Color Wars

IC Time: October 16, 2007
Location: Town Square - Port Angeles
Synopsis: Edward goes shopping, only to run into Abbey and Esme afterwards, and the debate of wardrobe color ensues.
Submitted by: Edward

Abbey can be found sitting on the edge of the fountain, one leg crossed over the other while a burning cigarette dangles from her lips. Her pale gaze is resting on the distance while she seems to be thinking about something or another. She takes hold of the cigarette and flicks the ash into the breeze.

The light clacks of a pair of heels on the walk. Judging by the bags, Esme Cullen has spent the evening shopping, though why that would surprise anyone is unknown, as she now takes the bags to a nearby white Mercedes, and pops the trunk, putting the bags inside.

Ever since he's gotten married, Edward has practically been on cloud nine; and he's actually gone *gasp*! SHOPPING. Alice would be rolling in her grave, certainly. He moves down the street, one hand in a pocket while his other somewhat uncomfortably carries a small bag from a jewelry store a few blocks over. He seems to be torn in some way, for whatever reason; but the way he glances at the small bag he carries; it likely has to do with his minute shopping.

Abbey lifts her head slightly, gaze drifting towards the sound of movement and she hums faintly as her gaze drifts about before looking towards a person she hasn't seen in a long time. She watches Esme while taking another drag from her cigarette as she merely waits and watches pondering if the other will even remember her. Another noise is picked up but its still some distance off so she doesn't pay much attention to it for now.

Once she's done depositing her bags she turns around and heads towardsthe fountain, having seen Abbey earlier. "I suppose it would be pointless to tell you that those things will kill you," she gives with a laugh and shake of her head, her eyes setting on Edward for a moment. «Don't look so horror struck, Son. Whatever you got, Bella will love it.»

Steps come with a slight more purpose as Edward spots Esme, though in response to her thoughts, he gives a slightly strained expression. Though women know best, he offers the slender, small bag to his mother; "Do you mind looking, checking it for me? I can return it for seven days if I want to change it.." Golden eyes drift to the woman Esme addresses, tipping his head slightly in her direction as greeting, though he scans for any thoughts; a habit when he meets people.

When Esme opens the bag, inside is a long slender navy velvet case, and within is a sparkling thin silver necklace with a single tear drop sapphire at the center, surrounded by tiny inset diamonds to accent.

Abbey ahs softly as she hears Esme. "If it could kill me it would be an improvement over other ways to do it." She says with an amused tone for a moment. Another drag is taken from the cigarette while her pale gaze moves towards Edward, watching him faintly before glancing off. As to her thoughts there a mix of depression and worry, fear and who knows what else.

Esme smiles. "Of course I don't mind looking, but I know she'll love it," is stated by the woman with a light chuckle as she does just that, looking at the item he picked up, before nodding. "Perfect, her favorite colour," she gives, handing the bag back to her son. "Have you met my son?" she questions, before introductions occur. "Abbey, this is Edward, Edward, Abbey," is given motioning to each person in turn.

Edward takes the bag and contents back, seeming to calm some after his mother approves of the selection. Golden eyes move from Esme and to Abby, studying the girl for a long moment, corner of his lips tensing just slightly. "A pleasure to meet you, Abbey." He offers. "I believe cancer is much more painful than other methods…"

Abbey lifts a brow as she watches Edward before another chuckle escapes her. "I think we met a while ago.. Though not around here." She means over in Volturi during her stay there for a while. But that was a long time ago she can understand not being remembered. "Cancer can't kill me kid." Is offered with a faint tsk escaping her

Esme chuckles. "I can't see Abbey getting struck down by cancer, though I suppose you would know much more than I would, hmm?" she questions of her son, who's been to medical school more times than she has. "Oh, yes, you were in Italy, weren't you Abbey? Of course."

The slightest wind change is all Edward needs to catch a wiff; the memory coming back. Yeah.. they 'met' before. If you could even call it that. "Your still not invulernable." He states a little more tersely as he looks to Esme. "You don't want to know. Nasty business."

