Halloween Howler

IC Time: October 30, 2007
Location: An Abandoned Logging Camp
Synopsis: Halloween Party in the woods ends very very badly.
Submitted by: Miyuki and Carly

Abandoned Logging Camp
This was a logging camp a long time ago, although now it's essentially just a clearing. There are a few piles of rotting wood, and one or two pieces of rusting machinery, but this long after the place was abandoned the only thing of real interest is the evidently long-abandoned cabin that once served as the office. It's a small structure, and is somehow still standing despite having been empty for a decade at least. It's quite simple, with all-wood construction except for the roof, which is shingled, and the windows, of which there are two. Both of them are heavily boarded up.

The teens hosting the party have done quite well to fix the place up to partying standards: hidden in the trees are strobe lights and spot lights that light up the scene, and there's been hay bales spread throughout for a place to sit. Inside the cabin, the creative lighting has continued, and one student has dared to set up his DJ station — the rhythmic thud of hip hop and rock music blares from the speakers, threatening the demise of the tiny structure. Long tables surround the outside of the cabin, filled with snacks that are bound to be gone rather quickly; the kegs are 'round side of the logging house, a teen making sure to take the obligatory $3 from any drinkers.

A chilly wind blows from the west, driving dark clouds before it and blotting out the stars in patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark.

It's the Thursday before Halloween, and most of the high schoolers are planning on skipping tomorrow — not so much in honor of the holiday as much as most will be staying out late tonight, and many will be partaking in the copious drinking that will go on. The ones that were invited to the party were sent a text just an hour before it started, the location kept secret to dissuade the cops or overprotective parents from dropping by. The chosen spot? A dilapidated old logging site, where a boarded up cabin looms over the shaggy lawn, scattered with leaves.

There are signs of life, however. It's been nearly an hour since the party stated, so teens and young adults lounge around the front yard and inside the cabin, comparing costumes, finishing off their first and second cups of beer, and playing the ever population game of flirtation that seems so prevalent at parties like these.

Trailing behind the magenta hump is a blue hump that arrives only seconds behind it, adding, "Yiiiiiip yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Uh-huh, uh-huh!" The cover is deposited much as the magenta one had. "Ooooohhhhh… Co-ver. Yep yep yep yep!" Then the blue creature moves to join its companion, big googly eyes looking over the clearing, turning as one and independently of the huge, pouchy mouth.

Trevor can be found within the cabin in charge of the music, for to have a party there must be music, right? Most of the music is a mix of techno type songs that has a lot of beat to it which makes the area around the area of the speakers. Every now and then the music from a popular horror type flick can be picked up through the music, added another element to the dark cabin along with the lights and so forth.

Liam is not so very far behind the Martian pair. And while he doesn't move as swiftly as the two more surefooted girls, he does manage to keep up despite the slightly drained look on his features. Lesson #1 for the night. Never ride for more than 2 minutes in a car with 'yipping' girls. It will ultimately drain you mentally. It goes without saying that the teen and his crutches make a b-line for the cabin and a chair or seat within hopefully.

Holly isn't a very willing hostess, especially not under the circumstances, but she is here, and she /is/ doing her job. In fact, she grins as the monsters arrive, arching her brows at their noises and drama — but she can't stop to chat. She holds a tall, silver ladder tucked under her arm, the other end held by an equally unwilling friend, who grumbles as they make their way inside the cabin.

Sailor_Pluto enters the area quietly, having parked just a small distance away to keep the fact of anonymity more solid for herself and her companion. She moves gracefully, trying to ignore the cold with her anime-based costume, one hand holding to her staff while the other rests on the inside of Kado's elbow. She has a little grin on her lips, speaking to him quietly as they approach.

The magenta martian glides around the folks already at the party, examining each one. "Nope nope nope…" she grumbles as the lump becomes increasingly disappointed with each face she passes. Then she moves close to the blue martian and sags a little. A soft murmur drifts between the two just before the martian disappears into the background of the woods.

The blue martian follows the magenta one, usually staying within ten feet of the mobile, disappointed lump. As the whisper passes between them, the blue lump seems to sag a little, too, murmuring back. Then it straightens. "Ra-di-o. Ra-di-o," it says, and moves slowly toward the cabin, its octopussy legs fluttering as it goes.

Kado comes in with Miyuki, not wearing a costume or anything. He just escorts Miyuki as he moves through the area, looking over the various people in costumes that they pass by.

Of course Kado doesn't wear a costume. He's scary enough just being himself. Sailor Pluto makes a little face at how disinterested he is, tilting her staff to poke his foot. "You can just come pick me up later when I call if you want." She teases. "You look tired."

Alexander stares at the old cabin and the people around it from a safe distance away in the woods. With folded hands by the vampire's mouth, he taps two forefingers against his pale lips. Shadow covers his face at the moment, but one wouldn't want to see expression on it anyway. His eye twitches momentarily as he watches the party-goers with obvious disgust. "These parties seem to be the epitome of human self-indulgence," Alex states dryly.

Ramona has decided she doesn't need a costume. The woman craves attention, and would normally vie for a chance to dress up, but she figures she'd stand out better /not/ dressing up. She wanders into the party quietly, lingering near the trees as she watches the young humans mill around. She hinges on boredom and thoughtfulness, nibbling on her lip and watching the Sailor star complain to the male (whom smells suspiciously like a wolf); watching the martians yip and hoot. One in particular gains her attention — she stares a little harder at that blue martian, a scowl quickly coming to her lips. "How embarrassing," she declares to herself, rolling her eyes. There are other presences noticed — Alex's scent is in the area, but she's too lazy and unsurprised to seek him out. Vampire everywhere. Humans everywhere. Same old story.

Stevie_Martian nods its giant head and there is a fight underneath the giant robe of crushed velvet while the distinct sound of a cell phone being dialed can be heard (though only to those nearby). Slowly, the black canvas flats that carry the mass carry it into the woods a little ways where the distinct voice of Carly (to those who know her) can be made out. "Pick up pick up pick up pick up…"

Kado nods his head as he looks at her. "Yeah, I'm not really feeling up to being here. Call me when you want me to come get you." He says to the sailor scout.

