Who Ordered The Bear?

IC Time: Afternoon of October 15, 2007.
Location: Forks High School Cafeteria
Synopsis: Lunch time at the school, new people meet and a bear decides to drop by for lunch.
Submitted by: Nicolas and Valerie

The cafeteria is buzzing with activity, it is halfway through the lunch period and the natives are restless. It's almost the weekend and everyone is looking forward to their well earned two days off. The tables are practically full with only a few exceptions. One seat at the table with the jocks and cheer leaders, which has apparently been recently vacated judging by the glaring looks the occupants are giving a blonde across the room. The others are near said blonde who is at the moment chatting with another girl as she takes the occasional bite from an apple.

"I wonder where Ree is," Carly says, loud enough for anyone within the vicinity to hear, "We were going to go up to Port Charles to look for Halloween costumes…" The girl she is talking to seems a little bit occupied at the moment and is barely responding to Carly's chatter.

Nicolas vacates the line with a tray of food, or what the school considers food, in hand. He eyes the tray and sighs for a moment before he lifts his eyes, moving towards the tables, searching for an empty spot. His eyes fall upon the jocks and cheer leaders, shaking his head slightly before he manages to find a spot at a table near the jocks table. He moves towards the spot quickly in case anyone else had spot the same seat and is trying to make their move for it as well.

Amaya is listening to her ipod, and trying not to gag on the 'chicken'. She lifts a hand in greeting to Nicolas as he comes over, and pays attention to the conversation with her non-headphone-bedecked ear.

The rear door is pushed open, allowing a flustered brunette to slip through while attempting to juggle jacket and bag and a terrible sense for time. Order is only restored after Ree manages to get one tucked under her right arm, and the other slung over her left shoulder. Then she goes up on her toes and scans the room, looking for…ah! It's another epic feat to begin weaving through the crowd of students and tables to reach Carly's. "Hey!"

As the new boy makes his claim on the chairs near them, Carly gives him a small smile. Her cheeks flush a little as she actually (omg) speaks to him, "Hey, I'm Carly, have a seat!" Her hair is down, but she reaches one hand up to cup the ear furthest away from the boy, almost subtly… but not quite. The wind that rushes through the cafeteria as a result of the door opening causes the blonde to lose her train of thought and she immediately looks over.

"Speak of the devil-woman!" She chirps quite cheerfully, motioning to the girl to have a seat. "I thought you were never going to get here. I didn't get permission to go… Do you think they'll call my mom if I went anyway?" She seems a little nervous at the prospect of ditching school for the afternoon, but she's not completely opposed to it. Her actions dictate this quite well since she's as antsy as a dog that's been inside for WAY too long.

Nicolas smiles to Amaya as she offers a wave, returning it with a nod of his head. He looks up at Carly as she speaks, offering a smile to the girl. "Thanks." He says in reply as he sets his tray down and takes his seat. He glances over his shoulder as the breeze reaches him, looking towards the source for a moment before he turns back to the tray and picks up a fork, poking at the chicken. He lets out a soft sigh. "Worse than prison food." He says to no one in particular.

Ree slides into a chair beside Carly, stirring with an exaggerated sigh of relief as she's able to deposit the bag on the floor, freeing a hand to wave at the girls she recognizes. "Sorry I'm late, I forgot to turn in a paper this morning and…did you just call me devil-woman?" The girl crinkles the bridge of her nose, squinting at her best friend. It's a temporary scold, really. "It should be okay, they don't call or anything. It's like tradition to ditch as much as you can senior year. Hey, who's this?" The last is added as Avery's focus switches to Nicolas, her head tilting in open, friendly curiosity.

"Uhm… He's uhh…" Carly draws a blank at Ree's question, "Yes I called you devil-woman. I'm totally blaming you for your stupid boyfriend screaming at me in the middle of the Waffle House. He's so off balance, what do you see in him?" The girl has a scowl on her own face to match the brunette's, then it smooths out as the girl sighs heavily and flings her arm around Ree's neck, pulling her close for a hug/head touch. "But it's okay, we all have issues, you just like the bad boys." At this, Carly erupts in a little fit of giggles. When she finally lets the brunette go, she has a seriously look on her face again and she shakes her head, "I had such a weird couple of days. Hey do you have a car? I don't think mine will be a good ride to Port Angeles. That and my mom and dad might see it out of the parking lot."

Nicolas sits at the table with Carly and the others, poking at his chicken on the tray before him with a fork. He shakes his head as he pries off a piece and studies it as it's skewered on the end of his fork. He looks back at the others as they mention the new guy. He looks at the girls and smiles. "I'm Nicolas." He says before he tries a bite of the chicken, making a face as the taste reaches his brain.

