Vampires Vs Zombies

IC Time: October 17, 2007
Location: Deer Park Cinema
Synopsis: The teens of Forks High go out for a movie night, of course there's a little bit of drama.
Submitted by: Carly

Friday evening in Forks, WA are not elaborate affairs. They aren't riddled with excitement or parties, or any of that sort, but they are characterized with desperate teens with very few places to go. Therefor, the cinema is always, without a doubt, filled on such days.

And it just so happen that today Tiago and Avery number among the ranks of young adults chattering brightly, enthusiastically, with youthful vigor. The girl has excused herself to the ladies room a couple of minutes ago, leaving Tiago in line to the concession stand with a rather bright, emphatic smile placed on his face. Dressed in a new leather jacket, with new jeans, and a new outlook on life in general, the lad seems to be pretty pleased with himself as he patiently waits. Not unlike the way he was in the Waffle House, before it all went to hell.

Friday evening in Forks, WA are not elaborate affairs. They aren't riddled with excitement or parties, or any of that sort, but they are characterized with desperate teens with very few places to go. Therefor, the cinema is always, without a doubt, filled on such days.

And it just so happen that today Tiago and Avery number among the ranks of young adults chattering brightly, enthusiastically, with youthful vigor. The girl has excused herself to the ladies room a couple of minutes ago, leaving Tiago in line to the concession stand with a rather bright, emphatic smile placed on his face. Dressed in a new leather jacket, with new jeans, and a new outlook on life in general, the lad seems to be pretty pleased with himself as he patiently waits. Not unlike the way he was in the Waffle House, before it all went to hell.

Speaking of waffles with hell flavored toppings, she just walked through the door with one of the jocks from the basketball team. He's got his arm looped around her shoulder and is grinning like he just scored the ultimate prize. For her part, Carly is a little bit more subdued, the expression on her face is bored and the way she offers the boy waning smiles gives one the impression that he is just a pity date. A guy that asked her out at the last minute and it was accepted, just because she didn't have anything better to do. On the contrary, she had a lot to do, a lot of practicing to be exact… but she can't exactly do it while her mom and dad are around. And so she went to the movies with her parent's blessing, after all the boy is one of the clean cut basketball stars of the Forks High School team.

Ree exits the bathroom (it didn't take long because she went alone, rather than in a pack of females!) looking every inch the school geek; Hair in a ponytail, she's also wearing a white button-up shirt, a knee-length khaki skirt and ballerina flats. These are not the things that high school legends are made of. Still, there's just that little extra something special to the girl's smile as she weaves through the crowd and slips her hand into Tiago's. Something…calm; not even a hint of nerves show with that open display of affection. "Decided what you want yet? 'Cause I think I need some twizzlers." With her back to the door, she misses the site of her bubbly blonde friend with the dopey jock. Poor Carly. She'll be sympathetic soon!

Friday evening in Forks, WA are not elaborate affairs. They aren't riddled with excitement or parties, or any of that sort, but they are characterized with desperate teens with very few places to go. Therefor, the cinema is always, without a doubt, filled on such days. Tiago and Avery are currently in line to the concession stand, while Carly enters the lobby with her jock pity date, looking uncomfortable.

Tiago doesn't even notice Avery until she slides her hand into his, and he cants his head to the side to shoot her a broad, lop-sided sort of grin, approval written all over his features. "Hey, babe. Uh, yeah. I'm goin' with good old fashion popcorn. There's tons of it, and you can toss 'em at the really annoyin' kids in front of you without feelin' like you're wastin' your shit. Y'sure you jus' want Twizzlers? I jus' had a pay day, I'm ballin' right now, man." He admits enthusiastically, stepping forward in line as it inches ahead minutely. It's pure chance that prompts him to throw a cursory glance in Carly's direction, his eyes locking onto her suspiciously. "…Huh. Well, guess who's here?"

