Movies, Combovers, and Drama

IC Time: Before midnight on 10/6/06
Location: Port Angeles - Deer Park Cinema
Synopsis: Ramona's stalking of Charli is interrupted by an unexpected run-in with Spencer.
Submitted by: Ramona

Ah, what is it to be a teenager in Washington state? Well, to Charlene Swan of Forks, being a teenager means being dragged around by people she doesn't genuinely enjoy, going on dates with guys she doesn't like, and pushing away the people that actually /do/ care for her. Tonight, she is engaging this philosophy at full speed, and that's why she's here, an hour before midnight on a Tuesday, waiting outside of the movie theater for a guy who she could care less about. Beside her, other humans file into the cinema, leaving the girl shivering in her thin hoodie and with a scowl on her face. It's fairly clear: she is currently wallowing in her own existential teenage angst.

A 'date' is on the schedule tonight for Ramona, as well, it would seem. She walks out of the theatre beside a man that appears too old for her — the Seattle businessman type, sneaking away to the Port for drinks and fun behind his wife's back. She's a step ahead of him, and her expression is a bit bored, but they converse nonetheless. "It was interesting how the end played out — his death was a bit ironic, don't you think?" Ramona rolls her shoulders forward in a shrug, pushing out the doors of the theatre into the refreshing night air. "Sure. Whatever. Listen, why don't we just get away from the downtown area for a —" As she breezes by the humans outside, a rather familiar-seeming scowl is spotted, causing her to pause, and a step later, swing around to a full stop, closing out what's-his-name completely in favor of the teen. "Le… Charli! You poor thing, it's so cold out here." She pastes on a sweet smile.

It's not exactly abnormal for Charlene to recognize people at the movies - after all, there's not many places for kids /to/ go in small middle-of-nowhere towns like these ones. Therefore she glances over her shoulder calmly, expecting another face from school, only to be blindsided by the saccharine smile of the vampire. Surprise is written on her features, and for a brief moment she tosses her gaze towards the movies, as if contemplating running away, but she doesn't move. "Oh…uhm. Hey. Yeah, it is." She responds, just invested enough to not look rude, but hopefully cold enough to keep the other woman at a cordial arm's length away.

Ramona does not get the reception she expected — the girl's face falls into a frown. Aside her, the man looks a bit confused, raising a hand to touch his bald head before shifting from one foot to the other. "Rachel? You want to go?" he murmurs. Ramona sends him a glare before focusing back on Charlene. She clearly did not get the please-stay-away vibe Charli was sending off from every fiber of her being. "It's warm in my car," she offers, like a creeper. The sentence is weighed before she adds, "Come on. We need to talk." At this point, what's-his-name is feeling a bit out of place and gives the pair a headshake before pointing in the other direction. "I'll just be uh, over here."

Charlene crosses her arms over her chest, a defensive, protective gesture meant to give her more courage. Simply, the woman shakes her head in the negative as a response to Ramona's offer. "Oh, uhm…No thanks. I'm waiting for someone, you know? I might lose them, and…" All of a sudden, Ramona drops all pretenses - and as a result, Charlene does as well. Her lips purse, and she turns to frown at the blond woman carefully. "…About what?" She is at first defiant, but soon enough her resolve seems to crack. "…Fine. Uhm. Alright. So let’s…talk."

At just an hour to midnight, the movie theater is booming with business. The earlier shows are letting out, and as a consequence, a throng of mostly satisfied individuals leave the building, many hand in hand. At the same time, the younger crowd lines up at the ticket window in a line that snakes out the door. Outside, the air is thin and crisp, but it doesn't seem to be bothering Ramona much. She stands with one hand on her hip rather close to Charlene as she waits in line. Several feet away, an overdressed man stands awkwardly in the shadows, alternating between a wary glance at Ramona and a shifty glance to his watch.

"Who're you waiting for?" Ramona asks Charli, raising a brow. "Must not think you're that important to have to stand out here. That sucks." She doesn't sound sympathetic. "And, no. I'm not talking to you right here. It's like teeny-bopper hell. Come back to the loft."

Charlene hugs herself almost childishly, watching Ramona out of narrowed, wary eyes. "…Like, are you serious? You want me to go back to your /place/? I mean, no. I'm not some teen statistic, or anything. Like, really? I am /so/ not in the mood to be sold in a drug trafficking ring or, you know, to join your cult or whatever." This is expressed with much more bravado, sass, and courage than she is actually /feeling/ at the time. She's all bark, no bite, as demonstrated by the belated way she glances around her at the people everywhere. "But like…I /guess/ we could go somewhere less…yeah. And, shut up. He had to do something."

