Naive Humans

IC Time: June 22, 2007
Location: The Park
Synopsis: Amaya and Esme talk in the park
Submitted by: Esme

It's a typical, yet rainless, Forks day. The sun is hidden by the clouds that seem to spread over the sky, casting a grey dinge over the town. This, however, doesn't seem to stop many from venturing outside. One of those people happens to be Esme Cullen, who happens to be sitting on one of the swings of the swing set, lazily swinging back and forth on the playground equipment. The vampire appears to be in a good mood, it seems.

Amaya isn't in the park yet. And now, on her bicycle, she is. She bikes one easy lap around the perimeter of the park, then pulls her bike up next to 'her' tree that isn't actually hers. She blinks at the adult on the swings- most choose to sit on the benches by the playground proper, but then she recognizes her, and smiles, "Hello, Mrs. Cullen."

Esme casts her bright smile towards Amaya, once the teen greets her. "Hello my dear," she gives in a bright little tone. "How're you today? Not spending the day at the hospital?" the woman enquires with an upraised brow. "I hear you've been doing a good job…"

Amaya heads over and sits on another swing, and shrugs, "Rather well, thanks! How're you?" She swings back and forth slightly, her feet never leaving the ground. "I was there, but it's a slow day, so Dr. Cullen said I might as well leave for a couple of hours, and just check in later to see if there's more work to be done." She shrugs, again, "I don't know about a good job, I mean, it's not like any of the work is anything past odd jobs. It saves the doctors time and effort, and I get to learn a lot about what goes on, but I don't think it's possible to do a /bad/ job."

Esme nods lightly. "It was quite slow when I was in there earlier today," she notes with a light smile. "And what you do, helping the doctors, odd jobs, can be very helpful, it frees them up for helping the patients," the woman assures, still smiling.

Amaya nods, "Yeah, I know that. I'm just saying that you can't do bad at it unless you don't do it. Still," she shrugs, a small smile on her face, "Even though this is going to sound incredibly fake and cliché, it's good to know that I'm helping some."

Esme gives a light chuckle as she continues swinging on the swing. "You are helping, yes. Though I know all the doctors truly like their jobs, having people who can help makes it easier," she offers. "Are you planning on going to medical school when you're done high school?

Amaya nods, "Yeah. She seems a little cheerier, not that she was down-in-the-dumps or anything to start with. She nods again, "Yeah. Well, first pre-med, for four years, then med for at least another four, sometimes five, although I'm hoping to do it in four. And then I'll need an internship for another two to four years after that…" She trails off, sighing. "I think it's good that I'm doing the job shadowing, though. If I didn't get to see what it's like and feel like I, in a small way, am helping some people., then I might reconsider." She shrugs, then looks at Esme, head tilted somewhat in curiosity, "What about you? Not to be rude, but what did you go to college for, and where?"

Esme crinkles her nose slightly, causing her brow to furrow. "That could get very expensive. Though I'm sure you'll get scholarships enough to cover that," is given with a faint nod of her head. "Me?" uh oh! Think quick Esme! "I married my husband young, actually, though I spent time at school learning architecture, designing, drafting, that sort of stuff," she gives with a faintly dismissive wave of her hand.

Amaya nods, "I'm hoping. I've already started applying for them, actually, I already got a fifty dollar one from this junior-scholarship place, for an essay that I wrote." Not that fifty dollars is going to do much, but it's a start. She nods, again, "Cool! I used to love designing these totally unrealistic houses, when I was little."

Esme nods as she listens. "Good, just keep applying, and get good grades. Study hard," she suggests, enter MomEsme now. "Oh, I doubt they were totally unrealistic," not to Esme, probably, she's good at what she does.

Amaya nods, "Yeah, of course. Well, not now, but…" She shrugs. She chuckles a bit, "They were. Many of them were multiple stories high, with a good bit of it underground. One of the more realistic ones had a bedroom alone that was three stories high, but to move from story to story, instead of taking up room with stairs or even a small elevator or something, there was a three story fish tank, with fish and turtles and whatnot, with airlocks on each floor, so that one had to swim from floor to floor." She shakes her head grinning at the folly of her youth, "Granted, it'd be kinda cool, but, as I said, totally unrealistic. One house had an indoor bike track around the perimeter, the house was nearly an acre. It had like three different types of pools…" She trails off, again, "I was odd." is offered as an explanation.

