A Meeting at the Olympic Towers

IC Time: Evening of October 19, 2007
Location: Port Angeles- Olympic Towers: Private Room
Synopsis: Chelsea and Afton ask Ramona and Spencer about his suspicious change… back.
Submitted by: Ramona

After meeting with Spencer and Ramona in the lobby; a lucky chance meeting, Afton had convinced them to come talk with him elsewhere. It was into the elevator, and up to floor sixteen that he took them. Though it may or may not be a good thing he's been silent the entire time of leading them to the room. Down the hall, two rights and a left, he slides a keycard into the door of one of the rooms and pushes it open; "After you." He offers, gesturing the two inside first.

Chelsea is sitting on the window ledge, looking out over the city below when the door opens. She straightens and smoothes out her sun dress of a soft gauze fabric. Framed by the window and the diffused sun behind she looks much like an angel there. A sweet face, beautiful and kind looking save for the eyes of vibrant red. She looks over the two guests, before glancing questioningly to Afton for but a moment, then looking to them again. "Welcome, please make yourself comfortable." Even in this moment she is looking over the bonds in place about the pair of them. Automatic like breathing.

Angel. What an interesting term to someone who is more than well aware of just how 'angelic' she is. Still, Spencer's brain is still reeling at just /why/ he came up in the first place. Nadia isn't here. Nadia wouldn't be -here-. She's far too much of an attention whore.

Still, Afton asked politely and Spencer bares a remarkably curious and self-destructive nature. Even without a gift, he'd torture himself if he'd said no until he followed -anyway-. Why torture oneself when you've spent the afternoon being begged to jump off a cliff? And the night before being the victim to blunt force trauma.

In all the walking and silent lamenting of his epic bad luck, Spencer only then, upon spying Chelsea in her sunlit silhouette, places the connection between herself and Afton. "Comfortable? Yeah." he mutters lowly, reaching back to clutch Ramona's arm tightly as he pushes off to find the nearest comfortable seat. Bonds are strong, for two people like Ramona and Spencer at least. He's undoubtedly devoted. Yes. Devoted….Obsessed sounds so 1990's serial killer, doesn't it?

Despite her self-declared prowess in acting, Ramona is not doing a great job of appearing as careless as she'd like Afton to think. Wary of even approaching the hotel after her previous encounter in Volterra, the blonde was none to happy to be convinced to join the unknown Volturi guard and whoever ever else might be waiting in a 'private room.' She half expected a dungeon of sorts, really. She all but drags behind as they approach the room, though she's careful to keep the human in very close proximity. As if she could actually do anything anyway. She slides easily into the room before Afton, easily recognizing the other blonde, but not with a smile. She makes a face of disgust. "Great. /You're/ the one that was whispering about us when we met with Caius," she declares. Hey, if the situation was going to get weird /anyway/, might as well throw out the first accusation.

After throwing another rather hateful look toward Chelsea, she hastens to follow Spencer to wherever he settles, clutching his arm in return with an air of protectiveness. A bond can certainly be detected — she's definitely attached to the boy somehow, no doubt to the point where she'd be willing to harm herself to protect him. A moment passes. "If you're here to accuse us of doing anything, it's kind of a lost cause," she ventures.

Afton nears Chelsea, a hand moving to rest on the small of her back in a brief show of affection. Outwardly, he appears to be the epitome of calm with nothing but hospitality and company to offer. Ramona's comment actually draws a light laugh out of him. "Now now, we're not here to accuse anyone of anything." He gives a single glance aside to his wife, knowing very well she's looking to their bonds; hoping to catch some hint in that single glance. A signal of sorts, silent communication between the couple.

Though the glance is as natural and flowing as any of his other movements. Withdrawing his hand, both of them clasp behind himself as he watches the other couple, studying them as they settle in. "Spencer, considering your current status; would you like something to drink? I can have it sent up for you." He offers, kindly.