Sailor_Pluto can't help but grin, seeing all the interesting costumes. And Carly's voice is picked out, the reaction from Pluto(Miyuki) being to bite her lip. Crap. Good timing, Kado. "Hai. I'll call you later." She kisses his cheek and gives his hand a squeeze before she departs from him and joins the other party goers; at least to the point of checking them all out. To Ramona, she tilts her head. "What is your costume?" She grins.

Jonathan_Martian follows the magenta martian at a respectful distance, lingering outside of the trees and watching the party, its googly eyes swiveling back and forth above the huge mouth. As Ramona enters, the creature becomes more still, the eyes resting not quite on the blonde woman. For once, the martian has not a thing to say.

Idrissa grins as she hears Alexander and leans against him to peer over his shoulder towards the cabin. "I don't know.. Its rather amusing to watch them make fools of themselves really.." Id is dress in a thin material of a dress that looks much like a toga to some degree, it wraps around her body and hangs down low enough to show off her shoulders and a fair amount of cleavage as well. Her hair is down and rests in lose curls while golden bits of glittery jewelry rests within the long curls. "You going to put the mask on or not?" She questions with an amused tone to Alex while she tilts her head to peer at him.

Ramona continues to watch the pair of martians, not getting the culturally reference, and growing increasingly annoyed at the blue one. "Seriously, I don't even know why we still talk," she calls over, though she knows she doesn't need to talk loud to convey any sort of message to the other. She leans against the rough bark of a tree, closing her eyes and compelling her mind to think of other things. Other things besides the sweet scent of human sweat and alcohol-tainted blood; pumping hearts and joyous laughter. "Why…" she beings to murmur a question to herself when an inquisitive voice breaks her thoughts. She stares at the sailor scout. "Um. A rock star," she responds lazily, complete with a shrug. "And you're, what? A cheerleader mixed with a witch or something?" Her brow wrinkles with genuine confusion. "You win the fucked up award."

Alexander grunts bitterly at Idrissa's request for him to wear a mask. He stares at it, another eye-twitch being the only true sign of uncontrolled emotion within his turning mind… It's a Dracula mask. Although it tries to take itself seriously and looks quite spooky, Alexander would laugh at the irony if he had a sense of humor. "Fine…" he says with a sour tone as he takes the mask out of Idrissa's hand and slips it over his face. "Let's go." He begins walking toward the cabin.

"Well, if you ever watch Anime; I'm the Bishojo Senshi Sailor Pluto." Pluto responds to Ramona, giggling. "Silly Americans don't know about Anime. Oh, this should be fun." She shivers a little thanks to the cold, glancing off to the cabin for a moment before looking to the forest where Kado departed. Decisions, decisions.

The blue martian seems to wilt slightly at Ramona's words, but remains silent. The exchange between Ramona and Sailor Pluto seems to keep the creature's attention, because it does nothing but watch the two. "Plu-to… Sai-lor Plu-to," it finally says. "Yup yup yup yup…"

Idrissa chuckles softly as she hears Alexander. "Trust me.. it'll be a blast." She is rather sure of it. Her bright gaze drifts over the teenagers hanging around the outside of the cabin, the scent of wolf is still in the air and then of course that of another vampire. It doesn't take her long to catch sight of Ramona and she ohs softly. "Seems someone else had the same idea about coming here." This offered to Alex as she follows along at his side.

Ramona shrugs. "Bisho-what? No, never saw it. But I like the skirt," she manages. "I have one like it. It looks great on me!" A smirk accompanies her face at that. "So, where's your friend? He leave you here?" The smirk widens. "I hope, Sailor Pluto, you have some special powers. It can get kinda dark and scary in the woods at night. I think you'll be needing your staff." Her crimson gaze drifts toward the edge of the party where the other two vampires lurk, and also find the blue martian. "Oh, come off of it, Stacy!"

"Ooh, do you? Thanks! I bet anything looks good on you, though, your gorgeous." Sailor Pluto giggles, though is completely unaware that Ramona is actually a Rock Star. She doesn't keep up with American music much. "Oh, yeah, he wasn't feeling too well. He'll be back later to pick me up." She spins her staff expertly (much to the help of nimble hands used to working with tools), striking a pose much like the Anime; grinning, "I can take care of myself! Sailor Pluto can take on anyone." Though the blue martian is overheard, an energetic wave given to the other party-goer. "Hi there!"

Alexander turns his gaze to Ramona as Idrissa speaks, narrowing his eyes behind the mask. There are quite a few scents here, and Alexander tries to make note of where each and every one is coming from. He turns his gaze toward the blue alien-like creature. Regardless of what they're here for, to him they're all potential obstacles. Singling out another scent among the others, he suddenly turns his attention to person the Sailor Pluto costume. "Well, let's have fun shall we?" he asks Idrissa. "It is a party after all." The vampire approaches the Sailor Pluto and the people she's talking to. "Hello there," he says simply and gracefully.

Jonathan_Martian stares at Ramona for a long moment. "Nope. Nope-nope-nope-nope-nope-nope. Uh-uh!" it finally says, with an emphatic shake of its massive head and most of its body, octopussy legs twitching and flailing. "Hel-lo! Hi-there!" it replies, turning more toward Sailor Pluto, with a suggestion of a bow (or perhaps a nod, as it involves only the martian's huge head).

The approach of Alexander and Idrissa draws the creature's attention, and it watches them as they approach Ramona and Sailor Pluto, keeping silent for the moment.

The magenta martian shuffles back through the bushes getting the little trailing octopus legs caught in a bramble. "Ack!" She wrestles a little bit to try to get free, only to become a little more tangled in the bramble. Slowly, she bends down and a pair of hands duck out from underneath the mass to begin unwinding the little bits of trailing fabric from the scrub. It is tedious work, but after about ten minutes the costume is finally freed. She begins shuffling toward the party once again, finding the blue martian she wiggles the sticks operating the gaping maw of the costume. "yip yip yip.." her voice seeming quite subdued.

"Of course.. An having fun is the name of the game when at a party." Idrissa offers while she follows along with Alex, a warm friendly smile offered towards the small group which more then one scent of a vampire is coming from. "Evening.." She offers while smiling, a slender hand lifting and her fingers wiggle in a wave. A glance is offered to the magenta looking thing and she lifts a brow finding it rather strange looking.