"Hi, Nicolas. I'm Avery! This is Car—" One of the difficulties of being friends with Carly means that opportunities to actually speak are few and far between. Ree's happily studying the new kid when suddenly she's in a head-lock and a tale of woe is being poured into her ear. "Um." Intelligent, Avery. A hesitant pat-pat lands on Carly's arm. "He's not my boyfriend, Car, we had a talk…wait. He screamed at you?" she inquires, bewildered. "That doesn't sound like…uh." Topic change! A girl could get dizzy. "I don't have a car, Mom thinks I might escape early or something. Does that mean we can't go?"

Tambrey more or less creeps into the cafeteria with a dubious expression on her face. This is indeed her first day of classes. She's here late. But then again, her mother is the brand-new BCIS teacher at the high school and came in late, thus… Chewing her lower lip just a bit, and hugging her bag to her front protectively, she steps inside and makes more or less for the lines offering food. She's dressed for the fall weather, but she's definitely not a regular face here. She moves to set her bag down somewhere before moving as unobtrusively as possible to the line for the chicken. It's as good as anything in a school cafeteria, after all.

Carly smiles at Nicolas and shakes her head, "Don't eat the chicken, I have a theory that they kill the pigeons around the dumpster every morning to make the nuggets and tender strips. That's why the straws aren't wrapped, they're using them as little blow darts." She holds up the second apple on her tray and reaches over to place it on his, "Eat that, it's way better."

Turning to Ree, the blonde wrinkles her nose and shakes her head, "Well if we can find someone that wants to hang out with us… who has a car, then we can go. I found… well I was brought to… the coolest little costume shop and OH MY GOD you need to see these new shoes that..*cough*Afton*cough*.. bought for me." Elbowing the brunette beside her, she points to the line, "Hey another new girl! Sleep over candidate? I think YES!"

Nicolas sets the chicken down as Carly speaks of the pigeons and slides the tray away from him slightly. "Thanks." He says as he takes the apple, looking it over for a moment before he turns to the girls as they speak to each other. "You guys are going costume shopping? I still need to get mine and I have a car. I can drive you guys if you want." He says to them before turning to the apple and takes a bite.

Ree can't possibly keep up with the rapid shifts of focus; not even trying to means she has a moment to reach up and repair the damage done to her hair by the headlock. Fingercombing her bangs back into tidiness, the teen cuts a sideways look at Carly and tries not to smile openly at her enthusiasm. "Some guy bought you shoes? Geez, Carly, that's…what? Oh, hey, call her over!" Then Nicolas proves himself the champion of conversation stealing. Ree's gaze snaps to the young mand and suddenly he's being subjected to an intense scrutiny, sans smile. "Um, I dunno…it's kind of a long drive up to Port Angeles…"

Tambrey fiddles with her money nervously as she makes her way slowly through to her food and out again. She pays and then realizes she has to find where she put her stuff again. Erk. She hesitantly makes her way back past her line, scanning for her bag amidst the others in the cafeteria presently.

On Avery's command, Carly jumps up from her seat and skips over to where Tambrey is currently looking a little befuddled. "Can't find a chair? Come sit with the coolest kids in town… or something." The bubbly blonde chirps as she finds the bag and picks it up for the girl. As they make their way back to the table Carly (who is holding the bag hostage just in case Tambrey tries to make a getaway) chatters, "So, you're new huh? I'm Carly, new too."

When they get to the table, Carly points everyone out in turn, "This is Ree, she's going to the Halloween party as Marilyn Monroe, that's Amaya… she's a little bit quiet… That's Nicolas, he's new too, but he was at the table first so he's less new." After making her introductions, she takes her seat between Nicolas and Ree, across from Amaya and motions for Tambrey to take a seat. "Come sit sit! I hope you didn't order the chicken."

Nicolas looks up at Ree as he chews the bite of apple and swallows before he speaks. "I just thought I'd offer." He says with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Up to you." He says before he turns to the new person as he is introduced, offering the girl a wave of his hand. "Heya." He says with a slight smile.

"No, I mean, it's really nice of you to offer…" Ree pauses, tracking Carly's bouncing progress across the cafeteria to herd The Other New Girl. Then it's back to Nicolas, whom she regards with an odd expression: mild anxiety. "Can I ask a weird question? Do you wear contacts?" There's just time enough to get the question out before the bubbly blonde returns, Tambrey in her wake. Avery folds her arms on the table and leans on them, doing her best innocent impression while giving the unfamiliar girl a smile. "Hey, nice to meet you. Welcome to Forks!"