Carly is quite oblivious to the Brazilian's suspicious glare as she is listening to yet another tale of boring basketball heroics. She turns her head slightly so the boy that's practically wrapped around her can't see her face and tries to stifle a large yawn, it doesn't work. Her hand covers her mouth as it opens wide and she takes in the deep breath, letting it out with a "Phew! Wow… that was some story! Can't wait to hear what happens next!" The smile she gives him is obviously fake and he knows it. Still, he pulls her closer, causing the blonde to wrinkle her nose and stumble against him.

Nicolas stands in line at the counter, having already got his ticket for the movie. He waits patiently as the girl behind the counter is busy getting his popcorn and soda. He looks up at the menu as he waits, debating on wither or not he wants anything else. He has not noticed anyone else yet at this point.

"I'm going to steal some of your popcorn too, so I should be good. Maybe an extra large Coke, too? Those are like…ten dollars." The bridge of Avery's nose crinkles while she studies the board of prices hanging over the concessions stand. But Tiago's remark summons her attention away from that travesty and her calm eyes skim over the assembled crowd. "Huh, who? Oh…you know Nic?" she remarks, puzzled that the young man would point out that person, of everyone here. But no, wait, Tiago is looking elsewhere. She tracks that look and immediately brightens. "Hey, Carly! Over here!" The hand not caught in Chi's is waved in the air.

Trevor is make his way on through the doors with a ticket in one hand and wallet in the other which he is sticking back into his pocket. He glances around while moving on towards the counter to get whatever he has money for. It doesn't take him long to pick out a few from school and a waves is offered. "Hey guys." Is soon heard once he gets closer.

It's instinctive, the way Tiago's fingers tighten over Ree's hand possessively. However, his attention flies from the lying blonde over to his date when she speaks. Then, his eyebrows shoot upwards. "Nic? Nic /who/ again?" He inquires, paranoia ringing out in his tone. However, he gets over it quickly enough, leaving him to wince when dealt with Avery's enthusiastic summoning of Carly. Turns out, Trevor has got perfect timing - Tiago turns to the other male as an excuse to look away from the blonde. "Yo, man. How's things?"

Smiling, Carly stretches her yawning hand into the air and waves enthusiastically to Ree. The jock sniffs his greeting, obviously thinking himself a rung or ten higher on the social scale that the petite brunette. He leans down to the bubbly blonde and speaks lowly into her ear, "Hey, what are you doing? We're here with my friends, I don't want to hang with the herd of nerd."

Slowly, Carly's jaw drops and the expression plastered on her face is one of complete and total disbelief. Untwisting herself from the jock quite quickly, she turns to face him and raises her other hand, slapping him square in the face. "Don't you EVER talk about one of my besties that way! Date… SO OVER!" Then she stalks away from him with her arms crossed over her chest. Glowering, she finds herself between Ree and Nick at the counter, just in front of Trevor. She turns so that she can speak to all of them, "That is the /last/ time I ever let Peter set me up on a date. EVER."

Nicolas glances over his should as he hears some familiar voices. He looks back as he hears Ree call for Carly, standing up a bit and looks towards the girl. He offers a wave, but cuts it short as she kicks the jock to the curb like yesterday's garbage. He can't help but smile a little at it, his eyes following her as she approaches the counter. "You alright?"

"Nic, the new guy at school. The one Carly wanted me to go shopping with." One of the disadvantages of a complete and unnatural lack of fear is that Ree is capable of speaking the truth without concern for the consequences. She indicates the young man she's speaking of with a tilt of her chin, even as a smile is turned up towards Tiago. "That's him, with the dark hair…oh, hey Trev! What're you going to see?" Listening to the answer will have to be put on hold, however; Carly's spectacle of face-slapping and stomping towards them earns not a stare, but actual laughter. "How do you get away with stuff like that, Car? It's the blonde, isn't it? Maybe I should dye my hair."

Trevor is passing by Carly and her 'date' and catches the nerd part which makes him smirk. "Right.. Don't want to be seen with the folks that cheer you on at the games, right?" He never did like jocks, there all the same in his book. He pauses once at the counter and shrugs to Tiago. "Not much, come to watch a flick, get out of the house you know? How's it going?" A glance is offered to Carly and he hehs faintly. He looks to Ree and ohs. "Some movie dealing with vampires I think. Looked interesting, like a sneak peak tonight or something."