"Now old desire doth in his death-bed lie, and young affection gapes to be his heir, that fair for which love groan'd for and would die, with tender Juliet match'd, is now not fair," Marley recites idly to herself as she strolls in from the forest, perhaps more glamourus with a mask on, than without one. She glitters more in the darkness tonight than she normally does in the light of the sun during the day. Her masquerade outfit, bizarre yet attractive, suits her, in both a symbolic and literaly sort of way. From behind the mask, she glances around the party, expressionless face surveying for familiar faces while her nose sniffs out likewise scents. It's pretty damn hard to miss those Yip Yips, especially "Jonathan". Quickly, she pushes her way through the crowd, and as soon as she's close enough, she attaches herself to Anastasia's backside like a barnacle against the bottom of a boat. "So fair and foul a day I have not seen!" she quips to the group while clinging to the martian.

Ramona strikes a pose of her own, though it's a less subtle one than the one Miyuki sported. More of an arrogant head toss and a smirk as her hand lands on her jaunted hip. "Oh, yeah… I know," she responds to the human's compliment. "That's why I don't need much of a costume. And… you let me know if you need a ride," she says, a sudden 'kindess' striking her as she eyes the young woman. A moment later, she's distracted by Alexander and Idrissa. "Ahh. So nice to see others." Others? She says nothing more of it, eyeing Idrissa's costume jealously before breaking into a murmur only one of supernatural abilities might hear: "I say we give them a bit of a scare. This is boring the fuck outta me."

No sooner spoken than a few things arrive to entertain Ramona somewhat — a strangely quiet martian, and a vampire quoting Shakespeare. The ladder earns her attention enough to have her gape in the other's direction. "An actress?!"

Sailor_Pluto smiles brilliantly at Jonathan_Martian, though most others don't quite have her attention yet. Alexander's approach garners a pleasant smile from her and a waggle of her fingers; though she stares at him a moment and pales. Errr.. "Ohhh hi. Uhm- how have you been?" She smiles at Alex, trying to remain calm, even if her heart is racing in her chest. Yeah, he has her worked up. Wow, he didn't have to work hard, did he? She waggles her fingers distractedly at Idrissa as well. She doesn't even notice Marley's arrival. "Oh, ah, thank you. I don't even know your name?" She offers to Ramona, "And really, thats very kind. Depending on how he is feeling I may take you up on that." She chuckles; though nervous all of a sudden. How is it that she is almost always surrounded by supernaturals? She has terrible luck.

Alexander folds his hands behind his back and smiles, although it's not visible behind the mask, which is ironic considering it's a facade in the first place. Hearing Ramona's comments, both loud and quiet, he doesn't respond audibly, but does nod slowly in her direction. At the arrival of yet another vampire, he turns his gaze in Marley's direction, but manages to focus on the Sailor Pluto "So nice to see you. I've been doing… well. I was hoping we could talk. Mind taking a little walk with me?"

The blue martian dips its head to the magenta one, offering a soft, "Yip-yip-yip-yip," in apparent consolation. A murmur passes between them. And then suddenly the martian staggers forward as a costumed maiden attaches herself to the creature's back! "OOOHH! OOH!" it crows, its huge lower lip shooting up above its eye level. After a moment it peeks up over the lip cautiously. "What-what-what-what?"

As Ramona makes her comment in undertone, the martian offers a for-vampire-ears-only comment of her own. "Moratorium? Next thing you know, we were /hunting/, no matter what we were doing," says the martian pointedly, in a distinctly female voice. Alexander's invitation draws more scrutiny, and the creature looks at Sailor Pluto, then Alexander once more.

Idrissa hums softly and glances over to the voice of another curiously, she tilts her head while giving her head a slight shake to get some hair from her face. Her gaze drifts back to Ramona and a slight grin slips across her face. "Ooh.. I rather like that idea indeed." She murmurs out happly, causing a bit of excitement is what she enjoys afterall. Her bright gaze settles curiouly upon the martian.

Could Miyuki get any paler? Sailor Pluto clears her throat and forces a smile even if her heart is racing so hard in her chest its threatening to burst out. "Uh, sure, as long as we don't go too far." Keep in sight of the others. Thats the plan, yup. "W-what did you want to talk about?" She clutches her staff with both hands, but prepares to follow Alexander, on slightly unsteady legs.

While the Sailor Scout doesn't notice her, Marley certainly notices Pluto. Her head turns to the side, guided by her sensitive nose as she looks towards Alexander, Idrissa, and Miyuki. Her eyes linger there for a long time, though it's difficult to tell where she's looking because of the one-way looking glass her mask is constructed out of. She shows concern when her warnings prove to have fallen on deaf ears. For now, she leaves the Japanese girl be, keeping both of their sanities in mind. "Me? Somewhat, my lady. I know not the height of stage err the blue moon shows its face in the dark sky," the masked woman responds when Ramona pipes up. She laughs when Anastasia is startled, and she only hugs her tighter. "Oh my goodness, what are you anyway?" she asks the two martians, breaking the fourth wall already. "And you look a teensy bit old to be girl-scouting," she tells Ramona with a tilt of her head.

Ramona scowls at the martian. "Whatever," she grumbles, opting instead to shift her gaze to the vampire on the Martian's back. As for Alexander, Idrissa, and the human they lured away? She chuckles to herself, seeming to approve of the choice. She could find other bait. She checks her phone to see if Beverley managed to write back before speaking to Marley. "How… interesting." She stares hard at the girl. For a split second, it was as if she caught something familiar in the jawline of the other vampire, a ghost of someone of the past — but it disappates soon after. "Costumes are overrated." She drifts away from the crowd in an annoyed manner and heads toward the path, as if expecting someone.

Captain Jack Sparrow parks his car down the road a bit and heads up to the party, already in character. He stumbles up the road a bit, an empty bottle of rum in one hand. He looks around once he arrives, looking at the costumed people. "Ahoy. Bring me my rum!"

Beverley did manage to send Ramona a message back, though it doesn't take her too long to appear in the area, crinkling her nose. Before she left the warehouse she managed to find herself a costume (likely due to the help of those around her), and has now donned a black wig, her blond hair completely hidden from side. She's also adorned in a long, scarlet gown, with a mask covering the upper portion of her face. She doesn't immediately make her presence known, but those with super-sized senses would be aware of her pretense.