Tambrey goes from befuddled to alarmed as her bag is taken into custody by a strange girl and she's made to join them. She glances around quickly quite as if to ask, 'is anyone seeing this??' before slowly sitting in place. She nods at everyone and offers a quiet, "Um, hi…." And then she looks down at her chicken and back up to Carly. "Yes, I did," she manages with a weak smile. "Though usually I just eat what's around it. I didn't like the other choice more." She smiles more at Ree and says, "Thanks." She glances at Nicolas as he's asked about his contacts. Though when she looks at his dark eyes, she… finds herself baffled further.

The lunch period is three quarters over, tables have started emptying out with the exception of one off in the corner that keeps getting added to. Old hats, Amaya and Avery have been joined by a passel of new kids, they should be dubbed the welcome wagon committee of Forks High. Carly, is currently staring deeply into Nicolas' eyes while she takes a bite of her apple, a result of Ree's question, Tambrey is as well. The poor boy is the center of attention at a table full of girls, some would consider it a dream come true, others might get a little weirded out.

After getting a good look into the boy's eyes, Carly shrugs and turns to Ree, "That's a really strange question, Ree. Unless you want his color, but I don't think they'd look good with your complexion." Then she turns back to Nicolas, her attention lacking the intense stare of before, "Seriously? You'll drive up to Port Angeles? That would be super-fantastic! We should get going before lunch ends though… just in case. You don't mind ditching school do you?"

Trevor managed to get to lunch late, and is now wandering through the room looking around for a place to sit, which isn't a big problem at the moment. He managed to get a slice of pizza and an apple it seems, the pizza is nearly all gone as it didn't take long for him to munch away on it during the walk through the room. Under a arm rests a notebook and his guitar rests across his shoulder from the thin leader strap.

Nicolas nods his head to Ree before she asks her question. He raises an eyebrow slightly in response before he shakes his head. "Uh… no. I don't wear contacts." He says to her before he looks to Carly and nods. "Yeah. I got nothing better to do, need a costume and it's my first day here. I don't mind ditching. What are they going to do? Throw me in jail?" He says with a smirk.

Ree, having been caught at her interrogation, has the good grace to blush for having placed herself in that situation. "Thanks. I was just wondering," she mumbles as her chin sinks towards her throat and her gaze locks on the table's surface. "Lots of people lately wearing those colored ones. I was, um, thinking about getting them too, yeah. Hey look, it's Trevor!" Then, demonstrating some sense for social survival, she shuts up and lets Carly do the talking.

Tambrey is eating around her chicken when they start talking about… "Ditching??" she hisses, after coughing and choking for a moment. "You can't be serious!" And she gets an even more horrified look at Nicolas as he says it's his first day and he's willing to ditch. She just darts a look around at everyone, clearly wondering what renegade band of ne'er-do-wells has virtually kidnapped her to seat her at their table.

Carly's attention is fully captured by Ree's announcement that she's seen Trevor. "Where?" she nearly does a 180 spin in her chair as she looks for the boy. When her eyes fall on him, she lifts her hand in a large wave. "Trevor!" she calls out, rather loudly… which causes a blush to come to her cheeks and her ears to turn bright red. It is then she turns around again and ducks her head, "Oh gawd… he probably thinks I'm a total tard right now…" then she shakes her head, "No.. no… I'm good." When Tambrey begins choking, Carly looks a little shocked. "Well… Ree's grounded and she needs a Halloween costume. I have mine.. I'm going as soap on a rope!"

Trevor just blinks as he peers and looks around as he hears his name twice. "Er?.." That's a first. It doesn't take him long to figure out who may have called his name as he spots the group over at a table with at least two that he knows. He moves on over towards them, his pizza done with, and nods. "Hey guys." Is said with a smile and wave. "How's it going?"

Nicolas nods his head to Ree. "Sure." He says to her before he looks back to Carly and the others as they call to the new guy, his eyes following the others. He watches the new guy approach, offering a nod in greeting to the guy, but doesn't say anything yet. He turns to Tambrey and smiles. "Where you from?" He asks her.

While Trevor is working his way towards the table, Ree leans her shoulder against Carly's and lets her dark head rest briefly against the other girl's light one. "Deep breaths, you're cool…Trev's nice," she murmurs well under her breath. By the time the boy arrives, she's straightened in her chair and found a smile for him. "Hey, Trev. Carly's decided to make us the coolest table at school. Nice timing! How are things?" Resting her chin in her hand, her attention wanders towards Tambrey then and she watches that one, puzzled. Ditching is bad?

