An Invitation And An Introduction

IC Time: July 12, 2007 @ 1pm
Location: Forks - Bookstore
Synopsis: Beverley is invited to visit with Ramona and Spencer; Ramona complains about the wolves to Kalina.
Submitted by: Ramona

It's just past one o'clock on an average Tuesday in Forks. Average meaning a smattering of rain pelts down on the town every now and then, the clouds hang low, and the people hold umbrellas as they walk the sidewalks. It's a work day, however, and not too many are visiting the shopping area in town, so the bookstore is rather deserted. An uninterested elderly man seems to be the only employee around, and currently, he's ducked into the back room after giving a blonde that entered a suspicious gaze for awhile. She had looked like she might try to cause trouble dressed in those darned torn jeans, boots, and a plain white wife-beater shirt, but so far, all she had done was browse the magazine racks. Presently, Ramona flips through a Rolling Stone, perched on one of the low stools used to gather books. She wears her iPod at an obscene volume, it would seem to be some sort of rock'n'roll music.

Beverley pushes open the door to the bookstore, closing her umbrella before she walks inside. A quick look about is cast through the store and her eyes settle upon her former friend. The vampire Ramona gets a slight, faint, nod in greeting, before Bev moves further into the store, towards the sci-fi section of books.

Kalina is casually strolling through the art book aisle, occasionally picking up a large book with intricate designs on front. She is wearing a 3/4 length violet shirt instead of her normal tee-shirt. Her hair is typically pulled up in a pony tail with a red flower stuck at its base. She didn't bring her almost trademark pencils or sketch book with her.

Ramona's eyes swing upward curiously at the opening of the door, studying Beverley with interest and smiling slowly before she returns the nod. The vampire has bothered with her blue-gray contacts and looks considerably less scary with them in — she looks back down to finish the article she was reading about an up-and-coming band before stuffing the magazine back onto the rack and standing up, making a big deal about stretching her arms toward the ceiling. She watches Beverley disappear into the sci-fi aisle and after a pause, heads after her. The walk takes her past the art aisle, too, and Ramona does a double-take at Kalina. A new vampire in Forks? "Nice flower," she comments without much warmth, staring at Kalina for a full thirty seconds before slipping into the sci-fi aisle. "Hello, Beverley." There was something different about her. Ramona tilts her head, "You're… considerably less disgusting smelling."

Beverley spots Kalina on her way to her chosen section, and gives this vampire a nod and a smile, being as polite as she is, before she starts flipping through books, scanning for any that may interest. As Ramona speaks, Bev offers a polite smile. "Hi, Ramona," she gives with a chuckle. "If you're trying to tell me I smell less like a dog, I do have a dog as a pet, but I'm not in La Push as much," she answers with a faint shrug of her shoulders. "No biggie, right?"

Kalina smiles and mutters "Thanks." to Ramona as she mentions her flower and gives Beverly a polite smile. She continues to page through books about intricate fantasy creatures to at least gain an idea of what to practice on next. "Interesting folklore up here." she mutters to herself as she places a book back onto the shelf before paging quickly through many types of sketch books.

The blonde vampire leans against one of the taller shelves lightly, her hip jutting out, arms folding into a casual cross under her chest. Her gaze is fixed on Beverley as she speaks, lips pursed together thoughtfully. "Is that so? Why not?" she pries. "Weren't you hanging out with some of the guys there or something? Were they not good enough for you?" Her tone isn't exactly rude, perhaps a bit teasing. Kalina's comment from the previous aisle causes 'Mona to arch her brows, peering through the rack at the other vampire. "Folklore is one word for it. Head over to La Push and it's something more."

Beverley smirks. "I got tired of hanging out with them, one camping trip was more than enough for me," she gives with a slight wave. "I mean, I like some of ‘em, but it's too much of a hassle," the teen notes before nodding at Mona's words towards Kalina. "Just be careful down there."

