Meet The Society For Supernatural Integration

IC Time: July 27th 2007 - 8:30pm
Location: Forks - Forest: Round Meadow
Synopsis: As Forks residents get back their stolen items, they are explained why they were targeted and how they can "help" the new group in town.
Submitted by: Staff

Night fall. The forest is not a very safe place to be at night, as evidenced by the various news reports from prior months detailing murders, animal attacks, and mysterious disappearances. This particular meadow is a rather difficult location to find. No paths link to the meadow; it is only weathered via a difficult, rock-strewn route through the trees. Though, once one is in the vicinity, the meadow on this night would be easier to find: someone has surrounded the perimeter of the meadow with battery-operated lamps, which cast a lazy yellow glow on the area, making shadows run rampant.

Other than the lamps, nothing - or nobody - else is here. It's quiet, considering. Many scents hang in the air for those that may be inclined to recognize them. The scents are chiefly human, though the scent of many an unfamiliar vampire clings in the air as well. Upon investigation, for a mile at least in every direction, there is nobody. There is, however, a huge patch of freshly dug earth in the center of the meadow. It has been filled in again with the ground, looking eerily like a grave of sorts, though if anyone were to dig, the only thing under the ground would be a sturdy wooden box, full of some very familiar items.

Attired in sturdy clothing, a good pair of jeans, a sweater and hiking boots, Bev McKinnon makes her way through the somewhat familiar woods, a flashlight in hand to aid her in her trek to the meadow. Once she steps within the glow of the lamps, the teen flicks off her flashlight, though she moves no closer to the center, instead she leans against a tree. She's curious, but not curious enough to risk her neck, any more than it already is.

While many wouldn't feel safe coming out into the forest, Lorelei is one that doesn't seem worried about it at all. She was coming to get her things and find out just who was behind this craziness. She pauses at the edge, her bright gaze drifting over the area while a faint hum escapes her and she clears her throat. Still she isn't eager to go tromping into it just yet, curious to see if anyone else may wander in on the scene as well. Her gaze does linger on the patch of earth within the center of the meadow though. She tilts her head slightly catching the movement while she hums faintly as she catches the movement and soon enough she figures out who it is.

Nobody else arrives in the meadow. It is now about five minutes after the prescribed time. From the distance, a little over a mile away to the north, the sound of footsteps trampling over twigs and leaves can be heard. They are clumsy, heavy steps, for sure not those of a graceful vampire or lithe wolf. Indeed, as they come closer, it is evident they are the steps of humans, perhaps four or five of them. It will be awhile before they get to the meadow, to be sure. In the meantime, everything remains very placid.

Beverley starts slightly as she hears a movement and see's Lore out of the corner of her eye. However, when she does identify who it is, the teen offers a smile and a light wave towards her. "Hey," she greets, her ears perking as she can, just, make out the sound of the footsteps, though she can't identify it as human, wolf or vampire.

Lorelei makes her way on closer to where Beverley is offering a smile and nods to her. "Hey." She offers back before glancing towards the movement she catches coming from the distance. "Seems someone else is joining the show as well." This said to Beverley while she waits to see whom it just may be.

From another thickly forested area surrounded the meadow steps Dr. Helena Lyons wearing a tank top and jogging pants. Her feet bare against the earth. At her arm is Father Vincent from the Church, it is indeed a curious pair to join the gathering in the clearing though she tries to remain on the edge of the clearing at this stage. Ready to run if need be.

The group of humans making their way toward the clearing take their time. They are at least a half a mile to the north when Helena and the priest arrive, slowly picking their way through the forest. Perhaps they too have been wronged by the thieves. They do not seem particularly abnormal, though the hushed tones they speak in are accented in a very particular way. Words can be made out, they speak Afrikaans.

Beverley nods slightly at Lore's words. "It wouldn't surprise me," she responds as she looks about a bit more, her eyes settling upon the doctor and the priest, neither of whom she's overly familiar with. With little knowledge of the new arrivals, Bev keeps near to Lorelei, a familiar face.