Abbey makes a face as Esme says Italy, a place she neverever wants to vist again. "Ya.. I was there. Got to see the behind scenes of a certain castle." A smirk is offered while she slowly stands, a fluid motion while she slowly shifts closer to the 'mother an son' pair. "Either are you." She points out with what could be a warning like tone, still she would never full out do anything to Esme or her family, after all they have been rather friendly over the months. "So, is the family well Esme?" At least someone around here still has a family.

Esme shakes her head. "No one is entirely invulnerable, but the three of us are still less fragile than most," by most, she does mean 'humans'. "They're all well, Bella is still surprising most of us, Rosalie and Emmett are travelling, and Alice and Jasper," she shrugs, grinning. "They're just doing what they want, like always," is noted, laughing.

"Do you really want to start the banter of who is more fragile?" Edward tosses to Abbey with a small look of annoyance, though since they are still by Esme's car, he slips the small bag he carries into the trunk. No need for him to hold onto it for now and feel strange for shopping. "Alice is threatening me with a wardrobe change again." He notes, making a face at the thought.

Abbey hums faintly while a bit of the gray smoke curls into the air, she doesn't seem to care if she has annoyed Edward or not, its what she does best after all. "Well that's good, glad everyone is doing well an so forth." She merely lets the who is more fragile talk fall to the wind.

Esme sighs faintly. «Play nice, Edward, she's a friend,» her mental voice admonishes, though the tone is gentle. "How are you, Abbey? I haven't really seen you since Italy," is noted before snickering. "Good, and I hope she adds some colour to it. Really, blacks and greys. You should wear more colours, Edward."

"Grand. Just egg her on. Knowing Alice she'd love to buy me something pink just because you said that." Edward grumbles, and gives a small resigned sigh at the mental admonishment of his mother. Gaze turning back to Abbey; a bit safer than bantering over his choice of muted and slightly off-kilter fashion, "It has been a while. Still in one piece." Its a compliment, really!

Abbey watches the two curiously a moment, a faint ah escapes her. "Can't complain I suppose.. Could be worse, much worse after all." She's just a bunch of fur an't she? "I saw what you and your husband were doing with the scholarship, very nice of you to help the kids out."

Esme offers a sweet, potentially innocent smile towards Edward. "Fuschia, I'll have her buy you something Fuschia, or magenta, and neon orange…" yes, Esme's just suggesting Edward become more of a fashion disaster than he is, not that Alice would let that happen. And at the mention of the scholarship Esme nods, slightly. "Thank you, we felt that it would be an excellent idea to give back to the community. Especially in Forks, not a lot of people could easily afford to send their children to university, and there's so many bright minds in this town," she notes, brightly.

Edward looks exasperated at Esme's color choices, wincing. "Such thing as clothe dye." He mutters. At the mention of the scholarship, he grins at them both, a bit proud of his 'parents' achievements. "There are fates worse than death." He comments idly at Abbey, though there is a bit of actual feeling and experience behind that as well.

Abbey smiles and nods to Esme. "Indeed.. Hope the kids take advantage of it.." She pauses as she hears Edward, her pale gaze turning to watch him while she lifts a brow. "Oh.. /really/?" "Trust me, I know what those fates are, an I know you do as well." She lifts a hand to point out at what looks like a scar on her neck from a vampire of all things, but she isn't one which should play with dear Edward's mind even more. An she was getting along with them so well!

Esme offers a sweet little smile towards Edward. "Okay, okay, maybe blues and greens, Bella likes blue, after all," is stated with a nod of her head and a light laugh. Really, Esme is all sweet and innocent, truly. "I'm sure they will, Abbey, we've already gotten a few applications, though they're not due in until early January, I expect we'll get plenty more between now and then. I hope we do, at any rate."

Abbey's response to his comment actually brings a small laugh out of Edward. "Calm down. Its not like I'm going to offer for you to experience it. Relax. Truce?" He offers for now, though the sweet smile draws a 'look' from Edward as he looks to his mother. "Dark blue." He counters dryly.

Abbey rolls her eyes faintly, she might of said truce if it was anyone else but at the moment it doesn't work. "Naw.. Light blue is a much better collar, that or gray perhaps?" She humms faint while eyeing Edward slightly. "Some form of blue for sure.." This said while she nods as if agreeing with herself.