Chelsea smiles to her husband as he moves to her side, she leans up to kiss his cheek lightly. The most silent of whispers passing between them. Only a single word though unlikely to be overheard. Strong. But it is without care or concern she says it. Finally she does look to Ramona and nods, "I am one of their advisors yes, there is much that I say to them. Did my duty to them insult you?" She asks with a faint touch of innocence to her voice. She glances over to Spencer, "I see it didn't take…have one of your creations ever 'failed' before?"

Spencer eyes the two critically as they interact. He's not a genius. He's not well versed in behavior and 'bonds'. What he is, is a manipulative bastard that thinks he's just sat down to a trap. Call him paranoid. "No..I don't want a drink." is his rather flat response to Afton before he turns his eyes over Chelsea, if for no reason other than to watch her expression as Ramona speaks to her. Unfortunately Chelsea's response earns a scowl from him. "What do I look like to you? A freaking apple pie?! I didn't /fail/!" the whole thing is slowly becoming surreal. "And stop looking at my aura or whatever you do. It's creepy. It's like watching someone sleep." Spencer wasn't turned for his charm. That's apparent.

Ramona narrows her eyes at Afton, not bothering to relax or make herself comfortable in the least. The vampiress sits very straight on the couch, her muscles rigid, eyes narrowed slightly as she leans forward. Her shoulder brushes with Spencer's, almost leaning on him but not quite as her hand rests on his knee. "That's fine. But if we're being straight with each other, you could drop the pleasantries. Just get to the point," she says impatiently to Afton, narrowing her eyes at the blonde, and breaking the gaze only to shoot Spencer a sidelong glance accompanied with a gentle furrow of her brow.

"Did your duty insult me?" Ramona's angles her body toward Chelsea. "Insulted? Well, a little. Weren't you the person that suggested something along the lines of using Spencer to get back at the Cullens? He was my human. He's my…" Awkward. She swallows. "We're together. How'd /you/ like it if I suggested keeping your mate —" she nods to Afton, though she probably does remember his name, she neglects to use it, "in favor of some stupid strategic move? Fuck that!" Okay. So she's not so eloquent. She allows a few moments to pass before more earnestly answering the next question, but with no less venom: "No! I have… Anastasia. She's fine. And stop talking about him like he's not in the room."

"Look, we brought you here to talk. Not to throw insults, or try to annoy or provoke the other. We're not here to harm you, we only want to ask a few questions, and then you can be on your way." Afton says in a firm tone, his expression hardening as he surveys the couple across from him. He doesn't take likely to disrespect. "We have done nothing to you, so I would suggest calming down and acting with some civility before we change our mind."

The threat given, his demeanor calms to what it was before. "Now, I'm sure that you want to get to the bottom of this as much as we do, and fix whatever problem ensued. What we know, obviously, is that you were turned, and now for some reason you aren't. Considering this is a very unique situation, we want to take care in trying to find an answer. Now, we are trying to help you. I would highly suggest you cooperate while we are being amiable about the matter."

His gaze touches upon Ramona calmly, inclining his head a mere inch. "Would be glad to get to the point, though you aren't making it easy. If you would both calm down, this would go a lot smoother."

"We are used as the Volturi see fit. We are here as our duty suggests of us, a suggestion as any suggestion would be to aid in the political advantage of our race." Chelsea replies with a casual flip of her shoulder before settling down gracefully into a chair next to Afton. Chelsea's gaze flickers between Spencer and Ramona, nostrils flaring slightly at the human scent, a faint grin coming to her lips. At Spencer's accusation there is a look of angelic innocence to her features, "Now now, don't be so paranoid…though I can understand why you might be. For a moment you were close to perfection…and now…" She makes a vague gesture at him. "Have you tried to turn him again?" Chelsea asks, though still looking curiously at Spencer it is directed toward Ramona.

Spencer squints toward the two as they speak. It's safe to say by his expression that he's thinking. It's also safe to say that by his expression and the fact he's thinking, most of what they say filters out without so much as his awareness. One thing leaves his lips. One simple, solitary thing. "I am paranoid." Lie. Understatement. It's many things.