Vincent walks carefully, picking his way clumsily through the uneven ground to get to the remote meadow. Unlike Dr. Lyons, he has failed utterly at dressing appropriately for the journey, wearing his usual priestly black clothes and white collar. As they make their way to the clearing, he trusts more to Helena's arm to guide him than his cane. By the time they reach the edge of the meadow, he's a little bit winded, though he tries to hide it by taking deep, even breaths. A handkerchief is produced from a pocket to wipe his brow. "What do you see?" he murmurs toward Helena, unable to resist this small question as he tucks the handkerchief back into a pocket.

Lorelei hums faintly while she watches the area and listens, it doesn't take her long to pick up that there is more than one in the area. her gaze drifts towards Helena and Vincent, someone she can't remember meeting before. Though her attention goes back towards where the group is coming from and she hums softly. "Sorta strange huh?" She questions softly to Bev.

Helena's dark eyes dart around the clearing at the faces here before turning to the priest at her side. "Well it looks like the people from list and a few others. The connections still seem as I mentioned though there are a few I don't recognize." As the strangers head toward the clearing she looks up, "There are people coming now, I do not recognize them from around here." Her arm tenses around his.

After awhile, the first of the humans finally breaks through to the meadow. She is a tall, medium-skinned woman with braids woven through her hair. She wears casual clothes, but has a strange arrangement of tattoos. Three humans follow her. She appears to be in her mid-thirties — so does a white male, who accompanies her, along with two younger, much burlier looking human males. She heads to the center of the meadow and takes a seat around the pile of dirt, and the other three do the same.

"Hello. You can come out, it's quite safe. We may be thieves, yes, but we intend no harm to anyone invited tonight." Her voice is loud, clear, and accented particularly. The male nods, "Indeed, please join us."

Beverley keeps an eye on both the priest and the moondoggy, nodding in response to Lore. "Definitely strange. I'm curious as to what's going on, myself," is noted with a bit of a shrug. As the group of humans make their way in, she shoots a curious glance towards Lorelei. She doesn't make any moves, however, she'll wait for the others to take the lead before she joins the strange group.

Lorelei nods slightly while taking in a faint breath, her shoulders rolling slightly while she taps a finger against her leg a moment as her bright gaze settles upon the four that now come into the clearing and the accent. She glances to Bev. "Keep behind me.." Is offered softly before she makes her way out from the trees and out into the open. "Evening…" Is said with a faint tone as Lore lets her gaze linger on the woman of the group.

Vincent keeps his arm on Helena's, trusting her for the moment to lead him wherever it seems safe to go. "Okay…" He is about to comment further, when the strangers enter the meadow, and he tilts his head. He listens to what the woman says, but something about it causes him to frown faintly. He keeps his thoughts to himself, for now, so that he can listen for more than just the words.

Helena steps into the clearing but keeps the forest to her back and not too far away. Escape at hand. There is a definite wariness to her as she looks over the visitors. She arches a brow to the calm words of the person and stands up a bit straighter, "Then why have you summoned us tonight in such a manner, surely a written invitation would have sufficed if no harm was intended."

"Well, some of those we've summoned weren't exactly the friendly sort. And most of you were the suspicious sort," the woman, Lenka, offers placidly, looking up toward Helena, and then at each in turn. She smiles. "A small showing, as I expected. Not many people have the curiosity or the actual care for their beloved objects, it would seem. So, you are the Chosen. I am happy you're here. Your stuff… has been here, buried in the ground." She gestures to the spot. "Come, let's sit." The urge to come toward the inside of the meadow comes again.

Beverley nods and stays behind Lore, waiting a good couple of seconds after Lore starts moving before she follows the featherdoggy. Bev will not sit until the other 'Chosen' one's have already sat down. She's all set to run, if need be.

Lorelei ahs softly while shrugging a moment. "Some are worried about what is happening to the missing people in the area.. Don't suppose you know anything about that or do you just take objects?" This questioned as she moves closer towards the middle, but she doesn't sit down just yet. A glance is offered towards the men that are with Lenka.

Vincent frowns even further, but perhaps he has reason to, given that he's neither the unfriendly nor the suspicious sort. He follows Helena's guidance as she steps forward, feeling cautiously along the ground as he goes, though it is more even here in the meadow than in other places. "I'm not sure I wish to be Chosen by those who would threaten the life of a child…" he comments, quiet but obviously disapproving, if that continued frown is any clue.

