Making Friends With the Wrong Crowd

IC Time: Just after dusk
Location: Forks- Public Park
Synopsis: Tiago meets two vampires, Alexander and Angelica, in the park and invites them to a party.
Submitted by: Alexander

Though the sun has only just set, the overcast perhaps makes the park a bit darker than it should be at this time. Alexander has discovered that's generally the case with this area, which might explain a few things. The vampire is seen walking past a park light, attention focused absentmindedly on the the ground. In his hand, an apple with a few bites already taken out of it is spun around in circles. Alex walks a few yards before stopping. There is a twitch of his right eye, and he immediately turns around and begins walking the other way.

Catching up with her brother, Angelica looks around the park with an unimpressed eye. Her upper lip curls slightly as the scent of human, vampire and None of the Above reaches her senses…. all of which made worse by the overall damp and dank scent of the temperate rainforest. "This town is truly disgusting, brother." She murmurs to him.

Another smell that is likely to foul the very air that Angelica breathes is the distinct stench of marijuana dancing around the bench. Similarly, both the vampires can likely hear the animate chatter of today's youth even before Tiago and his ilk can be seen. It's a small group, a handful of humans all in their late teens and early twenties, and in general, they seem to be of the less than reputable sort. At the moment, they're all loitering around the side walk, beside an old clunker of a car.

Tiago seems to be the ringleader of the group - or at the very least, the center of attention. He's sitting upon the hood of the car, gesturing animatedly as he imparts his oh-so-fascinating story to the lot of them, a wide, broad grin present on his face. In his hand is a brand new zippo lighter, which he switches on and off at random intervals, attempting to punctuate his story and provide emphasis.

At Angelica's words, Alexander stops his pacing. He raises his head and casts his gaze about the area. "I know, sister. But please bear with me a little while longer. I want to know more about this place." Alexander's curiousity with Forks has gotten the better of him. "What makes it so unique, that our misguided bretheren would pay so much attention to such a seemingly… uninteresting town?" Recognizing the sound of human banter, Alexander turns is attention to the group by the car. There is another twitch of his eye. "The humans here are certainly no less detestable than anywhere else." He takes a bite of his apple. After chewing for a second or two, he makes a disgusted face and spits it out, still holding onto the fruit.

Angelica turns to regard the teenage humans as well, but her expression turns from disgusted to intrigued. Young men, full of life, full of all the teenage drama, emotion and fire. And full of sin. Yes, the 16-22 crowd is among her favorite mealtime choices. She inhales deeply, smiling slightly. "Ahh… lovely…" She muses, almost dreamlike.

If sinful, passionate young humans is what the vampires want, then they have come to the right place. Tiago is the personification of indulgence and questionable morals. And it is a title, a position that he truly revels in. Eventually, the group begins to dispurse leaving Tiago with a wry smile as he bids his goodbyes to his peers, eventually casting his eyes around the park idly in search of something to entertain him. The entertainment comes in the form of two pale vampires.

Before long, he shoves his hands into the pockets of his baggy jeans, ambling his way over to the pair without a hint of foreboding in his body language. He's always been attracted to that which is harmful to himself anyway, and so, it's really no surprise that he ends up approaching the pair with a confident grin on his face. "Yo. How're you guys doin'?" His accent is faintly South American, one might be able to pick out.

Alexander glances to Angelica out of the corner of his eye. "Careful, sister," he says in a cautious tone. "It's tempting, but I'd rather not stir up any trouble with our friends in Italy." Though, he doesn't doubt Angelica's self control in the least. As the human approaches and reaches within earshot, Alexander's mouth twitches as he finds his own self-control. The young man's question is only responded to with a narrowing of Alex's eyes and another bite of his apple, which he forces himself to swallow this time.

Angelica pouts slightly, an oddly girlish expression. But she nods in agreement of her brother's instructions. Still, she inhales once more, savoring the scent of them. "Delightful…" she purrs, moistening her lips with her tongue. "Simply… delightful."

Their cold, less-than-hospitable reaction to Tiago's friendliness earns a strange sort of look from the Brazilian, an arch of his brows, followed by a liberal roll of his eyes. He is completely unaware of how much danger he is possibly standing in front of, and that's probably why he eyes out the both of them so boldly, Angelica in particular. "What, you too 'cool' ta say hi? Yeah, well, whatever. I was goin' ta say, there's goin' ta be a party at my place next week, since you guys look so damn bored, but looks like that stick's shoved too far up your ass ta care. Show up or don't, I don't care, but if ya do, remember my name, Tiago, for the door." He intones, looking around the park with a certain degree of disinterest.

After Tiago's hostile, but somewhat generous invitation, Alexander turns to glance at his sister, then back to the human. Suddenly, Alexander's unpleasant expression changes completely. "I apologize," he says with a smile. "I didn't mean to seem so… impolite. I'm Alexander, and this," he motions to the other vampire with a tilt of his hand, "is my sister, Angelica." He narrows his eyes again, but this time in a curious expression. "Where do you live, Tiago?"

Angelica brightens at the idea of a party. Just like a buffet table! How wonderful! Her smile is broad, but there is nothing warm about it. If a shark might smile, that would be Angelica's expression. "That sounds like… delicious fun, sweetling."

Tiago doesn't buy the sudden switch Alexander gives, and he turns to eye the other male a bit warily at first, before he eventually trails off in a shrug. Ultimately, he doesn't really care. All he wants to do is invite more people than his step sister - it doesn't matter to him that his guests just so happen to be blood-lusting vampires. "Nah, it's cool man." Tiago allows Alexander, shifting the majority of his weight to one foot in a typical teenage stance. "Alex, huh? And Angelica? S'cool ta meet you, then. Ah, I live a couple of streets down. On Spartan Ave, I think? I dunno. I just moved here recently, see."

"Just moved here?" Alexander raises the apple and begins to spin it in his hand. "What a coincidence, we're also new to the area." He fakes a solemn look. "Unfortunately we don't know that many people around here. It's hard making friends in a new country." He smiles yet again and stares at the apple. "Thank you for the invitation. I already feel so welcomed."

"When is this party of yours?" Angelica inquires, not taking her eyes off the human… or more specifically, off that wickedly teasing pulse in his neck. Yummy. "We would love to attend, I'm sure. Perhaps we should bring something?"

The assurance that they are in the same boat that he seems to be smoothes over any hesitation Tiago might have had about the pair, and he grins broadly at this point, his expression warm and boyishly enthused. He's too blind, to trusting to think that there may be a hidden motive. "Yeah? What country, eh? I'm from Brazil originally. But ah, man, you know me now. That's all that you'll need, trust me. Give me like… a month here, and I'll have all the important connections down, easy. And no problem, man! We've gotta help each other out, you know?" Angelica is looked at at this point, and her staring is not missed. However, he believes it is caused by a very different sort of desire on her part, so it merely stokes his already large ego. "Next Saturday, dig? It's three bucks per person, cover charge. Then it's all you can drink." He doesn't even realize the irony of his final statement.

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