Plus Lone Penis

IC Time: October 18, 2007
Location: Memorial Cemetery
Synopsis: A trip to the cemetery ends with pizza and ouija.
Submitted by: Carly

The cemetary closes at dusk; it's a hard and fast rule. But the gate is easy to hop over, especially when you take a running jump. So that's exactly what Holly does, though her dress does get caught on one of the wrought-iron spikes, effectively ripping it, and, causing her baggy to fall nicely out of her purse and onto the ground, on the opposite side of the fence. "Shit!" She glances at the drugs. "Double shit!" It takes a bit of maneuvering, but she does get down. There, on the other side of the fence, she dusts off her nightgown and blinks. "O-kay. Let's stay kind of close to the fence, so at least we can still see when the pizza guy comes," she mutters. "Um, can someone hand me my cigarettes?" She points to the joints on the other side.

Ree is not far behind Holly. There's no way the other girl is going to win any points in this confrontation by being the bravest. Not when Ree's been granted temporary superpowers…of a sort. Although she *is* regretting not throwing a hoodie on over the jammies, given the dampness of the air. "Catch," the girl calls to Holly, scooping up the dropped baggy and underhanding it over the fence. Then she clambers on over herself, the ears of her rabbit slippers waving wildly.

In shorts and a tank top, Piper makes her way, along with the crowd, to the cemetary, unhappy about the whole thing, but she knows she can't just let them go without some sort of back up. She hardly makes a sound as she practically slings behind the group. The fence is easy, an agile climb up and a literal drop down, before she carries on.

Charlene is probably the only girl around who isn't currently in her pajamas. This is, without a doubt, an advantage as she stares at the fence, blinking uncomfortably before moving to hop over it. Apparently, her clothing is for moot, seeing as she's the opposite of athletic, period. Eventually, however, she makes her way over the fence and flicks on the light, jogging over to catch up with Holly. "Okay, who was the girl with the big boobs? The really…you know. /Friendly/ looking one. She was /totally/ acting like a complete and utter diva. Not even a good one, like…a boring librarian diva bitch."

Last in the line up of girls is Carly, the pockets of her Hello Kitty pj's are filled with her cell phone, a credit card, and a bunch of not yet activated glow sticks. In her arms is an awkward looking wooden box labeled 'Ouija'. "Oh fudge buckets… there's climbing?" This will not do, not for the girl with the more innocent part of the entertainment. As she is left behind by the others, she paces the outside of the fence, "Sweet monkey nuts! A hole!" she declares, a little bit too loudly, perhaps, before clambering through on her hands and knees. Brushing off the dirt, she grips the board again and runs after the others. "Hey wait up!"

"Huh?" Holly did NOT expect Ree to hand her the weed. But, it happened — so color her stunned. She holds the bag limping and gapes at Ree for awhile until Piper distracts her — "Wow, Piper. Once again, you're awesome at… jumping. And running. And stuff." She shifts her attention to Charlene, however, as her tirade begins. "Yeah, I don't know! Who /is/ she? And what the hell was up with the polar bear story? I was confused. Girl said she didn't want any weed and then she says something like /that/? I mean, what the hell?" She paces through the cemetary and settles on top of a tombstone.

Ree wraps her arms around herself once on the other side. Brave, yes. Warm? Not necessarily. At least her legs are warm, although the bunnies are getting a little soggy as she treks through dewy grass. "Bear got into the cafeteria," she puts in briefly, looking anywhere by at Holly. "Some guy opened the door and it came right in, you know? It was insane."

Piper offers a shrug and smile towards Holly. "Guess I Just climbed a lot as a kid," she gives, slowing up to wait for Carly. She can easily see the girls ahead, and can easily see if there's any trouble, so she'll stay by Carly. "Need a hand, Carly?" she questions with a pleasent enough smile.

Charlene hugs herself in the hopes of keeping warm, the flashlight bobbing up and down as she marches forward. "Right? I mean…who /knows/ what she was on about? I just didn't like the way she acted like she was oh so superior to everyone, just because she was a big baby. Like, okay, we get it, you're scared, but don't try to play it like everyone is an idiot for not acting like, 3. Anyway…" She darts a look to Ree, before deciding that with all that's come out about that poor girl's personal life, she wouldn't dare judge her. "So, like, can I have some?"

