Kick Ass Surfer Girl

IC Time: Evening of August 13
Location: The Ice Box
Synopsis: Holly meets Piper, and gets her stolen wallet back
Submitted by: Piper

It's nearly eight o'clock on a Thursday during the peak of summer. Normally, the brightly decorated ice cream shop would be quite busy at this time — crowded with families donning matching bike helmets on their evening ride — but a low overhang of cloud cover has made twilight settle in a little earlier than planned. Instead, the teenaged crowd lingers on the grassy area in front of the ice cream shop, girls slurping the lower-calorie slushes, the guys digging into over-sized concoctions of ice cream and candy bars. Light from the ice cream stand and the street light the area just enough, but shadows loom over the grass. A girl with scraggly dark hair and quirky clothing roams the lot, handing out fliers printed on bright paper. There's a question that comes along with the flier, too: "Um, have you seen my wallet…?" She doesn't seem particularly concerned either way as she makes her way from one group to the next.

Decked out in a pair of cut off shorts and a tank top, a teen with a California look makes her way to the Ice Box, her sandals slapping against the pavement being the only thing to really indicate her presense. Looking around Piper see's very few, if any familiar faces, so instead she keeps walking, though she heard Holly enquiring after her wallet, and, as such, is keeping a look out for an errant item of that fashion.

As Holly weaves her way through the crowd, she stumbles upon the Quileute girl, and flashes a tenative smile to her, repeating the same question: "Hi! Have you seen my wallet? And, here. Just for answering." The dark-haired girl takes a flier from the top of her stack and hands it to the other teen — it's a handmade flier indicating that there is a party to be held at Holly's house in the upcoming future. "Huge party coming up. $3 gets you all that you can drink." Her voice lowers somewhat, "Don't tell the cops or nothing. But you should come! Anyone cool enough to eat here is welcome." She flashes a friendly smile.

Piper offers her own bright smile towards Holly. "I haven't seen it, but I'll keep an eye out for it for you," she gives by way of response before taking the proffered flyer and quickly reading it over. "Sounds cool, I may have to look into it, actually," the teen offers with a nod. "I'm Piper, Piper D'Aubigne," the teen offers with a smile.

"Piper, nice to meet you. Holly Magnuson." She shifts the fliers to her other hand and watches Piper skim the flier. "So if you /do/ end up coming, you'll have to remember my name — my friend and I are having a little competition. If I get more people at the party, he dresses like a goth for a week. Otherwise, I'm doomed to dressed like a prep. Um, no offense." She eyes Pipers clothes and grin sheepishly. "So do you go to school in Forks? I was at FHS for awhile, graduated awhile back. I'm gonna go to college in Port Angeles. This town just kinda swallows you up, you know? There's no leaving. Oh well."

Piper makes note of the name, Holly Magnsuon, she'll remember that. "No offense taken, although, this is how practically everyone in California dresses," she gives with a faint shrug. "I haven't gone to school here yet, I moved in June, but I'll be going to school on the res," is offered with a chuckle and a slight little smile.

Holly looks a little surprised and a bit envious. "California? Wow, that's cool. I mean, I guess it kind of sucks. Coming from some glamorous place like that to here? Major suckage," she decides. "Hey, you want to get in line?" she suggests, moving toward the long line forming in front of one of the windows. "So you'll be going to the Quileute Tribal School then? You got relatives there?" She pauses and adds impishly, "Some of those boys on the rez are /damn/ fine!"

Piper nods. "Yah, it does suck. Definite suckage, it was nice and sunny there, and now, well…" she motions to the sky before shrugging and stepping into the line. "Yup, that's where I'll be going, a junior, yay," note the lack of thrill in her voice. "My aunt and uncle live on the rez, and I've kind of got a big extended family there as well, we're like a bunch of siblings," she points out, before offering a crooked grin. "Were you born in Forks, or did you move here?"

Holly studies the menu displayed above the window as she converses with the girl from the res. "Oh, cool. You're halfway done. Man, high school sucked…" She trails off. "Yeah, that's what I heard — lots of big families there." At the question on Forks, Holly nods, but doesn't look particularly thrilled about it. "Yep, born here, lived here my whole life. I'm not a very cultured person, contrary to popular belief." She gestures to her clothes.

Piper nods. "There are, it's probably cause most people seem to just stay on the rez and marry on the rez, so half the kids are related to each other," she gives with a lopsided little grin before her attention turns towards the menu. "I'm sure you are cultured, just because you live in a small town doesn't mean you're not."

"That sounds kind of messed up," Holly notes after an awkward pause to Piper, bringing her free hand up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. "Well, so long as they aren't related, I guess. And no, seriously, I'm not. The most cultured thing I ever did just happened like two nights ago, I learned how to do some Latin dance or something. I can't even remember the name of it!" She giggles a little. "I'm going to just get a swirl cone. How 'bout…" There is a sudden pause and the girl's eyes widen — a tall, lanky boy is throwing Holly's wallet to his friend, a fat pimply boy. "Hey! That's mine!" Holly scrambles out of line to grab the wallet, but the fatter kid tosses it back to the first boy, who takes off suddenly running toward the road. There's a moment of hesitation before Holly begins to follow at a slow jog. "Hey!"

