Meeting In The Woods

IC Time: August 21
Location: Woods
Synopsis: Bev and Spence talk in the woods
Submitted by: Beverley

The hour nears 7, leaving the wilderness silent and still as the onset of night threatens along the skyline. It is with the looming shadows and the promise of a soon star filled sky that many townsfolk have long since began the transition from outside to inside, leaving night owls the time to awaken and take to the streets…or the trails to be exact. Hikers beware the darkening hours. For the in forests of Forks Washington wild things linger on after the sun no longer threatens to turn them into glittering balls of teenage angst.

It is only ad the sky finishes dimming that the noise of music filters through the limbs and tree-line, giving away the location of one metal loving, angst bleeding emo of a vampire. Spencer Swan, currently a resident of Port Angeles and a rather absent presences as of late, has reemerged, and is doing his best to keep a good stretch of nature between himself and the people of the town.

The jeep is a bit farther in the forest than any loving, caring owner would allow, parked to sit astride two dips in the earth, the vehicle's stereo volume is turned up obnoxiously loud as the boy lounges in the driver's side, his feet kicked up on the dash and his attention directed to a book in his hands.

The crunching of hiking boots on the ground below can be heard as one Bev McKinnon appears out of the woods. The teen, attired in typical hiking attire, with her blond and red hair pulled back into a ponytail steps towards the wooded cliff, having heard the sound of Spencer's stereo and quirks a brow at him. "Long way from home, Spencey," she gives with a crooked grin and a laugh.

Such sensitive hearing is good for some things, though it's her scent that alerts Spencer of Bev's presences long before she speaks, though he responds very little until the latter. In fact, other than the movement of his hand to turn off the stereo, Spencer does his dead best to avoid looking at the girl. "Hello Beverley. That's a very perceptive of you to notice." While his tone is dry, there is a rather deep trembling within his throat that threatens his voice entirely. "Why are you out so late at night. You'd think you of all people would know there's monsters in the woods." Ahem. And one just happens to be catching up on his comic books.

Beverley offers a bit of a grin towards Spencer and lowers her voice from the level it was at when the stereo was up. "Of course I know about the monsters in the woods. I was just headed home, actually, when I heard some obnoxiously loud stereo blaring and had to see who was disturbing the peace." she gives with a little smirk as she crosses her arms in front of her. "So what's up?"

Spencer chuckles, though dryly before the book is lowered and he finally lifts his gaze back toward the young woman. "Avoiding the public." He admits rather easily, his arms lifting to fold behind his head as she reclines a bit in his seat. It gives him the illusion of being relaxed. Something that could not be more untrue. In fact, every muscle in his form is twice as tense as it normally is. And it shows only in his voice with the occasional deepening as he grinds his teeth between 'breaths'. "Knew it was me then, did you?" Though really, even if she didn't know it was Spencer, there aren't many people that would be listening to that type of music this far out of town. "So you missed me then."

Beverley ahhs faintly as she listens to the occasionally obnoxious vampire. "Nope, didn't know it was you, but, hey, there aren't too many things out there that could be more harmful than you, right?" she questions with a laugh and shake of her head as she takes a few steps closer to the vampire, though she doesn't get too close, this time.

Spencer smirks as he notices the distance, which earns a new response as well. He drops his feet to the floorboard and moves forward in the seat, watching her though the windshield as she shifts. "You're not gonna give me a hug?" It's laughed, but there is the distinct lack of movement from himself as he does so. "That's a good idea. Let's not make any sudden movements, huh?" Either way, he seems to be attempting to relax. "I like your hair better that way. By the way. It makes you look older. And less blond." Which is a very healthy thing at the moment.

Beverley tilts her head slightly and shrugs. "If you want a hug, I don't see a reason against it," she gives with a chuckle and a bright smile, before she quirks a brow, faintly. "I dunno, I kinda prefer being blond over blond with red streaks. My dad's still pissed about the whole thing. He's ready to tell me that I can't join Ramona's band, I think…" she gives.

