Seasons Turn

IC Time: Late Afternoon on October 22nd, 2007
Location: Public Park, Forks
Synopsis: Alexander approaches Miyuki in the public park, but his nefarious plotting is interrupted by one arrival after another.
Submitted by: Avery

Logfile from Twilight.


Public Park Forecast: Autumn. Fair. 73.3F/22C

This park has been fitted into where a logging clearing once was, which is evident by the perfect square cut the clearing makes through the forest, and the remains of old woodchips and hollowed out stumps here and there. To keep the area safe, a painted wooden fence bordered the forest, keeping small animals and wildly growing plants out.

The park offers plenty of recreation for both children and adults. A paved sidewalk borders the entire park, and leads up to a children's play structure and a sporting area for older children and adults.

The play structure looks to be handmade from wood and old tires, creating small look-out areas, shelters, and bridges for the children to romp across. There's a tire swing and a long, twisty slide. There are plenty of benches for parents to sit at while their children play.

On the other side of the park, there's a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, and a tennis court. The tennis court has many cracks across its surface; the concrete needs to be replaced.

The fair weather clouds in the west turn orange, gold, carmine, and purple as the sun sets. A chill wind blows from the west. Fiery red, gold, and orange leaves rustle and blow past you, swirling in the wind.

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Alexander Miyuki Ree
— Streets -------------
W. Fern Hill Rd. [E]

Upon leaving Forks last night, Alexander had returned to Port Angeles for a some… stress relief. Having had just about as much as he could take of restaurants, shops, and humans in general, the vampire has occupied himself with idling in the park. Within human territory enough to observe, but not be confined to purchasing disgusting beverages. He sits a decent distance away, on a bench behind Miyuki's tree, leg propped up on his knee as he bounces his foot up and down anxiously. Alex has actually been watching her for a while now, blank expression on his face showing no hint as to his interest in her. Of course, anyone who knew him well would know that it isn't a pleasant interest. As the sun hasn't completely set for the day, Alexander should be more cautious about appearing outside than he is. He dons a hooded jacket, which covers his head enough to block out the sun if he stands with it to his back. The vampire wears gloves as well. A moment passes, and Alexander decides to stand from his seat. It isn't long before he begins to slowly, but gracefully, begin a walk in the human's direction.

The little Japanese girl's head continues bobbing to her music, pausing in writing on her homework to do the occasional singer-move, like a wiggle, or a fist in the air or a quick little head bang. Though after her latest one, Miyuki's black eyes open to spot Alexander as he approaches, an immediate grin on her lips as she hits the stop button on her Ipod. "Hi there! You feeling better today, yeah?" She offers. She's sitting on the grass, back to a tree with her knees drawn up, her binder across her thighs with homework open and half finished.

If asked, Ree would say that autumn is her favorite season. It's the color, the cool bite of the wind, the freshness in the air. That fondness would explain the spring in the girl's step as she enters the park, taking the long path that circles the perimeter. She looks to have just come from school, a backpack held loosely over one shoulder, clothing still school-tidy and eye-catchingly bright, in shades of white and yellow and red. Clasped in one hand is a slender metallic object, perhaps a phone.
The teenager's good mood is not destined for longevity. With the park so sparsely populated, ever watchful blue eyes do not take long to fasten on the few occupants: the Japanese girl from the pizza place, and a gentleman whose presence dashes her smile against anxious, angsty rocks. There's a sudden halt, a moment of breath-holding and watching from a distance, before she begins to pace more slowly towards the pair.

The human's question pulls a smile from Alex. It's a natural smile, not strained, despite the current thoughts running through his head. "Yes, I'm doing much better. Thank you for your concern." He stops a few feet away from her, back of his hood to the sun. "I apologize for approaching you so… directly. I recognized you from the pizza shop and I thought I would say hello. I… don't know many people in this area at the moment." Another's scent catches Alex's attention. He turns his head slightly to see who it is, but not so much as to expose himself to the sun. Eyes are narrowed on the other teenager.