Esme chuckles as she listens. "They actually sound very interesting but, as you said, not very realistic," she responds with a smile. "Not even my home is like that," never mind the basement secret, the underground, the copious security systems, the locked doors. "Pools, however, that's possible, we recently added a pool to the backyard," of course, Amaya would know about the pool if she was at the wedding.

Amaya grins, and nods, "Yeah, like I said." She nods, "Yes, a pool, perhaps even two, if one's outdoors. But there were at least three, including one olympic sized one, and a couple enormous baths/hot tub things too." She gives a little nod, "Yeah, I know. I saw it when I was there for the wedding, actually."

Esme chuckles lightly. "Well, maybe one day you'll make enough money that you'll be able to have your dream home," is given with a shrug. "You're young, you have plenty of time. Trust me on that."

Amaya nods, "True. Although I don't think that'd be my dream home anymore, I'd probably get someone else to design it." She grins, "Depending on whether I come back here, well, who knows." She shrugs, and then nods again, "Yeah, if my grandparents are any indication, I'll have five or six decades even after I go through school and whatnot." She shrugs again, "But, who knows. With my luck, I'll end up either living to be 110 and one of the oldest on earth or getting in some sort of freak accident and dying right after I land my first good job."

Esme bites her tongue, literally, as Ama speaks of being 110 and working. She sits, very quietly, and very, very still, for a good few moments as she tries not to laugh. "Amaya, if you end up to be 110, than I'll be 120," she gives, her words are precise, as she's still trying to control her laughter. "I wouldn't worry about living to be quite that old, Dear."

Amaya grins, and nods, "Yeah, I know. Not much chance of that. Hopefully, the other extreme don't happen either. Like I said, I'll probably live for, at the most, seventy or eighty years." She shrugs, "My paternal grandparents are still active and whatnot, they don't seem older than young sixties. Yet, they're both about eighty. And my maternal grandfather was still working a 'garden' that was about twenty by thirty /yards/, almost by his self, until he was ninety two, his appendix burst, and he didn't tell anyone for a week." She shrugs, "So I have so much longevity on both sides of the family, I might make eight more decades, but…" She sighs, and shrugs, "But, not likely. I'll end up to have gotten the one recessive gene without longevity."

Esme bites her tongue, again. "Ahh, yes, my family has longevity in their genes as well," she answers, nodding her head faintly, as she tries not to giggle, or laugh out loud. "So does Carlisle, we'll probably both live good, long and happy lives…"

Amaya nods, "Yeah." She sits somewhat pensively for a moment, seemingly thinking, but then shrugs and smiles, "Meh, who cares. I have at least two or three times my current life before I have to even think about old age." Afraid that she might have sounded rude, she rushes to put in, "Not that you're old, though. I mean, you're older than me, but you're not /old/ old."

Esme is all but shaking with laughter at Amaya's words, oh, if only the teen knew. She could give most old folks a run for their money in age… and her husband would win any 'old age' contest out there. "Nope… I'm not /old/ old… not as old as some people I know," like the 3000 year old Volturi. She'd say more, but she's having a hard time not laughing.

Amaya gives Esme an odd look, likely due to the woman's stiff posture. She nods, though, shrugging it off, "Yeah, defineately." She swings a bit, quiet.

Esme eventually relaxes, and remembers how to breathe. "How are your grades, Amaya?" she questions with an upraised brow.

Amaya shrugs, "Not that bad. I got on high honors all last year, so…" She shrugs, "Not bad at all." She apparently doesn't care much for grades. With a rather obvious change of subject, she asks, "So, how's it going? Anything new going on?"

Esme chuckles as the girl quickly changes the subject. "Honors are good, keep it up," she states with a simple nod of her head. "Hmm, not much new, some friends of my husband's are throwing a bit of a party next month, so we'll be going to Italy for it," she answers with a faint shrug.

Amaya nods, "I plan on it." Her interest caught, she perks up, "Ooh, Italy? Awesome!" She does blink, though, "A /bit/ of a party, yet you're going to Italy?" She furrows her brows, raising one slightly in question.

Esme chuckles slightly. "Just a little one, I'm sure it'll be nothing over the top," actually, it probably will be something insanely over the top, since it's being thrown by the Volturi. "I've yet to be to Italy, myself, so I'm quite excited to go."

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