Piper shrugs slightly. "I don't really know, I've only just begun to meet everyone," she offers with a chuckle, and is about to say something more when Holly points out that her wallet is, indeed, being played with. "I'll get it," the younger teen offers and takes off at a fast sprint towards the the running boy. Standing at an imposing height and being a muscle-bound teenager, it should be no surprise that she's swift.

The neon fliers go flying in a dozen different directions as Holly begins to sprint after the wallet. They blow idly around the lot, forgotten and scattered. Holly is heading toward the boy, but Piper is much faster, and the older teen blinks in surprise as the other girl flies on past her. The boy with the wallet has stopped near his car, fumbling with the door to open it. He smirks at Piper. "Finder's keepers, bitch." Maybe it's karma, but his door is stuck, so he continues to fumble with it, giving Holly time to catch up. "Hey! C'mon now, that's mine."

"What's yours?" The boy smirks and hides it behind his back. "Go run and play, girls. There's nothing here for you." Yes he's noticed Piper's size and fast sprint, but he's too dim-witted and continues taunting.

Piper offers a smirk and an annoyed glare. "It's not your wallet," she states in a pointed fashion as she moves her hand to get a grip on the boys arm, preferably the one holding the wallet. Should she succeed she'll pull his arm out from behind him. "Hand over the wallet, or I promise, one of us will regret what's next, and it won't be me," she gives. Out of the corner of her pale eyes she sees Holly coming up. "Never mind me, she doesn't look like someone you wanna mess with, does she?"

The boy is startled to have Piper come after him like she does — it would seem he was not expecting any physical resistance from the ladies. His arm is easily grabbed, though once he gets over the shock of the situation, he tries to yank it back, holding on tight to the small, red leather wallet. "Hey! I'd let go if I were you. Otherwise, the wallet goes down the drain." He eyes a nearby sewer grate and grins.

Gaining some confidence after watching Piper in awe for a moment, Holly strides forward. "Yeah, you don't want to mess with me. Hand it over!" She starts toward the two and tries to grab the wallet from his hand, but he has a steady grip on it — the two end up tugging in a sort of tug-of-war over the wallet.

Piper smiles a sweet little smile at the boy. "Well, it's very simple. You see, you have two choices here, you can either give the wallet back to my friend here, and walk away with nothing more than a tiny little bruise on your arm," she emphasizes this point by squeezing her hand tighter. "Or, you can not give her her wallet back, and one of us will end up with something broken. I'll let you figure out who that one is," she offers. Her voice is perfectly calm and serene, but the expression on her face is very serious. "I would recommend," she casts her gaze to the tug of war, "that you return that wallet to it's rightful owner."

Perhaps it's the tighter squeeze that really frightens the bully. His eyes widen slightly as he gazes at Piper. "Woah. Fine," he mutters, releasing the wallet, which, unfortunately, sends Holly flying wildly back to the pavement. She lands on her bottom and winces, taking quite a few moments to stand up. When she does, there's fire in her eyes. "You asshole!" she accuses. "Break something anyway," she encourages Piper, her tone somewhat bitter.

The boy hastens to get away from Piper, but he does remain looking at her. "Wow. I'm not gonna lie, that was kinda hot. What's your name, sexy?"

Piper smiles as the wallet is released, in turn she lets go of the annoying boy. "My name… is none of your business," she points out and spins around on her heels, to head back towards Holly. "He's lucky he did give you your wallet back, or it would have been a debate between his arm and his nose," is offered with a slight smirk.

The boy pouts his lips out. "Aw, c'mon babe," he says, trying weakly to get Piper's name. When he doesn't, he takes out his cell phone and snaps a picture of her as she walks away. Snickering, head back to his car and fumbles with the door again.

Holly scowls over Piper's shoulder toward the boy, and then turns around, sighing and glancing down at her wallet. She opens it, revealing that it's empty. "Ahh. Well, I'm out five bucks, I guess. Oh well, my credit card is here, and my ID… my fake, too." The girl smiles a bit. "Anyway, more importantly… thank you! You were /such/ a bad ass back there! Which part of Cali do you come from, anyway? You're a tough cookie, Piper."

Piper chooses to ignore the snap of the picture being taken, though she could easily take the boy out. "At least it's only five bucks and you have your wallet back," is given with a bright little smile before she answers the question. "Costa Mesa, actually, I took martial arts when I was there and, apparently, all the Quileute kids these days are bad ass…" she gives, with a shrug and a laugh. "We have this 'help people' thing that's stuck in our heads, which we can't seem to get rid of, or something."

"Ahh. Do you know any of that pressure point shit? Like, if you press here you can make someone pass out?" Holly indicates to her shoulder. "Thought I heard something about that." She studies Piper. "Well, anyway, thanks." She notices the girl's well-muscled frame for the first time. "You should /definitely/ come to the party now. You can like, keep everything under control. Make sure the boys don't get too rowdy." Holly nods in a sagely manner before she sighs, glancing at the fliers, which, for the most part, have been collected by another girl. "My fliers! Well, I'm out of money, and I need to go get these posted. I owe you one, Piper. In fact, you can come to the party for free if you want!" She smiles and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "See you later, yeah?"

Piper shrugs in response. "A little bit, but not too much," she responds with a laugh and a smile. "And I'll definitely consider going, it sounds like it should be quite a blast, actually," she responds, flashing the older teen a smile and nod. "It was nice to meet you, Holly, have a good day," is given with a crooked grin.

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