An Almost Perfect Party

IC Time: ~10pm, August 18th 2007
Location: Magnuson Household
Synopsis: A house party is held, and subsequently, interrupted
Submitted by: Holly

The invitation - little more than a discreet-looking flier - said ten, it's now well on its way to midnight and the usually mild-manner Magnuson household is lit up and rockin' in all senses of the word. The window frames reverberate as the boom of a powerful bass emits from inside of the house, loud enough to nearly eclipse the lyrics of the top forty song blasting from the speakers of an outdated sound system. The front door is wide open, and several teens and college student linger on the lawn and the porch, though most of the party is contained inside, for fear of the cops.

At the door, a skinny goth kid takes the money, looking either extremely bored or very high, or some mix of both. Remarkably, the money makes its way into a cash box every time. The fee, of course, is for the party's main draw, the booze. It's all setup in the kitchen, though bottles are littered across the living room and a trail of cups and other various items leads to the few bedrooms in the house. All in all, it would seem the party's been going on for awhile now, and quite a party it is.

Holly Magnuson can be found in the kitchen, a beer in one hand, and a plate of cupcakes in the other? "I baked for the party," she explains, taking them from the fridge and beaming. It earns her a few stares - if there's food at all at parties like this, it's usually chips and pretzels, and it's usually gone within an hour. "Anyone who came here and told the person at the door they were here for /Holly/ gets one. And also" Her brows rise impishly as she struggles to shout above the noise, "a shot of Burnett's!" Cheap liquor was all that could be afforded, really.

Late, yes, but fashionable is also a definite, or at least up for debate, when Bev McKinnon walks to the door, dressed in a mini skirt and fitted little tank top. At the door she gives Tiago's name and pays the fee before walking in and looking faintly out of place at the party. Not looking out of place, however, is the HUGE teenager behind Bev. Piper D'Aubigne walks up to the door and hands over her fee, but the name she gives is that of Holly, not Tiago.

Amaya is there already, looking rather nervous and out of place. Why exactly is she here, again?

Another youth that seems completely at ease within the environment of the party just so happens to be one of the hosts, though it would be impossible to tell judging by the way Tiago is behaving. At the moment, he looks like just another kid that had been picked off of the street, the meaty filling in the middle of a slut sandwich as he dances between two of the girls he had picked up from the beach in La Push. Judging by how broad and generally ridiculous his grin happens to be and the empty Silo cup he harbors, the lad has already imbibed a very generous amount of alcohol. At the very least, it would explain why he's walking around shirtless, the hem of his striped boxers sticking out of his baggy jeans.

As the fast-paced song slows, Tiago finds himself excusing himself from the pair with adamant vows to return as soon as he's refilled his cup. But the way he glances around the room tells another story. He /is/ heading towards the kitchen, but is quite distracted as he catches sight of some of his guests of honors. "Oh, hey! Bev, right? And Amaya! Cool! I didn't know if you were gonna come or not. All good?"

Beverley smiles as her eyes rest upon Ama. "Hey Ams," she greets when she gets closer to her friend. "I didn't expect to see you here," the teen offers with a light little laugh. But, then again, she didn't expect she would actually show up, save for the lack of anything else to do. Upon Tiago's approach Bev offer's a nod and a smile. "Hi, Tiago," she greets politely.

No one will miss a party in Forks, and not just because there's usually nothing happening in the town. The lights and the volume of noise are impossible to miss.
Which is how Anastasia finds herself at the open front door of the house, offering a smile and a soft question to the goth kid lurking by the door. "Got room for one more?"

Juggling a strange combination of the cupcake platter and her bottle of vodka, Holly maneuvers herself from the kitchen to the living room, frowning at the amount of people she fails to recognize — and downright scowling when Tiago weaves on by, missing his shirt and sporting a goofy grin. It's still early, but Holly's already convinced herself she's lost the contest… That is, until a group of goth kids she recognizes grab a cupcake from her platter and wave. Things only look up when she easily spies Piper. "Hey! It's my hero!" She lets out a giggle and offers the tray. "Cupcake, Piper? Swig?" The bottle is offered as well, and a moment later, it's all but thrust at the Quileute girl. "Here, hold these — I spy an opportunity!" With that, she skirts toward the door, pushing aside the frail kid taking the money. "Hi!" she chirps to Anastasia, clearly having downed a few drinks. "Yes, yes, come in. But tell him Holly invited you in, pay, and you're golden." She squints at the vampire. "You look familiar. Huh."