Tiago shoots Avery, then Nicolas an appraising look before falling into silence. "Right…" He drawls, but before he is given the chance to extrapolate, everything seems to happen all at once. As much as Tiago would like to ignore Carly altogether - it's rather difficult. Due largely in part to the fact that she is a dramatic QUEEN. The slap is seen in alarming detail, thanks to his supernatural sight, and the result? His eyes widen, and he stares over to the blonde with begrudging respect. Wait for it… "Whoa." He admits as Carly approaches, and he can't suppress the boyish grin that spreads on his visage. "That was fuckin' /sweet/." Trevor and Nic' approaches are ultimately ignored in favor of the peppy girl's antics.

It takes a moment to register to Carly that her hand indeed does sting from the slap, and she massages her palm to make it feel better. The jock, with one handprint on his face, has vacated the premises with only a few threats to Carly's reputation and how she'll never date in the entire area again (which Carly ignores). "Ow…" she whimpers in response to Nicolas, her voice taking on a bit of a squeaky tone. As she glances in the direction of the door, another problem has just popped into her head. "Well shi—ps ahoy, they're my favorite cookie… That was my ride." She glances between her friends (and Tiago) and knits her eyebrows together, the inner edges upturned in worry. "Can I get a ride home with one of you?" Tiago's comment receives a little quirk of one side of her lips, "Thanks, you're the exact person I was trying to impress." Her voice is monotonous, but on the bright side, it's not dripping with malice or contempt.

If Ree picks up on Carly's total lack of enthusiasm for Tiago's presence, she does an excellent job of hiding it. That grin doesn't waver for an instant. "I bet someone can get you home," she chirps, glancing from Trevor to Nic before looking back to the blonde. Hint. Hint hint. "See? You can't leave now though, the movie's starting soon! Hey, Chi? Twizzlers?"

Nicolas frowns slightly as he looks to the girl and then to her hand. "Rub it and the sting will go away." He tells her before she mentions not having a ride. He glances to the others for a moment before he shrugs slightly. "If no one else can, I'll give you a ride." He tells the blonde. "If you're still here after the movie."

Trevor hums faintly while glances to Carly about to offer to give her a ride though Nicolas beats him to it. His quiet for a moment as he glances at the few dollars he has in his hand. "So.. ah.. Anyone want a drink or something?"

Tiago's grin slides away effectively at Carly's dry monotonous tone. It's as though he just recalled the fact that he kind of hates her just a little sometimes. "Well. You're goin' ta have ta try harder if you want to impress /me/. But it's a good start." He offers, civil enough, but lacking the warmth and exuberance he had just moments ago. When she looks to bother Nicolad then Trevor for a ride, Tiago fixes the pursing of his lips on the blonde. "Heh. Look at that. Aren't you the /playa/ 'round here? Anyway, yeah, Twizzlers. C'mon, Ree." He offers, tugging her forward in the slow-moving line.

Frowning, Carly reaches into her pocket and pulls out only a few measly bills. "Well crap… He's got my ticket and I don't think I have enough to get another one." She turns to Nicolas and gives him a weak smile, "Can you text me when your movie is over and I'll meet you back here? I can go get a latte or something until then." She glances over to Tiago when he speaks and her face drop, "Never mind, I'll just call my dad." And dejectedly, she turns and stalks off.

Nicolas looks back over his shoulder and frowns as he looks at Carly. "Hey. Wait." He calls back to her as he moves to her. "Why don't I buy you a ticket and you can watch the movie with me?" He asks her. "No sense in you missing out on a night out."

"You know, my Mom would totally make you guys sit down and talk to each other until you get along," Avery chimes in, observing the interplay between Chi and Car with sparkling eyes. She's a nerd, therefore she is allowed to mention parents on a teens' night out. But when Carly moves to depart, that amusement fades and the girl stops, preventing Tiago from pulling her forward any further. "Hey…no, don't go!" Nic's stepped up, so Ree directs a look at Trevor too. "Psssst! Go on, you too!"

