The Knife In Holly's Side

IC Time: Early evening on October 22
Location: Forks - Magnuson Residence: Tiago's Room
Synopsis: Tiago and Holly have a fight.
Submitted by: Holly

There is a cheerleader in Tiago's room. It perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise knowing the conquest of women the boy supposedly has at least flirted with. This cheerleader, however, is a bit different. Sporting deep crimson and black hair, she applies the finishing touches on purposefully smeared lipstick as she sits cross-legged on his bed, eyeing her reflection through a compact. It's closed with a snap, and then, the cheerleader throws herself across the bed in a dramatic fashion, the fake blood pooling around the gouging 'knife' wound in her exposed side glimmering gruesomely under the dim light. It's official: an apparently 'dead,' half-naked cheerleader is on Tiago's bed. Someone better call the cops, stat.

Tiago never spends much time in his room anyway, and so it is not abnormal for the perpetually messy, eclectic room to be empty. What is abnormal, of course, is the presence of the very female, quite 'dead' teenager on his bed. The steady thumping of the werewolf jumping up the stairs sometimes 2-3 platforms at a time resonates through the walls of the establishment, before Tiago bursts into his own space with a broad, simple smile and a coke in hand. He doesn't even notice the suspicious smell of corn syrup-based products in the air, until after his eyes have landed on Holly's apparently impaled form. And his reaction?


"HOLY SHIT!" Tiago lets out a loud yelping noise, sounding suspiciously girly as his canned beverage goes flying into the air, spilling all over his mismatched assortment of stolen and busted up goods. It's only after the initial shock of it has worn off that he realizes that it doesn't /smell/ like blood…and that girl looks like… "Gawd, fuck you, Holly!" He is practically red with embarrassment.

She manages to lay still for a full thirty seconds, though she can't resist cracking opening her eyes to gaze over at the Brazilian and watch in time for the Coke to fly all over the room. The yelp, however, causing her to sit up and erupt into impish laughter, swinging her legs to the edge of the bed. "Tiago! What'd you think, are you're playing around finally caught up with you?" she teases, smiling and talking at the same time. She crosses her legs, not bothering to pull down the short skirt that rides high on her pale thighs. "Anyway, what have you been up to? We haven't talked in for-everrrr." Why? Well, Tiago's always gone, and Holly? She's been talking to Brian again in his absence. Why not?

It takes Tiago a full thirty seconds to school his heartbeat to regulatory levels, and once he does Holly is awarded with a particularly sulky pout. "Shut up, it ain't funny. An-…wait, what?" The comment about 'playing around' seems to have him a bit of edge, and he shuffles around on his feet, casting his gaze away from Holly as he moves to pick up the fallen soda bottle and inspect the damage it did. "I've been, you know, workin' and…" Beat. "And hangin' out with Ree and shit. Listen, it's good that ya came here - even though you scared the shit outta me like that - because I got some serious shit ta talk to you about."

"It's hilarious, actually. Good thing dad's not home, he'd probably think that was /me/ screaming," Holly notes with a hint of mischief in her voice, grabbing for Tiago's pillow and idly tugging at the pillow case, in absence of glancing toward the other teen when the conversation begins to turn awkward. "Working over at that coffee place still? You know, I never interviewed there. Just kind of… forgot about it. Working sucks, anyway." There is a pause wherein she realizes she can no longer delay the topic, and forces a cheery, "Yeah?"

Tiago turns to shoot Holly a mischievous sort of face, before rolling his eyes in a liberal fashion and sauntering over to his own messy bed, parking himself down beside the girl. What follows is the epitome of discomfort. He is silent for a little while, trying to turn the phrases over in his head to make them make sense while staring off at some random point. A random point that just happens to be the liberal amount of exposed thigh. "Yeah, I am. And it does. But, Holly?" And he hesitates here, licking his lips. "Ree found out some stuff, you know? About…them vampires. Stuff you need ta know. But you gotta promise ta not freak out, and ta…ta let me get it all out there, yeah?"