A fair distance away from the house stands in the moonlight, Alexander, who listens to the dull thud of music reverberating through the walls of the building. He watches two girls enter the house, after handing someone standing in front what looks like American currency. He narrows his eyes before taking in a large whiff of the air. Smells like human, as expected. There is a twitch of his eye, and he begins walking toward the house at a quick, though not unnatural pace. He halts in front of the human taking money. "I assume I'm expected to pay to… intoxicate myself, then?" Without waiting for an answer, he grunts and pulls some crumpled money out of his pocket and picks the largest amount he can find, which happens to be a fifty-dollar bill, and hands it to the human. Without listening to any response the other might give, he walks through the door, immediately hit by that smell again. So many of them in one spot… Alexander closes his eyes to try and get a grip on his senses.

Piper easily slips through the crowds, offering a smile and wave towards Holly. "No hero, just did what any good friend would do," she gives with a crooked little grin as she takes a cupcake, and, apparently, also the drink, seeing as Holly's spied someone. As such, Piper starts mingling.

If Tiago is aware of any hostility being shot in his general direction by his co-host, he doesn't let it show. Instead, he continues to grin like the poor, oblivious sod that he is. There's a faint sheen over his dark eyes that hint at the fact that he might be riding high on something other than just pure alcohol, and as he stumbles towards Amaya, he attempts to throw his arm around the taller girl - to intoxicated to care about personal space at the moment. "Hey! You look like you could use a drink or two." He advises her, starting to move towards the kitchen whether she follows him or not.

Stacy can't help a faint grimace at Holly's borderline flammable breath, but she passes over the door charge. "Holly, huh? Okay, that'll work." The recognition draws an arched eyebrow. "Don't /think/ we've ever met…" she murmurs. "Hm. Were you at the Cullens' wedding this year? When their son married the police chief's daughter? Maybe that's where you saw me. Lots of people there." She steps forward to clear the door for other partygoers.

"Um, no," Holly replies to Stacy, shrugging helplessly. "If the police chief was there, double no." She reaches for the vampire's arm in attempt to draw her inside further, back toward Piper and the bottle of booze she entrusted the girl with. As she pulls on Stacy, she stumbles onto Alexander, standing there with his eyes closed. "Hey! Coming through. High people tend to stay on the couch," she tells him with a laugh, glancing back at Stacy. "C'mon, come meet my friend Piper, she's got the goods." At that, Holly reaches up to poke Piper's arm. "We're back! This is my new friend who looks familiar. Doesn't she though?"

Alexander stands in a position not far from the door, rather congesting traffic through that point. Of course, he could care less. Finally putting any 'temptations' toward the back of his mind for the moment, he opens his eyes and looks around. Of course he ends up getting himself stumbled onto by one clearly intoxicated teen before he can take a good look at his surroundings. He doesn't say anything to her and responds with only narrowed eyes, watching her as she walks past.

Beverley smiles as Tig carries on with Amaya, before she slinks off to find a relatively (in comparison) quiet spot in which to stand and people watch, she's good at that.

Amaya cringes a bit as Tiago's arm is thrown around her, but allows herself to be guided towards the kitchen area. She glances back at Bev, but her friend's already moved.

Stacy squeaks faintly as she is grabbed and towed along behind Holly. She could stop it, sure, but why worry? She nods at Holly's reply. "Love to meet her, I guess… any other ideas about where you might have seen me?" And then they're drawing up beside Piper, and Stacy smiles. "Hi! Wicked party, huh?"

Piper cringes as Holly draws nearer with Anastasia. She knew she smelt something stinky, she just didn't know where it was coming from. "Yeah," she hisses in response through clenched teeth. She's trying not to breath in the air surrounding the vampire, while still being nice and polite, easier said than done, of course.

Tiago is either to intoxicated or enough of a jerk to not notice Amaya's cringe, but she's lucky - he slips away from her the moment they reach the cheap tiled floor of the kitchen, reaching over to grab a random, and possibly suspicious cup of booze from the counter and trying to hand it off to the girl. "Here. For you. Drink up, have fun, man!" Once his advice is given, the man bumps his way gracelessly towards the keg to pump himself something new to drink. The process does not take long.

Getting that familiar feeling that someone is looking at her, Holly raises a hand to rest on the back of her neck before turning around and staring right back at Alexander and his narrowed eyes. "Seriously! That must've been some crazy weed. Aren't you a little old, anyway?" Not that he looked /old/ old, but there was something about him. She's pretty sure he can't hear her above the roar of the bass anyway, so she turns back toward Piper and Stacy, a bit flush in the cheeks with the alcohol and general temperature of the room. "Wow. Umm, take a swig, Piper. Feeling a little tense?" She laughs nervously, combing a hand through her intentionally ratted hair and glancing around the room for the familiar, shirtless individual that is supposed to be co-hosting the party. "I don't know, guys. I think I might've lost the bet. Which means I'll be dressing like a prep."