Trevor lifts a brow as he hears Tiago as he talks to Carly, a slight shake of his head is seen before he glances after Carly. "Carly, come on its alright.." He pauses as Nicolas offers to get Carly's ticket and peers over at Ree. "Go.. Go where?" His not to swift is he?

Pausing, Carly turns and shakes her head to her friends (not Tiago) and gives them a sort of smile. She stands there for a moment, seeming to waffle at Nic's offer and then shakes her head. "Nah, that's okay, I should get home and practice anyway. I have my audition and stuff tomorrow, so I should get a good night's sleep. Dad will pick me up, that's what he's there for. Right?"

It's no fun when your foe gives up and stalks off. Despite the fact that Tiago had his olive branch basically ignored in the first place, and only snarked in retaliation, he finds himself feeling exceedingly guilty. Do mostly to the way Ree behaves. Trevor's look is met with a dark glare of his own, which quickly trails off as he releases Ree's hand in favor of jogging over to Carly and attempting to stop her by putting a hand on her shoulder. "Hey! Hey - I was jus' bein' an asshole. Don't listen ta me. If you don' want ta take their money or whatever, I could lend ya a tenspot. It'll be like a business transaction, so no harm done, yeah?"

"You should just say you're getting her a drink, not just ask if anyone wants one," Ree lectures Trevor, without a concern for the inappropriate nature of such instruction. "Girls like it when guys take charge. Like he did, with the ticket thing." Free hand gestures vaguely in Nicolas' direction. It's a night for breaking all of the norms! She's too far away to hear just what Tiago says to Carly, when he breaks away, but whatever it is, Avery approves. She's still smiling that placid little smile. "He'll get her back, then Nic gets her ticket and you get her Coke. Then we watch stuff blow up."

Nicolas smiles slightly to Carly. "Come on. I'm here all solo and I want you to stay and watch the movie. You're already here anyway. It'll be fun." He says to the girl, not really paying much attention to anyone else. "All your friends are here. I can get you a ticket to whatever they're watching and I'll sneak in too."

Carly gives Tiago a suspicious glance and narrows her eyes just slightly when he speaks to her, "Fine, I'll stay… but I'm not borrowing any of your money." Turning to Nicolas, she shakes her head and gives him a fairly weak grin, "Nah, what movie are you watching? We can go to that… I was going to go see Feel the Noise, that new dance movie? Jennifer Lopez produced it, so I figured…" Her voice trails off and she begins to blush furiously, "Never mind, talking too much again." Then she takes the few steps back to Avery and Trevor, "Okay, I'll stay… but just this time!"

Trevor smirks at the glare he gets from Tiago, oh ya that bothers him so much. He shrugs and then glances back to Ree and seems to ponder the information that is given to him, really he knows all that already. "Right, I'll have to work really hard at trying to remember that." This said with a joking tone. As Carly comes back over he offers a smile and nods. "Well good. We're all glad your staying."

Nicolas smiles and nods to Carly. "I was going to see the vampire flick that they're previewing, but if you want to see that one you were going to see, I'll sneak in to that one." He says with a smile.

It's times like these that make Tiago lash out defensively. When seemingly good deeds are not recognized, the lad becomes petulant - much like a 5 year old. At her declaration and look, the high school drop out retracts his hand as if burned, his nose wrinkling just a tad bit in distaste. "Fine," he snaps, before reclaiming control of his voice. "Uhm. I mean, that's cool." He finishes, sticking his hands into his pockets as he retreats slowly, looking back to Ree as if searching for validation of his actions.

Nicolas smiles and nods to Carly. "I was going to see the vampire flick that they're previewing, but if you want to see that one you were going to see, I'll sneak in to that one." He says with a smile before he picks up the popcorn and soda before he looks to Carly. "Did you want something to eat or drink?"

As Nicolas reveals which movie he is going to, Carly pales, "Uh… no, vampires are cool?" Her voice raises an octave at the end, making what she said sound like a question, but it really wasn't meant to be one. "Is that the one all of you guys are going to too?" She places her hands in the back pockets of her jeans and rocks back and forth on her heels slightly.