Alexander slightly extends a hand toward the direction of the cabin as he watches the Sailor Pluto. "Just this way." Alexander Diemos is done with secretive. Tonight is time for a little test. "Excuse me Idrissa, I'll be a moment," he says to his companion as he begins walking toward the building. As he passes Ramona, he eyes her briefly. Everyone else is ignored. They're not worth his time. "You seem nervous," the vampire says to the Sailor Pluto and he trods along gracefully. "Is it the mask? Or perhaps… If you think I'm angry about… the other day, don't worry, I'm not."

Sailor Pluto keeps a firm hold on her staff; she'd probably be shaking in her boots if she knew she was about the only Human outside surrounded by vampires. She doesn't know about Nicolas's recent arrival. She steps at Alexander's side, smiling a little; but the nervousness stays. "Just a bit. No no, the mask is fine.. err.. yeah. Uhm, okay. Good. You not angry; good thing." She swallows. "Ah, what did you want to talk to me about then?" She asks, continuing to follow him.

Idrissa waves a hand slightly as she hears Alexander. "Of course.." She offers while letting her hand lower back to rest upon her hip. "Oh, costumes may be overrated but they sure are fun at times." Especially when one has the body to flaunt them. She lifts her head while grinning. Her gaze drifts towards the human dressed like a pirate? A faint oh escapes her as it dawns on her its from a movie.

Stevie_Martian shrugs her thin shoulders at the whisper of the blue martian. The breeze gusts through, billowing the fabric a little, adding corpulence to the already massive outfit. At the sound of the pirate's voice the magenta martian spins around and bumps the blue one, "Yip-yip-yip- Pie-rat!! Yip-yip-yip what what…" Then she glides over to the teen and nudges him, "yip-yip-yip… uuuuuuuh-huh!"

Jonathan_Martian watches Sailor Pluto walk away with Alexander warily, or as warily as a googly-eyed martian can be. The departure of Ramona and the arrival of Captain Jack Sparrow are noted, especially when Stevie_Martian takes off toward the pirate. "Right-back, right-back," the martian states to Stevie, then moves toward the trees near one side of the clearing, stepping deeper into the foliage and out of sight.

Marley's resemblance to her great great aunt is a few details short of striking. The Fairley's may have different hair colors, but to those familiar with Dahlia, they certainly look related. "Costumes are man's way of being someone different for a short time. A way to forget the past and focus on a temporary facade," she replies to Ramona, a sly smile cracking across her mouth. She finally releases Anastasia and takes a few steps away, though she still looks in the rockstar's direction. "She's just like Dahlia described. Not that I didn't see six photo albums full of her," she says, presumably to Ana and Carly. Beverley's scent is easily caught, and Marley becomes visibly tense. Newborn. Her lips purse, and the vampiress takes in a deep breath.

"Oh," Marley scowls behind her mask as the sound of church bells chime in the distance. At this time, it's strange to be having mass. "Duty calls, sweet pea. Come find me later if you want," she says to Anastasia, though the Yip-Yip's already on her way out. Much like her blonde counterpart, Marley departs by the ringing of holy noises, and soo is no where to be found amongst the party-goers.

Captain Jack Sparrow chuckles as he looks at the Martian, poking a ringed finger at the creature. "And what are you?" He says, looking at it oddly. "I could fetch a hefty sum for you." He says with a smirk.

Since Ramona was looking anyway, it doesn't take her long to locate Beverley on the outskirts of the party. She strides toward the vampire in scarlet with large, graceful steps, stopping short of her and giving her a once-over. "I could barely recognize you without the blonde. Still. You came, it must mean something," she reasons in a triumphant murmur. "Do you like the surprise? Look at all the humans. It's going to be so easy to pick one; so easy to lure one out and kill them. The funny part? The screams will be part of the sound effects." There is some distraction from the girl as the name 'Dahlia' slips Marley's lips, and the recognition comes to her. "I wonder…" Blink blink. "Anyway, Beverley. I'll take Cap'n Jack over there. You get the pink alien."

A slight laugh can be heard from under the layers of magenta fabric, "Yip-yip-yip!" she nudges the pirate again and whispers to him hoarsely, "Hey pssst… Nicky, it's me!" The distinct voice of Carly can be made out under the costume. She wiggles the sticks to control the mouth and murmurs, "Pie-rat.. uuuuh-huh." Then she leans against the boy before turning toward the rest of the party.

Beverley is standing very, very still as Ramona approaches, her vivid red eyes quickly slipping towards the black shade of thirst. Unfortunately for her better senses, she's a newborn vampire that smells warm, human blood, and hears the beat of fresh, human hearts. "Okay," she answers with a faintly wicked smile as she turns her eyes towards said pink martian. Dinner awaits, or so it would seem.

Captain Jack Sparrow looks at the Martian for a moment, assessing the creature. "Carly?" He says. "By God! You've been eaten!" He says, setting down the empty rum bottle as he starts to struggle with the sword at his side, pretending to have trouble pulling it out. "I'll save you!"

Alexander stops his walking just outside the cabin, in the center of most of the area's activity. The vampire turns and stares hard at his short, colorfully-dressed walking companion. There's no smile behind the mask. "I wanted to ask you a question. See, being a foreigner, I'm not used to the customs around here," For a moment, Alexander turns his head and tries to make eye contact with Idrissa, casually making what seems like a simple wave if she catches him. Attentioned is turned back to the Sailor Pluto. "Why do you all dress like this, and toxify your brains? It all seems so… pointless." These last few sentences are spoken with an odd and unsteady tone. Not at all the pleasant voice of before.

A boisterous laugh can be heard as the blonde teen pops her head out of the mouth of the costume she is wearing. "You know what? This kind of looks like I'm martian puke, huh?" Then she turns toward Ramona and waves to the woman, "Hey Ramona! Come and meet my boyfriend!" Turning back to the boy she gives him the biggest grin, "Just wait until you meet her! She's a real honest to god rock star! I even got her autograph!"