Amaya takes the cup of whatever alcohol it is, but as Tiago leaves, sets it back down, trying to find a less populated area than the source of alcohol for the party. She peers around.

Stacy winces at Piper's words. "Take it easy. Here to party, that's it," she replies, taking a step back. Being close to the wolf /and/ so many humans isn't good for her composure right now, and she gently extricates her arm from Holly's. "Um, I'll remember to say you invited me, 'kay?" she says. Then pauses. "Wait, what bet? Can you fill me in?" The distance is already beginning to help.

Piper practically bites her tongue as she eyes Stacy for a moment. "Better just be to party," she mutters slightly but backs away before planting a smile on her face, for the sake of the hosts, at the very least. "Whoever gets the most people here can tell the other how to dress. She would have to dress like a prep if she loses," is given to the vampire. She can be nice.

Alexander eyes Holly a moment longer after she talks about his age. If only she knew. Deciding to ignore her, he looks around. Watching all of the half-minded humans milling about, Alexander can't help but grin broadly. Scenes like this make him happy to do what he does. Deciding that he should do more than just watch them, he tries to pick one out to talk to. Maybe try and get inside the head of one who hasn't lost their minds already. He spies one human who doesn't seem to be drinking like the rest of them. After a moment of watching her, he walks toward Amaya. "I see you're not as heavy a drinker as the others here," he says calmly.

Tiago is victim of a particularly short attention span at the moment and so by the time he returns to the Living room, his interaction with Amaya is practically forgotten. He wastes practically no time in draining the contents of his cup with all the practiced ease of a closet alcoholic, and this time as he makes his way through the crowds, it is with a purpose. Holly is spotted and locked on to: before long, the sly, South American bastard finds himself directly behind the shorter girl, leaning forward until his mouth is dangerously close to her ear to offer his party whisper. Except, too bad he's intoxicated and unable to /actually/ whisper. "Hey…s'he here?" The two supernatural girls she happen to be conversing with at the moment are blinked at, before he offers them a broad grin. "Hey there."

Amaya nods. "Yeah. You seem to be the same." She peers about, looking for something non-alcoholic to drink. Looking back to the one who approached her for conversation, she tilts her head a bit, "I don't believe we've met."

Holly is about to explain to her new blonde (and rather pale) friend Stacy about the bet when Piper chips in. She can only nod with a slight smile. "Yep, that's the deal. Like I said, I dunno. I'm beginning to think I should pay someone off to rig the system, y'know, write down my name a bunch more times. Hey… you two know each other?" A confused, drunken glance is shot between the two before the 'whisper' comes in her ear. She turns around, sloshing the bottle of liquor a little and then laughing, bringing it to her lips. "Huh? Who, Brian?" The corners of her mouth turn downward. "Yeah. He's in the office with some girl." Holly raises the bottle as if to explain and then shrugs. "S'alright, I've already kissed someone tonight! Twice!" Though she is perhaps playing it up just a tad, the girl stumbles forward onto Tiago. "Wooaah."

"Well, good luck. And, no, we don't… we just share some friends," Stacy replies to Holly's question. She rolls her eyes at Piper's comment. "Think I'll grab something to drink. Great party… ciao!" She slips away, in the general direction of the kitchen, with a quick smile to Alexander in passing.

Beverley quirks a brow from her little not exactly quiet corner as she spots Amaya. Bev tries to take stock of the individual talking to her, but details are hard to make out from the distance, so the teen simply makes her way through the crowd, towards Ama. "Sorry for losing you back there," she gives in a chipper voice.

Tiago glances down to Holly curiously, tilting his head to the side as he offers her a lopsided shrug when she answers his question and turns to face him. "Yeah? Well, it don't mean much. There're lots of sluts 'round here." He certainly hasn't had much trouble - and it doesn't even /register/ in his unfiltered mind that what he has just said is highly offensive to locals. When she admits that she's kissed a couple of people already, the lad beams brightly, looking quite proud of the girl. "Yeah? Awesome! That's coo-hey!" He blinks as she falls into him, his arm winding instinctually around her waist, looking to steady her. What follows is a bright laugh. "Yeah, shit man! You're drunk!"