Tambrey just stares at Carly for a moment. "So… maybe… go after school? Or finagle something so her mother lets her go? If she's getting a costume, she must not mean to be grounded THAT long to use it?" Oy, and there's another face. Male too. She slumps a little, crosses her arms slightly more, and picks at her food. Lunatics! She's surrounded by them! "I mean, I don't have a costume, and hell, like I'll even need one?" she mutters to nobody in particular. "I just got here. Don't know anyone. Too old to trick or treat." She makes a face. "And why am I talking to myself, anyway?" Whoops. Someone's addressing her. She looks up at Nicolas and blinks once. "Port Angeles," she says immediately. "Born and raised there until… well, now. I'm Tambrey." She winces as she says, "Callidus." AKA, the new BCIS teacher's daughter? Ohyes. That'd be Mrs. Evelyn Callidus.

Amaya finishes the 'chicken' and takes her headphones off. She nods in greeting to the new arivials at the table, and tucks her headphones back away. Then, she merely looks at the others sitting there, trying to figure out the general topic of the conversation.

A little blurb of rock music erupts from Carly's cell phone and the blonde teen pulls it out of her hoodie and flips open the screen. "Oh hey, another RSVP for my sleep over!" She looks over to Tambrey and gives her a wide smile, "You're invited too, best way to get to know all the girls. Sleep over at my house on Saturday night, bring your jammies and your sleeping bag!" She begins to text on the little keyboard at 1000wpm, "I think it's one of the cheer leaders I was sitting with before, but I can't remember all their names. Dude, there's going to be like 100 people there!" She isn't talking to anyone in particular with her last statement, but once she presses the send button she turns to smile at Trevor and then turns to Nicolas, "What are you going to be for Halloween?"

Trevor likes to think his cool anyway! "Naw much, so the coolest table huh? Guess its a good thing I waited to come in so I could find a spot at the cool table for once." He says with an amused tone. A glance is offered to Tambrey, Amaya and Nicolas and he offers a nod and friendly smile to them as well. "Hey." His gaze turns back to Carly and Ree. "I've been doing alright, how are you guys?"

Nicolas smiles to Tabrey. "So not too far of a move then." He says before he looks back to Carly as she addresses him. "Dunno yet. I'm debating between a pirate, vampire, pregnant nun or Brandon Lee in the Crow." He says simply before he takes another bite from the apple in his hand.

Ree's eyes flicker with uneasiness while she cranes her neck, trying to get a good look at Carly's phone. "That many? Geez, Carly, I don't think there were a hundred girls *to* invite." It would be a bad time for the small town girl to realize she has an aversion to crowds, having already committed herself. When Trevor's voice cuts through the local conversation, she glances up absently. "Hmm? Oh! Not too bad, I guess. It's been a bizarre week. *Bizarre*. Wait…did you say you're, like, that new teacher's daughter?" That last is aimed at Tambrey. Even talk of Brandon Lee can be overlooked in the face of discussing ditching in front of a teacher's child.

Tambrey nods at Nicolas a little, smiling and relaxing some. She's eaten one more bite when they mention the sleepover and how MANY people will be there. She just sort of stares, at that. Swallowing heavily, she manages a quick, "I'll try to make it." And after a drink from her carton, she's being questioned again. "Um. Yes." She gives Ree an apologetic look. "I am. So… yes. Ditching on the first day is sort of lethal in my case. But I won't narc on you if you do." She'll just scowl in displeasure. As she promptly does. SCOWL.

While the kiddies chat chit inside the school, Valerie is busying herself with the dumpster, which is filled with many disgusting, yummy things for her bear belly to attempt to digest. No one's outside to notice her. This time, as she rummages around with her head a big, white paws, she is careful not to try and eat another license plate. Not good for the teeth. For a bear, she's not that intimidating. Not like this. She's practically upside down, with her backside hanging out of the dumpster, fluffy tail wiggling happily. While exploring the wonderous garbage, she comes across a peculiar birthday hat with the elastic still in tact. It says "Happy Birthday Britney!!" on it. Without a second thought, the bear slides it onto her bulky head. Something hits her nose — the scent of the lunches inside the cafeteria. Still hungry, Valerie meanders over to the large window, and creeps up underneath it, before slowly raising her head up. Students near the window blink and stare in horror, for a big, white bear has stuck its head and paws against the glass, squishing its nose, as if to say "Hi."

Carly winces as soon as Tambrey scowls, going immediately into panic mode. "Maybe we shouldn't, Ree? I mean Mom didn't say that I could and I really don't want to get into trouble. You're sure they won't call her, or my dad?" Then another blurb of rock sounds out, pulling Carly out of the funk. "Oh hey! Okay… so if I count all the maybes there's not going to be quite 100 people there, maybe 50… but between the ga-ga-ga…" And her face is frozen in an expression of pure terror. A small squeak comes from her throat before the teen begins to scream, a very high pitched scream. Oh boy does she have a set of lungs on her, "Oh god it's come back to eat me!!" The sight of a polar bear wearing a 'Happy Birthday Britney' hat would be comical, except the fact that it's the same bear that very nearly attacked the poor girl a few days ago.