"Well thievery does sort of make a person suspicious." Helena responds with an edge to her voice though she moves forward a few steps she does not sit down. She inclines her head with a dark smile, "If you do not mind I would rather remain standing." She says in forced cordiality to the woman. She remains standing next to the priest, nodding to his comments. Her gaze shifts around the meadow taking a care about being flanked by any she has not seen yet. Her dark eyes do rest on fellow 'special' people of wolf persuasion as well.

Lenka tilts her head at Lorelei. "A good question, to be sure. No, I know nothing about the missing people, though I have an inkling. Dark creatures, cold creatures. Creatures we can't control, to be sure… not people like you and I. Though," she smiles at Lorelei. "I'm sure you're special in your own way." As if on cue, the sound of creatures moving very rapidly through the woods can be heard. Monkeys, maybe? No, something else, moving through the branches, arriving on the outskirts. There are eight of them, eight pale, red-eyed creatures that weight the branches of the trees down so. One hisses, others laugh — they are silenced by the man next to Lenka, who stands up and glares at them. He then turns to the others: "The threat to the children was idle. We don't intend to hurt anyone… but we could not carry out the acts ourselves; you surely would have figured us out and tracked us down. The humans did their job well, and will be rewarded, as promised. Now that you are all here, however, we have a proposal for you. And of course, we owe you an explanation. I am Jules, and this is my partner, Lenka." Lenka smiles. "We'd like you to join us." The vampires surrounding the meadow have been silent until now, but suddenly and quite inexplicably, there is a wall of fire. The eight jump into the meadow, and the fire rises, about four feet high, sending tendrils of smoke into the air as heat comes off it.

Beverley quirks a brow, slightly, at Lenka and Jules. "A proposal? This is sounding more like a 'join us, or else," she states, pointing to one of the vampires, and then motioning towards the fire. The teen now crosses her arms in front of her, leveling a bit of a glare at Lenka at the same time.

Lorelei lets her bright gold gaze rest on Lenka at the special comment. A faint smirk is offered before she blinks and turns her head looking back at the forest at the sound of movement and then the scent of vampires. She chews on her lip a moment while moving a hand towards Bev's arm to pull her slightly closer to her, if able. "Right…" Is said with a faint tone. "And just what do you want us to join.. and what happens if we say no? Gonna let your little tree climbing monkeys chew on us?" She is doing her best to keep herself calm.

Vincent turns his head slightly at the sound of something moving through the trees, though his attention is more on the response to his comment. He speaks a bit louder this time, though it's by no means the special Preacher voice he uses in church. "The fact remains that you threatened her. And you haven't made any progress in explaining who exactly you are." But before he can make any more comments, the fire blossoms behind him, and he can quite clearly feel the heat on his back. His eyebrows raise, startled, and he takes an involuntary step forward. "Helena?" he murmurs, uncertainly.

As the scent of vampires wafts over the meadows, Helena lowers to a crouch, lips stretched over her own teeth in a low growl. Vincent might feel a faint trembling to her arm, increase in heat. "Don't let me go father…" She murmurs in a tight voice as dark eyes dart warily around and she looks to the other werewolves. She is the 'youngest' here and seems to be waiting on their leads. "What is it you want us to join…your tactics are not exactly welcoming." She sidesteps to move closer to Lorelei.

"It's a show of strength, not a threat," Jules clarifies with a wave of his hand. "We wanted to show you what sort of amazing things these creatures can do." He eyes the crowd. "Though, none of you seem terribly impressed." At this point, Lenka rises, resting her hand on Jules. "It's as we thought, love. This town is tainted, they already know much about the presence of the supernatural. It only makes them better prospective members."

She casts her gaze over the group, and then snaps her fingers, signaling someone in the trees, a someone who turns "off" the fire, as simple as that. "We come from South Africa. Many years ago, we met Mwita." One of the vampires in the trees, supposedly. "He was… different. He had talents unlike anything the world had seen, and he wanted to share them — to make our country better. … There is a long story behind this. We have made things happen in Africa that would not have been possible without the talents of these creatures around us." She gestures with her hand to the vampires. "Quite simply, we're looking for people to help us spread the word. Awareness… of /them/. Of vampires. Or other things. Forks, you see, is the perfect place to start. And you, my motivated friends, are the perfect people to start with."

