Ana And Afton Meet

IC Time: October 16, 2007
Location: Port Angeles Pier
Synopsis: Anastasia seeks out Afton on his motives with her friend Carly.
Submitted by: Afton

With the fair evening and not much to do, Afton has drifted out to the pier to watch the water and enjoy the quiet. He is lacking his long coat and dressed more casually; or at least, his tie is missing and shirt undone down by three buttons. Hands in pockets, he stands near the railing, unblinkingly watching the horizon, lost in thought.

Anastasia walks down the pier, nearly down its center, at a purposeful pace. Dark rose-hued eyes study faces through mirror-lensed aviator sunglasses as she moves, never still for more than a few seconds.

And then her eyes settle on the aristocratic young man standing at the rail, lingering for a moment. "There you are," she murmurs, and turns to approach the rail, quietly slipping off her shades and tucking them into a cargo pocket on her left thigh. If not interrupted or stopped, she draws up to the rail to his left. "Are you Afton?" she asks, very softly to human ears.

He turns at the sound of footsteps, his crimson gaze taking in Anastasia as she approaches. "That I am. And who might you be, my dear, and what can I do for you this evening?" He arches an eyebrow, his gaze studying her intently.

Ana looks up at him, her expression neutral except for a faint upquirking of the corner of her mouth. "She was right about you being gorgeous," she says, still softly. The hint of a smile vanishes. "You can call me Stacy, if you like, and I wanted to talk to you about Carly. She's a friend of mine, and thinks very, very well of you. When she described you, and showed me the gifts you'd given her, I got curious about your intentions toward her." She arcs a delicate blonde eyebrow. "She's a little young for pink lingerie and high heels, don't you think? Even for a cabaret dance act."

"Stacy." Afton repeats the name, nodding his head once, though his smile is easy to appear in response to her own. "Ah yes, Carly. Nothing harmful about allowing a young girl to aspire to her dreams? She is the one who had the audition lined up before I even met her. Not all Volturi are bad." He winks.

Stacy's eyes widen, then quickly narrow a little more than before. "I know. But some of them are very, very bad. No offense to the primary body of them… I found them mostly agreeable. No offense to you, either, if you don't deserve the label."
She regards him thoughtfully for a moment. "I don't see a thing wrong with aspiration, honestly. But is it safe for her to aspire, with you as a sort of patron? That's my real question."

"No offense taken." Afton chuckles. "You don't know me, so I'm sure you could do nothing but assume." He shrugs a shoulder lightly. "I'm perhaps the more reliable sort of patron. Is it so terrible for me to take an interest in humanity from time to time? I've been around for many centuries, at times; old ones like me get bored."

"As long as your interest in Carly is a /healthy/ interest, and not a /snack-related/ one," Ana replies. "I didn't come to make enemies, but for her safety. That's all." She looks out over the black waters. "She's my friend, and a nice person, and I don't wan't her hurt," she adds, at a whisper.

Afton laughs. "I'm sure you are aware of the 'no eating in Forks' rule. Don't worry, she is safe. Her life is not in danger." His gaze studies the other vampire intently however at the mention of friendship. "As long as it is a healthy relationship, that is fine. Just keep in mind; she is not one of us. Don't become too attached or it'll destroy you in the end."

"Very. And she doesn't know a thing. I can live with her remaining ignorant easily, just as long as she stays alive and unhurt as well as ignorant. Thanks for your reassurances," Ana replies, softly, straightening from the rail. "Have a good night, and thanks again," she adds, before turning to leave.

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