Sailor Pluto swallows. There is just something about his tone and sudden change in demeanor that makes Miyuki shiver. One hand trembles as it pats some at her hip, trying to find her cell phone, but not having much luck. She's scared, though, thats for sure. "Uhm, its Halloween. Uhh, they do it in Japan too. See, we dress up as whatever we want and can even be that for a night. Uh, alcohol is just a bonus? But I don't drink." She makes a face and takes a small step back, shifting her staff to be somewhat between Miyuki and Alexander. "I-is that all you wanted to know?"

The blue martian seems to materialize out of the trees, much like the original yip-yip martians had passed through walls into rooms, and moves toward the crimson-clad young woman. A faint sniffing sound can be heard through the crushed velvet costume. "Bev? It's Ana," the martian says, in a hissed whisper barely loud enough for the young vampiress to hear. "Here, step over here," she says, catching Bev's shoulders lightly through the velvet. "Let's move over here, okay?" she continues, trying to lead Bev closer to the trees. "Let's just talk this over, okay?"

Idrissa hums faintly as she listions Ramona, her red gaze settling upon Bev as she catches the thick scent of a newborn in the air. She ponders this before catching sight of the wave from Alexander. A simple nod of her head is offered before she moves closer to the house and seems to disappear as it were. Her movement is rather fast and only the other vampires would pick it up as she slips around the house making short work of the speaker wires, all are cut in the matter of moments leaving the outside of the party not able to hear the music from within and the quiet of the forest is heard. With the job done Id can be found sitting off to the side, a slender hand slips through her hair to put it back into place it seems.

Captain Jack Sparrow eyes Carly as she reveals herself, but keeps in character. "How do I know this isn't a trick?" He asks, looking to the girl before he smiles and shakes his head. "Naw, it looks good." He says to the girl before he looks towards the woman that Carly calls for. He offers a wave to her before he looks back to Carly. "Cool."

For once, Bev puts up a fight against Ana, though it's not much of one, since the older vampiress is able to pull her towards the trees. "I'm hungry, and dinner's out there," she states, her voice is almost calm, but, to Ana, it's no secret that Bev would certainly regret this act after it's committed.

Ramona grins triumphantly at Beverley. "That's a good girl," she whispers, pressing a hand into Bev's back and edging her toward the two. She comes as well, especially as she's waved over. "Hey, ohh. It's you, Carly!" Her voice rises a bit and she shakes her head a little at Beverley, who is being harrassed by the other martian anyway. "Um… actually, I'm going to be right back. I forgot something." And just then, the music cuts, leaving even ramona a little confused before she skirts out and follows Marley.

Lowering her hand, Carly seems just a little confused before turning back to Captain Jack with a shrug. "Well, I guess she forgot something?" Then the girl turns a little, as much as she can while hanging out of the mouth of her costume, "Miyuki was here somewhere… Maybe she's in the cabin, did you want to say hi?" Her arm loops through Nicolas' while the other carries the costume up around her hips.

Alexander doesn't answer Miyuki, immediately. He only stares at her from behind his Dracula mask for a moment or two. As Idrissa cuts the speakers and the music is halted, he lifts his head and peers about. Alexander is tired of his mask, and he rips it off, revealing the very irate expression on his face. "Do any of you know how pointless your pathetic lives are!!" This is spoken /very/ audibly above the chatter of any teenagers wondering what happened to the music. He turns his head to peer at every single human he can in the area. "Meaningless existences of self-indulgence and greed!!" He's lost all self control as every ounce of his inner-rage comes spilling out of his mind. "None of you deserve your lives!!" Regardless of where Miyuki is as he finishes this last sentence, his gaze instantly moves to her. "By God's will, I'm eventually going to take that from every single one of you."

Captain Jack Sparrow smiles as he nods. "I guess she did." He says before he nods. "Yeah, that'd be nice." He says as he starts towards the cabin, but he stops as he hears Alexander's yelling. An eyebrow raises slightly as he looks around. "The fuck? Who lit the fuse on his tampon?" He says, half to himself and looks back to Carly. "Someone needs to cut him off. No more drinking for him.

The blue martian holds onto Bev's shoulders with all the creature has. "Bev… these are /kids/. People just like you," she hisses. "Here, come this way… we need to talk. /Really/ need to." Ramona, her fellow martian, everything is forgotten in the urgency to get her friend away from the smell of humans, and the sound of human heartbeats.

And then suddenly Alexander's voice fills the air, and she pauses. "Oh, that /idiot/… what does he think he's doing?" she hisses, giving Bev a gentler tug toward the trees.

Sailor Pluto blinks as the music is cut out, but she goes ghost white when Alexander reveals his true face. Marley was right. Remembering hearing Carly's voice earlier, her first reaction is to yell at the poor girl: "Carly, go home!" She pats her tunic, trying to find where she put her damn cell phone… she really could use Kado's help right now; though unable to find it she points her staff at Alexander as if to fend him off. "Leave them alone, they didn't do anything to you!" Is she shaking? Yes. Heart Racing? Check. She wishes her legs would respond so she could just run away.

Beverley blinks a little, her eyes still dark, venom still pooling in her mouth, but her hands are also digging tidy little holes into a nearby tree. "Right. Food later, promise?" she questions of Ana, her eyes darting towards the clearing. "They're… not… safe…" her words are forced out, though whether or not the humans aren't safe from her or Alex, is unknown.

Carly's hand slides down to catch a hold of Nicolas' as she listens to the rantings of the madman near Miyuki. Then hearing the girl's voice, she grips his hand a little tighter. "Nicky! That's Miyuki over there near that crazy guy…" Then she drops her costume and steps out of it, letting go of the boy's hand in order to take a few skipping steps toward the other girl. "Miyuki! Over here!" she calls out to Sailor Pluto. Unfortunately, somehow, the blonde has snuck a few beers and trips over a branch, doing a not so graceful face plant into the dirt.

Idrissa chuckles as she hears Alex and shifts upwards moving towards a few teens and winking at them. "Having fun kiddies?" She questions with a faint tone, a hand snaps out to grab hold of one girl by the shirt and tries to lift her upwards with one simple movement. Her gaze turns towards Carly as she catches sight of the movement towards Alex, which of course stops her from hauling the now screaming girl to high off the ground.