Beverley is easily pulled closer to Lorelei, this time, the human knows, and trusts, the Quileute wolf. "Wait? You want us to share the secrets of, friends, people we trust and care about? You've got to be kidding me?" maybe she's not one of the perfect people to start with.

"There not amazing… There leeches." Lorelei states with a sudden thin tone, she is doing her best to hold back a growl but it’s not working at the moment. "An if he word is spread what do you think will happen, all will be in awe like you and your little group?" She questions while shaking her head. "People do not trust or like what is different than them, I think you should do a little waking up. This is not Africa, this is the US, minds are different here." With Helena here it is somewhat helpful, but still its not like having her pack with her. "I want nothing to do with vampires.. They have done enough to this town." There is a pause before she goes on. "Your little friends in the trees have fed on humans, what makes them do great knowing they killed someone to live?" Seems Lore is very against the idea, which isn't a surprise with her family history and what she is.

Vincent tightens his arm around Helena's after her warning, which is just as well because the man continues to talk about and eventually mentions vampires, which causes him to pale slightly and his eyebrows to shoot up. "Vampires? You didn't mention that…" he mutters to Helena, faint but reproachful. After a moment to recover from that shock, he raises his voice again. "But…vampires eat people. Us. Why would we ever…ever want to do anything but try to stop them?" He's valiantly attempting to remain calm about the whole thing, but there's still the faintest edge of distress to his tone.

There is a faint shrug of Helena's shoulder. "Sorry Vince, figured one shock was enough for you…" At least she sorta sounds apologetic as she looks around at the circle of vamps around them then to the spokespeople. "We protect the people of Forks…and La Push,(a nod to Lorelei) against their sort and you wish us to work with them? So they can create fire, that is a destructive force, nothing else which seems in line with their nature." The trembling in her limbs increasing and she tries to settle with deep breaths and some odd mantra of periodic elements.

Bella has arrived.

The reactions seem to surprise Jules, but Lenka looks faintly amused. The other two humans, muscles, mostly, sit on the ground still, watching the gathered carefully. Lenka shakes her head. "No, you think of this in the wrong way. You're right, people /will not/ trust vampires, surely. And yes, they have a different… diet. But surely, working with them instead of against them will benefit the human race more? It's a dark secret, an evil one, kept under wraps. If we expose it, we can properly… control the secret."

One of the vampires in the trees that has been silent until now leaps down. He is a tall, black male, with a heavy accent. "These two are different, Lenka."

Lenka smiles at Lorelei, and then Helena. "I know. And your secret, for sure, needs to be exposed. For the good of everyone."

Bella was out hunting close to home, slowly ranging out on her own in 'pre-scouted' areas when she noticed the fire in the meadow. Her thoughts for her friend there she ran towards the meadow before stopping at the edge of the forest quickly holding her breath at the scene before her. Her auburn eyes dart quickly around the meadow then up to the trees before lowering into a crouch with a hiss. Too many vampires. Too many unfamiliar. Then the humans are noticed and she clamps her teeth shut in case the scent should waft her way.

Every muscle in Helena's body is taught as she is singled out. "For the good of everyone? Why would exposing this nature of mine help anyone? How can I be who I am if people can only see me as some monster? I ask you to leave this town, Leave Forks, Leave this state and go back to Africa. You are not welcomed here." The trembling increases and she hisses to Vincent, "I am not sure how much longer I can hold back." But for this they have practiced with their 'running' lessons. Running with her as human and wolf.

Speaking of shocks, Vincent is still looking very much like a man who can't quite believe what he's hearing. He lets the others have their say, but all the while he's shaking his head slightly. "How are we to work with a creature that preys upon our…our…friends and family…?" But he quiets to let Helena have her say. Her hiss causes him to pale a bit further, but he nods shortly to show that he understands.

Beverley scowls faintly at Jules and Lenka. "No secrets need to be told. Do you really think it would be safer if everyone knew about them? If that's what you're thinking, let me tell you, you are absurdly wrong, insanely wrong. Us human's are /not/ better off knowing about werewolves and vampires," she states, her eyes narrowing as she moves slightly away from Lore, probably not for her better good.