"It is okay, I like meeting new people." Miyuki reassures. She closes her binder and tucks it back into her Hello Kitty backpack. This is slung on her back over one shoulder as she climbs to her feet, offering a hand out to Alexander. "I'm Miyuki. And don't worry; I know how it is coming from a far away place to live somewhere completely different. This place is nothing like Japan. Culture shock." She chuckles.

It's subtle, the flinch that goes through Ree when the vampire's head swings in her direction. To the casual observer, it is simply a straightening of the shoulders and spine, as if the girl were trying to appear taller. Beneath that surface, her heart is racing wildly on the verge of stuttering. But in spite of that, Avery continues to creep forward until she's close enough to hail the pair. Or rather, to hail Miyumi. "H-hey! I saw…saw you at school today," she breaks in, as the Japanese's girl extends her hand to Alexander. It's a crucially timed interruption. "D-did you…do you have notes for chem? I missed it."

Another is out enjoying the fresh air of Forks, which would be fresher if it wasn't for the cigarette she was currently smoking. Abbey made her way into the park some time ago and at the moment has paused to watch the little scene between vampire and human unfold before her. Her pale blue eyes narrow slightly as she eyes the vampire being rather close to the two humans. At the moment there isn't all that much she can do other then watch and perhaps listion, which isn't that hard for her actually.

Moving his gaze away from the nervous human and back toward Miyuki, Alex reaches his own black-gloved hand out to shake the hers. "I'm Alexander Diemos," he responds with a slight bow of his head. He eyes Ree as she talks to Miyuki. It's obvious she knows what he is. And it's obvious /how/ she knows what he is, as he remembers seeing her with that newly-turned wolf Tiago. However, his thoughts are once again moved toward another scent. A mix of wolf and cigarette smoke. He immediately turns his head in Abbey's direction, but makes no facial expressions.

"Nani?" Miyuki blinks as if the mesmerizing trance that Alexander's gorgeous looks had on her slowly fades into a bit of a grog as her black eyes shift to Ree. Though attention is jerked back to Alex at the hand shake, her own a bit weak likely in his grasp. "Oh yeah, mmm. They written in Japanese though?" She chuckles. "Its quicker for note taking for me, I'm not that quick with English yet." Back to Alex, she smiles brightly. "Very nice to meet you, Alexander. Mm, my name Kokeshi Miyuki, but you can just call me Miki if you like, hey?"

Ree sidles a few steps to the side before easing closer again, positioning herself nearer Miyuki than Alexander. It's easier to approach if she keeps her eyes averted from the man, so the other teenager becomes a visual focus. "Oh…" A pause follows, with Avery at something of a loss. What to say next? The phone is fidgeting with, rotated rhythmically in her hand as she considers. "Your English is pretty good," she finally decides on. "Maybe I could help with that, you know? If you're better at chemistry." Another pause, and then a quicksilver glance is flashed at Alexander. "Hey."

Abbey watches the three while she moves forward heading over to a bench and settles down upon it, just like she is suppose to be there. A drag is taken from the cigarette while she leans back and lets her elbows rest against the upper part of the bench. She keeps her pale gaze on Alexander, picking up the name so she can remember it for later. A faint smirk is offered to the vampire as he looks her way.

With a blank gaze continually focused on Abbey, there is a twitch of Alexander's eye, and the corner of his uper lip curls slightly. Miyuki's introduction demands a response, however. "It is nice to meet you, Miki," he responds, turning his head back to the Japanese girl. Again, as Ree talks, he watches her intently. Her 'Hey' provokes a smile. "Hello there," Alexander says cheerfully. Perhaps a little /too/ cheerfully. It's not often the humans know the danger they're in until it's too late. It's a nice change for once.

"Speaking is different than writing, just like learning any language." Miyuki grins. "Try learning Japanese, you see what I mean? I could teach you words all day, but writing it is really hard." She rubs her hand along the opposite upper arm, shrugging her shoulders. "I could try to help in your Chem, but I have Carly.. uh… the blonde bombshell girlfriend of Nicolas, yeah? She's helping me with writing and American history." Yeah, Ree may know but Miki's still completely unaware! She's been waaay too close to two vampires so far! Bella Syndrome? » "So you've never had pizza or soda before? They don't have it where you are from?" This is to Alex with open curiosity.

