Bow Down Before the One You Serve

IC Time: Early morning of June 30th
Location: Volterra - Castle: Throne Room
Synopsis: Ramona makes a request from Caius, but finds him difficult to read.
Submitted by: Ramona

Ramona is left to stew in the reception area for a few moments, while word is sent to the Brothers. As it turns out, only one is on-hand to hear this petition. The American vampire is led by two dangerous-looking male guards to the Throne room, where Caius awaits.

The ancient is seated on one of the three thrones, filmy red eyes peering over his steepled fingers as he watches the door. The two guards take up position in discreet corners of the room.

"Ramona Krinov." Caius muses, beckoning her closer with two fingers. "I am somewhat surprised to see you. Most others of your ilk have not dared to show their faces here."

An attitude may have been unavoidable on the streets, among vampires that she once considered her peers, but the awesomeness of the castle and solemnity of the leader before her has brought Ramona down to a much more obedient level. She enters the room and doesn't make eye contact with the ancient right away, at least not until she's spoken to. She walks several feet, but stops a distance from the throne, dropping to a bow before straightening once more. Still, she isn't one to let her personality drop completely, and the mention of Lev's surname causes her to flinch slightly. She has to keep from shouting out her own last name in its place — instead, she clears her throat and answers to Caius's comment.

"Understandably so, my lord." This time, she flinches inwardly. Was humbling herself like this /really/ worth it? She imagines it's actually causing her pain, to the point that it does. "I speak not for them, but I have not been a model citizen in recent times. I have come here to show you and your brothers that I abide and believe in your rules. That's what I'm here for." Her crimson eyes look steadily toward Caius.

"And what brought on this sudden change of heart?" Caius leans forward slightly, lips curling back in an expression somewhere between a sneer and a smile. "As I recall, obedience and respect were two words one would never use to describe your little coven."

"Many things," Ramona responds quickly, and then pauses for a moment to collect her thoughts and organize them in a more coherent way. "I'm sure you heard our coven broke up a few months back. As a result, I have had time to re-evaluate those that I wish to spend time with and subsequently, how I spend my time." She elaborates after another measured pause. "I have decided Lev is not a terribly smart vampire. Over a few short months he has committed several follies, including the /reckless/ changing of a young girl. It made me realize he was running our coven into the ground, and his decisions, though I once thought them to be exciting, I now think of them as irresponsible. However, I'm not going to pretend I have completely changed." No, she won't lie. "I refuse to get along with Carlisle Cullen and his family. And while I have stopped hunting in the areas requested, killing is still a hobby of mine, as is generally causing misery. I won't lie to you there." She rakes a hand through her hair, forgetting to remain still. "I'm seeking a new direction. For that, I would like a new companion."

Caius listens to the explanation without comment. The comment about the Cullen family provokes a bare rising of his brows. But that, as well as hunting, killing and causing general misery aren't necessarily sins in his eyes. "Tell me about your new companion. Why have you chosen him? And why does he deserve such a gift?"

Ramona tries to get a good read on Caius, but she cannot detect so much of a hint for the ancient's feelings, as she is very young in comparison. The thought makes her uneasy, and she clenches a fist briefly in a lame attempt to expel her frustration. Was any of this doing any good? Or was she doomed before she even entered the room?

"His name is Spencer… Swan." She lets that sit only for a moment before explaining: "He is Edward's mate's — Bella's — cousin. Initially, I wanted to provoke Bella. It's… interesting to get a rise out of the Cullen family." Grudgingly, she adds: "I know they are much respected by the Volturi, and I can promise not to act in such a way in the future." There's some sincerity there, but also the knowledge that promises won't help at this point. She continues on. "Unfortunately, the attempt at annoying the Cullens didn't work at all. Spencer's not well-liked or understood. He doesn't seem to fear death. He doesn't fear me. He often talks about how very pathetic he thinks human life is at all. I feel he is well-matured for a human and would be proud to walk among our kind."

Caius smiles then, faintly. "How interesting," he muses. "Young Bella Swan… no, Cullen, would have no objection to one of her mortal family being turned by one that does not share their perverse lifestyle." Caius isn't sure he believes that. For all the fuss that was made over the decision to turn Bella in the first place, having /no/ reaction to this seem suspicious. "Still, we do not judge the merits by which a human might be turned based upon sentiment. Have you ever turned a mortal before?"

"I spoke to Esme. She was to carry on the message. That was over a week ago," Ramona explains. "So I did not speak to Bella directly, but I have a feeling the message was told." Regardless, what's done is done, and Ramona is here now. She shrugs at the notion. "This isn't sentiment, I assure you. The human will be a strong fighter, and perhaps even resistant to urges based on his current drug use. I have made my fair share of enemies, Lord Caius." She bows her head slightly. The question comes as a surprise: "Yes," she says reluctantly. "…Anastasia Ravenwood. She doesn't know." Ramona was too ashamed to tell anyone, after how she turned out. Too nice!

Caius mms softly, considering that. "Miss Ravenwood was of use to us recently. We are pleased." A pause, "However, you mistook my meaning." The ancient repositions on the throne. "We will not /deny/ a worthy candidate based upon the sentimentality of others." He smiles. Aro may not like this, but the chaos caused by turning a close relative might cause the Cullens to make fatal misstep, that error that would give the Volturi the justification to destroy them utterly. "Very well. I will see this human, given his close relationship to the Olympic coven. He is Bella Cullen's brother?" Were this an ordinary human, he would not bother. But the possibility that a close relative of Bella Cullen might also have some unique talent, cannot be discounted.

Ramona looks stunned for a moment, and is unable to hide it. Anastasia was of use for the Volturi? She's jealous for a flicker of a moment, and then quickly, rather pleased when she puts together it has somehow earned 'points' for her, possibly. "Good to hear. And… oh." What did he mean? She listens for a bit longer, unable to take her eyes off the older vampire, despite customs in not looking at kings. He didn't /look/ human, not like the rest of them, that could pass. It was oddly fascinating. "Cousin, my lord. He has a twin sister as well… I did not meet her." Otherwise she could have done the two for one thing! "He is prepared to meet with you." Or, she hopes so.

"Cousin. With a twin sister." Caius muses, finding that interesting. "We will see to your accommodations, of course. Hunting is not allowed within the village, but we do provide meals. You will, of course, stay for the ball." That is not a request. "If your human meets to our satisfaction, there is no reason to delay the process. As it is, he cannot be allowed to leave Volterra as a mortal. Speak to Gianna in the reception area and she will see to it. I will speak to the human on the morrow."

Ramona is still very unsure — especially at the twin comment. Maybe she shouldn't have said anything. Maybe there were rules against that. She should have researched this stuff! "Of course, I was planning on it." She lingers, not right away bowing and turning to leave. "One more request, sir?" Her tone lilts up, hopeful. She waits for some symbol of acknowledgement before continuing: "Should he not meet your satisfaction, will you allow me the small satisfaction of feeding on him'?"

Caius grants the request with a quick gesture. "As you wish." That seems like a small matter… unless, of course, he smells /really/ tasty.

It would seem she wasn't sure even that wish would be granted, so Ramona's eyes show considerable delight in the statement. "Thank you, my lord," she says simply. Wow, the obedience thing gets easier. Good thing not too many people were here to see her act so… good. She bows and then turns to leave, escorted by the guards.

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