Belated News

IC Time: October 17, 2007
Location: Cullen Residence: Back Yard
Synopsis: Edward has a heart to heart with Carlisle with a bit of belated news. Esme later joins.
Submitted by: Edward

Its bloody hot for Forks today for some reason, the wet and dreary having not cooled the air down for the impending Halloween; strange, but all weather everything seems to be having its weird naunces this year.

Edward sits outside on the grass, one leg stretched out while the other is bent, his elbow lazily resting on that knee. In his hands he holds an old tattered book; quietly reading in the sunlight. Of course, being in the sun, his skin is glinting, reflecting the light like thousands of diamonds.

Carlisle walks out back to check on the pool and other things. Being sure the cover is still taut he kneels down checking it, satisfied he raises back up to his full stature. Noticing the glint out of the coner of his eye a smile creeps upon his lips, "Hello, son." Walking towards Edward feeling it has been too long sine they have last spoken. "Reading anything good?"

The sounds of another; and of course the faint whispers of presence of the mind draws Edward's golden gaze from the pages to his father figure. He hips his head just slightly; a measure of respect calmed to the modern age, "Carlisle." He greets, closing the book, but leaves one finger between the pages as he turns his wrist to expose the faded leather binding and its front cover at him. In partially still intact pressed print; but not hard for a vampire to read is: Journal. "Just reading the past."

"That is always a good way to learn," mentions the doctor before squatting down. Carlisle finally falls back to his butt, his hands propping him up as he finally stretches out his legs crossing them at the ankles. "I have not had the chance to see you or Bella lately. Everything been alright?"

"Learn from the mistakes of history so that they may not be repeated. Remain in ignorance of the past and history is doomed to repeat." Edward quotes, perhaps Carlisle from one of their much older conversations or other material, but the quote is there. "Considering she didn't get extremely angry with me yesterday when I gave her a gift," He grins a little lopsided. "I think we are doing famously. How have you been? Hospital keeping you busy?"

Carlisle sits up crossing his legs indian style in front of him. "What kind of present did you give her? If you don't mind me asking." he grins watching his face. He couldn't be prouder of him, over the years Edward has grown so much in different ways. "It keeps me busy as usual. Your mother and I have been thinking about taking a trip to London. I thought about taking her to see my old homestead. Or what might be left of it if anything."

"A necklace. Silver chain with a sapphire tear, she loved it." Edward responds, as pleased with her enjoying the item as he is her not getting mad at him for it. As Carlisle mentions going to London, a slight ghost slides across his face. A haunting. "Isn't it.. strange? Visiting our past in person? I always believed we should leave it behind for our own sanity."

Carlisle goes into thought about those words then just nods. "All that remains are the buildings and the graveyard in the place I hail from. Honestly if I didn't have my journals and books. My past would have already been long forgotten." Looking down at the grass he tugs at a couple of blades with his fingers. "I believe it is alright to revisit the past as long as you don't dwell within it. It isn't much different than what you are doing there." his golden gaze lifts to stare at the journal. "You visit it now with words. I'd like to see it again just once more before it is lost forever."

Edward lifts his journal, his finger sliding out of the place he held as he studies Carlisle. "Reading words of old memories is one thing. You remember who you were, keep that shred of humanity that we try to hard to keep. But it is like reading the stories of another life." He drops his journal on the grass between them, sighing, putting his other knee up as his elbows go to knees, his head going to rest in his hands. "I couldn't. Your much stronger than me, Carlisle… I couldn't visit my own grave; or rather the ditch they threw the bodies of the plague victims. To imagine my mother so haplessly tossed in it after you saved my life; its not something I could face."

Carlisle knew that all of this is true, it'll be tough seeing the grave of his father and probably his own. Though hopefully he will learn his birthdate as Esme has asked about it many times. "I remember your mother well. The love in her eyes when she asked me to do anything that I could to save you." reaching out his arm he rests a hand upon Edward's shoulder. "A mother's love is very special. I never got to tell you but I saw to it that she had a proper burial. She wasn't among those just tossed out like yesterdays garbage. No.. She got the burial that she deserved."

Those words bring Edward to pause, watching the blades of grass dance in the faint breeze before his golden eyes slide to Carlisle. He has never been a mushy type of emotional, but he presses his lips thin, trying to find the words to respond to that. "Thank you, Carlisle… for letting my mother's soul rest in peace." He finally manages, looking away as he sighs, rubbing his hands over his face. "I've lived with the guilt of that for years." He admits in a quiet tone.

Carlisle tilts his head watching him, "I should have told you about it sooner. You never had reason to feel guilt. At the time you were.. changing…" They hardly have ever spoke about those day all that much. There have been times he has felt guilty for bringing anyone into this way of life. "Forgive me for not telling you sooner."

Edward was Carlisle's first, he can understand how hard that must've been on his father-figure in this life. "At least.. I know now." He concedes, glancing aside to his journal with a sigh before he leans back on his hands, trying for a more relaxed position. "Esme and I were talking the other day… might have talked her into building a small cottage on our grounds, not too far from here. Private place where we can have quiet time." He chuckles. Something to save Edward from being forced to listen to certain 'thoughts' at those times…

Carlisle had figured this would come sooner or later. Again changing his position until he is leaning back upon his elbows leg stretched out again, "That sounds fine to me son. I know that you and Bella want your privacy." Plus.. It'd also give him freedom to think without trying to guard his thoughts so much. "She seems to be doing well by the way. Last we spoke she went to see her father. That was a few weeks ago though."

