Meeting Kyler

Kyler's Tree / House
The meeting of Kyler and Kinjid
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There's very little of interest in this clearing. Nothing to see here. Except for the great big honking tree in the middle of the clearing. Even this would merit only a passing interest if it weren't for the decorations… Strung from every branch, there are shiny objects of every shape and size. Some are delicate, crystal Christmas ornaments, while others are merely shiny fishing lures. Other branches feature tinsel, or colorful streamers. There are even one or two prisms strung up here and there to catch the light and throw random bits of rainbow into the shadows of the branches. In short… It looks like a Christmas tree decorated by a hyperactive three-year-old whose parents are just a bit too indulgent. The denizen of this tree happens to be home, but is nearly invisible among the trappings of his home. He lays back on one of the highest branches, peering up at the sky and watching the clouds drift by.

Amaya enters the clearing, and just stands there in hiking boots and blinks. Oookay. She tilts her her head slightly, raises one eyebrow slighltly, narrows the other eye a bit, and starts the latter one twitching. She just stands there, however, peering. She's in jeans and an appropriate t-shirt for hiking, and her pack is on her back. Odd enough, her headphone wires are still partially poking out of her pocket, and she still has her necklace on.

Kyler isn't paying much attention, is he? Amaya gets all the way to his clearing before he notices the noises of approach. He looks away from the clouds, head cocked in an inquisitive, listening posture. After a moment, he sniffs the air…and then a big grin plasters itself across his face. Silently, he scurries down through the branches, eventually coming to a stop, crouched on one of the lowest branches as he peers down at Amaya. "MayaBunny! What's up?" he calls down cheerfully, giving an enthusiastic wave, just in case she didn't see him. Amaya starts as she hears a familar voice, her hand going to her necklace. As she recognises the voice, a moment later, she relaxes and lowers her hand as understanding dawns on her face. She looks up at Kyler, "Hey, Ky!" and waves back.

Kyler grins cheerfully, waiting a moment before hopping down from his tree branch. He lands lightly, with monkey-like grace, though he brushes at his clothes carefully once he's clear of the tree. Of course, this probably only results in smudging the dust around, but he's making an effort, right? "How's MayaBunny?" he asks, waving her closer, to sit in the shade.

Amaya heads over to the shade under the tree, and sits down cross-legged in the grass there, smiling as she looks up at Kyler, leaning back a bit, "Not bad, not bad at all! How've you been?" She takes off her pack, but then looks up, "You don't mind, do you?"

Kyler blinks, peering at Amaya with a slightly bemused look. "Not very often, no," he finally replies, in answer to her question. In the end, however, he just falls ungracefully to the ground beside her, spawling comfortably on the grass. "And I'm good. I added more treasures today. Do you like it?" he asks, gesturing toward the tree above.

Amaya nods, setting her pack down. She nods, looking up at all of the sparkly-ness, "Yeah, actually!" She peers up, "I can't see it from here, but I really liked that one prism, that made the rainbows." She does ask, "Where'd you get all of these? You have so many, and they're all so different…" She trails off, tilting her question a bit in query.

Kinjid comes through the small opening in trees from the route taken to get here. He wasn't paying much attention to the clearing, expecting it to be empty… He brushed off the bottom of his blue jeans pants leg, and as he was doing so he heard a female voice and looking up, he blinked seeing Amaya. He wonderd a second before taking in a breath to speak, "Hey Amaya" he said, his voice having an awkward sort of feeling to it. He looked over Amayas friend cautiously as he dropped to the ground beside her. He had found this place shortly after ariving to Forks, and having enjoyed how peaceful it was, he wantted to come out and sketch it, but seeing as there was someone he had met, he decided to put that off to the side of his mind.. He didn't speak, not wantting to interupt the conversation the two seemed to be having

Kyler beams brightly as she compliments his prisms. Her question, however, causes his grin to falter slightly. "Um….Places," he replies, evasively. Yes, there are probably lots of people missing their Christmas ornaments. Too bad for them. Suddenly, however, Kyler stiffens as another human approaches. He sniffs a little, and blinks several times, before uttering a faint growl. Yep, talk about your change of mood. The moment Kinjid emerges from the trees, Ky hops to his feet, fairly bristling. "Hey! This is /my/ tree," he warns, as the stranger simply makes himself at home.

Amaya looks up, "Oh, hey." Her tone is neutral, however, her exspression shows that she's less than enthused. She grins at Kyler's answer, nearly laughing as she says, "Niiiice." She scoots back a bit from Kinjid as he sits down and Kyler gets up, although she stays quiet.

Kinjid licked his lips looking at the agitated kyler. He watched him, remaining cool and not getting upset about his attitude "Ah, I'm sorry for intruding, I did not relize that it was anyones home" he apologized looking him over, trying to judge if he was going to do anything to harm him "If you belive that I am here to take anything from your tree, rest assured, I wish to take nothing from it" he re-assured the man. He glanced over to Amaya as she scooted away, wondering if that was a sign that Kyler might be any trouble…

Kyler bares his teeth slightly, giving a sort of snarl toward Kinjid. Given his vaguely twitchy look, Kinjid might do best to get upset about it. The strange little man's eyes narrow as he glances back and forth between Amaya and Kinjid. He puzzles over it for a moment, and then bares his teeth further as he notes Amaya's apparent discomfort. With a quick hop, he plants himself, standing in front of Amaya. He growls again at Kinjid, practically daring him to approach further. "Maya is my bunny, too," he announces, with a petulant tone. "So get away." Rar!

