Dinner And A Show

IC Time: October 14, 2007
Location: The Waffle House
Synopsis: During a late breakfast dinner, Tiago and Carly have something of an explosive fight, only for Afton to join in afterwards.
Submitted by: Tiago

Rating: R: Language

Waffle House

Despite its rather unimpressive outside appearance, the Waffle House is kept clean and neat inside - the windows are spot free, the countertops are sparkling, and the floor isn't sticky. A sign indicates that groups should seat themselves - there are mostly booths and a few tables situated around the restaurant to accommodate everyone. There doesn't appear to be a specific non-smoking section, a usual crowd of older men are usually gathered in clusters in tables in the front, leaving a haze of smoke filtering throughout the restaurant. The menus are printed on large, laminated paper sheets (waffles and steak are the specialties), and the waitresses are friendly, but to the point. All in all, this chain seems to be run much like a family diner.

Outside, soft rain falls from a grey-black sky without moon or stars. A warm gentle wind blows from the southeast.

It's night, just barely, but lucky for Tiago, the Waffle House is still quite open. And surprisingly, still quite populated. Apparently, the good people of Forks seem to have a thing for eating breakfast for dinner. In any case, the lad is tucked into a booth in one end of the store, a plate of half-eaten pancakes before him and a surprisingly broad grin, for someone who had recently fought with his psuedo-girlfriend just days before. He's looking into his phone, his fingers flying over the number pad as he spills himself out on texting.

The door chime tinkles and Carly steps in, looking more down than a locust during a drought. She sighs heavily as she plods toward one of the stools at the counter, not even noticing the boy in the booth. As she slips into the stool, the waitress comes over with a pot of coffee to which the girl shakes her head. "Can I have a glass of diet coke with a lemon in it? And do you have pie?" The waitress nods and places one of the laminated menus at the girl's seat then spirits off to grab the drink.

It's pure, dumb luck that prompts Tiago to look up and catch Carly's entrance. But the way he decides to react is quite deliberate. He narrows his eyes in her direction, semi-glaring at the moment as he mentally goes over his options, weighing the pros and cons of ignoring her, versus drawing attention to himself. Ultimately? His immature side wins. "Well damn, d'you look different when you're not chuckin' stuffed animals around like a crazy person. What's a matter? Run outa people ta harrass?" So. He's being an ass, yes. But he's just a /little/ resentful of the girl at the moment.

Turning in the stool, Carly narrows her eyes at the boy and wrinkles her nose, "Hi Chia Pet, busy trying to get into another girl's pants? Or is two enough?" She's not down enough to stop her judgmental views of him. Despite the conversation she had with his pseudo-sister, she's not ready to let go of that just yet. She doesn't believe that the boy is any sort of nice or good, and his treatment of women who are and aren't falling at his feet is proof enough for her.

Tiago's expression is nothing short of comical. It takes him a moment to register the word "Chia Pet". It takes him another to realize that it's referring to him. And ultimately, he finds himself reddening slightly in embarrassment then, prompting the lad to lash out defensively. "Chia Pet? That's cute, but man, you should stop with the pet names, y'know? It just makes ya sound desperate and I /don't/ like you like that, sorry. Try again never!" He sniffs proudly here, rolling his light eyes to the skies before running a hand through his hair.

Carly smirks as he gets all defensive, her power in the conversation is increasing and she knows it. "That's okay, I don't like guys that use girls for …that… and then talk to everyone in the world about it." She turns around in her stool to face the counter again and tosses a last phrase over her shoulder, "By the way, I met someone tonight that was talking about you and Ree.. seems like they knew the story too. Good job on being good to her, jerk."

And this is rapidly souring for the Brazilian boy. And he knows it. It's times like these where he wishes he had a bit more insight, a bit more…intelligence in general. Tiago's expression suddenly darkens a shade. "Shut up," he hisses, glaring at the youth with a measure of authority. "I don't care if you like me or not, and I don't give a /fuck/ what ya say about me, but I'm not goin' ta let you run 'round actin' like I'm some kind of…of sexual con artist. You make /her/ sound dumb by doin' that, and she's not. And I'd /never/ fuckin' do that to her, never. So get off your fuckin' high horse, 'cause you're /way/ out of line here." Grinding his teeth, he adds one last point. "Oh? And kindly shut the fuck up 'bout my life. The hell are you talkin' about it to people, anyway? You're nothin' but a gossip, and if you were /really/ Ree's friend you wouldn't be spreadin' bad rumours about her."