Lorelei shakes her head slightly. "I think you should check your history books lady.. It never goes well if things are suddenly sprung on someone." A glance is offered back towards Helena and Vincent before she peers at Beverley. Two humans and two wolves, if needs be the rest of her pack could get here if and when she would need to change but she is really hoping it won't come to that. At the new voice and movement her attention turns towards the vampire and she glares at him. "Goody for you, want a cookie now?" Seems she isn't happy at all at this point. As for Lenka's comment. "IF you do that none like us will ever be safe.. You'd be signing our death warrants." New movement and a new scent, she blinks and looks towards Bella, she watches her for a few moments while taking in a faint breath hoping Bella can certainly control herself here at the moment. "Helena.. Now isn't the time to lose it.." She states with a soft tone, it would be a chain reaction of sorts and there would be two wolves instead of one for sure. A glance is offered towards Bev as she starts to move away, but she doesn't stop her.

It is Lenka's turn to be surprised… and even angry. The woman's jaw grits together visibly, her fists clenching and un-clenching. She turns squarely toward Vincent, then Beverley: "Now see here. What's better for people? Having them continue to be sitting ducks while predators prey on them unknowingly, or telling them, so they might be able to protect themselves? It would cause some panic, yes, but in the end, it would help. And, of course, I'm a bit of an idealist. I do hope we could all one day work together. In the meantime, though… people have a right to know. And my little group alone can't spread this news."

Mwita, the vampire, interjects: "No. The Volturi would sooner have us killed. But a whole town? That couldn't be undone." His voice is low, rumbly.

Jules, the male human, nods approvingly, pacing along with Lenka. "I understand your concern," he says to Lorelei. "But maybe it could be gradual. Let us work on a solution together, sister. Join us, here us out. And Father!" He turns to Vincent. "You are a holy man. Doesn't your church deserve to know about this? God's people should be protected."

Bella's arrival… complicated things, to say the least. A slim female vampire arrives near her side. "Were /you/ invited?"

Bella darts a look behind her, then toward the clearing again. Her auburn gaze shifts towards one tree in particular, taking a tentative sniff of the air to try and get that now familiar smell. Instead all the other smells inundate her senses. Strange vampires, werewolves and humans. Humans who do not have the benefit of being family, nothing to hold her back but her own will power. She cowers back into the treeline only to find a vampire at her side and she hisses at the woman, before forcing herself to stand slowly, trying to look brave in the face of the elder vampire. "Yes, our family was targeted as well." She says simply. So she does not know all the details but she overhead the discussion between her mother in law and the priest.

Helena nods to Lorelei faintly at the command. They might be in different packs, but for now she recognizes the other's sonority it seems. She is a pack of one at the moment. Emma left to parts unknown, another who would have guided her also left her. So for now she must trust this Quileute. She follows Lorelei's gaze to Bella, though she looks past the newborn for the rest of the Cullens. Would they only send their youngest to this? She shakes her head and focuses once again to Lenka. "Right now my family can live normal lives…without fear. Without knowing that they are horrors in the night…as does the rest of that town. At best you will have mass panic; at worse you will have vigilante mobs trying to kill us. It will make the race riots of the 60's look like peace marches. That was human against human."

Isis has arrived.

There is no familiar scent for Bella to detect. Either her friend has been chased away by all of the noise and light in his favorite playground, or he was never here to begin with.

Vincent stiffens as he's addressed directly, his jaw clenching slightly. "I…" But then he hesitates, uncertainly. "I don't know," he says, finally. "I've only just learned of their presence myself…" He sighs, heavily, but is silent as Helena speaks of the dangers to her family and others like her. "I do not believe that people should be told about Helena and others like her," he offers his own opinion. "She's done no one any harm, and she has a right to live in peace." He gives a faint, pained smile. "I'm quite aware of how my well-meaning colleagues would react to knowledge of her existence. And I…" He hesitates, but then straightens a little, lifting his chin a bit stubbornly. "I'll do whatever I can to make sure that she's protected. Which means making sure to the best of my ability that her secret is kept."

Beverley rolls her eyes, slightly, not moving any further away from Lorelei than she already has. "I think it is safer for us not to know. I would rather not know. Our lives are finite, and the knowledge of who they are, makes it even more finite. I can accept this for myself, but I will not, NOT, bring that upon anyone else," she pauses, giving a smile and nod towards Bella, she recognizes her, barely, from the wedding and before, and knows her to be a Cullen, which is enough that Bev does not fear this vampire. "The Cullen's and the wolves all deserve to live peacefully, just like anyone else does. They don't hurt us, why should we hurt them, for being different?" she questions, vehemently.