Ree's gaze follows Alexander's, settling for a moment upon the woman lounging at the bench. It should be a reassurance that another person is present, and an adult at that, but the teen's nerves are wound too tightly to allow any relaxation. That is demonstrated when the vampire's tone of voice rings out, provoking another of those flinches disguised as a posture shift. For just an instant he is stared at, openly, and then her eyes slide back to Miyuki. "Carly? Oh…yeah. She's, um. Well. I know her." Now would be the perfect moment to excuse herself politely from the conversation, to make a strategic retreat; instead, the brunette lingers awkwardly, listening in.

Abbey is actually the best thing to have here at the moment, not just an adult but also a werewolf at that. She'll keep dear Alexander in check. At the question of pizza and soda from Miyuki she can't help but snicker at the thought. Oh, she can't wait to hear this answer, seeing how she knows vampires can't eat and the like. Her gaze drifts to Ree and she titls her head before offering a friendly nod to the girl.

"Let's just say that most of my years have been spent outside of… normal society," Alexander says in response to Miki's question. Again he glances to the other human, who still seems very nervous. The vampire holds back a grin. He decides to speak to Ree. "I'm sorry, you seem… distracted. I apologize if I'm making you nervous. I can leave if you wish to talk to your friend." Despite the context of his words borderline taunting her, his tone isn't anything out of the ordinary.

"Oooh, you some kind of naturist then? You look really good for a naturist." Miyuki questions, grinning broadly at him. "Well, I can teach you to eat the terrible fast food of the modern age that will completely ruin the diet that has you looking so absolutely hot." Never said she was shy. Good thing she is naive on the whole supernatural thing, though.

The house of cards that was Ree's courage shatters and falls, just like that. Color comes rushing back into her face, courtesy of her heart turning over in her chest. "N-no, it's okay. I'm just…um. Waiting for my boyfriend. I will see you in class tomorrow, Miki." Stressing *will*, the girl steals another peek at Alexander's face but her gaze doesn't linger long enough to judge whether the point struck home. She begins to back away, turning only after a little distance has been place between herself and that couple, aiming for the bench where Abbey sits. She sinks down onto the other side of it, lets her backpack drop to the ground and absently returns the woman's nod (better late than never!) while keeping an eye on the pair.

Abbey rolls her eyes slightly as she hears Alex's reply, oh that's amusing.. Only because you dead is the real reason. Not that she's going to say anything about that mind you. A faint snicker escapes her at the one girl offers to help teach him how eat fast food. Her gaze drifts to Ree as the girl moves over to her and she tilts her head. "Hey." Is offered wth a friendly tone.

Alexander can't fake a dishearted look as Ree retreats from his presence no matter how hard he tries. Instead, he compromises with no distinguishable expression at all. The vampire indeed catches Ree's emphasis on her survival until tommorow, though it doesn't affect him at all. Unfortunately, he's not planning on killing her right now. His gaze remains on her until she sits down, at which point he stares hard at Abbey once again. There is another twitch of his eye. Once more, the Japanese human's question pulls his attention away. The vampire looks to her and smiles. "Well, I /do/ love nature, but no. The people in the society I come from would consider themselves of a higher class than most. Pizza and Pepsi aren't the meals of choice there."

"Hai, hai, I see you tomorrow. Bye!" Miyuki offers to the girl that she still has no idea what the heck her name is. This is perhaps somewhat shown as a light perplexed look to her back. Abbey's arrival gets a bright smile and a wave, though she shifts her back as she looks back to Alexander, her smile lazy as his 'beauty' captivates her again. "Pizza good for snacks, Dr. Pepper better than pepsi." She grins. "Green tea is better than those sodas. Good for you. Healthy, yeah?"

"Hey." Only reluctantly does Ree divert momentary focus to Abbey, and there's no recognition in the tone of that greeting or the gaze that rests so briefly on the woman. "Um. What's up?" Do please try to forgive the brunette's distraction; she has a phone to fidget with and a cold-blooded killer to watch. It's easier to remain fixed on Alexander, from a distance, but the words being exchanged between him and Miyuki are now impossible to hear. A face is made when she realizes this. "…damnit."