Amaya blinks, and after a moment, "A hundred girls?! That's over half of the girls in the school. Likely closer to 60 percent or so." She shrugs. As Carly freezes up, she blinks, and stares, exclaiming, "Is that a polar bear? Outside? Here?" After a pause, she adds another query, "In a birthday hat?" Well. Um… She stares, her hand tightly gripping her necklace as she stands up to see over some peoples heads and get a better look.

Trevor smirks some while he takes a seat at the table, notebook resting on it while he lets his guitar lean against the seat next to him. A pen is pulled from a pocket while the apple is also set down and he half listions while scribbling some stuff down on a blank page. His about to say something but as he opens his mouth Carly starts to scream and he erks sharly while glancing around before looking towards the window as others point and yell as well. "What the hell.." Is offered while he blinks and eyes the bear that is settled there. "Woah.." Well there's a first, at least so near the school.

Nicolas raises an eyebrow as Carly nearly shatters every piece of glass in the room. He looks around the room, trying to find what scared her. "The hell?" He says and then he sees it. "The fuck is that?!" He says, moving back from his seat, dropping the apple in his hand. "Is that a bear?!" He says, never having seen a live bear before.

"So long as you keep your grades up, they won't call. It's senior year, Car, it's like tradition to…ow!" Unprepared for the scream, or Carly's vocal range, Ree gets the full effect of the other girl's terror directly in one ear. "What's…oh!" The poor thing is not very quick on her feet, but some of that can be explained by the ringing that makes it difficult to follow conversation. But with everyone looking in one direction, it doesn't take Avery long to clue in. "Oh jesus," is her contribution to the general air of shock in horror. As she stands, she fumbles in one pocket for her own phone. It's a seriously weird time to start texting but she does it anyway.

Tambrey winces and flinches away from Carly's shrieking. She looks towards the windows like everyone else, and then blinks a bit. Her initial gasp of shock and racing heart is calmed immediately after by the knowledge that it's out there, and they're in here. Safe. Thus, her dark brows lift and she hurriedly scrambles up onto her chair to lever her already tall frame up to see properly. "Dude," she says, a grin breaking across her face. "That is so beast!" She flails at it. "Look at it! It's wearing… a hat, though?" She looks at the others around her matter-of-factly, as if this happened daily. Her mind's racing and in her excitement, she's definitely babbling. "Think it's from some sort of traveling circus or something? I mean, bears don't wear hats, and I haven't ever seen a white grizzly or black bear before. And we're too far south for polar bears to naturally occur…" Tambrey. The mistress of all things random.

Amaya is odd. Also, there's a window, a much less safe barrier than it seems, in the way. And you always hear that polar bears don't want to harm people, they just want food. Most people don't say anything about the fact that humans would likely make grat foor. She's gone much less vocal, and, hand still tightly clenching her necklace- not that a two and a half or so inch long blade would do much- she'd be better off using a piece of broken glass, if the bear happens to decide to go through the window for some reason. Still, deserting her rest of her lunch and her bag at the table, she slowly heads towards the window, staring as if she's not certain that she's actually seeing it, despite all of the screaming and whatnot.

Valerie's tongue falls from her mouth, dangling down from between her lips like an eager puppy dog. She enjoys the attention from the student body, that is, until she realizes that the attention is very negative. One student passes out. The other, a badly behaved boy, winds up and hurls a half eaten muffin at the window, smearing utter across the glass, though the white bear does not flinch. Already teachers have been called into the cafeteria, but most are rendered just as useless by the shock as many of the students. One kid, however, makes a mad dash for the fire exit, sending the door flying open. Valerie watches the boy flee, then looks towards the now opened door… Then, driven by pure curiosity (or maybe stupidity), she wanders on in, still donning that goofy hat. Tambrey's reasoning works to her advantage, because as soon as she's inside, Valerie stands up on her back legs, head nearly hitting the ceiling, and begins to toddle about like a penguin, perhaps imitating the way the humans before her walk.

And her worst fears are realized, Carly has already screamed herself hoarse and is trembling violently. She grabs the two closest things to her and unfortunately those things are Nicolas and Ree… With her Superman Grip of Steel fully activated, she starts to hyper ventilate, and then… as luck would have it, her eyes roll into the back of her head and *BAM* (like Emeril says) she is out.