"The Volturi can do whatever they want.. They took powerful once before." Lorelei states with a thin tone towards Mwita, meaning the alpha of another wolf pack which are like Helena. "I have no reason to join your little Manson group.. I have my own family." And pack for that matter, not that she voices that part. Her gaze drifts towards Beverley as she moves ever further away and she takes in a slight breath hoping it doesn't get to crazy here. The voice of Bella from the forest catches her attention and she ponders just what is going on out there.

Esme has arrived.

The meadow is lit by eight electric lamps sitting on the ground. In the center, there is a mound of dirt, as if the earth was recently dug. Still, more curiously, a group of people are gathered — four humans and eight vampires on the part of the Africans, and others as well. They seem to be in deep discussion.

The dissenting opinions appear to tire Jules. He sits, though Lenka still paces, and the vampires in the trees leap down, closing in silently on the group. Lenka shrugs. "I must admit, I'm rather surprised to hear this. I thought a new age opinion like ours might be more welcome. Still, though, we will not let your negativity dissuade us. Here." She nods to a male vampire sporting embarrassingly neon board shorts, and he begins to dig up the earth where it was recently filled in. "Have your trinkets, your possessions. You deserve them. But we will not leave. There will be others in town that will be interested in our position. We will find them. We are the Society for Supernatural Integration, and our mission will be filled."

Nightfall in the middle of the woods - what would such an evening be without something new and wicked making an appearance. For those gifted and cursed alike with the ability of keener senses, the wind carries a curious fragrance - Nile Lotus. The source is easily found…

A fiery, tiny little creature stands at the fringe of the meadow, the sweet aroma of her clove cigarette turning up with the scents of her Lotus perfume and the sickly-sweet fragrance of Vampirism. Isis lets her garnet gaze flitter over those gathered, an exploration that draws a devilishly sweet smile - an expression that upon her doll-like features seems almost mockingly saccharine and sinister all at once. "Quite the party here," she teases. Her voice is a honey-like alto, soft and warm in a way that contradicts her cold body and even colder demeanor. She begins to step forward on slow, calculating paces as a few tendrils of smoke trickle from her button-like nose.

Bella looks toward the speaker, though she keeps a glance to the female vampire next to her, "Even those of us that might are held back by the laws of our kind. You friends are vampires; surely they have heard of the Volturi, would you turn this quiet town into a Battleground?" There is a mix of fear and curiosity, perhaps even caught by the words of the woman. To live free, to be able to tell her family, her friends who she is. "You could put every human here at risk for your message…how do you intend to combat them?" A weak link perhaps. There is an actual curiosity to her tone.

Esme comes in, following her nose more than anything, as she looks for Bella. Upon her arrival, adorned much like a Stepford wife, she turns a smile upon her daughter. "Bella, I got home and you weren't there," she calls in her sweet, motherly voice, moving to her youngest's side before her eyes quickly avert to the rest of the gathering. Curiosity fills her golden gaze for a few seconds, before she recalls her niece-in-law's conundrum awhile ago. She pauses long enough to hear her daughter's words, and frowns, her brows furrowing together in a concerned fashion, though she says nothing more, simply moving to stand at the newest Cullen's side.

Helena looks back to Vincent, such respect she shows in her gaze. Her hand shifts to take his instead of letting his hand rest on her arm. "Thank you…" She whispers to him, standing taller yet again as she looks to the speakers, the other werewolves, the vampires, then to the newborn. Again her muscles tense at the words of the girl. Even though not a vampire she seems to have no love for the Volturi, they have had some affect on her life.

Vincent squeezes Helena's hand, nodding quietly at her response to his words. "We've got a lot to discuss…" he murmurs in reply, but for now he does not respond to Lenka or Jules' threats. Instead, he just keeps a comforting hand in Helena's. He sighs, quietly, then comments, "Just what this town needs. Cultists coming in to turn it into a supernatural Waco. Can we just get my book and get out of here?" he suggests, wearily.