Esme hmms faintly. "A light blue, Edward, you've got all darks in your closet. And grey's, blacks and greys. You know, Alice, Bella and I should take you out shopping," she gives, her smile bright, though she's clearly amused by this idea, knowing that she won't get agreement from either Edward or Bella. "Yes, Abbey's right, some form of lighter blue, actually."

"Grey. Grey is a good color. Goes with anything." Edward agrees with Abbey with a firm nod of approval; though as it turns back to light blue, he makes a face. "Alright; look. My wardrobe isn't up for debate. I'll deal with replacing it when its worn enough to replace." Not that Alice will actually adhere to his little rule, but he can pretend.

Abbey chuckles out faintly. "But light blue is totally better then gray. Though there is always green or red." She nods a moment while thinking this over a moment while flicking the ash from the still burning cigarette. "Ah.. but talking about someone's wardrobe is fun." As if she would know seeing how she has a lot of black clothing.

Esme snickers. "As if Alice will let you wait until they need to be replaced, and, even if she does, you know I won't. Remember when you're father and I went to Prague, we had crates sent back for each of you, and I'm certain there was some colourful clothing in yours," is stated, shaking her head and chuckling. "Speaking of wardrobe, Abbey, we should add some colour to yours…" She's not as bad as Alice, at least.

"Yeah, I gave those to Jasper. He was beside himself." Edward responds to Esme with a straight face. Jasper is as unexcited about his wardrobe as Edward is. "Its fun talking about someone -else's- wardrobe." He points out, grinning at his mother as she turns it on Abbey. "I suggest.. canary yellow."

Abbey hums faintly as she takes a drag from the cigarette and blinks as they both turn on her. At the suggestion of canary yellow of all colors she starts to cough and sputters a moment at the thought. "Naw.. I think I know the /perfect/ color for you. Bubble gum pink." Well if he is going to throw colors out from no where so will she! "An I'm good, really.."

Esme snickers. "Oh! Yes, Canary yellow would look wonderful on you, Abbey," she notes with a crooked, potentially evil grin. Oh no, no one can accuse Esme of being all sweet and sugar. "And a handsome pink shirt for Edward."

"Are you serious?" Edward scoffs and shakes his head, waving a hand dismissively. "You two ladies discuss your puffs and curls, I'm going to go find something that doesn't make me feel like a fop."

Abbey coughs once more and eyes the cigarette before snuffing it out on the edge of a bench and then puts it into the trash can. "I don't think canary yellow goes good with red hair.." She is rather sure canaray yellow doesn't go good with anything! A faint grin is seen as Edward gives up in the coversaion, har a win for sure! "Well if you rather talk about car motors and getting dirty when fixing them I could start a different conversaion." Leaving to the wolf to be a grease monkey.

Esme chuckles. "Ahh, come on Edward, you know that, as your mother, it's my job to occasionally disprove of your wardrobe choices, and, occasionally, to make fun of you for it," she points out, still offering up her most innocent smile, it could probably fool most, except those who know her. "Hmm, car engines, you'd love Rosalie, Abbey. She's our little grease monkey."

"And I'll leave you to your disprovals and your merrymaking of my absolutely horrid wardrobe." Edward is on the 'flee' thought at the moment; which is fine for him. "Ladies, do have a good evening. Abbey; stay out of trouble. Mother, I'll see you when you get home." He ignores the mention of Rosalie; just as he ignores his sister for the most part anyway, but given his excuse to run away, he turns and starts heading down the street, back to where he parked his car a few blocks over.

Abbey chuckles softly as she lisitons to the two, its rather amusing to watch. "Oh really? I'll have to speak with her when ever they get back.." She's not to sure why she just said that seeing how she is talking about meeing another vampire, which isn't high on her list. A glance is offered to Edward. "Right.. I'll do my best to get into trouble." She may be joking, but with Abbey its hard to tell at times. "Take care." Is soon offered.

Esme nods. "Yes, Rosalie is incredibly talented when it comes to vehicles. She rebuilt Bella's old Chevy, as well as taking care of all the vehicles that we happen to own, which can be quite the task," is given with a light chuckle as she gives a little wave after Edward.

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