Trevor is quiet as he just watches the bear, blinking a few times before hearing Tambrey. "Well.. There have been reports of white grizzly's and black bear before. Seen pictures of them. An well, it could be a white grizzly…" Though he suddenly hushes up on his comments rather sure no one wants to hear what he has to say to start wtih. So ends today wildlife infomation check in next week for more fun facts. His eyes widen as the bear moves inside and soon he swallows at the sight. "..Oh..boy.." He mutters out fiantly, rather unsure what to do it seems.

Nicolas is focused on the bear, but is soon brought back when Carly locks her death grip on him. He looks at her and frowns before she starts faints and does his best to catch her before she falls to the ground. "Woah. Watch it." He says as he grabs her hand.

Ree is staring intently at the screen of her phone when her arm is clutched at, followed a splitsecond after by Carly's very inconvenient fainting spell. The girl yelps, only barely managing to keep the phone in one hand while the other shoots out to curl behind Carly's back. Good thing for them Nicolas is there; being smaller than the blonde means they'd have both gone over in a hurty heap. Stream of consciousness panic ensues, just another cog in the stampede. "Crap crap *crap*! Oh my god it's inside do you have her? I'm going to call the cops!" Both jacket and backpack are left behind in the crush as Ree forces her through the crowd to the big double doors AWAY from the bear.

"HEY! Leave it alone!" bellows the usually quiet Tambrey in a sudden burst of ferocious overprotectiveness towards the innocent bear outside. At least until someone bolts, and the door stays open. It's startling enough to her that she just stares at it in disbelief for several long moments. "Close the door!" she shouts wildly at last as the bear moves towards it, arms flapping. "Hurry before it decides to COME IN!" Okay, protection is one thing, but not when she's trapped inside a cafeteria with a bear as tall as the ceiling. Which, she's just flat stunned by that. So stunned, in fact, that she doesn't realize right away that, unfortunately, standing on the table as she is, she is currently eye level with the beast. When that thought occurs, she simply says, "Oh shit." She sloooooowly crouches on the table so as to not look like a bear standing up to the standy-up bear - which is sort of like saying, RAWR LET US JOIN FISTICUFFS STRANGER! Because the bear has bigger fists than she does. Fo' realz.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing and thanks to over 100 cell phones in the vicinity of the cafeteria the 911 lines are plugged completely full. When the bear made its way inside a majority of the crowd of teenagers rushed like a wave toward the opposite side of the room. Closest to the door is the table that Amaya, Carly, Nicolas, Ree, Tambrey and Trevor were sitting at. It doesn't take more than a couple of minutes before the sirens of the two police cars in town along with the one fire truck and an ambulance start wailing into the parking lot.

Amaya stays in the crowd, but the front of the bear-side of the crowd, and backs away absantmindedly as she peers curiously at the bear. Odd. She moves with slow, steady movements, not jerking, as if approaching a wary pet or stray. Except many times bigger. Mentioning that… Even from the distance she's at, Ama has to look up, and she's not that short by most people's definitions. Her knuckles are white around her necklace, and she winces at all of the screaming behind her. That can't be pleasent for the poor enormous and potentially deadly bear.

Valerie's paws are probably bigger than Tambrey's HEAD, let alone her hands. Even for a bear, she's unusually large, though somehow she still appears young, and roley poley. The bear doesn't tread any closer to the cluster of remaining humans, many who have fallen unconscious with terror. She gives a small whine, perhaps realizing how bad of an idea this really is, and she drops down on to all fours again, standing before Tambrey on the table, while her head sways back and forth as she takes in many scents. Groaning, she watches as Carly is tended to by Nicolas and Ree, a gust of air snorting past her nostrils. She steps up on to the table where Tambrey is, leaning her big body over, while balancing her weight so she doesn't snap the wood and plastic in half. Her tongue drags over the girl's face in a gentle, friendly manner, rather than an 'I'm just tasting you' sort of way. Her head turns again when the sirens reach her ears, and the bear, whimpers, fluffy ears folding back. As if they were in the middle of a bomb scare, the white beast ducks herself down to the floor submissively, and covers her head with her paws, trembling. It's clear that she's just as afraid of the humans as the humans are of her, though only a few students realize this. With impossibly intelligent eyes, the bear looks to the remaining students, primarily Nicolas, Ree, Amaya, Tambrey, and Trevor for sympathy. She'd look at Carly too, but the poor thing's just a bump on a log at this point.

Trevor blinkblinks as he watches Tambrey on the table and he slowly stands up inching towards her. "Might not be the smartest thing at the moment.." He murmurs out while slowly reaching out a hand to her to try and help her get off the table slowly. He'd really rather not give the bear a reason to come towards them after all. There is a pause as he peers upwards once the bear is in front of him and Tambrey and he swallows at the sight. Great.. His parents will love this, he is going to get killed at school by a bear of all things! He cringes at the bear makes a move towards the girl, half expecting something just bad to happen and then…nothing does. He ums faintly at the sight of the huge bear licking the girl's face and just lifts a brow. Something is just off. An then the bear falls to the ground trembling as the sirens start. Oh boy. "The door's open.. go back out it?" He half trys to actually talk to it in a half mumble whisper sorta way, no he is really not talking to a bear.. Just ignore that everyone.