"You better, I know what I'm talking about!" Ree flashes Trevor a brighter smile, then turns to watch the happy return of everyone's favorite blonde. "Good, that's all decided then! Cmon, Chi!" Quick as a sparrow taking wing, she darts from the line to seize the young man's elbow and haul him back to the front of the line before concessions. "That was so awesome, I'm even going to share my twizzlers with you," she bubbles. "I want to…wait, what? What's it about?"

Trevor grins at Ree and nods while a glance is offered back to Carly and Nicolas, oh well there went that idea. "Oh.. I was able to pick up a bunch of speakers for the party. Figured I could go get them all hooked up over the weekend. Could use some help getting them actually up if anyone is free." He is talking about the Halloween party that at least Tiago and Ree knows about, he would have brought it up before but hasn't seen them until now actually. "The 30 Days of Night one? Its about some place up in the artic where it is night for 30 days and these vampires take over the town or something like that. At least that's what I got from the internet."

"Was it?" Tiago inquires, grinning over to Avery as he leaves behind Carly and the Boys (TM), his expression hopeful. He allows her arm to lock into his, his demeanor seemingly proud. "Ah, it was nothin', Ree. Jus' doin' my job." Which is to mess up and then fix it. As the line finally dissipates, he grins smugly over to the employee. "Yo. I want a bag of Twizzlers, a medium popcorn and a large coke, thanks. And, uh - what? What d'you mean, what's it about, Ree?"

"Oh, yeah! Chi and I can definitely help with that, Trev, don't worry! Give us a call maybe Sunday? Saturday's the sleepover at Carly's but after that…ugh, vampires. Zombies are where it's at." Then Ree is focused upon the near possibility of sugary snacks, effectively robbing her of the ability to focus on creepy crawlies. She leans on Tiago's arm while awaiting the presentation of the goodies. "Oh, the movie they're going to see. It's about vampires." The nose-crinkle thing happens again, but there's a grin beneath that. Nothing's going to ruin this good mood. "I like ours better."

"Oh… super fantastic!" Carly emits, seeming /just/ as enthused about the vampire movie as she was about her date before he left. She glances at the poster and a shiver courses up her spine, nearly sending her limbs into tremors. She sets her jaw, seemingly trying to psych herself up for the oncoming attraction and pulls her money out of her pocket. "I have enough for a little popcorn and a diet coke, that'll do me just great." She chatters to both Nicolas and Trevor as they make their way through the lobby, "Mom made stuffed tomatoes for supper tonight, talk about all kinds of awesome!"

Nicolas nods his head to Carly. "Alright. Let me go get the ticket." He says, tucking the popcorn in the crook of his arm and holding onto the soda so he frees up a hand. He digs in his pocket and pulls out his ticket stub. "Here. Take this one." He says, offering it to Carly.

Tiago is in a fairly good mood as well. But truthfully? He's not used to the conversations switching so quickly and without build up on him. Which, of course, means that he turns to /peer/ at his so called date as she jabbers on. Something is not quite right here. "…Didya take somethin' taday? Some sort of…uhm, vitamin, maybe?" He inquires, trying to place it in the most delicate way he can. "Or eat alot of sugar or…oh! Right." And he pulls out a wad of cash, flipping through it to pull out the appropriate amount to pay for their goodies.

Trevor nods to Ree as he gets his coke and a bag of candy which he pays for and then turns to follow along. "Sure, I'll give you guys a call." He'd rather not have to move that stuff on his own if he can get help after all. A curious glance is offered to Tiago at the part on Ree 'taking' something and he just sips at his soda while waiting for the others.

Ree tilts her head at Tiago, brows lifting. "Vitamin C? I take it every morning when it starts getting colder, it keeps you from catching colds. Especially with all of the rain…oooh!" Distraction is provided when their order is lined up on the counter; she secures the drink in one hand and the crinkly plastic package of twizzlers in the other, leaving the popcorn for the werewolf. "Awesome, Trev. I'll get the flyers up next week. Chi and I got all the decorations too, so we're just about all set. Maybe we can get those up after the speakers, save some time."