Captain Jack Sparrow is dragged along by Carly. "We should get out of here and call 91—" And Carly goes down, dragging Nicolas with him, dragging him down. As he looks around, seeing one girl pick up a girl, his eyes widen. "The fuck?" He mouths. "Carly, we need to get out of here. Now."

"Oh, shit…" the blue martian murmurs, looking toward where Idrissa is lifting a screaming girl off the ground. The blood has hit the fan, definitely. The creature draws itself up, crying, "RUN!! RUN-RUN-RUN-RUN-RUN-RUN!!!" in its deep alien voice, as loudly as it can.

And then the costume is hauled over her head and dropped, and Anastasia gives Bev a quick hug. "Stay here… stay strong," she whispers to the teen, then hurries toward Idrissa, drawing up close behind her. "What do you think you're /doing/?" she cries, staring at the terrified girl. "Put her down!"

Alexander continues to eye Miyuki and slowly steps toward her. Hold on his self-control continues to dwindle as its replaced by… whatever emotion he's feeling at the moment. The facial muscles of his eyes keep convulsing into smiles and snarls, making it hard to tell if he's madly enraged or madly happy. He chuckles. It's a broken and unsettled laugh. "It doesn't matter what they've done to me. I'm merely an agent carrying out my purpose." The vampire moves to swiftly grab the Miyuki's throat and lift her up closer to his face, borderline choking her. She's short and light, but even so, it borders on unnatural. "Would you like to know what that purpose is?" By now, the humans are getting very unsettled and watch Alexander's display mostly in horror or confusion.

"Oh fu-dge nuggets on a shi-pwrecked beach!!" Carly bellows, holding her now scuffed cheek. Fortunately the ground was too tender to cut, but she does have a few little scrapes here and there. "Stupid ground! NOT IN THE FACE!!" And then she angrily kicks the branch that she tripped over, stubbing her toe. This hurts even more and the young girl begins to limp walk along with her boyfriend. "Why Nicky? I'm having fun… except the nature is trying to beat me up… Stupid nature…" She is completely oblivious to the chaos that is growing around them, hey there's always one, right?

Beverley shakes her head slightly as she darts towards the group, following Ana. "Carly?" she questions as she moves to the fallen Carly and Nic. "Get up," the venom pools in her mouth, she wants dinner and she wants it now. "GO! Get up and get out of here!" she bellows, though her voice is loud, it holds a quality it didn't when the girl, still disguised, was alive, but it is distinguishable.

Sailor Pluto lets out a scream as the hand takes her throat, barely able to rest her toes on the ground. She tries to hit Alexander with her staff, which is slightly heavier than a prop, but is more than likely nothing but annoying to a Vampire. "Put me down!" She hisses through her teeth, gasping for air considering her struggle against him. Not quite out of breath, but if he squeezes any tighter…

Idrissa smirks at the screaming girl, which she actually didn't get that far off the ground and just drops her. "..Boo.." Is offered along with a cackle escaping her as the girl runs off. The new voice behind her causes her to turn and she peers at one behind her. "My my.. what does it look like I'm doing? Having fun of course. It /is/ a party after all!" Her gaze drifts towards Alex and she hums faintly at the sight before she slips over towards him and appears at his side. "Now now.. Relax.." Is hissed out. Hey if she can't kill anyone he can't either!

Captain Jack Sparrow looks to Beverly as she arrives, nodding. He looks to Carly, handing her his car keys. "Go to the car and start it. Wait for me, but if I am not there in five minutes, just leave." He tells her before he stands up, helping Carly up. "Go." He tells her, nearly yelling at her. He looks towards Miyuki as she hears her cries. "Fuck." He says before he starts towards the mini sailor scout.

Ana winces as Idrissa's target runs away screaming. "Your idea of fun is really sick!" she snaps back. And then other voices reach her sharp ears, and she glances sardonically in the direction of Alexander. "I think your boyfriend needs to take a chill pill, like /now/."

She looks to Beverley and her friends, giving silent thanks that Bev remains unfed for the moment. But it doesn't look like it's going to last long. She hurries over to her friend's side. "Good girl," she whispers.

Admittedly, between the three beers and the excitement of the fight with nature, Carly is a little dazed. With a bleary gaze she turns and grins at her first Forks friend and a big smile nearly splits her face in two. "I know you!" Unfortunately that is all that comes out of the girl's mouth before she turns in confusion. "Hey where's Nicky and Miki… Hey!! That rhymes!" And then she laughs. "They should toooootally date… except I get in the way.." She turns to the other girl and begins to walk toward the cars again, fumbling with the keys. When they are joined by Ana, Carly tosses the woman the keys and admits lowly, "I don't know where Nicky is… and I don't know how to drive his car. Can you drive? Whoah! Where's Liam?!?" It is there she stops dead in her tracks.

Alexander doesn't flinch as Miyuki's staff hits him in the gut. The vampire simply moves his free hand to grab onto her wrist and attempts to squeeze it as hard as he can. Hard enough to break it… He's about to continue his insane rant before Idrissa comes to try and stop him from taking the human's life. Alex turns his furious gaze to her briefly, then back to the human in his hand. With an enraged yell he moves to toss her on the ground with excessive force.

Beverley smiles at Ana, it's a forced smile, very strained, her control is waning. "There's others, isn't there?" she questions as she tugs her mask away from her face, hopefully Carly is too drunk to put her face to her name. "You don't know me, we've never met," she states as she looks back at Ana, worried, of course, and ready for dinner, though she's trying not to be.

Idrissa hears the vampire that stopped her from having her fun and just peers at Alexander and Miyuki. She lifts her head slightly and clears her throat. "Come.." Is offered with a faint tone while she moves a slender cold hand to grasp hold of his arm and take him away from the scene before something really does snap.

When her wrist is grabbed, the staff is dropped immediately, though there is a much higher pitched scream from Sailor Pluto (Miyuki) as her wrist is almost completely crushed in Alexander's hand; the sounds of bones breaking in a most sickly way being heard. Yeah… she's not going to be able to work for a while. Already delirious from the pain, she yelps as she's helplessly tossed aside, the sound of more bones breaking can be heard from the force. Though, her rolling momentum stops, and the little Japanese girl lays in a heap on her side; passed out from the pain.

