Into The Wolf S Den

IC Time: Evening of August 12
Location: Black Residence
Synopsis: Esme pays the Black's a visit and plays mom to Jake
Submitted by: Esme

Jacob is nervous, or at least more animated than his already animated self. The young man is expecting a very special visitor this night. The house is, for its part, just the same as always. The Blacks have never felt the need to spruce up for company. "I hope.. well, of course she'll be sneaky about it. I mean, she's allowed… but there's no sense in making it any worse..", he says, mumbling to himself as he fidgets. "Easy Jake… she knows what she's doing. It's mom… it's just mom…" That thought seems to relax him a little.

Esme is attired in her usual outfit of a light coloured pantsuit, though overtop of this she wears a hooded coat, and the hood is easily pulled up over her head so as to more easily hide her face. The woman also wears a pair of light coloured gloves, to hide her pale hands from any casting of light, or any notice of how pale she is. As she approaches the Black residence, the woman taps lightly upon the door, her knuckles barely making any hint of a noise upon the wooden barrier, though that wouldn't stop at least one resident within from hearing her.

Jacob startles. "Yike.. it's her." Quickly he composes himself. "Uhm…" He opens the door. "Come on in, Esme… Billy's asleep I think. It was just easier to wait until he…" He steps out of the way of the door. "You look spooky..", he says with a laugh and then repeats, "Please come in… wow… cool!"

Esme chuckles as she takes in Jake's appearance, and his state of anxiousness, no doubt. "Hi Jake," she greets as she steps inside the house and pulls off her gloves, removing her hood at the same time. "I thought it might be prudent to keep my distinguishing features from being too easily noticed. I know some people bite first and ask questions seconds."

Jacob relaxes. "Yeah.. uhm. Sorry about that. We Quileutes are a bit slow to change on some things." "Welcome!", he says with real warmth. "This is my place… our place." He indicates, "Kitchen's through there… I'd give you a grand tour but really there's not much to it." "My room is mostly bed." "How've you been? I've been dying for news…" An obvious Jacob ploy. The boy gets plenty of news from his many brothers and sisters.

Esme looks around the small place. It is, by no means, as grand as the Cullen house, but when you've got a few hundred years under your wing, like the patriarch of the family, it's inevitable that you should also have money (especially with a daughter who likes the stock markets). "It's cozy," is noted with a slightly crooked smile. "Your father doesn't know I'm here, does he?" she enquires with a light laugh and shake of her head. "I've been well. I just got back in town Sunday evening, I was at a conference for the last several days. Bella's doing well, she's working on her power, of course, and doing a good job at that," the woman offers, before she shrugs.

Jacob takes a moment to remember, "Her power? Oh yeah, that wield blocking thing…" He nods. "Seems kind of…", he doesn't want to say 'useless' but it's there on his lips, unspoken. "Uhm.. kind of wierd." Jacob gestures to a seat, unsure how to make the… vampire who doesn't really need anything more comfortable. "Billy doesn't know, although I'd swear he has the nose of a wolf… so maybe he'll find out and be mad." He quirks his mouth into his trademark lopsided grin, "Guess I'll finally have an excuse to run away.", he laughs. "Is Bella… ready to meet Charlie yet?", he asks. Ah. He's been waiting to ask that question, the tension in his forehead goes away as he does.

Esme shrugs faintly. "We'll see how it does, later. It may prove to be invaluable at some point in time," Esme points out as she takes a seat, making herself somewhat at home in the quaint little cabin like house. "I'm not sure. Her eyes are dimming, slowly, they're not the crimson of a newborn, but they're not the colour of the rest of the family. You'll really have to ask her that question."

Jacob grimaces. "Yeah. I could ask her but it seems kind of personal. Still, she's got it easy." He goes quiet for a long moment and then says, "Billy and I have been, kind of fighting lately. I don't know… he's holding me back." "He's… " Jacob can't really find the words, and it's no wonder, this is something new.

Esme quirks a brow and tilts her head in a questioning manner. "Why do you say he's holding you back?" she enquires, both curious and taking on that familiar matronly fashion that she tends to exude constantly. "What's he been doing, or not doing?" is enquired by the much older woman.

Jacob sits down, that's too perceptive a question to be answered all at once. "I wish my grandfather were here… ", he says, unexpectedly. "We're just … not communicating"

Esme nods. "You want to get out of the house, don't you. Away from the rules and regulations of living with a parental figure. Want to be out on your own?" she questions, though she can probably guess at the answer, having been a mother for the last eighty some odd years. "Maybe that's what you need, maybe you need to find your own place."

Dawn breaks on Jake's face. "Yes. yes…", he says, thankful that Esme gave him permission with her words, in her way, to feel that way. Somehow, now that the words are spoken it's more okay to admit. "Is that wrong? I mean… Billy and I have always been so close, and nothing's really changed."

Esme smiles and moves to rest a cold hand on Jacob's arm. "No, Jacob, it's not wrong. It's normal for someone of your age to want to spread their wings, or paws, in your case," she gives with a reassuring smile. "You're almost an adult, and you're living with your father. You're the leader of your pack, practically an adult in that case. It may be something that will do you both some good."

Jacob says, "But where would I go… this house has been in the family since we've been a family. Billy always wanted to give me this place.. when the time was right — but I just, I'm finding it hard to live with him. I've always had to take care of him." His voice takes on an edge, "Who takes care of me? It's time for me to take care of me.", his voice rings out."

Esme smiles slightly as she rises to her feet. "There is nothing saying that you couldn't take this place when it's time, Jacob, but, for now, you need to stretch your legs a bit and go see other things, do other things. Live out of this house for a little bit," is given. "Anyway, take care, Jakey. I'm going to head back to the house before this place starts to smell too bad for you."

Jacob regrets that the visit has to be so short. "We'll do this again… soon. I'm… I have a lot to talk about.", he grins.

Esme smiles. "Of course we will, Jake. We just don't want to give your father a heart attack with a vampire in your house," is pointed out with a laugh as she pulls up her hood and tugs on her gloves. "Take care of yourself, Jakey," is given before the vampire slips quietly out of the house, the only trace, now, of her presence, is the sent left behind.

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