Beverley makes no move to retrieve her ring, really, she's rather wary of the group before her. Only the odd group, not the known vampires, or the wolves, or even the preacher man, as it's obvious that he's a priest. "You would kill us because we won't do your bidding? What a nice proposal, 'come play with us or you're all dead'," she states, her voice taking on a slightly snarky tone. Gotta love teenage girls.

The wooden box is successfully dug up and extracted from the ground, and the vampire grunts and sets it in front of Lenka, opening it. Inside, indeed, are everybody's most prized possessions, from the smallest to the largest of items. All stolen, however craftily, by the Swan twins, who are not present now, but if it went as promised, thousands of dollars richer. Dollars that evidently, didn't do much for Lenka and Jules.

"Party? Why, yes. Come and join us, we were just wrapping up," Lenka, a tall, medium-skinned human offers to Isis after a careful once-over of the woman. She tilts her head the at crimson color of the newcomer's eyes, seeming to understanding something. Lenka turns to the other-newcomer. "More? Do come in, yes…"

It is Jules, the male, who addresses the concerns this time, his head shaking grimly. "We will do whatever it takes. If the Volturi come and an example is made of Forks, so be it. A town this wrought with supernatural presence deserves to have some catastrophe fall upon it." Beverley's word to surprise him: "No, we won't kill you… never said that. We wish for you to join. If you don't want to, feel free to leave, but make note that we /will/ spread our message. I think… that is all." Lenka and Jules nod to each other.

"Society for Supernatural Integration," Isis repeats in a hushed tone reserved mainly for herself, as if testing the formation of the syllables upon her tongue. Even as she pulls another drag from her cigarette, her garnet gaze turns upon Lenka with a new interest. "Human. Knowing. Bold." Apparently she finds reason enough to voice her judgment of this particular individual among the so many that have gathered. Her steps find no pause as she moves forward and addresses the woman. "Sorry I missed the main event, in that case. Still, what I've heard is… intriguing. If you're free at another point in time, I wouldn't mind hearing more." She offers out her hand then - an act that with the dangerously sweet smile accompanying it is nothing short of a challenge, another test to add to her judgment of this strange mortal. She looks around her as she offers her introduction, taking a last scrutiny of the others gathered round. "Isis O'Conner."

Helena gives Vincent's hand a squeeze, "Of course father…" She says in an apologetic tone thick with chagrin before she releases his hand. "I will get out belongings, remain still." Helena steps forward though her gaze shifts around the area as she approaches the box. The journal retrieved, his scent still touching upon it. Of her own items, she only retrieves her diploma. She has replaced her sneakers and underwear. The little shit. She steps back to Vincent and passes the Journal to his hands, "Was this all?"

Bella looks up as Esme arrives, extending her hand quickly to her mother in law. She looks to be trying to hold her breath, but does not seem to be in an extreme amount of pain at the proximity of humans. Well she does have a dozen other scents and distractions warring with their wonderful smell. "I am sorry…I saw the fire on the hunt and…" She looks up to Kyler's tree with concern. She looks back to the grouping in the clearing once more, "If you wish to do as you speak why would you want humans to die in the process? How will that create greater understanding? The Volturi will act if the secrets are revealed…" That seems the chief of her concerns, but it is definitely overlaid with a hope of an actual answer. She glances to her mother taking a breath, letting that familiar scent fill her lungs before holding her breath again.

Esme moves to take her daughters hand in her own, giving it a light squeeze and nodding. "Understandable, of course. I would have been here earlier, but your father and I were out," she gives, referring to Carlisle, of course. "Bella is right. If you act as you say you will, you will force the Volturi's hand, and that will not turn out pleasantly. The town would be completely wiped out. Any humans who found out about vampires would be put to their death. Would you continue, after the end of Forks, to try to spread your message. They will hunt you out, do not underestimate them. If, and /when/ they find you, they will end you," is stated with certainty in her voice. Esme is certainly no longer that sweet mother that everyone knows and loves (or doesn't love). "Every human you tell of vampires, their lives will end, they will either they will be turned, or they will die. Do you want to end human civilization in that manner?"

