Homecoming Part2

IC Time: September 7th, 2007 late evening
Location: Cullen House: Front Porch
Synopsis: Bella and Edward talk about meeting Charlie…
Submitted by: Bella & Edward

So Bella went to see Charlie tonight for the first time since she changed. She went alone, though no doubt Edward was not far off …just in case. Well at least a phone call away if needed. By time the game ended and her father saw her off it was late and she headed to the car quickly and just sat in it for awhile. Too many thoughts in her head. It went well, sure her dad suspected something, but just that she looked a little different and he seemed to accept her story about them being ill on the honeymoon. Finally though she started up the car and headed for home.

Edward has been stalking..er…watching over Bella while she was with her dad. But at least Charlie had the illusion of a private night in with his daughter. As she heads for home, so does Edward, taking advantage of his speed to zip through the forest toward the house. In fact, by the time she reaches home, he's sitting on the porch, innocently waiting as though he hadn't just spent the evening spying on her (even if it /was/ for a good reason).

Bella took her time driving home, too many thoughts roiling through her own mind. She assumed he would be out there, watching, making sure. She notices her husband on the porch and gives him a smile before parking the Volvo in the garage. Again she takes her time before she appears on the porch and looks over her husband. There is a little sniff and a faint smile touches her lips. "You smell like the pine trees outside Dad's house." She says before she joins him and settles to sit next to him. "So…I think it went well. He seems to think…something is different, but the story I told him about us being sick…seemed to cover it and of course 'Alice never letting me off on hair and makeup' now I am back…" She cants her head, "So what do you think?"

Edward waits patiently for Bella, but her response to his smell causes him to give a slow smile. "Can't get anything past you, can I?" he teases, gently, though he shifts so that she can easily join. Casually, he puts an arm around her shoulders, holding her close and taking the opportunity to plant a kiss on her cheek. "I think you handled yourself beautifully," he responds, quietly. "But I had no doubt that you would."

Bella settles her head on his shoulder, settling against his side. She seems a little stressed at least. She hunted before going over, just in case, but still so close and isolated in that house. There were brief moments of temptation she had to overcome, though they were overcome far easier than others 'her age'. "So the lies begin…" She gives a little laugh, "Though I suppose they were mostly half truths…I was sick…I did ..eat before I went over. Emily does cook more than I do now." She shakes her head, "They came far too easily…but oh so neccessarily."

Edward smiles quietly, and brushes at her hair. A shadow darkens his eyes, though she would probably not see it with her head rested upon his shoulder. He is silent for a time, just brushing at her hair, until finally he asks, gently, "Do you regret choosing this life?"

She just settles into his embrace, enjoying the feel of him. The nearby comfort. The question though makes her tense and look up to him quickly. Her hands are quick to his cheeks and she turns his face to look at her. "Not for a moment." She says with such intensity as she looks into his eyes, there is no doubt for her sincerity.

Edward meets her gaze, worry everpresent… He brings up a hand to carress her cheek, gently. "You're so beautiful," he murmurs, and leans forward to kiss her forehead. The worry doesn't quite die, but it's replace with something a bit more intense, just barely restrained as he says, "I love you."

"I love you..for eternity." Bella replies equally intense, her eyes fluttering closed ever so briefly as he kisses her forehead. She tilts her own lips up to meet his lips then. A kiss that would have been rather embarressing around her father as her hands slide from his cheeks to his around his neck. There is no lie in that kiss either, the same intensity shown there as in her words. No regrets.

Edward meets the kiss with characteristic intensity. With every moment he endeavors to prove his own dedication, his own passion fed by hers. When he finally pulls away it's with a reluctant little sigh and a pleased smile. "Keep that up, and we'll never get anything done," he warns, quietly. "Though I must admit, it might be fun to never get anything done…" he teases.

When you don't need for oxygen or rest, well kisses like this could last a long time. When finally their lips do part Bella smiles up at him. "Indeed it might be…" She says as she slides over to sit in his lap. "Though I have to wonder if you are just distracting me…" Bella responds with an arched brow.

Edward raises his eyebrows in a look of pseudo-shock. "Who me?" he responds, and then gives a bit of a laugh. "Last time I checked, it was the women who were supposed to distract the men…" he teases, gently, even as he shifts to let her rest more comfortably in his lap.

"Well I know you were 'listening' in…did the story hold? Does he suspect anything?" Bella asks of her husband as her arms link around his neck. She will not be distracted from this. She wants to know her father will be save from the Volturri, safe from the knowledge of what she is…for now.

Edward smiles gently. "He was worried about you, but he believed the story," he replies, distracted a bit by the promixity of Bella. "It was like I said…He felt guilty for not being there when you were 'sick'." He leans in to steal a little kiss, then adds, "By the end he was happy for you, though."

Bella listens quietly as he gives his recounting of the night. Her father's thoughts. Her gaze never leaves his, wanting to be sure he is not holding anything back, not trying to protect her. She is silent for a time before she nods and takes a deep breath. Her body finally relaxes into his arms again and she settles her head on his shoulder, "He is safe then. I told him we might go away to University at some point…or that we might move. Prepare him a little now, but told him that was at least another year off."

Edward nods a little, silent as she speaks. After all, he doesn't need to tell her that eventually they will have to leave Charlie behind forever. In fact, they'll have to leave behind all of her family and friends, when it becomes obvious that she isn't aging… It's too late to change their minds now, however, so he simply holds her, and quietly responds, "You did well."

That Bella is already preparing him…at least in small doses, she knows. Her own thoughts echo his own at the moment. Perhaps that is why she has been putting this off. She has been good enough around humans for a good month now…but to see Charlie is to face having to say goodbye to him someday…and mean it forever. She takes another steadying breath and closes her eyes as she leans into him. "I think I am going to have to practice eating human food…I am not sure I will be able to duck meals too much longer."

Edward gives a sympathetic smile to Bella. "It's unpleasant," he admits, quietly. "But it's a useful skill to have." Not that he's that eager to be the one to teach her. Regurgitation is less than beautiful to watch. "If you need help with anything…" he offers, trailing off to leave it open for interpretation.

"I suppose Bulimia is better than dead…" Bella responds with a bit of a laugh at her husband's offer. "So…just the good old fashion way? Stick a finger down your throat?" She asks with a wrinkle of her nose. "How long can you keep it down before you have to…bring it up?" She asks with the look of someone, not terrible keen to know the answer. Well…they are talking about vomit.


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