Jutting out her hip, Carly nods to the passel of glow sticks in her pocket. "Can you crack a couple of those so we can see? I don't wan't to tri—- Oof!" And like an elephant performing Swan Lake, the blonde goes down like a brick falling from the Eiffel Tower… right into a hole, thank goodness it's not a plot. She lies there for a few minutes before she begins to giggle. "Oh damn, that had me scared for a second… help me up?"

Holly blinks a few times. "Why would a bear just amble into a cafeteria in the middle of the day? Did it have rabies?" This idea is still quite absurb to her… and it can only be solved and pondered by toking up, which she does, boldly. At Charlene's request, Holly nods. "You talking to me? Sure. But isn't this the second time you've pawned off on me?" she teases lightly, tossing the bag toward the girl with the flashlight.

At that point, she's pretty far from Carly, but at the younger girl's giggle she moves toward her. "You okay?"

Piper moves towards Carly, offering her a hand. "You okay?" she questions, her tone concerned for the party-thrower. "At least let me carry something, it'll be easier if you have both hands free," she gives with a firm nod of her head, still keeping an eye on the other girls. She, however, makes no comment on the bear situation.

Ree is politely overlooking the potheads nearby, choosing instead to poke around, studying the names on the various tombstones. Some of them are pretty old, and it's these that she seems most fascinated by. Carly's accident with the hole summons her attention again, however. She wanders back in that direction and puts a hand down to help haul the blonde out of the pit she's discovered. "You're a menace, Car."

"Like Dennis… man that kind of hurt…" Carly rubs her knee a few times before picking up the heavy board and handing it to Piper. "Let's crack that puppy open and see what it does. I've never played ouija before!" She shoots a worried look toward the other two girls and nods a little as she brushes herself off. "I think the bear is stalking me, it almost ate me in the park a few days before that… along with a wolf, but I haven't seen the wolf since… but that bear is definitely stalking me." Pulling out a couple of the glow sticks, she cracks them and then shakes them until they glow a soft green after which she sticks them in the ground. She repeats this pattern until she has a little green circle surrounding all of them.

Charlene has the grace to look quite embarrassed by Holly's comment, her cheeks reddening with color. "Oh, I mean, I can pay you or something? Sorry, I…" She settles then, smiling in a sheepish manner before moving to extricate a smaller joint of her own, then looking to Holly for a light. "That's so strange. A bear? /Really/? I swear…this place gets weirder and weirder by the minute…" Her expression turns a bit contemplative and wary, but she shrugs it off. "Oh wow…so we're like, really going to ouiji here? Isn't that like…hardcore?"

"Don't worry about it, Charlene. Just… let me drop by your house sometime when I need to get out of mine. My dad and his girlfriend are kind of gross sometimes. And other times…" Well. Holly won't mention those other times and other people that hang around the house or might. The Ouija, however, is something she'll have to sit out on, as her phone buzzes and as hastens to answer it. "Brian? Oh, hey. No, I'm at…" she trails off, heading in the opposite direction, though staying close to the fence.

As the night wears on, she wanders by with the rest of the girls, eats pizza, and crashes rather early, an effect of the drugs, perhaps.

Piper takes the board and nods, though she has a very hard time not laughing at Carly's mention of the wolf not being seen since… sure she has, Carly just doesn't know it. "Yeah, there's a few wild animals out here," she gives, chuckling. "Ouija, nothing, really, let's find ourselves a place to sit. We've got the atmosphere and everything, so…" she shrugs.

"This works for me." When Holly wanders off, Avery spares a glance for her, tracking her through the forest of old stone. But that doesn't last long. She's curious now about the board and entirely unconcerned about the threat of rampaging animals. "You're the one with a joint in your hand," she says, flashing a grin at Charlene. "Worried about being *too* hardcore? Come on. Maybe it'll tell us if anyone's *here* with us." Ooooooh.

Carly is already sitting near the board with the instruction manual in hand… squinting to read it by way of glowstick. "Okay, I think we're all supposed to sit around it and put our hands on the pointer thingy and then ask a question." She looks between the girls and gives them all a grin. As Holly's phone buzzes, she wrinkles her nose a little and then goes back to the task at hand. "What should we ask it?"

Charlene smiles over to Holly, offering the girl a warm nod. "Of course you can! I'd actually really love it. Drop by whenever." She tells the girl, and once she has her joint lit, she proceeds to take an experimental swig of the stock, judging it's quality before exhaling. Only to blush once again as a result of Avery's comment. "Oh! Well…I mean, it's like natural-ish and just relaxes me…and, I mean, I'm not /scared/ or anything." She totally is. "But I think some things you shouldn't quite mess with…Who knows what's out there?" She hurries to toke away, hoping to finish up before joining the circle to lessen the judgment.