Jumping off her stool, Carly quickly makes her way over to the boy and sits down right across from him. "For your /information/, jerk, I stopped the conversation as soon as the person started talking about her and you. I don't treat Ree like the piece of meat you do. So you get off your high horse, you're still playing both of them, so you don't even have room to talk. And Ree's not dumb, she's super nice and she thinks that you are too. Too bad she's completely wrong about you." With that, Carly folds her arms over her chest and glowers at him from across the table. The waitress has brought the pie and diet coke to her at his table, so she is not leaving and it becomes painfully obvious.

"I ain't playin' anyone, are you retarded? I don't want ta be in this position, I don't want ta deal with this shit, and if I could, I'd make it go away with the snap of a finger, so fuck off!" Tiago snaps back at her, instinctually baring his teeth a little without even noticing it. His hands slam down on the table dramatically, and he continues to scowl over to the girl that has…recently taken up in his booth? "Chyeah! Of course, I'm a right asshole! Except, funny huh, how you're the only one ta see it? but of course, everyone else is wrong and /you're/ right. Well, if I'm such an ass, what the hell're you doin' in my booth?" Beat. Suddenly, he finds it pertinent to repeat: "What the /hell're/ you doin' in my booth!?"

"No, /you/ fu—dge off!" Carly hisses back at the boy, grabbing her diet coke and piece of pie. She jerks her way out and flounces across the room toward her stool again. "For someone that doesn't want to be in the situation, you're not doing a good job of being honest with people. Maybe other people like you because you are lying to them, well you can't lie to me. Bye Chia Pet." She twists so that her back is facing him and then lowers her head, hiding her face with her hair. She sniffles once and the waitress quickly glances between the girl and then the boy she was fighting with, a very confused expression on her face.

There are so many reasons why Afton -shouldn't- be in a human diner, but boredom as it is, or perhaps another reason that draws him out; he is here. He shrugs is coat free of some of the rain of the outdoors once within, a hand running through his hair for much the same effect. He is lacking is tie, the first three buttons undone on his shirt to offer a more casual appearance than 'business' of is usual.

"Are you serious! I was in trouble 'cause I /am/ bein' honest ta everyone involved! Which, by the way, you're not! You don't even know what the hell is happenin', all you're doin' is makin' dumbass judgements on me! And yeah, I get it, you're tryin' ta help your friend, but she aint /stupid/. I aint lyin' ta her. And in fact, I /jus'/ got back from talkin' ta her about it all. And guess what?" Tiago stands at this point, puffing his chest out like some sort of puffer fish as he stares at Carly's retreating back. His accent, urban American dashed with a hint of South American, rings loud and clear in his drawl, and he ignores all the curious look this spectacle might garnering altogether. "She still likes me. I still like her. And you can hate all you want, but that ain't goin' ta change. So deal with it."

Looking at the waitress as the Brazilian boy busies himself by making a spectacle, she rolls her eyes and spears the pie with her fork. She won't gratify his need for attention with an outburst of her own and she definitely won't give him the satisfaction of letting him know that she doesn't /really/ hate him a lot… just a little more than someone should hate another. She examines her pie, cutting it with the fork without actually taking any bites, even though she didn't have an appetite to begin with, she's lost whatever made her order the pastry to begin with.

Afton comes in just in time to catch Tiago's burst to Carly, though an inhale tells him enough of the people in the diner at the moment. Ode de human and the taint of wolf. The corner of is lips tense, but only slightly as he takes in the occupants, and Carly. "Problems, Carly?" He offers as a sort of greeting as he takes only a couple of steps near.