Drunk underaged humans. Drunk, underaged, unsupervised humans. It's a marvelous thing. Kyler has not been present at this party because…well, he is not an underaged human. Neither was he invited. On the other hand, since when did Kyler need an invitation? Perhaps it's the intoxicating smells, or perhaps it's the noises that draw out the demons, but there's definite foresty smell around the house. The problem is, it's very difficult to tell exactly where it's coming from. Someone who was being /really/ attentive might notice a pale hand slip out almost faster than the eye can see to slip something into one of the snack bowls. Bean dip? Tortilla chips? Queso? Who knows! The next moment, the same hand is quite steadily holding a match to what is most definitely a fuse that is now sticking out from said snack bowl. Black cat casserole, anyone? If no one notices and puts it out (Can you even do that once they're lit?), there's going to be a definite indoor fireworks show. It's the food fight of the future! Sneaky snack warfare! In other words, lots of loud noise and snacks flying out of the bowl to hit anyone even remotely nearby. But then, who's to say who's nearby, really? Could be anyone. That's the fun.
"I'm Alexander," the vampire introduces himself to Amaya with a smile, putting on his 'sociable' attitude. "And you would be right. I don't drink." An ironic statement. He quietly glances to Beverley as she walks up to Amaya. Alex doesn't notice whatever's going on at the snack bowl, as that's not a particular point of interest for him.

Better late than never, Angelica Diemos makes her appearance. Dutifully paying the cover charge, she glides into the room, surveying the crowd with malicious amusement. Loud music, drunk teenagers and sin simply permeates the air. She inhales deeply. Lovely.

"Yeah!" Holly pipes up in reply to Tiago, laughing afterward. "And you're… shirtless!" she replies, pointing at him with the neck of the bottle before taking another swig and then grabbing for Tiago's hand with her free hand. "Lookit, Chi. This is my friend Piper, and she's amazing. Seriously. She beat up these two guys for me and got my wallet from them. I bet she could beat you — " And then, all of the chaos comes to a startling halt as the firework goes off, effectively hitting the ceiling and causing a new kind of rattle in the house. A few bits of pretzel manage to pelt Holly, who stumbles at the noise and spills her vodka onto the ugly carpet. "What the hell? Who did that?!" she asks with a slight slur, looking around, and then, looking up with dread. "Ohhh, shit. Chi, the ceiling." A big black mark mars the ceiling. The situation, however, effectively quieted the party for just a second, and that alone makes Holly laugh. "My dad's going to kill me! Piper, can you like, kill the person that did that?"

Amaya shrugs at Bav, "No problem." She grins, "I survived." She looks around, and nods at Alex, "A pleasure to meet you, Alexander." Yeah, the words don't quite fit the environment, but…

Tiago sniffs, looking down at his bared chest. "I have /no/ fuckin' clue when that happened. I dunno where my shirt is." And honestly, he doesn't care. Chances are he's just going to lose more clothing as the night progresses anyway. He doesn't protest when Holly grabs his hand, though he is left to peer a little daftly at Piper, giving her a curious once-over as his good-natured grin grows. "Piper, huh? I'm Tiago. And…well, damn girl, you can beat me up whene-" The sloppy, drunken come on is interrupted by the sudden…explosion. He jumps off of the floor in surprise, looking around wildly for the cause of that. "The fuck! Who's the mother-fu - cut it the hell out, or it's fuckin' done! I don't wanna clean this freakin' mess!" He bellows out to the entire party over the sound of the music, glaring suspiciously at…well. Everyone.

Piper laughs at both Holly's introduction and request. "I wouldn't beat your friend up unless he needed up, and I don't kill people, unless they're of the less than friendly sort," she gives, though those vampires in the area can probably safely presume that she means she would only kill a vampire, maybe.

Angelica locates Alex first, giving him a nod of acknowledgement before she continues the perusal of the room. Her upper lip curls at the unmistakable scent of wolf, centered on Piper.

Beverley continues to examine Alexander, something about him makes her slightly suspicious, but then again, maybe it's just the party. "Glad you survived, Amaya," she responds to the taller teen with a light little laugh.

Alexander peers at Amaya curiously. If one looked closely they could see the small twitch in the corner of his eye. "Now what might someone like yo-" The vampire is interrupted mid-sentence by the sound of something amazingly more noisy than the music. He slowly turns toward the source of the firecracker snack bowl, only to be hit in the face by a flying pretzel. He doesn't even blink, but his eye begins twitching much more noticeably. Spying his sister here at the party, he nods to her in return, but says nothing.