In the distance, a set of headlights appear over the hill along with the soft rumble of an engine. As the lights grow close, the engine too grows louder. In the street lights, a red muscle car can be seen before disappearing into the darkness again. The car stops at the cemetery before it stops and parks, the engine dying with a final rumble. The door opens up and a man steps out before he closes the driver side door before moving to the passenger side. He pulls out two bags that look full before he closes the door and moves towards the cemetery.

Nicolas looks at the cemetery and lets out a sigh. "Great…" He says to himself before he moves towards the lot, taking the bags with him. As he reaches the fence, he looks around the area, seeing the green glow sticks. "Yo." He calls out. "You guys order the pizzas?" He says, lifting the two bags up slightly so that they can be seen.

Piper chuckles and settles cross legged by the board, examining it with a certain amount of curiosity, this was something she was never allowed back home. "Pizza and ouija, score!" she exclaims, practically jumping up when Nic shows up with the pizza, then remembering she's not paying. "We sure did!" she hollers back to the pizza boy. She's a ravenous wolf, feed her.

Ree sinks to the ground beside Carly, on the other side of the blonde from Piper. She only grimaces a little at the dew soaking through the seat of her jammie pants. "She's right," she says with a nod for Piper. "We have the atmosphere…lots of dead people. Why not ask if one's hanging around, what their name is?" While they ponder the possible questions, the teen briskly rubs her hands over her upper arms, chafing them to maintain blood flow. "Or maybe what the next animal to attack Forks will be. I'm guessing crocodiles…oh, pizza! Wait…who is that? Sounds familiar."

Recognizing the voice, Carly jumps to a stand and skips through the darkness with a glowstick in her hand. Luckily, this time, she already knows her way to the gate and meets the pizza boy face to face. "Yep! And I have a tip too!" she grins to the boy, reaching through the fence toward him. "Have time to stay for a bit? We have ouija and you can have some of the pizza." She is a bit scuffed up and dirty, not the pristine example of Barbie-teen that she usually is.

Before long, Charlene can't stand the guilt. It's really awkward being the only one doing less than legal things. Therefore, with a sigh, she gives into the peer pressure and puts out the little cigarette. Then, she approaches the circle, preparing to sit within the cool air, only to have her attention caught by the pizza man. She shoots her flashlight over in Nicolas' direction, unwittingly blinding the man. "Who's that?"

"Oh my god, it's Nic!" There's a burst of laughter from Avery's direction. "He's the guy Carly saw a movie with last night. Something happened, but she's not saying what." But! Expect Ree to officially declare no more teasing about *her* taste in men, after she gets the story out of the blonde. She leans back on one hand, remaining seated where she is but watching the happenings at the cemetary gate. "Hey…you live next door to me, don't you?" That, for Charlene.

Nicolas sets on of the bags down as he sees someone start to head over. A smile forms on his lips as he sees Carly. "Hey. Great." He says as he sets the other bag on the fence, balances the bag with his hand and opens it up and hands Carly a receipt. "Just sign here." He says, handing her a pen as well. "Yeah, I can stay for a bit. I'm off in an hour or so too." He tells her before he gets blinded by the flashlight. He moves a bit to let Carly block the light from his eyes.

Piper chuckles lightly. "Try not to blind the man who feeds us," she questions, rubbing her now grumbling tummy. "Sorry," she apolagizes sheepishly, ducking her head to stare intently at the ground. It's not her fault, truly…

Taking the receipt, Carly signs off on it and leaves a /very/ generous tip. She's rather nonchalant about it though, probably because it's her father's credit card and this will all be coming out of her chores anyway. Adding a little heart at the end of her name, she hands it back and grins up at him. "You'll have to carry these over for me… I'm a little bit bad at climbing fences and stuff." She waits for him on the other side, taking the bags one by one to allow him the chance to climb over. As they walk together back to the rest of the group, Carly murmurs quietly under her breath, "Stay for a couple of slices and then come back when you clocked out?"

Charlene turns to peer at Avery with interest as she offers an explanation. "Oh? Juicy! Wow. It sounds like everyone's got some sort of man drama. I mean…what was that all about? The whole deal between you and Holly, and…" She trails off here as Piper points out the fact that she's currently blinding the pizza man. "Oh god! Sorry!" She calls out, to the esteemed food-bringer, immediately switching off the flashlight as she sinking into her seat.