For a moment, Ramona appears slightly dumbfounded by Charlene's response, though it doesn't develop as anything other than a stare that lasts a few seconds too long. She has remembered her contacts, not that it really matters with Charli — Ramona blew any sort of disguise after their first encounter. "Wow, so, you actually have some self-preservation or whatever it's called?" She laughs. "That's kind of funny, and maybe a little ironic." Charli was one of the few people she probably wouldn't bother to try and hurt. Her eyes shift around the scene, locking in on a conveniently-located alleyway. "Yeah, okay… because an alley is going to be so much more comfortable than my loft. But whatever." Ramona rolls her eyes and then moves forward to grab Charlene's elbow, as if not believing she'd actually follow. The 'date' is left behind, bothering to pipe up a last "Rachel?" before looking rather confused and just wandering back off toward his Land Rover in the parking lot.

Charlene is forced to follow after Ramona against her will, really. And she proves what a giant baby she really is by whining every step of the way: "Ow ow ow, let go! I'm goin’, okay, geez!" Despite herself, though, she eventually glances over her shoulder to witness the retreat of the 'date'. "Why did he call you Rachel? What were you doing with that guy? I thought you and…well, whatever." She tries to wrench her arm out of Ramona's grasp as they enter the alleyway, unwilling to go too deep into the location. "This is fine. What did you want to talk about? And like, make it fast, I still have a movie to watch."

It's amazing really. How in the entirety of Port Angeles Spencer can pick that one alley. That one narrow structure of walls and darkness that his sister and his mate have gathered in to discuss…well, whatever it is that they seem to be discussing.

It is also rather unfortunate that that particular alleyway happens to be the one that, in a huff of groping and kissing Spencer is blindly led by a very VERY unlucky brunette. Yes, ladies. Brunette. He's alive for the second time; why not mix things up a little.

It's not like he's a threat these days.

Ramona has to check herself as she leads Charlene off — /is/ she grabbing the girl too hard? It's quickly realized that she isn't, and the girl's just a whiner. "Shut up," she grumbles, tightening her grip a bit on the teen's arm as she nudges her inside the front of the alley. Once in the safety of the shadows and confident her words won't be heard in the open, she lets go of Charlene and leans against the rough brick wall, raising a boot to lay flat against it. "I don't know; he was old —" she seems to want to say more. However, the presence of certain others at first distracts her, and then, after an annoyed glance is shot toward the 'intruders,' seems to piss her off royally, as demonstrated with a chilling glare. "What's your brother doing here, Charli?" she manages, swiveling her gaze to the other twin. Somehow, it is her fault. "You bitch! You totally knew they were here." Maybe she should reconsider the not hurting Charlene thing.

Charlene doesn't stop whining, as she isn't bothered by Ramona's grumbling at all. Too much of a priss to actually lean against the grimy alleyway walls, she instead places all of her weight on one leg, cocking her head to the side as she peers over to the vampire expectantly. Only…to be disappointed? "What's my - oh my God! Ew! Ew!" Cue more wailing as Charlene lifts her hands to clamp over her eyes, face red with mortification. She doesn't even get the chance to express just how fundamentally disturbing the sight is to her, nor is she given the opportunity to yell at Spencer, before Ramona goes…crazy. Surprise prompts the human to drop her gaze and /gape/ at her. "How should I know? And, are you serious, now? I didn't even want to have this stupid talk - you're cutting into /my/ date, and now you're blaming me for my brother being a horndog? Oh, please, no way! It's not /my/ fault that you can't even keep him interested enough, alright. And you can't even be /angry/. You were off with Dr. Combover back then anyway!"

Her fault? Who's fault? Horndog? Combover..? Everything is a blur for the moment Spencer hears it. The voices strike a chord of his memory however, especially the one that suddenly jolts to a shrill angry scream. It's that voice he knows all too well that causes his eyes to fly open and his arms to move almost automatically to shove the girl away from himself, sending her flying into the wall across from him. It's also almost automatic the way he instantly begins to stare, blue eye widening quickly at the sight…only to cut at the gagging and hiding of Lenny. "I'm not a horndog." He then corrects suddenly, turning his back on a very confused date. "And…combover?! What the fuck!?" Because he TOTALLY has a right to be pissed. "Why the hell are you stalking my sister?" He'll panic later, thanks. In about 42 seconds.