Vincent remains standing as Helena leaves him, awkwardly fidgeting with a sleeve while waiting for Helena to return. As the book is returned to his hands, he nods a few times, holding it carefully to his chest. "That I know of. If anything else was taken, it couldn't have been too important." He casually opens the book to pass his fingers over the first few lines, his brow creased just a bit as he focuses on that pattern of bumps pressed into the page. After a moment, he takes a breath and closes the book with a snap. It will then be pressed to his chest as he reaches for Helena's arm with his free hand. He's looking just a bit green, though he flickers a faint smile. "Surely these….Ah…Volturi will do something about this before it gets to the point of the destruction of Forks?"

Beverley shrugs. "You're killing us either way, if you do it now or if you tell the rest of this town about the supernatural beings. They /are/ better off not knowing, and I'm sure that many of them will join forces to remove you from this town before catastrophe should befall the place that they call home, just as much as we," she motions towards herself and Vincent, "do," is given, her tone harsh as she steps forward and quickly sifts through the items, finding her ring as fast as she possibly can and slipping it back upon her finger, where it belongs. As the teen listens to the words of the group, she flinches, faintly. "That doesn't seem like a good plan," she murmurs quietly as she takes steps so that she's closer to Lore than she was when she grabbed her ring out of the box.

Lenka tilts her head toward Isis. "You're intrigued? Well then, my friend, we should most certainly talk." A card is extracted from her pocket very swiftly as she volunteers it toward the immortal, seeming to not fear her at all. "And as for the others… I hear your concerns. The Volturi make things complicated, to be sure… it is something we will consider before making a move. I thank you for your advice, all of you." There is indeed some sincerity in her tone, though her smile is more mysterious. "Let's go." The vampires seem to be under the human's rule — on the head signal they all turn to leave; some walking backward to be sure others do not attack. "We'll be in contact, maybe," Jules calls.

The human’s bravery earns her only a fanged smile and little pinch of the Vampire's cold fingertips to claim the offered card. Isis lifts the little piece of thick, marked paper in salute and promise alike before slipping into the back pocket of her jeans. She watches, tongue toying at the protrusion of a pearly fang, as the gang disperses back towards the tree line. "Cheery bunch," she jests before looking back on the remaining crowd. "Though I'm not sure anyone asked for it - In my opinion, people need to take their lives into their own hands and stop allowing others to rule it. Human. Immortal. Whether it's the news or this 'Volturi', we're taught to live in fear." She drops her cigarette and crushes it beneath a boot. "I don't know about you all, but I don't intend to a live an eternity like that." She flashes a quick, taunting sort of grin and backs up, starting out her retreat much in the same overly careful fashion that some of the other Vampires had.

"I smelled nothing else of yours in their father." Helena assures the priest as she watches him examine the book. "I smell no scents on the pages other than yours." She continues before looking away to watch the retreating vampires. "If you require another meeting with us, I am sure a note would suffice. If you plan to call wrath upon this town then we would like some warning to prepare." She responds as turns toward the forest once more, trying to keep an eye on the clearing and forest as she moves.

Bella's hand remains tight in Esme's letting her now speak for the Cullens now that she is here. Her auburn eyes hold an open curiosity mixed with fear, though there is a flare of hunger as she looks upon the humans, but she remains rooted to her spot, though her hand rubs at her throat occasionally.

Esme keeps an eye on the departing group for a bit, before she turns back to her daughter. "Let's go home, Bella," she suggests. "We'll need to fill in the rest of the family, and I'm sure you're thirsty," she gives, her voice gentle, returning to that sweet and tender tone that it normally has. "We'll have to keep an eye out for them, as well," she offers, shaking her head slightly.

Bella turns her head to Esme and there is an odd sort of smile despite all that has occurred here, "It’s not as bad as I thought it would be…I am ok." She gives her mother's hand another squeeze and her face falters, "Edward is going to be so mad that I came out here without letting anyone know…" She murmurs to her mother before she finally just nods and follows her mother home.

Vincent nods a little. "Of course…" He doesn't have anything more to say, but by the faint frown, he has plenty to think over. For now, he simply allows Helena to lead him out of the meadow, only occasionally stumbling mildly over the uneven ground, distracted as he is.

Beverley watches everyone depart, and quickly makes her way back in the direction she came. This teen has absolutely no intention of sticking around.

Esme smiles. "You're doing a good job, Dear, but I'm sure Edward will want to take you to hunt as soon as he can," is given with a nod of her head as she slips into the woods. "And let him be fussed for a bit, it was purely your good nature that led you out here to check on your friend's home."

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