Holly blinks as Tiago stares at her thighs, prompting her to pull the pillow over her lap, and, in the process, drag it through some of the fake blood. She doesn't seem to care. "/Ree/ found out? I fucking helped," she mutters with a roll of her eyes. She does, however, let the slight bitter note in her tone fade in favor of holding an actual conversation. "I won't freak out. I know all about them. They have red eyes and stuff and suck blood. Gross. I mean, it wasn't that hard to believe once I saw what happened — well, with you…" She fumbles with the pillow case. "You know what I mean. Anyway, Tiago, I'm not that afraid." Holly's tone drops and she slides closer to the warmth of Tiago's body. "You'll protect me."

Tiago shakes his head faintly, furrowing his eyebrows into deep, thoughtful rivets as he purses his lips slightly. "No, Holly. No, I know you helped out. That…wasn't what I was talkin' about. She found out somethin' else…when she was kidnapped by one." Clearing his throat, the look that he shoots Holly is somber, severe, and he can't quite quell the protective urge in his form, the one that draws him just a tiny bit closer to the girl. "Listen. They can do stuff to your mind. Hypnotize you and shit, so you've got ta remember that. They're dangerous in every way. And, that aint even the worst of it. Holly…you're in big trouble."

"Huh? Ree was kidnapped by one?" Holly pauses, her brows knitting together before her expression sours. "She's such a drama queen. Obviously, she was fine." There's a roll of her eyes and a slight huff from the 'cheerleader' as she tosses the pillow back where it belongs, and brings one leg on to her chest, perhaps not by accident exposing a large portion of the underside of her thigh. She pauses and seems to take the last bit more seriously: "Well, why? We didn't do anything with the knowledge and it was in a /book/."

"Holly," Tiago groans, closing his eyes as he allows the weak, pained plea to escape his lips. "Stop. Okay? Stop attackin' her, stop bitchin' at her, stop talkin' about her to complete strangers and actin' like she's a whore. It's not cool." He's firm about this point, and swivels his head over in her direction with a heavy sort of frown. "They've got…I dunno. A police. A vampire police, and they don't like it when humans know about them, s'what I've gathered. That's why no one wanted ta tell us the truth, that's why Abbey was tryin' ta protect you by not sayin' nothin'…'cause they, the vampire police…they kill any human they find that knows about 'em."

A laugh escapes Holly's lips, but not the jovial kind. More like the bitchy 'I-can't-believe-you-just-said-that' kind. "Are you /defending/ her? Tiago, don't tell me what to do. Don't fucking act like you don't do the same thing to Brian. You broke his nose, for god's sake. If you get to break the noses of guys I sleep with, give me a little effin' leeway to at least call someone you're seeing a dirty whore." Even if she's not. It's liberating. That being said, the punk-esque girl leaps from the bed and makes her way toward the door, ponytails swinging enthusiastically. The rest of what Tiago said fell on ears that were not taking the situation as seriously as she should, so Holly merely shrugs. "Yeah, whatever. I don't know anything then, okay? I never asked to get caught up in all of this crazy monster stuff. I just wanted to… to be with you. But even that's gone to shit." She all but kicks the door open, "I'm going out."

"Yeah, I'm defending her! I defend you too, even when you make it impossible for me ta when you pull /this/ shit. Jesus fuckin' Christ, that's completely different! I didn't kick his ass for sleepin' with you, I kicked his ass for bein' a fucktard and hurtin' you!" Tiago jumps to his feet, incredulous as he stares at her with wide, brightly shining eyes. This isn't happening - /everytime/ they're in the same room, she storms off. Every time! Finally, he lets out a cry of clear frustration. "Holly! We - this ain't goin' ta work. We'd never work out. You can't even have a mature fuckin' discussion with me in the same damn room, and…and we're almost related. Our parents haven't broken up, and it don't look like they will. I don't - I /wont/ date my sister. It's jus'…it's jus' better this way."

Tiago's response almost falls on deaf ears. Almost. She's at the stairs back down to the garage peering back up as he talking, rolling her eyes at appropriate sections, and finally, turning around completely at the decision in his words. "Yeah, well. I figured you'd say that, anyway. For the record, I just wanted to have sex with you, anyway. Latin lover, you know?" Her voice cracks a little; it's almost muffled as she's not facing the room at all. "Don't mistake that for me actually having feelings for you. Bye." The bye adds the dramatic flair she'd been searching for before she runs out of the garage and grabs her car keys from the hook, heading to Brian's. Or maybe Charlene's, if she's feeling a little well, less self destructive.

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