Shots and Ladders

IC Time: Late - October 30th, 2007
Location: Cabin at the Abandoned Logging Camp
Synopsis: Unsuspecting teens hang out inside as horror unravels just outside the cabin.
Submitted by: Holly

The board that serves as a door is held open for a moment as Holly marches in with a tall, silver ladder, the end of it held by some unwilling participant, who soon ditches her when she finds the spot she wants to set it up: against the wall, so she might be able to add some finishing touches to the decorations. She grabs a handful of cottony 'spider web' material and prepares to scale the ladder. It's not really such a good idea, but after three cups of beer already, she's not thinking clear. For one, the ladder is not on even grounds. At all. It wobbles ominously as she reaches to hang the fake cobwebs, though she manages to stay on top. Secondly, she is in a cheerleading skirt, affording too many people too much to look at. Luckily, anyone that gets too close falls victim to red corn syrup dripping from her skirt, part of the open 'wound' that has gauged her side as the finishing touch to her costume: a dead cheerleader.

If bypassing the party didn't make him social stigmata, his choice of activity inside the cabin finishes him off. From the jeep to the seat. That's Liam. Pushing into the cabin behind Holly and her ladder, the boy all but trips over the fleeing 'help' that leaves Holly to climb unaided. And it would seem that to some degrees, even for a guy like Li, chivalry is indeed dead, as rather than help cheerleader in her tasks, Liam finds a spot atop the cooler nearby to sit and watch. It is, perhaps, this very thing that causes a passing girl to shove a box top into his lap with a scowl. "Hold this!" is barked firmly by the fleeing pixie, leaving Liam with a job. Watch Holly climb, and hold tightly onto the abandoned, glow-n-the-dark shots he now possesses.

Trevor glances over towards Holly once he catches sight of the ladder, headphones rest around his neck and seem to go with the theme of his costume that of a zombie DJ. He has makeup on that looks rather good actually, his hair is a mess and his shirt has torn areas that look rather like someone 'bit' him even with fake blood. A fake wound found upon his arm completes the outfit. He moves around the table and on over to the ladder, attempting to take hold of it with a hand before Holly does indeed fall and break something. "You know.. I think there's plenty of stuff up.." But what does he know about stuff like this?
Liam pages: I just ate half a jar of pickles.

From nine feet up, Holly peers down, noticing when the ladder shifts to stabilize after Trevor grabs it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as helpful as it actually is from that height, with that many beers. She frowns down at the zombie. "What are you doing, Trevor?" She'd seen his costume before, presumably, as they were the only two party planners left. So much for a team effort. The frown turns into a scowl as she begins to climb down, dripping corn syrup all down the ladder, though miraculously, she hangs on rather well, though the threat of falling happens once or twice. Once on the ground, she peers up at the DJ. "Right. I know what you were /really/ doing. Perv." A hint of a smile tugs at the corners of her mouth, but it can't be told for sure if she's joking — instead, she stares at Trevor a moment longer and then sighs. "I need a drink."

And as luck would have it, Liam, the human table, is holding a bunch of glow-n-the-dark shots. "I'll have two, please," she calls out as she approaches, apparently forgetting he wasn't part of the party planning staff. A moment later she peers at him closer. "Where'd we get these?!"

Liam watches Trevor assist the girl with a slow sigh. Truly, he should have stayed home. Still, watching her scale downward, and watching her reaction to the rather kindhearted aid of Trevor causes him to grin. Hearing her address him seconds later causes him to laugh before offering up the box top toward the girl with a shrug. "Little purple pixie." he answers rather easily before tilting the shots toward her. "An /angry/ little purple pixie to be exact. She just went that way." a nod toward the door before, as if a second though the boy shifts the box toward Trevor as well.

Trevor hums faintly while tilting his head to glance upwards a moment but stops himself before looking all the way up seeing how she /is/ in a skirt. "Wa?.. Just making sure you don't fall and break your neck?" He smirks at Holly, his eerie yellow green contacts half glowing in the dim light within the cabin. "Right…" Is offered along with a shake of his head to the perv questions before Holly moves off looking for a drink. He takes hold of the ladder and lowers it to the floor and lets it lean against the wall so no one goes tripping over it. He looks back over to Liam and Holly and shakes her head at the box is offered towards him. "Naw, I'm good. You seem to be doing a fine job holding it for the angry pixie after all."

Holly takes two shots, because they are small shots, and plus, they glow! Kinda cute, even if she wouldn't dare admit it. A nod of thanks is given before she downs the first one rather easily, licking her lips afterward. "Huh?" She glances at the door. "Your girlfriend or somethin'?" The girl laughs and is about to add something more when Trevor pipes up, and her gaze slides over toward him. "It's okay, Trevor. I mean, I'm a cheerleader! I'm popular and cute and everyone loves me." There is a certain irony to her tone as she rolls her eyes — she didn't quite perfect the cheerleader make-up; she's still wearing too much black eyeliner and pale foundation to really look the part. Holly missed the memo about self tanner. Sheepishly, she peers back toward Liam. "Uh, sorry if um, your girlfriend is a cheerleader. The whole pixie thing kinda gives it away. I'm sure she's still a really nice person." Cough.