As the three teens talk about the party they're hosting, Carly gets to the front of the line and orders her snacks. "Small popcorn, light on the butter please? And a small diet coke." As soon as they are handed over and paid for, she returns to the trio, keeping a close eye on the box office for Nicolas. "So, is this movie really scary? Because I forgot Mis— I forgot my coat, yeah…" She hiding something, and it's not just her fear.

Nicolas moves to go get himself another ticket for the movie and returns a short time later, looking to the others. "You guys ready?" He asks, stuffing the new ticket stub into is pocket. He takes the popcorn with his free hand and smiles to the others.

Trevor glances to his watch to see what time it is before looking to Carly. "Well, I don't think it'll be that scary. It is just a movie after all." Because vampires arn't reall, right? A nod is offered to Nicolas while he turns to head towards the theater where the movie is playing. "Yup, I'll go grab us some seat an all." Is offered while he moves along and then slips inside the right door where the movie is playing.

"You take it every day though? Huh…" Tiago crosses that off the list of possible causes, a curious expression crossing his face before he pockets his change and grabs the popcorn, turning to follow after Avery like a well trained puppy, belatedly joining the rest of the crew. "Huh? Oh, yeah, for sure, man. We'll go, scope out the location, and set everythin' up ahead of time. Which, by the way, you guys are all invited." He points out, turning to look to Nicolas and fleetingly to Carly. "Halloween party. You're goin' ta have ta get a costume."

Ree is regretting her decision to grab drink *and* candy, because it means the candy package is impossible to open until they've gotten settled. Her mouth twists in brief consternation before her attention is summoned back by talk of the party. She slows to match her steps to Tiago's, ending up directly beside him. "Yeah, we still have to get up to Port Angeles for that, I have everything but the dress. The wig is *amazing*, wait till you guys see it. You have the tickets, Chi?"

"I already have my costume, I'm going as soap on a rope." Carly announces, taking a tiny sip of her drink. She turns to Nicolas and beams a smile at him, "Did you decided yet? You'd make a great pirate or pregnant nun, I'll have to let you know on the vampire front though… if this movie is too scary I'll never want to see another vampire in my life!" And she stands outside the theater that Trevor just slipped into, waiting for the others. "You'll totally find the dress at that shop, I got the /best/ outfit there the other day… I'll have to show it to you tomorrow night."

Tiago quirks his brows, turning to give Ree a cursory glance. "Yeah? What're you goin' as, babe?" He inquires, making use of his free hand to pop a few kernels into his mouth. "I'm thinkin'…Zorro. He's got a sick cape, and does the sickest wo-stuff." It's a quick, near flawless correction. Ahem. Carly's comments about vampires sobers him, however, and he shoots Ree a very significant look, standing up a bit straighter. "Hm. Yeah, I got them. So, I guess we'll catch you two later."

Nicolas shakes his head. "I am thinking about going as one of those guys off the covers of those trashy romance novels my foster mom reads." He says with a smirk to Carly. "Though I will probably go and be a Pirate. I still need to see what they have at the costume shop." He smiles as he looks at Ree and Tiago.

"Marilyn Monroe! Maybe we can get up there next week? I don't want to leave it too long." Ree glances up at Tiago, just in time to meet that look. The significance appears to fly right over the teen's head. She returns him a smile that seems almost encouraging. "Zorro would be great…or Batman? But only if you wear the tights." The twizzlers' package crinkles again as she loops her arm through her date's and wrinkles her nose, happily, at Carly and Nicolas. "Pirates are on romance covers. Hey, you guys are gonna miss the trailers."

Lifting her hand to wave at the two, Carly smiles a little at Ree before giving the vampire movie poster a wary look. Nicolas makes her start with his new idea and she gives him the widest grin, "Oh man, like a historical romance cover? Like Fabio? You'd totally need a romance heroine to go with… someone in a big poofy dress with cleavage out to there!" She opens the door for the boy and ushers him through, "Can't miss the scary trailers… I'm going to have nightmares for EONS!" And with that, she slips through the door.

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