Abbey doesn't seem to worried, after all she can hear the conversation, unlike Ree. "Not a lot.. Your Tiago's friend aren't you?" She questions curiously. A glance is offered towards Alex and she just smirks at him, yes she is still here to bother you fangs. She doesn't plan on leaving at the moment. A faint hum escapes her while she peers back at Ree. "Something wrong?"

"Yes, I would have to say I enjoy tea far better than soda," Alexander replies to Miyuki. Of course, he can't stand either, but tea would be the lesser of two evils, figuratively speaking. Despite what Ree or Abbey might think, Alexander's target of choice would not be either of the humans. Rather, if he had free reign, he would attack Abbey in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be a smart move out in the open with witnesses right now. Though that doesn't stop him from seriously considering it. For now, the vampire continues idle conversation with the fellow foreigner. "You can't be very used to American foods, either."

"Green tea is easy to make." Miki points out, nodding with a grin. Ree is forgotten about since the girl walked off, and Abbey is partially ignored since she isn't talking to her anyway. "No, not really. We eat different than here; but we have some same foods. But I prefer sushi over pizza, chow mien, oooh, wasabi good for spice, yeah?" She grins. "Have to go to oriental store here to get noodles and foods to use for homestyle Japanese cooking. Hey, sometime we can go out and I show you real Japan food?" Yeah, asking for a date in a really weird way. Lets see if she can get shot down by two vampires in one week!

Ree flips the phone open and lowers her head, as if intent on the screen. It's a poorly performed visual lie, we all know where she's lookin'. "Hmm? Oh…yeah. Chi's my boyfriend," she murmurs without looking over at Abbey. "You know him? He's supposed to be meeting me here but I guess he got held up by something." The final question is almost missed in favor of frowning at the pair still by the tree, but eventually the inquiry worms it's way into her brain. "Whuh?" That *does* earn a vague look. "I'm, um…no. I just…okay, you see that guy there?" she asks the older woman, dropping her voice to an almost whisper.

Abbey wishes Alexander would try to do something, she hasn't had a good knock down drag out fight in months now actually. She hums softly while listioning to Ree while taking another drag from the burning cigarette. A slight nod is offered. "Yes, I've meet him a few times.." She nods a moment as Ree speaks of Alex. "Well.. yes."
Marley has arrived.

Although it's hardly noticable, Alexander's eye twitches at the Japanese human's question. There's nothing that would disgust him more. Personally hanging out with a human /and/ eating their food is one of the most displeasurable things he can think of. However, this is how's he's created some of the Diemos Coven's most loyal. Though, unfortunately, even if she /was/ worthy, the Volturi ban on Forks would complicate things a little much. But, assuming he can survive the torture, he doesn't have much to lose. "I would love to," the vampire responds simply.

Miyuki had already prepared for the wince, though as he says 'yes' basically, her eyes go wide. "Really?" Her smile grows, "Okay, awesome! Uhm. I have to go now actually," In tune with the buzzing of her phone in her pocket. "Date with a pretty lady and some clothes shopping, but, meet me here tomorrow about this time? If you can't then we work out date, but I've really go to go!" But she couldn't be more absolutely BEAMING. She gives a random hug to Abbey, if she allows; just having to hug SOMEONE, then runs off back towards town. YAY!

Ree leans closer to the table to make certain that Abbey hears what she says next. "There's been a lot of guys…um. You know. Older, nice clothes, not from around here…they're like chasing all the girls in my class," she confides, treading as near the truth as cowardice and a crude understanding of The Rules will allow. But then, the girl still believes Abbey is a human. Her attention strays back to Alexander and Miki, beneath that autumn-touched tree. From this distance, she's able to relax enough to sigh. "The girls like the attention but it's…I don't think they're…getting chased for the right reason-" The gossip is cut off abruptly when Miyuki charges Abbey, leaving Avery staring in open surprise.

