments. "What? That's your big secret?" She tries not to break out into a fit of giggles but isn't very successful. "Bev. Every girl who really likes a guy thinks she's gonna marry him at one time or another. But I won't tell anyone. I promise." She eyes the boots, "Sexy."

Beverley pulls her head out of the closet and tosses a boot at her friend. "I mean it, Lacie. It's all just a matter of time. Right now the timing is really, really bad, but… in a few years, I'm gonna stick you in some frilly, lime green dress and make you be my maid-of-honour," she really is serious, the tone of her voice makes that obvious.

Lacie hesistates. "Um. Okay. So you're sure about this marriage thing. But… could you at least re-think the color scheme? I mean, really? You want me in /lime-green/? I don't do well in lime-green." Way to avoid the subject, Lace.

Beverley nods. "Definately sure. Completley and totally, one hundred percent certain on this, except the lime green thing," she gives with a wink as she dives back into her closet, time to do some reorganizing, and throwing anything she doesn't wear at her friend.

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