Nicolas is busy making sure that Carly is alright so he doesn't notice the bear licking Tambrey. He lays Carly on the ground before he looks back at the bear, finally noticing it is very close to them. He moves himself between the bear and Carly. "Get out of here." He says to the bear. "Leave us alone."

Tambrey just… freezes as she's about to move off the table. This would be where she goes incredibly wide-eyed and makes a little sound in her throat as the huge bear leans on the table and moves its face reeeeally close to her own. She'd pass out from terror if she weren't so… well, terrified, actually. She's in that numb state where you see things happening without really knowing what's going on. She's… licked? It seems to snap her out of her daze a little, though, and Trevor's murmur as well. Then Nicolas. With a bit of a -pop- of sorts internally, she realizes that things have happened while she's crouched there. She lifts a hand to her face, then slowly comes down off the table, staring at the bear lying there whimpering and hiding. It doesn't occur to her that it's sick, though. Sheltered as she was, more or less, by her mother, she merely stares for a moment before looking up and around. She moves to the door and pulls it open, saying loudly, "Hey! Bear! This way!" She flaps an arm at the others. "Get it up and running this way! Hurry! They'll shoot it!" It kissed her, man. No way does she want it getting hurt! It's scared!

The noises that the bear makes sound strangely akin to sobs. In fact a lot of the bear's conveyed emotions are human-like; simply the fact that it CAN convey emotion successfully is out of place. Her big paws cover her round, black eyes, the wag of her stubby tail gone now. Nicolas' and Trevor's commands are registered, and Tambrey's attempt to herd her back towards the door makes her lift her head once more, huffing in panic. The sirens from outside frustrate her — too many noises to compute inside that tiny little bear-brain of hers. In all her stress, she almost decides to revert back to human, but decides otherwise. Only thing worse than appaearing naked infront of the student body would be to be a bear, then turn into a naked girl, infront of the student body. Very slowly, she begins inching her way towards the fire exit, moving with trembling limbs.

Groaning, Carly brings a hand up to her face, rubbing her forehead gently. Her eyes flutter open and she stares at the ceiling of the cafeteria. The sirens are blaring now and the emergency vehicles have come to a sliding stop outside the cafeteria… right up on the lawn. The blonde on the floor seems to be in a little bit of a daze, confused as to why exactly she is down there.

When the door opposite to the one the bear was standing at is opened, a flood of teens pour out as police and other emergency personnel fight to get in. One of the police officers just happens to be the very one that 'rescued' Carly from the previous bear attack and as he creeps by she recognizes him. Slowly lifting herself up, she spies Nicolas nearby and crawls near him, staying down so that the bear might not be able to notice her. "Is it gone?" She half whispers to the boy, not brave enough to peek in its direction at all.

Amaya is still backing up, away from the bear, towards the door, and is still staring at the bear. Her face is just confused, as if she's going, 'Wait, what?' repeatedly and mentally. The exspression grows as the one girl is licked, and she just continues to stare. Seeing Tambrey's efforts, though, she tries to help her guide the bear to the door.

Trevor glances around as he ponders what to do to get the bear moving towards the door. He eyes the police trying to make there way in and can only imagen what will happen if they get in. "Crap.. Come on move it.. Faster.." Is said while he starts to wave the bear out side, his arms waving about a bit hoping to get the bear going but at the same time not really get its attention.. If that is at all possible.

Nicolas watches as the bear starts to head off then hears Carly's voice. He turns from the bear and looks down to the girl. "Yeah, just stay down. It's heading out now. I'll let you know when it's gone." He says to the girl. "How are you feeling? You alright?"

Tambrey looks at the people fleeing, and watches the bear going for the fire escape. "Not that way!" she says in a groan. "You'll never make it!" Seeing Amaya is trying to help, and Trevor as well, she looks around and shoves a table-edge against the door to prop it open. It can be used as an escape for just about anyone now. She has this sudden, wild image of herself jumping on the bear's back and riding it to its freedom, though. Her mind does odd things when it's racing! "Everyone go that way!" she calls, pointing towards the door the police are trying to get into, and everyone's trying to get out of. Anything that will help block their entrance… She's off to help Trevor and Amaya then, trying to drop her voice to something calm. "Come on, bear. Come on… this way. If you leave on your own nice and fast and peaceful, they won't dare shoot you." She's inching closer to it, hands outstretched. So… huge… omg. Her mother's going to KILL HER DEADER THAN ELVIS. "Heeeey, bear. You gotta go this way… just follow me… the one you licked, right?" Meanwhile, cue the voice in her head shrieking over and over, whatareyoudoingwhatareyoudoing?