And boy, does Tiago need the attention. He's content with fuming to himself for the time being, but appears to be so surly, so gosh darn riddled with teenage angst that he is, in all effect, a ticking timebomb. It's just a matter of what might set him off first. Realizing this, he takes the initiative and inhales deeply, hoping to somehow calm himself…only to have his olefactory senses literally attacked with the sickening sweet scent of vampire in the evening. Automatically, his eyes flash over to the red-eyed man, and they narrow conspicuously. There is a quick, internal battle, during which his dislike for the blonde battles it out with his moral obligations, and the result leads to Tiago taking one step closer to Carly, his body facing Afton's in an aggressive, warning-type fashion. It's a clear mark of protection, even if Tiago doesn't even know that he's giving out said image with his body language.

The sound of Afton's voice makes Carly jump, she was clearly not expecting to see him any time soon. Her heart races as she spins around in her seat, beaming a smile to the man. "No, no problems, I'm just avoiding going home right now." She lets off a small laugh, as though trying to make light of the situation. Her smile drops though, as she sees Tiago move toward her, her eyebrows twitching into a small frown. "Back off Chia Pet, I don't like you that way and threatening to beat up my agent isn't going to make it happen any faster." The girl glowers, setting her jaw stubbornly. She doesn't understand the rivalry between super naturals, as a matter of fact, she doesn't even know about super naturals.

Afton can't help but laugh at Tiago's protectiveness of the girl. "Don't worry." He intones; not that it'll likely put Tiago at ease any. He shrugs his coat off and hangs it on a chair near Carly, gesturing to the same seat as he asks of her: "May I?" See? Polite vampire. Riiiiight.

No, Afton's intonation does absolutely nothing to put Tiago at ease. But, Carly's growl doesn't help things either. The youth turns to just /stare/ at her, brow slightly arched, in an expression of awe. It's like he cannot understand how that could have been seen as anything /but/ self-sacrificial and noble. But, now that it has been tainted with her accusations and /that blasted nickname/, he scowls darkly. "You're so fuckin' ignorant. You know what, whatever. If /that's/ the kinda person ya want ta be around, fine. Jus' know, you suck at judging people." And with this implicit, well-meaning insult given, he starts to stalk out, his jaw set stubbornly.

To anyone in the diner that is not super natural, mostly the entire populace (who has incidentally turned to watch the display) the act of the boy seems nothing more than a dog in the manger act. If the boy is going to be miserable, so is the girl, his action isn't seen as protective by the girl, she has no idea. And then it is her turn to get defensive, "You know what Chia Pet? You don't know anything about me, and you probably don't know anything about my friend either. You owe him an apology, you can't just go around threatening everyone whenever you feel like it. It's rude, and you're rude." She humphs and turns around in her chair, giving Afton a weary smile and nodding to the seat, "Yeah, that'd be nice, thanks."

Afton settles in the chair near Carly; but with that polite distance of course. Tiago's huffy attempt at a departure has him chuckling, a small shake of his head given as well. "What, not going to apologize?" He taps a finger idly on the table top, crimson gaze catching sight of the waitress to which he gives a captivating smile; but otherwise, he doesn't seem intent on ordering anything. What the hell is he doing here anyway? Oh right..

Tiago should be gone - but he's not. Not just yet. "I don't owe nothin' ta no one. Scre-…Bah! I'm out!" And like the melodramatic man-diva that he is, the lad literally storms his way to the exit, swings the door wide, and then slams it shut hard enough for nearby glasses of water to shake at the impact. Way to ruin a perfectly good pancake dinner, Carly.

Wrinkling her nose in distaste, Carly sniffles once, obviously trying to fight back her tears. Her face is red with embarrassment because of her participation in the entire debacle. This is all Tiago's fault, if he wasn't such a jerk she wouldn't dislike him so much, that is her rationale. Her head is bent low, so that even the waitress can't see her face.

Afton sighs at Tiago's dramatic exit, a glance given skyward in some sense of annoyance. He's dealt with his fair share in his long existance, but the young ones are always the worst. Glancing sidelong at Carly, and seeing her state, he frowns. Well hell, he hasn't even finished destroying her yet and she's already crying. Lifting a hand he rubs his face once, sighing, before resting a hand feather light on her shoulder; brief, but there. He doesn't want her to catch onto his cold skin after all. "Don't worry; young boys are always jerks."

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