Emt In The Woods

IC Time: August 21
Location: Natur Center
Synopsis: Esme and Iara have a pleasant conversation
Submitted by: Esme

Iara trudges her way up to the cabin, the only piece of civilization within eyeshot. She's not lost…she's just trying to get her bearings. This should help with that…one would think.

Esme is just coming up to the Nature Center after exiting the woods when the woman's honey-hued eyes settle upon Iara. "You look slightly lost," she offers in an entirely polite tone as she approaches the younger woman. "Where are you headed, perhaps I can be of assistance," she offers, her voice taking on a matronly sound as she speaks.

Iara pauses as she crosses paths with the slightly older woman, looking surprised to see another living soul. (Take the irony however you will) "Is it that obvious? Darn, I was trying to at least -look- like I know what I'm doing." She chuckles mildly, glancing back over her shoulder then. "Well it would really help me to know the direction of the road. I got on the trails and lost my placement." She admits, hooking her thumbs in her front belt loops.
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Esme offers a pleasant smile. "Not obvious to most, My dear, I just happen to be familiar with what a lost hiker looks like," she gives with a light little laugh. "Are you new to Forks, or just new to the wooded area?" the woman enquires as she finishes her approach, now standing at a comfortable distance from the human, or, at the very least, a distance that should be comfortable for a human when there's a vampire in the room.

Iara doesn't seem ill at ease about the woman…more curious than anything. As if there's something about her she can't quite put her finger on. That's obviously not going to stop her from being polite. "New to the woods. Mom never let me out near them when I was growing up… Now that I'm back and I'm allegedly an adult I figure, what the heck?" She scans the woman's face again intently. "You from the area?"

Esme ahhs slightly, before nodding. "Your mother is a smart woman," she responds with a chuckle. "I know that I probably wouldn't have allowed my own children in the woods when they were younger, at least not alone," is offered as she moves towards the street. "I'll show you the way, it's easier than directions," is given. "And, sort of, my family and I moved here a few years ago," she offers before she introduces herself. "I'm Esme Cullen."

Iara trails after the woman as she offers to show her the way. "That's very gracious of you… I didn't mean to interrupt your evening." She hesitates a split second at the woman's name resonates with her. "Oh, Ms. Cullen! You're Doctor Cullen's wife." She announces the obvious as she has the revelation. "Sorry, it's just I go by the hospital a lot, and I've seen Doctor Cullen around. I'm one of the on-call EMTs." She explains, brightening in tone. "I'm Iara Perez, by the way. My brother's probably taught some of your children." She reasons, offhandedly.

Esme turns her head and smiles, brightly. "Yes, I am doctor Cullen's wife," she responds in a very proud tone, clearly she is fond of that distinction. "One of the EMT's, excellent, you do a very good job, I'm certain," she offers with a nod of her head. "And don't worry about having taken me away from anything, I've plenty of time to do more hiking if I should choose to."

Iara mirrors Esme's smile over her obvious fondness for her title. "That's great. Maybe I can meet the rest of your family properly if you happen to be at the hospital picnic this year." She sounds genuinely hopeful of this. "Thank you…I hope I do. I haven't been out of school that long, and this is my first job answering call on my own." She confides, looking around to mind her location as they move.

Esme hmms slightly. "I doubt we'll be able to make it, this year, at least not all of us. We always seem to be busy for the picnic, unfortunately. The kids would rather go camping than to a picnic, actually," she gives with a light, melodic laugh. "I'm sure you're doing a good job, though. Being an EMT can't be the easiest job to have."

Iara 'oohs' softly at her explanation of the family extra-curriculars. She laughs then a bit humorlessly at Esme's latter statement. "No, it's not especially… I mean, rewarding sure. But sometimes things…haunt you." She clears her throat. "Well, maybe I'll be seeing you around other ways. It is a pretty small town, for better or worse." She injects a deliberately lightness in to her speculation. "I used to think that's what I wanted to get away from. Too much time in Seattle, and now Forks has been looking great to me."

Esme smiles. "It's one of our favorite things to do, whenever it's a nice day we like to go hiking or camping," she gives as she gets to the street. "Here we are, go straight in that direction," she points towards Forks, "and you'll make it to the town, easy stuff," she gives with a light little laugh.

Iara looks up and down the street she's been shown, committing it to memory. "Ah. Looking more familiar already. And my car would be thataway." She points in the appropriate direction and smiles warmly to the woman in appreciation. "Thanks so much, Ms. Cullen. I do hope I see you around." She gives her a little wave and then tucks her hands into her pockets as she heads off down the road, keeping far to the side.

Esme smiles and nods. "It was a pleasure to meet you as well Miss Perez," she gives as she stands at the edge of the road, watching Iara make her way towards her car, until she can no longer see the younger woman. Of course she'll make sure that the other makes it there safely.

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