He also leans back to wrap and arm around Ramona, pulling her closer as he turns to watch her, her expressions, and her lips. Really, she's been good. That's obvious upon his features to someone that knows looks. He's pleased she's not exploded yet. "We've made plans to try again." he points out finally, turning his attention back to Afton and the lady. "I'm just not exactly bursting at the seams to suffer in the floor again for a week." seriously. THAT is the most honest he's been in weeks. "I'm still trying to figure out why this is anyone’s business."

The threat makes Ramona twitch. She presses down on her feet, nearly moving to a stand before Spencer's arm brings her back down to the grim reality before her. She frowns toward Afton, but makes no further protest, quite literally biting down on her lower lip. Perhaps, if she's quiet — for once — things will go more quickly. After all, it went smoothly in Volterra. But still, her head pounds at the notion of having to act the least bit subservient to anyone — she shoots Spencer a grimace as if to let him know how much it hurts, and leans into him a bit more before straightening. "Fine," she manages coolly to Afton.

Chelsea's question is aptly answered by Spencer, eliciting a nod from the blonde, and a bit of elaboration: "We haven't yet. We will. We were trying to figure out the possible cause before doing so."

Ramona turns her attentions briefly to Spencer, dropping from a stiff and forced tone to a much more natural-sounding one: "…It wasn't that bad. It's so worth it for me, is it not?" she teases with a very small hint of a grin before she's forced to eye the audience of two once again.

Afton keeps one hand behind his back, one resting on Chelsea's shoulder in a light touch as he considers the pair across from him. It doesn't take long of quiet contemplation before he speaks again. "It is our business because of who we are. We are Volturi, and what happens in the vampire world is our business, especially when it could be something that alters our history. Even if it may be a fluke." He states simply to Spencer. "We want this solved as much as you do, and quickly."

He lets that settle for the moment: "As I can see you are so itched to leave, here is my word. Under the authority of Aro, you have two weeks to initiate the change, before we will come knocking again. If it doesn't work this second time, we will look more closely at the issue. Understood?"

Chelsea settles quietly in the seat and arches a brow at the question of why this is anyone's business. "It is our business because it is a threat to vampires. If something, someone, so …fluke, caused you to become human again, well we must find it out. Not because of one incident but to prevent future ones. To find out if this IS the only incident. As you are, you are a liability. You are just a human who knows entirely too much." Chelsea responds in a low voice towards Spencer.

Spencer frowns firmly toward Afton, his eyes narrowing before he moves to speak. It is however a move that doesn't play out. Instead he seems to come to some sudden conclusion that causes him to pause. However it does two things. It brings a smirk to his lips, and a nod. "I would have preferred to hear it was Caius's authority, but whatever." Regardless the 'old dudes' and their castle have yet to truly show Spencer a force he fears. Death…not very scary.

Chelsea's words cause another bout of a smile before he even goes so far as to chuckle. "Yeah, okay. Fair enough." Suddenly his mood is much better. It's out of the blue, but for the moment he seems much more content to lean against Ramona and nudge her a bit. "I think we're done, kitten. Let’s let the lovebirds get back to doing…whatever they do. Sit and talk stocky to one another or whatever." It's not his concern, but he does seem to want out NOW.

"We get it. It's your business because you are the law or whatever bullshit. You know!" Ramona's brow furrows. "When I got to be this way, I kind of thought I was allowed to do whatever the fuck I wanted, but…" she shrugs as an outlet to her expression. "Whatever. I /guess/ I get what you're saying. As long as it doesn't include messing with us then it won't hurt to have you guys helping to figure out the cause of all this." It's a statement of understanding, or the most the two will get from the former rock star, at least. "And yeah. You didn't need to give us a time limit; we have one of our own. It'll be done within two weeks." With that, she rises, seeming to mirror Spencer's sentiment of wanting out, though she does wait for the human before she heads for the door. "Later."

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