Ree tips a smile towards Piper. "Why sorry? At least you eat. Most of the girls back at the house, they act like food is poison. Or just get rid of it after they eat it." And that concludes this evening's Moment of Honesty. An idle regard returns to the couple by the gate. "Man drama, animal drama…it's been kind of weird the past couple of weeks, yeah? Holly is…um. Well…see, she likes Tiago but he and I hooked up. She isn't handling it really well. Which is bad, because she's pretty cool when she isn't trying to claw my eyes out."

Nicolas nods his head after stuffing the receipt and pen into his pocket. "Alright. Sounds good." He says, lifting the bags over the fence before he hops over with one swift move. On the other side, he picks up the bags and lets Carly lead the way back to the others.

Charlene quirks her head to the side as she cants her attention in Ree's direction, a sheepish smile appearing on her face. "Excuse me? Oh…no, I don't think so. I live literally down the street here, so unless you do… Maybe that's my cousin's…er, former house? People say we share a resemblance." There is a pause as she considers the other girl. "I've seen you around, but I don't think we've ever really introduced ourselves. Hi. I'm Charli." She even unfolds her arms in an attempt to shake Ree's.

As they make their way back to the group with the pizzas, Carly keeps sneaking sideward glances at the delivery boy. The small smile that she attempts to hide from her friends is quite noticeable until it breaks out on her face as she says, "Look who I found, with our pizza! Anyone mind if he sits in for some?" She motions for Nicolas to place the pizzas down near one of the clear spots in their circle and then sits down, "Here Nic, you can sit on my hoodie so you don't get all dirty before you have to go back to work."

"Oh! Yeah…I'm sorry. It's dark, you know? I didn't get a really good look. Hey Charlene, I'm Avery." Ree straightens up on the grass, wiping her dewy hand on the leg of her pants before taking the other girl's for that shake. "Or Ree, I go by both. I'm sorry for all the drama too. It'll get better soon." Pause. "I hope." She gives Charlene a small, friendly smile before her attention wanders back to the pizza-bearers. Smile becomes a grin. "Hey, Nic! Wait, we're allowed to invite boys, now?"

Nicolas follows Carly back to the group, carrying the two bags of pizzas. He glances over at her and smiles as he sets the bags down, opening them up to take out the pizzas and let the girls have at them. He does the same to the other bag, stacking the pizzas into two stacks. "Here you guys go." He looks up at Ree and smiles. "Hey there." He says to her. "I'm just hanging out for a bit. I gotta get back to work in a few."

Charlene giggles a little, her smile broadening as she fixes her attention on Avery. "Oh, no worries! Honestly? Outside drama is totally welcome. So long as I'm not in the middle of it all, I love it." And with this bright note, she also looks over to the approaching pair, inhaling the scent of fresh pizza deeply. "Oh wow, does that smell good! Can we eat while doing the ouiji, or do the spirits not like that?" However, when Carly lays down the sweater for nick, her eyebrow arches with bemusement. "Hee! I'm pretty sure he's the one who's supposed to do that for you, not the other way around!"

Blushing at Ree and Charlene's comments, Carly proceeds to pat the hoodie for the boy, a clear indication for him to sit near her. The October chill causes her to shiver a little and if/when he sits down, she shuffles a little closer to him, for warmth, really. "No one else offered, and he's not wearing a coat to sit on himself. Besides, /someone/ here needs to be the polite one, it might as well be the hostess!" She young blonde breaks into a little laugh and then nods toward the boxes. "Someone toss me a slice of vegetarian? Hey, have you guys ever tried fish on pizza? I heard it's really good."

Ree slants an amused look at Charlene, one which can only be translated as 'you have NO idea'. But she lets the point go in favor of raiding the nearest pizza box. It's hauled over closer, but still outside the ring of glowsticks that Carly has arranged, and flipped open to reveal…pepperoni. Score! "It's okay, Nic, we'll forgive you this once. Fish? That sounds totally gross. I'll stick with traditional pizza," she declares, securing herself a slice. "I think whoever's doing the ouija thing can't be eating, you have to touch the pointy thing and we don't want to get it all greasy."