Ramona is finding it just a little hard to keep it together. Just outside the alley, humans roam around, a dime a dozen. There's a teenaged girl taunting her, and her supposed boyfriend-type was making out with some bimbo. A rational person might run or even walk away — but she's not very rational, and she isn't exactly a person. Her first move is to silence the taunt. She advances toward Charlene in a blur, unsure of her actual plan until the last second, which turns out to be shoving the teen hard against the wall by the shoulders. "Don't pretend you know me." It's probably not a popular move, but at least she didn't strangle the girl. The vampire turns toward Spencer and the girl that went flying into the wall. "And you! Don't even get me started." She doesn't move. "Funny, though. I've been wanting to kill you for weeks and now… now I don't even want to /touch/ you," she declares overdramatically before staring at the non-Swan human. "Stupid girl." An insult for good measure.

There is a scream, more out of shock then actual pain that emits from Charlene until she's slammed up against the wall. Then, shell-shocked, she is in fact quieted. Her only reaction is to stare up to Ramona, fear reflecting quite plainly in her wide doe-like blue eyes as she almost cowers up against the wall. Slowly, sullenly, she gets her strength back when she notices that she has not, in fact, been harmed further. It is then that thoughts of revenge, of having Jacob come in and protect her, or delusions of the sort start to take over, leaving her to glare petulantly at the vampire, /and/ her brother as well. She doesn't even comment on it - she huddles into her sweatshirt and turns quickly to try and duck out of the alley, leaving the pair behind in her ire.

Spencer blinks quickly at the reactions around him. Firstly, the scream from Lenny causes him to twitch and step forward, only to be halted by the screams from Ramona. "Oh please! I was bringing her to YOU." Because it seems like an awesome excuse…and it might be partially true. The brunette seems rather confused but hasn't run yet. "She's a /fan/." You know, those things Ramona seems to be utterly obsessed with. "She wanted to meet you." And with that, he divides his attention, reaching to catch his sister as she tries to pass and give her a quick look over. Not overly loving so much as making absolutely sure the girl is not bit in the slightest way. "You okay?" Because look, he actually cares. That's -exactly- what Ramona needs to see. "Why are you alone with her?" Lenny is way less stupid than her brother normally.

The excuse given is actually considered for a moment as Ramona regards the brunette. "Well, not your normal… thing, I guess," she murmurs skeptically, her eyes narrowed as she focuses back on Spencer. "But I don't believe you," she adds more loudly, though she /does/ shoot the girl another glance, fully planning on asking if she bought the last CD that was released from her band. She slinks into the shadows closer to the 'fan,' but turns instead to watch the interaction between the siblings, her arms crossed over her chest. She can of course, hear everything perfectly, and the darkness doesn't hinder her vision. She's very much able to see the look Spencer gives to Charlene, and the persistent question afterward. The exchange leaves a thoughtful look on Ramona's face, one that borders on devious as she continues to listen, but slowly drops down next to the girl. "Regardless of any original intention, you actually do get to meet me tonight!" she says brightly.

Charlene is, yet again, yanked to a halt by the arm. Unfortunately for Spencer, the girl has reached her proverbial limit with that particular action for the day. She jerks her arm out of his hand, barely turning to face Spencer as her hands are thrown in her front pockets. "I'm fine, alright. And I don't know, that psycho wanted to talk to me, and I didn't want to go back to her place and be like, drugged or raped or sold into slavery." Melodrama, thy name is Charlene. "You know what - just leave me alone. Everyone! I don't want any part in whatever it is you two do, I /don't/ care, I just want to live my life, okay?"

Well…that's causes Spencer's brain to screech to a halt. It also causes is expression to twist. First worry, then confusion and then finally—something else. Something very, very empty, at which point he does in fact release his twin’s arm. That would be his only movement however before he finally lowers his head to set right his expression. Hurt wouldn't be a good term. Perhaps, vicious-hurt? Maybe. Either way it's directed back at the twin before he filters his vision over the egotistical blonde and his 'date'. Luckily he holds his tongue for the moment, turning to slump against the wall finally to watch the alley. He'll let Ramona do her thing, and Charlene walk into oncoming traffic. At least…that's his current wish.

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