Kalina peers into thier aisle. "Why? I've heard of La Push, but, I must admit, I'm new here and don't know to much. But, what's over there?" she asks, slightly confused on why the town is almost split on people who like it there and avoid it.

Ramona pushes a hand through her short hair, causing it to stick up in places a la bed head style. It manages to work with her rock star image, so she thinks. Or she just looks slightly insane or sleepy, your pick. "I don't blame you, really," she responds to Beverley after a short pause to mull over the new information. "They are completely uncivilized. Animals. If you knew what was good for you, Beverley, you'd choose to hang out more with people like /me/." Her eyes advert to Kalina and then she glances toward the cash register, which is still unmanned. In fact, Ramona can hear faint snores coming from the back room. "Werewolves," she says simply to Kalina. "The native people there change into werewolves and try to act all bad ass." Shrug. She has at least lowered her voice enough so that nobody in the next aisle might hear.

Beverley chuckles. "I'll hang out with whomever, and I don't cross out either werewolves or… not werewolves…" she gives with a faint little shrug. "Just cause one of them decided I was there bestest friend ever, sure doesn't mean I get to ditch my other friends…" towards Kalina she nods. "Only some of the natives, descendants of certain people, I think."

Kalina nods slowly, turning the information around in her head. Real werewolves lived around here, explains the unusual scents that drift around. "Interesting, werewolves. I've grown up without the luxury of being around being like that down under, but still, never thought that werewolves lived around here." she says, then laughs a little bit, "I don't think I've even ever saw a normal wolf in person away from a zoo." She smiles almost playfully.

"How… democratic of you," Ramona responds easily to Beverley, her lips curling into a grin as she leans away from the bookcase, situating her person so that she stands partially facing both the vampire and the human. "Sooo… if that's the case, you should come visit me and Spencer at our new place something," she adds. "It's in Port Angeles." Her phone receives a text, and she hastens to grab it and scroll through, grinning before responding. It sits her out of the conversation for a moment, but she looks back up after Kalina admits her bit about the wolves. "They are quite a sight. Mean, though. Will rip you to shreds for no apparent reason!" Cue innocent look. "I can't tell you have many little incidents I've had with them. One in this shop, actually. I guess they renovated."

Beverley quirks a brow, nodding slightly at the knowledge of Spencer. "I'd love to see him, he stopped by my place, a couple of days ago," she gives with a chipper smile. "And they do have a reason, I suppose, I actually can't say as I know that much," is given with a faint shrug of her shoulders as she leans against the bookshelf behind her.

Kalina raises an eyebrow. "I've met one before, umm, Issac I think. Seemed like a fine bloke to me." She looks back into her previous aisle "I'll be right back, I need to get a new sketch book, my old ones pretty full." She walks into the aisle and grabs a black hardcover book before returning.

Ramona returns a chipper smile in Beverley's direction, though her eyes don't seem completely into it, she seems to be thinking about something else completely. "Cool… I'm sure he'd love to see you too. Just call us sometime you're in town. You have his number, right?" She shrugs to Kalina. "Maybe it's a matter of opinion. I haven't met one I liked." She nods as the other vampire heads for another aisle and takes the time to study Beverley. "Maybe when you come by, you can sing for me. Remember, you were going to do that…?"

Beverley pulls out her phone to quickly skim through it, just to check. "Yup, I've got it," she gives, almost crinkling her nose as Kalina speaks of Isaac. "He's not bad, he's a tad bit… possessive," she gives with a faint shrug of her shoulders. "Not that either of you have to worry about that though, he certainly wouldn't be possessive of anyone like you, Ramona," she gives with a laugh and shake of her head. "Oh, right, I haven't done that yet, have I? My apologies, but I didn't think you wanted me around anymore…"

Kalina nods. "Ok, guess my curiosity is slowly getting the best of me." She laughs a bit. "That's one thing that led me to come here. Silly curiosity." She smiles more and starts to sift through the books in this aisle dragging her fingers over the authors names, trying to see if they have any of an author she heard of and is curious of.