Abbey listions to Ree curiously, not seeming to pay attention to Alex anymore. She's about to say something until someone does a random hug on her and she blinks while glancing after the hug-a-run person. "Ah.. alright.." She isn't to sure at all what to say about all that after all. "Well, you may have a point there about them. It seems sorta strange huh?" She'd like to say more but Ree is a human after all.

It's probably better that Marley wait for Miyuki to depart before she enters the park area from where she'd been on-looking in secrecy for the past minute or so, long enough to hear hints of Alexander fucking around with her toy. You don't do that. Not in Marley's little sandbox called Forks High School. She'd thought of it as her own place, since the Cullens left it open after graduation. "Strange indeed," Marley agrees suddenly, after emerging from the shadows of the shaded pathway. Her red eyes, vibrant and narrow, stare towards Alexander coldly, all the accusing suspicions dancing about in her head as she does so. "Aren't you a bit /old/ for her?" she asks Alexander, her hands finding her pockets. Though she is in sunlight, she does not sparkle. The only luminescence from her face comes from the glitter design on her cheek. To Ree and Abbey, she nods politely. She positions herself in the middle, within equal distance from Ree and Alexander so she can address both. "I've noticed the same kind of activity," she says to Ree. "You'd think in a small town like this, kids would be safe from creepy old men." Of course, she's just being ironic — most probably don't appear to be aged very far along.

Alexander watches blankly as Miyuki happily runs off. In one hand, he despises making any human happy. In the other, that sets them up for even more of the opposite… He's dealt with these kinds of things more times than he can remember, Idrissa being one of the more prominent cases in point, however the new Volturi rules are meddling with his method too much. As Marley approaches, Alexander's face continues to remain as blank as ever. More vampires? How many are there here? He lets Marley speak, until he's sure she's done. Then, he peers between all three standing nearby. "Only by a couple hundred years," he finally replies. The vampire sees no reason to hide anything, considering that they all know of the supernatural and no one else is within hearing distance.

"You know, except for Chi, you're the first person to *see* that it seems kinda strange." For a moment, just a bare split-second, Ree is distracted from the current situation in order to beam a giddy mix of emotions at Abbey: relief, gratitude, happiness. Then another twist is introduced, in the form of Marley. The little coward startles and emits a squeak of absolute fear, the sound of a rabbit in a snare. A wide-eyed look fixes on what looks at first glance to be a classmate. "Um, yeah, it's…" Wait. The brunette squints up at the other girl, zeroing in on Marley's eyes. "Oh…" And Alexander is chiming in too! Pardon, as her lungs decide to stop working.

Abbey lifts a brow as she glancs to Marley and then looks to Ree. "Well.. Chi and I have a lot in common you could say." She offers softly. "Just stay close to me, alright?" Abs can tell the girl knows what the pair are, and she can understand why she's nervous. "Which is too old for anyone here." This said to Alexander with a faint tsk of her head. A nod is offered to Marley, though she isn't crazy to have another vampire around at the moment.

Marley's been here for months, and very few other vampires seem to have noticed her within those months, until now. As proven by the lack of sparkles, she's surprisingly good at fitting in with humans. Today, however, she's just missing her contact lenses. Her eyes narrow, and her brows come together suddenly. With a small flex of her mind, each person present has their conscious mind poked at briefly, as though she were "testing the waters". For Ree, the poke may be somewhat painful, akin to a sudden headache, but only for a few seconds. "I'll have to ask you to stay clear of that particular young girl, gentleman," she says to Alexander, starting things out with politeness, as thing tend to go better that way. That said, she smiles at him, as though speaking to a person who practices she same "game" as she does. That game being human-courting and feeding. Her head turns towards Ree, and she flashes Abbey and Alex a somewhat concerned glance. "The Volturi won't appreciate a human who knows. If they find out that we're involved, we'll be to blame," she breathes slowly.

Alexander's mind is a very complicated thing. It's always moving and turning in very unhealthy ways. Were he not dead already, he would have committed suicide many times over by now. As a slight tension is suddenly felt, Alex actually thinks that it is his own doing and pays it no mind. Reaching into his pocket as the other vampire talks, he pulls out a pen and begins to twirl it in his hand. Other than this, his body language gives no reaction to Marley's polite threats. "Is that so? May I be so rude as to ask your name?" He doesn't respond to Abbey and ignores the comment about the Volturi.