"Oh. Huh?" Asked toward Holly as she babbles. A look is sent toward Trevor for the moment. Wide-eyed and slightly confused before they return to Holly as she takes her shots. The shots, he notes, that are rather glowie. It's something for him to spend the next few hours contemplating, just how they managed that. Of course, he'll do this after he carefully navigates himself out of the girl’s attention. "She's not my girlfriend." He announces rather quickly. "/My/ girlfriend isn't here." beat, "And…I think I got dumped this morning but I'm not sure." It's said slowly and somewhat critically before he sighs and offers the box again. "But yeah, I'm sure she's a real backseat debutant, that Pixie."

Not far from the door the three teens can be found. Holly in her zombie tribute to cheer squad, Trevor in rather matching attire, minute the skirt and lipstick, and Liam….as himself + one cast and a box of shots to which he seems mildly afraid. "So you two planned this then?"

Trevor hums faintly as he hears Holly over the thumping of music as he moves back towards the table where his stuff is set up. "Oh right, totally I understand." Actually he doesn't, but that's alright. He flicks a few buttons on the main part of the radio which starts up a new batch of techno type songs, these with a bit more horror flick music cut into them. Faint screams and creepy creaks escapes the speakers he set up over the cabin. The flashing lights upon the walls are following through with some of the music as if everything was set up on a timer. The cabin itself is all decorated up for the party, cobwebs, bats at the like across the walls along with some of the pictures Trevor got from the forest during the night. Many teens and young adults can be found through the cabin, dancing, talking and generally having a good time. Hearing Liam a nod is offered. "Yup, along with some help but the others couldn't make it."

Piper is late, but fashionably so (presumably) as she shows up at the party, attired in a slinky black dress (more like short shorts, without the shorts part) and fishnet stockings, accompanied by a pair of thigh high boots. In her hair there sits a pair of white extensions running from her roots to the tip of her hair, ala the bride of Frankenstein. "Sorry I'm late, Trevvy," she states as she walks in, slinking towards him. "Work ran a little late," she notes as she drapes an arm around Trevor. "Hi Holly," she gives with a wave to the zombie cheerleader.

Holly takes the other shot, and then hesitates before setting the empty containers back into the box top on Liam's lap. If he wanted to function as a human table… well, he could. She does, however, shoot him a wry grin. "Oh. Well, that sucks. I got dumped last week." Pause. "Why aren't you drinking more? You should probably just down the rest of those. I'm sorry," she declares, though it seems more humored than genuine. A glance is shot to Trevor and she nods along with his response. "Yeah. But don't tell anyone I helped, if you can help it. I don't want people to think I'm like one of those student council chicks or something." She shifts uncomfortably at the thought. "It was just a good excuse to drink and shit, you know? Speaking of which, c'mon." Holly stares at the shots then back up at Liam just as Piper arrives.

It takes Holly a moment to decide who she really is, but when she recognizes the Quileute girl, she breaks into a smile. "He-ey, Piper. This girl, right here? Beat up a bunch of guys for me." Yeah, she might be feeling the drinks a little. "I wish I could've…"

The new face causes Liam's response to pause for a moment. Really, he IS the lamest person at the party, no? Damn Carly for her lack of warning. Still, the goading from Holly earns a faint chuckle from him as he eyes the shots, and then turns to watch the girl in turn, giving Trevor a moment 'alone' with the new arrival. "I've never been a drinker." is all he can think of as he searches for acceptable excuses to avoid the shots in his lap. The excuse sounds terribly unethical to even him considering the setting and time. And his age. A moment of 'dude you suck' etches over his face before Holly saves him, and draws his attention away again. "Beat up a bunch of guys huh? That's….impressive." Really though, he does appear to be doubtful for the moment. It's just the guy in him.

Trevor smirks slightly hearing Holly. "Oh right.. She had no part of it, just ignore what I said there an all." A faint grin is offered to Holly before he blinks hearing a voice and then feeling the arm, he peers over to Piper and hehs softly. "Hey Piper, that's alright I'm glad you could make it." This said while he nods and glances around. "What you think of the place?" He gives his full attention to Piper at the moment while Holly and Liam talk about drinks. Trev doesn't drink either, but he has other reasons for it!

Piper chuckles slightly, shaking her head. "No, I think I just threatened to bust his nose, or something, and it was only one guy," she says in a slightly dismissive fashion. "Though, I could, wanna rumble?" she questions of Liam with a wink and shake of her head, though she doesn't leave Trevor's side. "It kinda stinks in here, actually," she states, crinkling her nose, as if she does smell something rather yucky. "Otherwise, I dunno, it's a rundown shack. I bet hoboes live here or something."

Holly seems slightly mystified at Liam's response, and opens her mouth to ask what he might be doing at a party mainly held for the sake of drinking, when, instead, she comes up with a better question. "S'cool. Though you know, it's kinda a good thing to do to cope with break ups. But you /could/ just find someone else. If she comes, I'll jump in your lap, okay?" She laughs, indicating it's likely a joke.