Amaya blinks at Kinjid, "How didn't you realize it was someone's /somthing/? Those things" She gestures above at the ornaments and whatnot, "don't really grow, you know." She smiles at Kyler, "It's okay, Kyler. He's just this guy from town, he only just got here." And apparantly can't figure out the obvious.

Kinjid blinks, 'Did he just… snarl at me?' he thought to himself. He had stopped moving after the snarl and looked at him "Shes your bunny" he agreed, trying to calm the angerd man "I figured it was someones something, its just, I didn't think anyone would take offense to one who was ttrying to appreciate the things that stick out in life" he said as a compliment to the decorations on the trees.

Kyler doesn't read minds, so he has no idea what Kinjid is thinking. He is restrained from doing more than snarling by Amaya's reassurances, but nothing makes him back down. He stays right there, standing in front of Amaya so that Kinjid can't get any closer. Though the last comment causes Ky's eyebrows to raise slightly. "Stick out?" he questions. He looks up, then his brows lower again in confusion, before his gaze returns to Kinjid, suspicious. "Are you saying my tree is /weird/?"

Amaya blinks, and opens her mouth as if but in again. However, she apparantly decides against it, and just closes her mouth again. She changes her mind again, and says, "I can't see how he could mean that, Kyler, unless he was just being a bully. It's /awesome/ and very pretty, but I don't think it's weird."

Kinjid blinks at the suspicous gaze recived from kyler, and then agina at the questions "Not at all… Kyler?, I think your tree if very nice, I couldn't of ever decorated a tree as neat as that" he replyed, all of it truthful. "Infact, thats why I came here, to sketch it onto my notepad" he smiled, trying to make friends with him

Kyler doesn't take Kinjid's word for it, but he /does/ take Amaya's word for it. Grudgingly. Still, he eyes the boy suspiciously. He is silent for a time, and then says, "I don't want drawings of my tree. That's how /They/ find out about you." He eyes Kinjid, skeptically. "Did /They/ send you? Is that how you found it?"

Amaya blinks again, "Hey, Kyler? What if he /would/ draw it? But then, say that he says that he saw it totally somewhere else? /They/" She puts a bit of stress on the pronoun, "aren't very smart, it'd put /them/ off track, right?" She sounds hesitant, as if she's wary at suggesting the idea.

Kinjid blnked at the sudden accusations of working for someone "Whoever /They/ are, I'm not associated with them" he said watching kyler "I just like to sketch /awesome/ looking things" he smiled slightly trying his best to get on this guys good side, glancing twoards Amaya as she started to speak "Ya, If they asked questions about it, I can tell them I drew when I lived down in Texas, or when I was in Seatle"

Kyler considers Amaya's proposition, thoughtfully. He grows a bit distance, brow creasing. "Hmmmm… I'm not /sure/ they're that stupid." He glances toward Kinjid, but then finally just shrugs a little and plops down back by Amaya. "But I suppose that would work." Though he shoots Kinjid a sudden warning look. "Just not Texas. Anywhere else." And then he's back to sitting peacefully beside Amaya, and watching Kinjid expectantly. Presumably, he's waiting for the kid to start drawing.

Amaya shrugs, "They probably are." She blinks, "/Texas/? Are you kidding? They don't have trees like any of the ones around here down there. Say seattle, or mayby somehwere farther away, like… Maine or New York or something like that." She smiles a bit at Kyler as he sits, and, after a moment, turns and looks at Kinjid herself, watching him expectantly with head tilted slightly.

Kinjid listend nervously to Kyler, letting out a sigh of relife as he agreed "Okay, Anywhere but texas…" he watched him, wondering what ties he had down in texas, Shrugging, he pulled the charcoal pencil out if the spirals. He found a close tree that he could lean aginst to start sketching. He looked at the tree for a moment before setting the tip of the pencil and began sketching the tree, getting as much detail as he could into the sketching

As Kinjid starts to draw, Kyler get curious… then he gradually starts to slink toward him, leaving Amaya behind for the moment. He creeps up, wide eyes staring fixedly as his tree starts to appear on the page. He looks up the tree… then scampers, running back up to hide among the branches. Weirdo…

Amaya simply sits there, peering from her comfortable distance as the other boy starts drawing. In confusion, she furrows her brows slightly as Kyler creeps over, then all of a sudden, runs back and leaps up the tree. She blinks, "Kyler…?"

Kinjid blinks noticing as Kyler started slipping over twoard him. He stopped drawing for the time it took him to get up among the leaves "I think he don't like me" he said looking to Amaya, before continuing to draw the treem now on to the leafs and decorations hung by Kyler.

Amaya blinks, and shrugs, "Do you plan on being a bully? Or threaten him in any way?" She shrugs, "Don't." She does, though, slowly stride over, peering at his sketch, before heading back and sitting against the trunk, looking up into the branches briefly before looking back down and over to Kinjid.

Kinjid shrugs "Nope" he said continuing to to sketch, noticing her as she stode over and peered at his sketch, He was putting the final little details into the sketching, things such as the ground, the shadowing on the ground… "He sure is protective of this tree" he stated, trying to make conversation..

Amaya nods, "Good. Don't." She shrugs, "People are generally protective of their stuff, thus why most don't just leave their houses with all of the doors wide open and all their valubles withing arms reach, they close up and lock. He doesn't have locks." She shrugs, "And I gotta go." She stands, and looks up to the branches, calling, "Hey, Kyler, see ya." She grabs her pack, and with a nod and wave in farewell to Kinjid and a brief glance at his picture, as she leaves the clearing.

Kinjid nods "See ya later then." he said looking to the tree as Amaya passed, He thought to himself for a minute before speaking "See ya later, Kyler." he before quickly turning, sketchpad in hand heading back to town.

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