Abbey doesn't have to repeat the suggestion; in a positively blinding flare of comprehension, Ree processes what the woman has just said. It sends the girl fleeing along the bench so quickly that she'll be lucky to get away with no splinters; both bag and phone are left behind in the haste to reach safety. She circles the table to place Abbey between herself and the vampires, giving another of those soft pain-cries while on the move when Marley's poke land. There's little of conscious thought in the brain that's been prodded, just the white-noise of fear centered around the one shining hope that is the werewolf's presence. "V-volturi?" It stands to reason vampire cops would have an unnecessarily fancy name.

Abbey smirks as she hears Marley. "She's under my protection which means the Volturi can't do anything about it if they find out or not." That treaty is good for some things, like this. The still burning cigarette is snuffed out upon the bench and flicked into a trashcan while she stands up. "You two may have to worry about them, but I don't." She ponders the sudden feeling of something against her mind and watches Alexander before turning her gaze towrds Marley, whom gets a glare. Abs is guessing its the new vampire because Alex didn't do anything before and he sure could have. She lefts a hand to move and try and rest is against Ree's arm in some attempt to calm her, her hand is somewhat warmer then a normal humans which may be picked up. "Do me a favor.. An forget that word." This is murmured to Ree as she mutters Volturi.

"Marley Fairley, but I've got many nicknames. I'm from east of here," Marley replies to Alexander, her smile dropping when she finishes poking at minds. She cannot derive much, she's no mind-reader, however she's able to judge whether or not her unique ability would be effective on them. When her message to Alexander has been passed on, she drops the subject, really feeling no need to reiterate. "And you?" she wonders, before turning to regard Abbey and Ree. Her head tilts to the side, casting a somber look to the human. "Sorry," she says to her, and then flexes her mind once more. This time, it's more concentrated on Ree, and rather than a poke, it's more like a caress to ease the pain of the previous intrusion. "You'd do best to stay near her, then…" she pauses to recall a name that she'd heard the girl being called, perhaps in class, or in the cafeteria. "…Avery. You'll be safe, then." With that, she pivotes to the side, stepping away from the trio. "But, I'll be off now. Need to go pick up my contacts."

Alexander continues to spin the pen back and forth. "I'm Alexander Diemos," he responds calmly to her. While he would love to tear apart that wolf, whom he eyes for a moment, Alex feels absolutely no aggression toward the other vampire. Why should he deny one who follows such wonderful instincts to feed. Though he does interject something before Marley heads of. "If you're worried about the Volturi, I would be careful. I hope you know they've implemented a ban on feeding in Forks."

Ree is in no condition to turn down attempts at comfort, and although she's trembling under Abbey's hand, the pace of breathing and heartrate step down a notch. Contact is a reassurance: Abbey is real, Abbey is like Chi, and Marley's just said that she'll be safe if she remains close. Her eyes follow the female vampire, then snap back to Alexander, a faint hope kindling in that pale blue. Maybe he'll leave too? "…a ban on feeding? They can't…they can't do anything?" It takes a moment to sink in, and the implications leaves the teen's jaw sagging.

Abbey watches Marley for a moment, her head tilting as she hums faintly. She doesn't like giving her names to vampires so at the moment she doesn't. "Maybe I'll tell you some other time." A faint huff escapes her as she hears Alexander. "An I guess your going to actually follow what they tell you? That'll be a first." Her pale gaze eyes Alexander back, picking up the anger without much of a problem. She just offers a grin back knowing Alex won't start anything, at least here. Hearing Ree she tilts her head slightly, wishing she could tell the girl that was true, but she doesn't trust vampires so that would just be a lie to ease her mind. "The ones who follow the rules won't feed. But not all of them do." She doesn't care that the vampires can hear her, she rather the girl knows that it isn't safe even if there are rules.