Captain Jack Sparrow moves as quickly as he can towards Alex and Miyuki and finds the girl collapsed on the ground. He rushes towards Miyuki. "Miyuki, wake up." He says to the girl, trying to wake her up. He looks up at Alex. "The fuck you do to her?"

Hearing Nicolas' shout to the mad vamp, Carly pivots on her heel and begins to trudge toward him. "Nicky!" she calls out, waving to the boy and inadvertently the vampire, the vampiress, and the fallen girl. Ana and Bev have been forgotten, as have the keys that she tossed to the older blonde. All that matters right now is getting to her two friends.

Beverley growls a little as she moves after Carly, physically picking the girl up. "No," she states, pivoting on her heels and taking herself, and Carly, back towards Nic's vehicle. The whole while she's not breathing. There is a warm, living, breathing human in her arms, right at this very moment, and it's taking every ounce of her strength and the knowledge of Ana's impending disappointment to not turn her old friend into a meal.

Sailor Pluto doesn't answer Captain Jack as she's shaken, the only thing she can do is just stay blissfully unconscious. For the time being at least. Though as she's shaken, her right leg shifts, revealing the rather sick twist to it at the knee; showing where the sounds of the second break came from.

Alexander stares furiously at the wounded human now on the ground as Idrissa tries to pull him away. He yanks his hand out of hers and continues to stare. "They don't deserve it." The other human dressed as a pirate takes his attention and Alexander answers his question. "Only what must be done…" His upper lip twitches to show his teeth as he stares hard at the pirate human.

Idrissa smirks as she eyes the fallen Miy, a faint chuckle escapes her. "Seems your not a chosen one after all my dear.. Such a shame." Her bright gaze drifts to Captain Jack and she smirks while leaning over slightly, a predator glint seen in her eyes. "Would you like to find out?.." As she says this she makes a move to grab hold of the boy with a hand.

Captain Jack Sparrow eyes Alexander, trying to hide the fact that he is scared. He tries to move sway from Idrissa as she reaches for him, instead he tries to rush Alexander, attempting to tackle the man, but will probably never make it to the man.

Carly doesn't fight the girl as she's being carried away but she does point toward them to yell, "Hey! Hey! What is she … NICKY!!!" Then Carly is frantic, and now struggling, unfortunately in her state of carried-ness it is quite impossible for her struggles to affect the girl whose arms she is in. "Help! Put me down!! NICKY!!! Help him! Please!! I'll go the car!!"

Ana barely has the presence of mind to catch the keys Carly tosses at her. The sound of breaking bones still echoes in her ears, and even as she tries to stay next to Bev her attention is very much divided. Alexander is somewhere close by and losing sanity by the second, and Idrissa is also around here somewhere…

A sudden movement only a few yards away draws her attention, and she darts closer, catching Idrissa's darting hand and shoving it off course for Nicolas. She plants herself directly between the vampiress and the pirate. "Don't you have a crazy boyfriend to go get?" she almost growls, making sure to stay in the way of any further grabs at him.

Beverley growls at Carly. "Stop. Struggling." she demands, her bitterly black eyes glaring at her, though, despite the eyes, the pale skin, and the ethereal beauty, it's Bev. "I am very hungry and if you do not stop this now I will have no choice," she admonishes as she returns to the car. "Stay here. Do not leave here. If you leave here I will NOT get you again. Get in the bloody car and start the flipping engine, but do NOT go back there," her words are fierce, demanding, and she's running out of the air necessary to speak anymore, so now she simply levels a rather wicked glare towards Carly. Once glaring is done she turns away and takes a deep breath of air slightly less untainted by the human scent and moves back to the crowd of humans and, mostly, vampires, soon her dark gaze settles on Sailor Pluto and she flits towards the downed Scout.

While not a light-speed, but still unnaturally fast, Alexander steps out of the way of the pathetic rushed tackle of the human. After doing so, he covers half his face with the palm of his hand and begins to laugh to himself. The laugh is odd and broken. "They try so hard," The hand on his face moves upward to sift through his hair before he drops it. While he leaves Idrissa to deal with one of their apparently misguided bretheren, he only watches the pirate human. "Why do you fight? Do you think you can beat me? Trying to maintain some sense of honor? What makes you do what you do, I want to know."

A hissing growl escapes Idrissa as Ana moves before her and thus blocks her from her qurrey. Her eyes narrow as she eyes the other vampire, one hand balling into a fist. She catches the quick movement of the newborn coming towards them and a wicked smile crosses her lips as she moves to try and push Ana backwards while merely stepping forward and playing keep-away. "Seems your little newborn is about to do something naughty.." She hisses out while grinning. She plans on keeping Ana from going to stop Bev it seems.

Captain Jack Sparrow falls to the ground as Alex sidesteps him. He looks back at the man as he asks him the questions. "Fuck you." He says before he spits at the man's face before he tries to get up and swing a fist at the man, trying to do something to fight him off.

The grin left over from Alexander's short laugh is instantly wiped from his face as the human's spit catches him in the eye. Instantly infuriated, Alex lets out a yell and easily parries the human's blow, then attempts to grab the swung arm with one hand and the center of the human's torso with the other. While keeping hold of him, the vampire moves to fling the pirate into a nearby tree. Not as hard as he can, but still pretty hard.

Ana was definitely not ready for that. She stumbles back a step as Idrissa pushes at her, realizing almost too late that the pirate she'd been protecting has run off and gotten himself into a different spot of trouble. She gives in to an old habit and bites her lip as she watches Alex square off with the pirate lying on the ground.
Her eyes snap to Beverley, headed to wherever she plans on going. At least until Alex grabs the pirate up and throws him. Idrissa forgotten, she dashes to try and catch the flying pirate before the tree does!

Nodding quickly, Carly simply slumps against the car, following as much of Bev's instructions as she can. Yes, she recognized the vampiress, fortunately for the newborn it might just last only a few hours. With the scuffle being out of sight, Carly is left to stare through the darkness toward the commotion of fighting. Her thin bodysuit isn't quite the protection she requires against the cold, so the blonde teen just huddles against herself, listening as teenagers scream in chaos and run from the party.

Captain Jack Sparrow goes flying back from the man and then sees blackness and sparklies. Not the vampires, just the stars in his vision. The tree connecting with his back, cracking heard easily. He starts to fall to the ground unconscious, Ana catching him after the first bounce from the ground.