Spencer laughs again, "I haven't fed in almost two weeks. Hugging might be a very good way to make sure your daddy can't tell you what to do. Then again…you might just end up lunch." Beat. "Or supper. Whatever." Either way, with his lack of meal time etiquette tucked behind them, he does push out f the jeep with a slow, easy push. "But tell me this. Do you still -want- to join the band? Is it still something you actually think you will love doing?"

Beverley quirks a brow. "Two weeks, holy hell Spencer! I know you vamps have some weird feeding schedule that is different from humans, but two weeks is a little absurd," she pauses for a beat, "isn't it?" she questions with an upraised brow before she nods. "Of course it is. You do know that if I didn't want to still be part of the band, I'd already have stepped down, or at least tried, and I haven't tried, so," she shrugs, still smiling.

Spencer mehs aloud, his shoulders twitching slowly before he nods. "There was…. /a little/ feeding. But it sucked. I don't think I'll do it again. And for the record. The Cullen's have /no taste at all. That lifestyle is ridiculous. I much prefer people." And, as strange a conversation topics as that is, is twists quickly to a new subject. "I see. But, are you willing to leave your parents to do it, Beverley? To sing. Because you do realize that there's absolutely no guarantee that you won't end up dead." And by dead, clearly be means dead and still belting out tunes.

Beverley quirks a brow. "Oh, right, they prefer animals to humans… I do /not/ have an issue with that," she gives with a bright laugh and shake of her head. "But I like the Cullens, so…" another shrug is given. "Trust me, Spence, I already know I'll die sooner or later, probably sooner than later, it's just a matter of time, right," she gives with a smirk. "I'm sure you guys have some rule or something that says 'thou shalt not tell humans' or whatever, so…" another shrug is given.

Spencer chuckles, shrugging. Really that was the very attitude that got him killed. It's amusing. "Yes there is a rule, though the rule is that we kill them. Not the good way either." He considers it good. To some degree. "I have a hard time thinking though that you can /want/ to be changed." Despite his attitude it does seem she's sparked a sense of curiosity in the red-eyed boy. "Have you really thought it over? Completely?"

Beverley shakes her head. "I don't want to, not really. I like my friends and my family, the human one's, that is, nothing against you guys. And I don't exactly expect that my death will lead to being changed, I expect that that'll be it, end of discussion, buried six feet under. I can't presume that I'll become like you. I don't dare to, otherwise I'd probably run from this town faster than one would expect, cause the thought of being…. being a vampire… that's scary."

Ahh. There. That earns a very pleased grin from him before he nods. "Okay, that makes more sense. Sorry about that." It at least allows him some pleasure in knowing her potential fate better than she. "I guess I can maybe understand. Maybe." He can't. That's clear by the look on his face, but he does at least attempt some form of human understanding for his friend. "You said something a little while back though that amused me. You told Ramona that I would never hurt you. Do you really believe that?"

Beverley smirks. "You don't get it at all. No offense, I like you, and Ramona and Ana, but I don't think I could function as someone who survives by killing humans. It just… it doesn't sit right with me, I think I'd be happier to burn or drown to death than to have that immortal life," she points out with a faint little shrug. "And I don't think you'd ever willingly hurt me. I mean, everyone causes pain to someone, not necessarily intentionally, and I think if you did hurt me, it wouldn't be on purpose," she responds.