Traveling without his counterpart, his other half, this evening, Afton makes his way into the Park area. He's met the Cullens here once before, but it seems like such an area for trouble, or so he heard, another visit wouldn't hurt. Gloved hands are tucked away in the pockets of his trench coat, steps languid with an almost aimless venture. His ears pick up the remnants of conversation as the nears the other occupants, his lips quirking slightly at the corners, but he doesn't say anything yet; still at a distance, but closing in on the trio.

Unfortunately, being who he is and having close eyes on him at most times this actually does mean Alexander would have to follow the rules… at least for now. Walking closer to both Abbey and Ree, he eyes them silently. About to say something to them, someone catches his eye, which immediately makes the vampire forget about the two enemies directly in front of him. While he had seemed completely unphased by someone such as Marley, it is obvious that he is far more concerned with this fellow. The corner of his mouth twitches noticably, and the pen being spun in his hand stops its spinning.

"Oh…" Well, it was too good to be true. Avery isn't quite the naive youngster that she was two months ago. Not even a flicker of disappointment shows on her face, although a slow breath is drawn and released and her hands lift to curl over the opposite arm to give a self-hug. Alexander is watched closely when he begins to approach but when *that* vampire's attention is diverted, she (gullible creature that she is) follows the look. The girl squints as if near-sighted at the one approaching. "M-ma'am?" she whispers to Abbey.

Abbey lifts her head as she watches Alexander move towards she an Ree, what sounds like a low growl manages to escape from her. While she sounds if muffled its a warning none the less. If Alex wants to start something she'll be more then happy to finish it. Another scent catches her attention and she lifts her head, pale gaze drift towards Afton whom she watches move further into the area. She can't recall meeting this one before but she is rather sure that the scent is one she's caught in the past. She keeps her against Ree's arm, making sure the girl stays near her for sure now. "Its alright." This said with a soft tone to Ree. "Your safe with me, promise."

Casually, keeping his gait to seem human, it coming natural with the centuries of practice, Afton smiles calmly to the group. Though, crimson touches on Alexander with recognition, his head inclining a touch in greeting, "Alexander, how wonderful to see you again, but at the same time, not very surprising. How has life been treating you since our last meet?" He glances to the two women, though his gaze holds there. Inhaling, but with the two so close it is hard to tell which straight off- his eyes flash briefly. "Ladies, good evening." He offers warmly.

Alexander narrows his eyes on Afton. His demenour isn't a nervous one, but he does seem quite agitated. "Life doesn't treat me," he responds. For now Abbey and Ree are forgotten. The pen in his hand begins to spin once again. "If it concerns me, I'd like to know why you're here. If it doesn't concern me, then I suppose it's none of my business."

Ree's eyes flick towards the phone that she so carelessly left on the far side of the picnic table. There's a note of longing there, in spite of Abbey's reassuring advice. Two vampires, one werewolf; her fingers twitch against her upper arms, obviously yearning to curl around that slip of silver plastic to call in backup. Then she returns to looking from Alexander to Afton, back and forth, forgetting to breathe again as they speak with each other; Abbey might notice the girl leaning subtly against her side.

Abbey watches Alexander and Afton a few moments while she shifts and looks to Ree. "You want to leave?" Is questioned after a moment. Her gaze turns towards the phone, and she shifts forward leaning over the table and grabs hold of it. One she has hold of it she offers it to Ree. "We should go.." Is offered now. She's rather not give Alexander the chance to really cause a problem when Ree is here. An if Afton is around she can only ponder who else may also been found.. Like Jane, one vampire she hates with a passion.

"To be quite honest, my friend, a bit of both, but I shouldn't have to be concerned, now should I, Alexander?" Afton's words are simple, though his gaze slides easily back to the women. Luckily, Afton doesn't know who Ree is just yet; Carly and him haven't had *that* conversation. "I hope you have been in good health, Abbey. It is good to see you again." Even if you stink like wet dog to his nose. Afton isn't going to go any closer. Abbey's motion to go, he nods to slightly. "Enjoy your evening, the both of you." It seems Afton is in a good mood for whatever reason. This… is not always a good thing.