"Well, you could kindly beat up the em-effer that did this," Holly says with a sigh to Piper, turning to listen to Tiago's rant that's laced creatively with the f-bomb. It seems to gain a little attention, but mostly, people are just headed back to the keg 'cause they spilled their beers. It takes her a few moments to regain her composure from the incident, and when she finally does, she takes another drink from her bottle. "Dannnce with me, Chi. Remember? I like, know how now and stuff. We could get those creepy people over there to dance, too!" She points blatantly at Alex and Angie.

Amaya blinks, "Someone like me?" She spins, her hand going to her necklace at the sound of the explosion, but she calms as she realize that, other than the ceiling, everything's okay. She grins at Bev, "Yeah. Again, same here."

Beverley jumps slightly at the explosion, thankfully having nothing in her hand to spill. She, however, doesn't say anything beyond the words she's already voiced. Standing off to the side, near Amaya, but not interfering in the other teens conversation.

Tiago is still quite preoccupied with glowering at everyone in the general vicinity when Holly attempts to drag him out of his funk with the sloppy dance invitation. He looks down to her, pleasantly surprised, and breaks out into a boyish sort of grin as the details of the explosion and his ire fly out of his mind. "Yeah? Sure - okay. Consider this like…your final test. Ya know, what with the lessons and all." Now that this has been established, Tiago finds it utterly necessary to take charge, tightening his hold on Holly and trying to lead her further into the middle of the room, the 'dance' portion. "Hm?" He is only vaguely interested in looking over to Alex and Angelica when she points them out. "Oh, I don't think so. You white people are crazy and weird like that." It's a good-natured tease - he sincerely doesn't mean to offend.

Amaya jumps, yipping, and doing a little dance-thing, shaking out the back of her shirt. Not dignified, not at all. Not seeing who did it, she glares at the ice now on the floor, kicking it her enough that it bounces off of some shoes, before careening in varied directions.

"But I suck at tests!" Holly protests, though she's quite easily led to the center of the room. "Huh? I'm not crazy," she murmurs distractedly, looking over Tiago's shoulder as Brian emerges from the hall with an impossibly thin redhead. She stares for a moment, and then proceeds to dance — if that's what you'd call it. She doesn't quite adhere to her lessons, instead taking to rubbing right up against the Brazilian to the beat of the music, shaking her hips and all but attempting to paw at Tiago. Brian really doesn't seem to notice, but unfortunately, someone else does. Someone that refuses to pay the three dollars, claiming loudly that he 'lives here.' The said man is Leo Magnuson, the homeowner, and a very pissed off one, at that.

The middle-aged dad strides in and immediately moves to turn off the sound system, facing Holly and Tiago rather easily. "Get everyone out. /Now/." Despite his usual bumbling persona, he appears rather menacing, and begins turning to anyone he can see and ripping their drinks from them. "Leave, ladies! Party's over," he says imposingly to Amaya and Beverley, then heading purposefully toward Alexander and Angelica.

Beverley quirks a brow at the imposing father figure before she links arms with Amaya. "C'mon Ama," she gives to the taller girl. "Let's jet," is given with a shrug.

Amaya blinks a bit at the guy who's quite obviously /not/ a guest, but nods to Beverly, and leaves.

Alexander watches his sister silently slip away from him and out of the room. She's very good at that. Just as she does, some apparently angry human comes barging into the house. If Alexander had to guess, it would be the house's owner. Not the least bit intimidated and unwavering, Alexander merely eyes the human as he approaches closer.

Tiago certainly doesn't have any complaints, when it comes to being pawed and all. All in all, he's quite impressed with Holly's 'dancing'. And he opens his mouth to vocalize so as he moves with her, only to be cut off by… "Leo! I- uhh - yes sir!" Hopping away from Holly, the lad proceeds to run around like a headless chicken, shooing everyone out. Paying particular mind to Alexander. "Hey, man, go! Shit!"

Not quite as productive as her co-host, Holly manages to avoid the glare of her father by stumbling into the hall and muttering lowly about the party being over. For the most part, however, it's generally understood: the illegal stuff's been hurriedly stashed, bottles have been grabbed, and last second re-fills on the rapidly waning keg were sought before the teenagers all but crawled from every available exit: the back door, the garage, the front door. After about ten minutes, the place is almost vacated, Holly included… or so it would seem. In reality, she's managed to find her way up into the garage apartment and sits against the door, mortified and still drunk.

Well that ended rather boringly. Eyeing Tiago as he's urged out the door, Alexander merely grins at the sudden change in the demeanor of everyone here. Not even bothering with the adult figure, he shoves his hands in the pockets of his coat and casually strides out the door.

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