Beverley eyes Idrissa for a moment, before her dark, hungry eyes settle on the Sailor Scout, and she picks the girl up, and starts walking away from the other vampire, with Sailor P carried over her shoulder, taking care not to breath as she does. She does, however, see Nic get thrown around and shoots a look towards Ana as she heads, with her human girl towards the car, hopefully no one gets in her way, she'd have no issue pushing anyone out of her way, if need be.

Sailor Pluto is slung over Beverly's shoulder, one leg dangling a little sickly with how the knee is twisted and broken; less the vampire holds it still. Though when they are almost to the car, she finally starts to rouse, confusion first coloring her expression before the pain and shock sets in; and the tiny girl lets out a bellow of a scream from the pain.

Idrissa tilts her head to catch sight of what is going on with Alex and Capt. Jack. She grins watching the boy go flying towards a tree and then her gaze snaps towards Ana as the other moves to try and stop it. A chuckle escapes her as the boy falls to the ground. "My my.. I don't believe I've ever had this much fun at a party before.." Her gaze drifts to Beverley and she lifts a brow at the sight, pondering how a newborn is not ripping the human apart..

Hearing the scream is what causes Carly to stand, "Miki!" she calls out, taking a few steps toward Bev and the small Japanese girl thrown over her shoulder. She has a guilty look on her face and looks apologetic to the other blonde. "The car is locked… Stacy has the keys…" she mutters in explanation. She reaches up to Miyuki and attempts to help the other girl with her burden, or at least help the burden with her screams. Then… as if someone turned a switch on in her head… Carly pulls her cell phone out from her back pocket. "Shit…" Quickly, 911 is dialed.

A now horrified Ana finds herself with an armload of nearly unconscious pirate off the rebound, and Idrissa's mocking chuckle does nothing to help her mood. Only the sight of Beverley carrying the injured girl toward the car Carly is sprawled next to gives her hope. She glares at Alexander and Idrissa, then pointedly turns her back on them and begins to carry Nicolas toward the car.

Beverley crinkles her nose at the scream, but finishes the trek to the car, placing the girl, carefully, on the ground. "Carly, watch her," she all but demands, leaving the girl there, and Carly, both entirely unprotected as she walks a good distance away from them, doing everything but physically restraining herself in her efforts to not acquire a meal, now. She turns her head only long enough to see that Carly has some senses to her, before she turns her head so that she's upwind of the humans.

Sailor Pluto whimpers as she is leaned against the car and put on the ground, sobbing in pain; her make-up a totally horrible mess. She grabs at Carly for some comfort with her good hand, but the pain has her not at all sensible at the moment; she couldn't even tell you where she was. She writhes as the pain runs through her body, but doesn't move the pulverized wrist or broken leg. "Kado.." She manages to get out in a sob.

Alexander takes a moment to wipe the spit from his eye with a disgusted look. He then flings what he can off his hand. While wipes it against his coat, he stares at Ana, the disgusted expression on his face not removed. "So misguided… You're even worse than them." He turns to see the other injured human taken to a car, then a cell phone being pulled out. His gaze moves to Idrissa. "Going to have to cut your fun short, I'm afraid." He begins walking toward the woods, and as soon as he's out of visibility range, he becomes a blur and speeds off.

"H-hi.. I'm near the old cabin in the woods. There's people trying to kill us here. Strong people! My friend is hurt!" Carly stammers into the phone, placing her free arm around the tiny Japanese girl. "Please help us, my boyfriend is still there." Then her teeth begin to chatter as she holds on the line with the operator. "I'm here… I'll stay here… Miki's leg is all weird, and I think her wrist is broken."

Idrissa tsks faintly as she watches what is happing around her, such fun.. She tilts her head to look back at Alex and pouts a moment before turning to follow after him. "Suppose I'll find them later.." Them could mean anyone though. Her gaze drifts towards Ana and a grin is offered. "I'm sure we're meet again dearie.." This is offered before she slips into the trees and once further enough away she took is gone in the blink of an eye, like she was never there.

Sailor Pluto's free hand frantically pants at her clothing, pulling out her own cell phone. She manages to find the name she wants, but as another wave of pain makes her scream, the message she sends is nothing but a jumbled mess of letters before the phone drops from her hand; fingers curling into a balled fist.

Ana ignores Idrissa's taunt, concentrating on carefully laying the injured pirate down very carefully next to Carly and Miki. The car keys slip, forgotten, from her fingers, landing next to Nicolas's left hand as she stands and moves to join Beverley.

She looks back toward the abandoned lumber camp, now almost totally deserted. "They're gone… and I've got to get Bev out of here," she says to Bev as much as Carly. "The authorities will be here soon." She pauses long enough to take Bev's hand. "Let's go home, brave heart," she whispers, and tugs gently on her hand, away from the clearing.

Sirens from the distance close in quite quickly as Carly sobs into the phone, "Oh god… Nicky's dead I think!" Muddy tears streak her face as she reaches for the boy's hand, lacing her fingers gently with his. His skin is still warm, though chilled from the shock and the October air. A contingent of police, fire trucks, and ambulances pile into the clearing and rescue personnel quickly assess the most damaged victims loading them into the trucks and carting them away.

Sailor Pluto dropped her phone, probably going to be the only evidence Kado finds when he gets here. Ooooh, the wolfie is gonna be pissed! She yelps in pain as she is moved, but lays on the stretcher like a good patient, but the pain doesn't let her be still. She's carted away off to the hospital to be tended to.

Captain Jack Sparrow is loaded up onto a stretcher and into an awaiting ambulance, still unconscious as they start to work on the kid. Unfortunately, Carly is not allowed on the ambulance with him.

Shuffled away from the boy, the police have Carly in the back of a squad car as she stares helplessly after the ambulance speeding away. She had the presence of mind to grab the boy's keys but being one of the only coherent witnesses of the evening, the girl is forced to the police station to relay the story over and over to many disbelieving officers. Eventually, her father arrives, looking EXTREMELY worried and angry.

Beverley nods towards Ana, paying no attention now to the humans. "Right," she gives, barely exhaling as she looks towards Port Angeles. Time to get away from the humans, from dinner.

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