"It's not up to me to decide what you concern yourself with," Alexander replies with no remarkable change in demeanor. Out of the corner of his eye, he looks to the wolf and the human. He would have liked to have found out more information about the both of them. Chances would have been higher had Afton not shown up. The Volturi love to muddle with his plans.

"God, yes." Try as she might, pitched at a whisper, Ree can't keep the tremor of anxiety from her voice. The phone is accepted with extreme gratitude, clutched in both hands. The backpack? Worthless. She'll make Tiago come to retrieve it later, or just get new books. The brunette clings close to Abbey's side, poised to walk, run or scream depending on the direction the woman chooses to move in. No reply is made the new vampire's greeting; she avoids looking at either of them now, as if trying to convince herself that they aren't there.

Abbey pauses as she hears Afton, she chews on her lip a moment before lifting her gaze to watch him slightly. "I've been better Afton.. Have to really wonder why your here, but no matter to me really." She'll have to keep an eye out and make sure Diego stays out of trouble. "See you around I'm sure." Is said while she turns to leave, a hand more to take hold of Ree's arm and pull her along if needs be it seems.

"Quite right there." Afton chuckles in answer to Alexander, "I would like to talk to you, though. After these fine ladies have left our company." Almost like an old gentleman not wanting to 'spoil' the 'innocent' ears of the women. "Just enjoying the area for a while." This given to Abbey.

Ree goes with a yelp of, "*That's* Afton?" Then she's stumbling along beside Abbey, managing to keep pace after the first few steps. One last look is sent over her shoulder at the pair, wide-eyed with a surge of renewed fear, before she focuses on looking where she's placing her feet.

Alexander makes absolutely no response to Afton's request. He simply continues to turn his pen. Of course, many thoughts are running through his head at the moment. Mostly, they involve killing either of these three. However, he knows when to act on his thoughts and when not to… sometimes.

Abbey glancs back to watch the vampires before turning her gaze back to Ree. "Ya.." She murmurs out after a moment. "Come on, lets get you someplace safe." This said while she moves along, keeping a steady peace until they get away from the vampires, and the park for that matter. She and Alex will met again, and most likely next time it won't be that pretty.

Afton turns when he hears Ree's tone with his name. "Hold on a moment, Abbey." He calls, tilting his head; hoping to catch them before they are too far for the human to hear him. "You know of me, my dear?" This, solely to Ree. Supernaturals knowing of him is one thing, but a human? That he hasn't met?

"I c-can call Tiago, he'll come g-get me…" But their clean and quiet departure is put off when a voice chases them, bright with a question that Ree would rather not answer. A mute look of appeal is tipped up at Abbey; by now the teen is crowding the werewolf so much it's a wonder the woman isn't tripped. "No! Oh god, can we go, please?"

Abbey pauses as she hears Afton, she twitches a moment and chews on her lip as she hears him. She glances to Ree and then peers back towards Afton, if she could leave she would. "Call him.." is murmured to Ree. Another wolf here might be helpful after all. "Maybe she thinks your a different Afton that she knows?"

Alexander turns his attention to the human who made the blunder of telling a Volturi in person that she knows about them. Of course, he's never had a high opinion of human intelligence, so he should have expected it. The hand with the pen in it is stuffed in his coat pocket as he watches on without interfering.

"Maybe." Afton answers, though he doesn't look convinced of the fact. He shakes his head; he's sure he will see the human later. Forks isn't very big. In a dismissal of the womanly pair, he turns back to Alexander.

Ree fumbles the phone open at Abbey's urging, stabbing one button and lifting the cellphone to her ear. It begins to ring. And ring. "Y-yeah, there was…supposed to be a new kid at school. Named Afton. He'd be…younger though, right?" she begins to babble over the unanswered buzz of the call trying to connect. A glance goes up at Abbey. How's she doing? Good enough that the Afton before them appears to have dismissed them from his attention; that's all the urging Ree needs to break and run, surging past Abbey in the direction the woman had been leading them originally.

Abbey lifts her head to peer at Alexander and then Afton. "Right.." Is the only thing that escapes her while she turns and follows after Ree at a slower pace, just incase one of the fanged duo feels the need to follow along.

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