Piper is sitting, quietly in the circle, waiting for two things, the first and foremost in her mind, is food, which is obvious when her stomach continues to grumble, teh second is for them to crack out the ouija board. "Don't we all have to have our hands on the pointer?" she questions before quickly downing one slice of whatever kind of pizza she happened to grab, she's not biased.

"Ahuh…if that's your excuse. Hi, Nic, was it? I'm Charli - it's nice to meet you. Thanks for bringing the grub." Charlene chips in, reaching over in an attempt to grab the nearest slice for herself. "Yeah…no thank you on the fish. I'd rather not smell like…well, fish, for the next three days. It'd totally ruin my plans of being a likable person. And, uhm…in that case? I don't think any of us are going to play with the ouiji board just yet, ha!"

Nicolas smiles to Carly. "Thanks. I can sit on the bags if you're cold." He says, letting Carly in for 'warmth'. He looks to Charlene and smiles. "Nice to meet you. Yeah, I'm Nicolas." He says to everyone that doesn't know. "No problem. I get paid to do it and my car smells good for a few hours after work." He says with a soft chuckle.

"I just heard it was good is all. my friends used to eat this tuna pizza, it looked neat. Never tried it though. I was going to ask mom to make it sometime." Carly argues, looking a little defensive. Once a piece of veggie is handed to her, she begins to munch on it happily, of course swallowing before she speaks again. "You know what we /should/ do sometime? We should totally have like a wienie roast or something… maybe." She wrinkles her nose a little in distaste and folds her slice in half, studying it, "Just… we have to have it during the day, or inside."

Ree is not up to playing with the talk to dead people board without *some* fuel in her belly. She takes a couple of quick bites of the slice before setting it aside on the lid of the open box. "Mmmph…" Chew chew chew… "Nuh uh, wienie roasts, you have to have them on the beach. With s'mores for dessert," she insists after that mouthful is swallowed. She wipes her hands briskly on her pants, to avoid greasiness. Out of consideration for Carly's sensitivity, the girl adds, "We could have lots of people there. Like at the Halloween party. It'll be okay." On to business! "I think Piper's right…who has the instructions?"

Piper has successfully downed her first slice of pizza and is taking up her second, intent on not looking like a freak as she eats. "Instructions? I dunno, maybe they're still in the box?" she offers with a shrug before taking a bite of the pizza. Yummy.

Nicolas looks up at Carly and makes a slightly disgusted face. "Eew. Fish on pizza is like having Mayo in a shake." He says with a smirk. He turns to Ree and tilts his head to the side, an eyebrow raised slightly as he looks at the others. "What's a s'more?" He asks after a moment, a look of genuine confusion on his face. He lets the girls have their slices before he takes one of the meat lovers for himself.

Carly sticks her tongue out at Nicolas and gives him a little scowly face, though it is in a teasing manner, indicated by the smile she offers right after. "I bet people said the same exact thing about fish tacos before they tried them. And fish tacos are fan-freaking-tastic!" She perks up as the others looks for the instructions and sheepishly pulls them out of her pocket with her clean hand. "Here, I was reading them before. We should totally ask the board if I got the part I auditioned for today."

"We as in everyone or we as in…" And Charlene looks over to Nicolas, as if indicating that he's the only other 'we' in the select group. "Either way, that sounds cool. Like, a trip to the beach? We could make an event out of it. Bring like…volleyballs and music and everything. And like, we'll all sing around the bonfire and stuff." The idea warms her heart, and with a grin she continues to finish up her first slice. Until, that is, Nicolas expresses surprise about the s'mores. "What? You've /never/ had one? Where are you from anyway? It's like…chocolate and marshmallows and graham crackers and delicious."

Laughter bubbles up inside of Avery, although she does a good job of disguising it by pretending to cough. "Maybe it's a bad boy thing?" she suggests with an innocent look that's aimed right at Carly. "Tiago'd never had one either." With that shot aimed and fired, the girl shifts to her knees to lean towards the board for a better look. "Oh, that's pretty neat. So it has yes and no on it…we all touch the thingy and see where it goes? Let's do it, we can ask Carly's question first."

Nicolas looks to Charlene and shakes his head. "Nope. Never had one before. The buffets in Vegas don't usually have those I don't think." He says to her before he looks to the others, taking a bite from the pizza in his hand, letting them go ahead and play with the Ouija board. he looks to Ree. "Tiago the one you were with at the movies that one night?"

Piper blinks at Nic. "A s'more? It's like, graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallos, all melted together, it's good," she explains with a grin and a shrug. "You need to get out to campfires more often," she admonishes, sort of, with a laugh and shake of her head.