"Possessive, hmm? What, did they get mad that you were hanging around Spencer or those Cullens?" Ramona queries, recalling the close relationship Beverley had with Alice, or so she heard from Stasia. "I can see that happening… yep." She nods slowly, then laughs off Beverley's latter comment. "Don't be silly. Of course I want you around… if you have a good voice. And besides, any friend of Spencer's is a friend of mine."

Kalina is shot a glance. "Curiosity is a strong force. It led me here, too. You'd do better to do your research outside of the bookstore, though. You'll quickly find if you step foot in their beloved La Push, they won't be so friendly."

Beverley chuckles lightly. "I really can't say, I doubt he was fond of me spending time with Spencer, though he didn't seem to mind the Cullen's too much," she offers, shrugging faintly as she speaks. "Keeping that kind of secret, though, it's not like I can tell my parents why I'm hanging around with a thirty-something, so… why keep lying, when I'm older, maybe, that won't be so bad, but, yah," another shrug is offered before she tucks her own blond hair behind her ears. "Just be careful in La Push, if you choose to go there, there's a lot of young wolves down there, with little experience, it can be dangerous…"

Kalina nods again, looking up. "Ok, I'll remember that, no going into La Push, else it might end up like a little ankle biter trying to take on a full grown boomer unarmed." She looks around momentarily, "Do you know if there's any books by R.A. Salvatore, read one book from a series and I would like to finish it." Bends back down and scans through author names again.

Ramona smirks, showing a bit of her teeth before her expression returns to a neutral gaze toward Beverley. "Spencer told me about your interactions." She pauses, reacting to the news about the thirty year old deal separately, looking slightly surprised. "I thought they were all teenagers down there? There's one in his thirties? Hm. He must be more experienced or something. But yeah, that's a little creepy." Despite the fact that's she's sixty… at least she doesn't look it! "And, please. It won't be like that. You're much stronger than a single wolf, just by nature, my dear. What did you say your name was?" she asks Kalina before adding: "I have no idea. I just read magazines."

Beverley shakes her head, faintly. "I don't think he does, I believe he moved here from Canada to find out that he was a wolf," she gives, shrugging. "Most of em are teens, though," is offered with a nod. "Wolves, and, you're kind, both of their benefits, they're faster, you're stronger," she should feel like a traitor, or spy, but… she's friends with Ramona and other vampires, and the wolves, how confusing!

Kalina straightens up and mutters quietly "Ok, not here then." then turns around. "My names Kalina Noolinga." she says, smiling. She looks down at the shelf quickly and grabs a book, flipping it over and reading the back for a moment before setting it back on the shelf.

"Oh." Ramona mulls this over. "Interesting." Beverley's comment cracks a smile from Ramona. "You seem to be trying very hard to stay neutral in terms of opinions and 'friends.' That doesn't usually work out so well, Beverley. I'd be careful if I were you." The blonde winks at the human before she turns to take a few steps toward the end of the aisle. "Kalina. Hmm." Ramona detected a bit of an accent in the other vampiress, she keeps it in mind. "I'm Ramona. Good luck on your book search," she says insincerely. "I'm going to go. Business to attend to." There's not much of a farewell before she slips out toward the door.

Beverley shrugs. "Neutral's the best I can offer. Jacob and them, I like, they're my friends, the Cullen's, and yourself I would hope, I also consider on my friend list," is offered with a faint laugh before shse sends a wave after Ramona. Towards Kalina the human chuckles. "Gotta love Ramona, she's one of a kind."

Kalina waves to Ramona. "Indeed. Ramona does seem like an interesting person to know." Towards Beverley. "You seem nice also." She laughs a bit, "I do think I'm falling for this place, I don't have to hide in a hole all day."

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