Spencer blinks at her words. That was clearly not the response he expected. On either subject. In fact his features contort in such a way that it's very difficult to even track his emotions, much less his thoughts. "O-oh." Color him shocked. "You think it was okay with me kill people?" He's curious now, and much to his relief his normal persona quickly recovers from the shock, allowing him to slide slowly back into his lazy gaze as it pours over her. Eventually he does extend a hand to her, his fingers twitching slightly to summon her closer. Is she will come closer or not..he can only wait and see. "Once you've died, things seem different. While you're alive you see things in a very selfish way. Life is it. People. Family. It's all this pattern of comfort woven tightly around you. When you die, you can see it for exactly what it is. It's not murder like some will try and tell you. It's survival. The primitive way that animals live. Wolves kill wolves. Hawks kill squirrels. As hateful and harsh as it sounds..what is a human but another animal? Not that I don't have some attachment to specific people. I prefer not eat them."

Beverley shakes her head. "I don't think it was okay with you before, I just think you were the type of person who could adapt to the new life better than some individuals," she offers with a shrug as she takes a few more steps forward, her boots crunching on the ground under her feet. "If I had to survive as… as a vampire… I think I'd rather attempt it like the Cullens do. It's still murder, and animals are still feeling creatures, so in a way, it's kind of all the same, but, I don't think I could kill a human."

Spencer chuckles, reaching with the hand to attempt to tug her closer. Should she let him, it's done so in a fashion that allows him to keep a cold grip on her person..though by far much less 'invasive' than most of his past gropings and clinging. "Like I said. Things look different once you're able to step back and look at people for what they are. Some are better than others. Some live their life like beacons begging for something to creep up and snap them away." Either way, his back is pressed against the frame of the jeep before he lowers his eyes for a moment. It lasts for a pause length before he turns his eyes back up. Red and rimmed by that ominous ring of venom that pleased Ramona so much only a night ago. "I tried their way. The Cullen's. It creates monsters. Not men." At least, in Spencer's case it did. "You don't want to know the chaos that came of that. And it tastes like ass."

Beverley isn't resistant as she's tugged closer to her old favorite stalker. "Well, if it creates monsters, that diet, then when I'm dead, make sure they bury me six feet under and I can't crawl out of my grave," she requests in a truly serious voice. "As I said, I have nothing against your kind, I just don't want to be one of your kind," she offers with a little nod and a crooked grin.

Spencer nods, allowing her to speak without being interrupted, despite his obvious desires to argue. He hasn't argued with anyone in over a week! It at least allows him some form of comfort as she is tugged closer. Warmth is something that still manages to fascinate him. It hasn't been very long since he was alive, no. but things, as he said, are perceived so differently. At least by him. He doesn't realize how experiences tend to change between people. "I'm afraid that I'm probably not a very good person to ask something like that from. I don't tend to let go of people very easily."

Beverley smiles and moves her hand to pat Spencer on the arm. "Aww, c'mon Spencey, you can let go of me, I'm really not that great of a catch or anything, especially in comparison to Ramona," she gives with a laugh and shake of her head. "When I go I go, I don't want to be like you, again, no offense."

Spencer purses his lips at the thought of relinquishing one of his pretties. It doesn't seem to set well with him, though the pat at his arm draws his attention toward her easily. "Meeh. I don't think you're in any condition to make that call." He teases suddenly, cutting his eyes over her before he grins. "And no. Ramona is perfect." He defends as well, nodding deeply at the comment. "She is incomparable. And irreplaceable." And a enabler of Spencer's very unhealthy mind-frame. "Gimme a kiss." Because..there's not a worst idea out there.

Beverley shrugs. "I can make the call, doesn't mean people have to agree with me," she points out, grinning slightly. "And Ramona is far more your speed, she's rebellious, I'm a sweet, good girl," is offered as she moves to give Spence a kiss on the cheek. Hey, he didn't say where.

Spencer chuckles lowly, nodding against eh kiss to his cheek. True. He didn't say where. And that is perhaps the safest place to grant his request. "Ramona is perfect." He repeats in fewer words before he gives the girls arm a soft stroke of his hand. "Here. Have a jeep. I don't want it." It's a weird leaving note, but a leaving note it is. In the blink of an eye, he's off..and one blink later he's gone. He is, after all, known for his vanishing acts.

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