"You're from Vegas? Oh wow.. I've never been outside of good ol' Washington state, except to go on family vacations to lame parks." Carly's cheeks tint as she glances up at him momentarily. Finishing her slice, she wipes her hands on her pajama pants and leans forward toward the board. "Okay, everyone needs to touch it with two fingers… then we close our eyes and someone asks a question and then we wait for an answer, I think."

Charlene glances over towards Ree curiously as she mentions said bad boy, brows quirking, but soon enough the finishes her slice and has rubbed all of her grease onto the dewy grass. "Vegas? Oh, that's so cool! I wish /I/ went to Vegas. Anyway…Uhm. Huh, Carly? How are we supposed to know what it says if our eyes are closed?" Beat. "Mind, I've never played with this. Just Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board."

"Yeah, that was Chi. I guess they don't have s'mores in Brazil either, that's where he's from. Vegas would be cool, though! All the light…." Avery seems on the verge of saying, or asking, something else but she's interrupted by Carly's determination to continue with their seance. She reaches out towards the pointy thing. "I vote eyes open…what's light as a feather?"

Nicolas shakes his head. "Vegas isn't that great when you've lived there your whole life." He says, shakes his head. "Nevermind." He says after a moment and takes another bite from the pizza, glancing over to Carly and smiling to himself.

Piper grins. "That's where one person lays down, the others sit around them, and place two fingers from each hand under them, and chant 'light as a feather, stiff as a board', the person should rise up in the air," she responds to Ree's enquiry, finishing off her second piece of pizza.

Carly sets out the little plastic pointer piece and glances around the circle of people. "Okay, two fingers everyone? And nobody move it on their own, it's got to move by itself." She places her fingers on the pointer and waits for the others to do the same. When all participating fingers have joined in on the fun, Carly says in a low and ominous voice, "Ouija board guys, am I going to get the part that I auditioned for today?" And then they wait…

Charlene shoots her glance from Avery all the way to Nicolas, and it looks as though she'd really prefer to continue asking the both of them questions respectively, but then Carly has jerked everything into motion with the ouiji board. There is a moment spared for hesitation before she moves to crawl forward, getting to her knees and reaching to place both index fingers on the pointer. "Okay, I'm in, but if like something starts haunting me and it's not Casper? You're so getting blamed."

Ree looks up at Piper, eyes widening while she listens to the description. "Wow, does it really work? That's like…crazy witch stuff." Which figures. Vampires, werewolves, dancing bears…why not witches? She shakes her head, setting her ponytail to bouncing, and then focuses on following instructions. It may or may not help that she begins the exercise by holding her breath as fingertips are laid lightly against the edge of the pointer. "We'll tell them it was Tambrey's idea," she says, trying to talk without moving her lips *and* without giggling.

Piper shrugs. "We'll have to try it," she answers Ree as she places her fingers on the pointer, with a light touch. That done she waits for Carly's question, and then for the response of the spirits.

As the girls are piled around the board with their hands on the pointer it begins to move. Alarmed, Carly shifts a quick accusatory glance to all the others. The small plastic piece winds its way around the board until it stops…. 7. "Who moved it?" She queries, her voice taking on an annoyed tone, "And what kind of answer is 7? Will I get the part I auditioned for and it tells me 7? 7 what?"

Nicolas smiles as he watches the girls, chuckling softly at Carly's reaction to the answer. He finishes off his slice of pizza before he grabs another and starts to work on that one as well. He glances at his watch, making sure he still has time before he has to get back to work.

Charlene is fascinated by the process, and when it starts moving she shoots a slightly terrified glance around to the other girls (plus lone penis) before staring at it intently. And when it stops upon the seven…she can only blink. For a moment, she stares at it harder, willing it to move. But when it doesn't, and when Carly starts freaking out… "Seven…seven days? Oh!" Freaking herself out, she immediately removes her hand from the ouiji pointer.

Piper quirks a brow. "7, that's a weird response to a yes or no question," she states with a shake of her head and a light laugh. "The pointer won't bite you, Charlene," she states to the imprintee-girl.

"Seven shows, maybe?" Ree is not impressed, to tell the truth. She sits back on her heels, squooshing the fuzzy bunny slippers, and crinkles her nose. "I dunno, Carly. Let's try one more question and if it messes that one up too, we can try Piper's game."