"Not so much that as I'm sure the entire family wants some privacy away from me at times." Edward points out with a chuckle. "She is doing very well, much better than me, I will admit. I don't think she's got the streak in her to try the rebellious stage." He chuckles. "She went by to see him yesterday." He frowns some at that though. "Don't you think it is… unhealthy? For her to keep relations with her human father? Charlie is a decent man and all, and I understand he loves her daughter, but for Bella.. this can only go on for a few years at the most before she will have to die or leave forever in his eyes. And drawing it out will only be harder on her."

Carlisle closes his eyes for a moment. "It will be tough either way. Of course she will have to seperate herself from him and her mother forever. Then the day will come as they pass from this life. It reminds me of when I was married to a human woman. You remember? We met after my time in Volterra, they wanted me to kill her but instead I took her away from Italy to Austria. We married and spent a few years together. It was rather odd trying to keep certian details about myself from her but I managed. Until.. I faked my death in fire. So then I watched silently as she aged until the day she died. I was her doctor and in her last moments she recognized me I think." a smiles comes to him, "She said that I reminded her of the husband she lost in her younger years."

Esme has arrived.
Esme walks in from the Main House.

Carlisle's words brings a long silence from Edward as the son studies the father with a closed expression. One can only guess him running that scenario when him and Bella in his father's place. "You already know what I would try to do if I ever lost her…" He whispers lowly, his golden gaze darting to watch the pool in silence for a few moments as he thinks. Carlisle and Edward both are sitting on the grass, partially lounged as they bask in the sunlight of the warm day. "I was lucky, not having a family to miss when I was turned. No ties. Alice is lucky because she doesn't remember." He frowns. "Bella… she is delicate. We aren't meant to cling to our human lives so passionately when we are turned. It only leads to bad things."
Carlisle has partially disconnected.

Carlisle lays all the way back resting his hand behind his head. "I'd do the same if something happened to Esme." he agrees lightly to the words. The mere thought of something happening causes him to frown just slightly. "Bella is stronger than you think son. She knew what it meant and understood all of it when she decided to cross into this way of being." unfortunately she would already be dead right now if Edward didn't inject her with the venom in time, but he would have turned her sooner or later. "I think she can handle losing Charlie better than she can ever handle the thought of losing you."

The door leading from the backyard to the house squeeks faintly as Esme walks out, and casts a smile on her two favorite men. "Dare I ask what this conversation is about?" she enquires, having not heard the entire conversation, though it's doubtful that she would want to, having had a similar one with her daughters many a time.

Edward lowers himself to lay fully on his back, staring up at the sky in thought, but a slight frown still on his expression from the line of thought. Hearing Esme's approach however, he puts an arm behind his head; almost mimicing Carlisle's position as he chuckles. "Probably not." Never said he wasn't blunt. "I still worry." He states to his father, but has the expression to want to leave it at that.

Carlisle for the moment keeps this within his thoughts knowing Edward will hear it. 'Just continue to be there for her son. That is all you can really do right now. Just love her and allow her to do what she feels right for herself' After this he manages to grin tilting his head up enough to see his wife, "Care to join us darling?" he pats the space between himself and Edward.

Esme chuckles slightly and moves towards her two guys, stopping long enough to give her husband a light kiss. "You two looked far too serious," she gives with a shake of her head. "Smile, you two. You've got what a lot of people would love to have, friends, family and loving spouses."

Edward nods only a partial fraction to Carlisle to offer that the words were received, and stored to be taken to heart. "Smile?" He makes a weird face as he does a strange 'forced smile' trying to get Esme to laugh and lighten the mood. "How's this?"

Carlisle leans up kissing his wife in return. Reaching both arms up to try and tug at one of hers, "You always make me smile." his smile broadens as he tries to pull her down into the grass with them. Looking towards Edward he laughs at the forced smile.

Esme smiles in response to her husband, settling easily at his side before her attention is drawn to her face making sone, drawing a laugh from her. "You know, we don't give you enough credit for being such a clown, Edward," she states with a light giggle.
With a light chuckle, Edward lazily shrugs as his face settles; his rare 'clown' moment fading away. "Thats because Emmett is the real clown." He points out. "Oh, I told Carlisle about the cottage idea. I think I have his approval." He grins.

Carlisle grins then nods his head, "Of course you do. Are you having your mother design it for you?" he inquires proud of the fact his wife has done a great job with their own house and other houses the own in different parts of the world.

Esme chuckles. "So that would explain why it's been far too sullen since those two left," she gives, shaking her head. "And of course I'd be far too happy to help design anything Edward wanted, so long as he knows, whether he moves out or just finds a temporary residence, he's always welcome with us," she truly is a loving mother.

"I would rather stay in the house; personally. I quite like my room." Edward chuckles. "Just think we could all use a place to go for privacy away from the rest, you know? Rooms for each of the couples; so we can have our own space when we go there. Right?" He confirms with Esme, considering they talked about it yesterday. "Esme would be perfect to design it."

Carlisle slips his arms around his wife. Snuggling close but watching his son with a grin, just remaining quiet now as they begin to talk.

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