Tambrey's vision isn't too far off from the truth. Valerie's head cants when the others beckon her the other way, and her eyes find the alternative exit. Then, she looks towards Carly, just as one of the police men begin inching towards her, likely armed. In alarm, the white bear begins moving towards Tambrey and the others, though her paws don't hold well on the slippery floor of the cafeteria. She slips and slides, stumbling once, but thankfully a good sense of balance from the adrenaline helps her. She surges straight for Tambrey, head ducking underneath the girl's legs, and then momentum brings the girl up onto her furry back. Not only a prison escape, but a kidnapping, apparently. Should Tambrey not struggle and fall off, Valerie continues to gallop towards the door, away from the police men and their firearms. She pauses just near the opening to the outside, looking back towards Nicolas, Trevor, Amaya, and Carly, probably just long enough for one of the law enforcers to take aim and fire.

"I… I have to get out of here… the bear charged me a few days ago. If it didn't make me look crazy, I'd think it's stalking me…" Carly stammers to Nicolas, and then she slowly raises herself up and crouch/walks toward the nearest paramedic. It doesn't take long until the girl is completely out of sight and then… out of the building.

Trevor glances back in time to catch sight of some police making there way into the room. He can just see it now on the front page, 'cops kill birthday hat wearing bear after it breaks into the lunch room'. He looks back to the door and the bear just in time to see Tambrey get scooped up in the mess?.. Oh boy. He moves forward and tries to grab hold of Tambrey's arm in some attempt of getting her away from the bear in the process, but knowing his luck he'll be too slow. At least if a cop took aim they would either have to quickly stop or risk hitting one of the students..

Nicolas nods his head to Carly, making his way out of the room himself as he watches the bear as it moves away, making sure it doesn't change its mind and come after them, leaving the cafeteria and tries to get to safety.

"Holy-!" That's all she has time for, does Tambrey, before she finds herself clutching white hair and riding backwards on a polar bear. She isn't sure what to scream. Help? Aiiiieee? I'm not Lyra?? She swings and misses trying to grab hold of Trevor's hand, though, and just has to hang on no matter what. Well, mostly. It hasn't occurred to her that she's being kidnapped by a bear who may turn around and eat her once it's in safety. Oh no. When that comes to her, she'll go for the skinned knees and bruises. She just suits herself by yelling incomprehensibly for a bit.

The scene takes a turn for the worse, and a police man does indeed raise his gun to the bear. One shot, and Valerie's side is pierced right before she rockets out of the cafeteria. The beast cries out when she acknowledges the punishment for her stupidity. She holds fast though, keeping her balance, if not for herself, then for Tambrey's own safety. The bullet wound, small in comparison to the rest of the bear's form, stains her fur incarnadine, leaving a trail of red droplets. Before anything else can happen, the bear runs straight across the field of the school, heading into the trees at speeds eve a bear would have difficulty reaching, and she doesn't stop until she's far from the school. Very far, with Tambrey still on her back.

Amaya gives an outraged shout as the shot hits the bear, yelling, "Hey! Don't shoot her!" It seems like a her, in any case. Who knows, though. She follows the bear to the door- she's speeding away, so Ama should be safe in doing that, and then she glares at the police. Shy, follow-the-rules-and-authority Ama has been rather odd today. Must have been something in that 'chicken'.

Trevor skids to a stop right outside the door the bear ran through, the bullet flew by him and he knows the sounds rather well. "Are you freaking stupid?!" He snaps out at the person who shot the gun. His cousin will not be to happy about that but he doesn't care. He looks back after the fleeing bear and tambrey and looks rather unsure about what to do.. He could /follow/ after them.. maybe? But is that a wise idea? A glance is offered back to the cops before he takes of running following the blood trail for as long as he can, he'd rather deal with the bear then the cops at the moment. Though he may regret that later one when his parents are chewing him out on the phone, well that is if he manages to come back alive.

"Don't shoooooot!" That's the wail that trails after Tambrey and the white bear as they flee, with Tambrey's head down and her eyes squeezed shut. Not that it matters. The high school is falling behind them fast. And the only thing that pierces her frantic brain during this is, of course, OH MY GOD I'M DITCHING ON MY FIRST DAY! Her mother is going to KILL her. If the bear doesn't first. She's sort of hoping for the bear, really, given her mother is still bitchy when it comes to the divorce and all…

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