Nodding to Ree, Carly motions to the rest of the girls to put their fingers back on the pointer. "Come on Charlene, let's ask it who Chia Pet is going to pick!" She winks at the other girl in the dim greenish light of the glow sticks. The entire operation is relatively creepy, to tell the truth. A bunch of girls having a pizza picnic in a cemetery with a ouija board?

Plus lone penis.

Charlene blinks, looking around at everyone else with confusion written across her features. "…Nothing? Not even like, a laugh? Geez, hasn't anyone seen the Ring or anything?" She is discouraged by the fact that her pop culture reference goes unnoticed, and so she is defeated as she places her fingers back on the…moving thingy. "Uhm, okay. Who's /Chia Pet/," She pauses to giggle at the nickname, "Going to pick, oh lovable spirits?"

Ree's nose only wrinkles further when Carly pipes up with an idea for the next question. But, try as she might, there's no concealing the gleam of curiosity that lights her blue eyes; so yeah, Avery leans forward with the rest of them to repeat the process of touching the pointer. "I'm going to guess it tells us…four!"

Nicolas looks to Carly and smiles. "I'm going to take off. I have to get back to work before I get fired." He says after finishing off his slice of pizza and stands up, dusting his pants off. Piper stifles a chuckle. "We'll only anger the spirits if we don't take them seriously," the girl states, attempting to sound serious as she look sat the pointer, waiting, watching, for it to move, to spell out a name, or maybe point at the person, who knows. "See you, Nicolas," she offers with a smile.

As it did before, the pointer begins to move. This time it sticks to the upper part of the board, actually spelling out something. "M…." Carly begins to read as it pauses at each letter, "O…." She shoots Ree and confused look and shrugs her shoulders, wonder what the next letter will be. "M…." Then the pointer slides to "Goodbye" and comes to a complete stop. "Mom?" she breaks out into a boisterous laugh, "He's going to dump you for his mom?! Or maybe your mom?" As Nicolas announces his departure, the blonde teen hops to her feel and brushes her pants off as well. "Want me to walk you to your car?"

"Mo? That's a *guy's* name!" Avery joins in with the laughter as she sits back, grinning openly. "Ewww, my mom? No way. This is silly, it doesn't work at all." Which, in all honesty, is something of a relief. The world needs a little less weirdness. The teen plunks back on the grass and waves a hand at Nicolas as he prepares to leave; the other hand reaches for the pizza she'd neglected to finish before the festivities.

Charlene is confused. Extremely so, though she offers Nicolas a weak smile. "Bye! Anyway…Ree, tell me about this guy? Because, if the spirits don't lie, that's totally creepy." She's mostly joking though - it's clear she's not putting much faith in the game, as she ends up grinning with a laugh.

Nicolas glances to Carly as she stands and smiles, nodding. "If you want to." He says, picking up the empty delivery bags and tucks them under his arm. He looks to the others and offers a wave. "It was nice to meet you all." He says to them. "Enjoy the pizza guys."

Piper grabs another slice of pizza, it's only her third piece, that's not that bad, right? "So, what now?" she questions with an upraised brow.

Grinning back at the boy, Carly grabs her hoodie and brushes it off before slipping it over her body. She skips to his free arm and casts a cursory glance back at the girls (to make sure they're not looking) before hooking her pinky finger with his. "I didn't know you worked for that pizza place," she says jovially to the boy, her voice drifting off as they make their way out of the cemetery.

"Back to the house, I guess? You could show us that other game, we'll see if it's any better than the ouija board." Avery hops to her feet and begins to gather up some of the pizza boxes, stacking them neatly for carrying back to the party. "Pft, no way Charlene. The spirits lie through their nose, Tiago's not like that at all. But what do you wanna know?"

Nicolas smiles and lets Carly take his pinky with hers, looking over at her. "Yeah, I just started a few days ago actually. This was my first real delivery." He says with a chuckle as he walks along side her. "Not a bad gig actually." He says to her.

Piper nods towards Ree. "It'd probably be better inside anyway, laying on the cold ground with dead bodies underneath," she gives with a wink as she gets up, dusts herself off and grabs any pizza boxes that need to be carried back to the house.

Charlene is watching, Carly. Charlene is always watching. She's a creeper like that. The show prompts her to curl her lips into a bright smile though - seemingly pleased to see someone so happy in puppy lurve. "Oh, I don't know…just if there's any history of incest in his lineage, you know?" She comments to Ree, as she moves to help move everything inside.

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