Holly peers between Piper and Trevor with raised brows. "Are you two dating?" she inquires bluntly. "I didn't know. And! Piper! You scared the shit out of those kids. You should teach me your moves sometime." She ignores the comment on the location with a shrug. "That whore Avery picked the place."

Trevor looks amused as he listens to Piper. "Remind me to never make you mad." This said with a joking tone while he leans closer to Piper. A faint huff escapes him. "Of… of course point out stuff like that." He offers a smile to Piper, which looks rather interesting, a zombie that can smile? "Nice costume by the way…" Hearing Holly he ums faintly.. "What?" Though it’s unsure if his startled comment was for the question about him and Piper dating or about Avery.

Liam watches the scene with a look of contempt. He's uninvolved, yet present to watch, though Holly seems insistent in messing up his abstract party experience. The comment about drinking and breakups does earn a chuckle though, and he shrugs lazily to the information before sighing. "Good for breakups huh? I usually just cry into my pillow and write mean things in my diary." /Clearly/ the boy is being sarcastic, but mildly so, and all of his effort is seeped away as Holly's rather direct question draws his attention.

Just what Trevor and Piper need. And audience that asks personal questions. This gets Holly a careful glance before he sighs and moves to hold out one of the shots to her. Much easier to give her shiny (or glowy in this case) objects than to have any part in prying into the boys life.

Piper chuckles a little and shakes her head. "They just didn't think a girl could bust a couple of noses," she gives, shrugging slightly. "But, they had your wallet, and refused to give it back, lessons had to be learned," she points out, with a bright smile. "And yah, Trev, don't make me mad, or I'll do more than break your nose," she gives, casting a sideways wink towards him, though she doesn't answer Holly's enquiry, she likes messing with peoples’ minds.

"Seriously?" Holly's face lights up a little under the flashing of the strobe lights as she peers toward Liam. "I didn't peg you as an emo boy, but you'd look 'ha-wt' in eyeliner." As the shot is offered, she reaches out to grab another, but pauses mid-grab. "No way. I'm on to you, wallflower-emo-boy. You just want to get me drunk. So you can laugh and possibly do something /bad/. Been there, done that. His name's Brian." Pause. "Um, what's yours?" She takes a shot anyway, turning toward the two affection teens and shrugging. "Sooo, I take that as a yes. Whatever, not that I care. Probably good purple pixie isn't here to spread the gossip. Cheers." She raises the shot, realizing how sad it is that she's the only one drinking. And then, the music cuts out, and she chokes on her shot, peering over toward Trevor with mild alarm.

Trevor looks to Piper and chuckles softly, a slight grin offered. "Right… I'll try my best to not do that. I rather like my nose not getting all messed up after all… Or any other part of me thank you very much." He says with an amused tone. Not like he minds messing with someone's minds. A glance is offered up to the roof as he hears something moving around and then the music goes dead. A faint ah escapes him and he hehs faintly to Holly. "Maybe the place has rats?" He slips away from Piper and moves over to his speakers and radio checking it out with a few flicks of a switch. "The power is dead…"

Liam laughs easily at the cheerleader before following her gaze toward the others. He'll take the eyeliner comment as a compliment, just for the night’s sake. "Liam." he offers loosely before he watches her, his eyes narrowing slowly as the music dies. It's rather obvious from his sober standpoint, that Trevor was in fact NOT the one that did it. "First fight of the night maybe?" He asks back toward the cheerleader, his eyes drifting toward the window, and then downward toward his foot. "I'd look an all but…yeah." Cast in tow. He's much better off as a table.

Piper offers a sweet little smile towards Holly before her eyes turn towards the speakers, blinking a little. "That's not good," she states, looking around, faintly, at the group. She knows of the rather large amount of disgusting smelling vampires outside. "Be careful, Trev, don't need you getting shocked or anything," she gives, shaking her head, but keeping a watchful eye on him, as well as Holly and Liam.

"Rats?" Holly wrinkles her nose. "Right. I'd guess it was some other kind of thing before /that/. Seriously, you guys don't know how fucked up things are around here." They /are/ learning, however, how much more the punk girl can talk when she's got some alcohol in her. That being said, she is cognizant of the fact that it's now pretty quiet in the cabin, so she lowers her voice a tad. "Holly," she says in response to Liam, eyeing his cast as it’s mentioned. "Oh. Yeah. I'd ask what happened, but then I'd be joining the clones of other people that asked the same thing. So, that sucks. Annnd so does this party." She frowns in Trevor's direction. "So we should just wait it out? Did anyone bring anything battery powered or something?" She doesn't volunteer to go outside either, even if there /is/ a lot of yelling. "Umm. Piper? You're big and strong, go and check outside! We'll stay here." Because there might be a /vampire/ out there or something. Holly plops herself next to Liam. "So are you saving those for the pixie? We might be needing them."

Trevor nods to Piper. "Well I'm not trying to be.. Wouldn't be the first time though." He offers while flicking on a penlight and he starts plugging and unplugging a few things to try and see if that will work. "Seems like the power is cut, something must have happened outside." There is a pause as he hears the sudden yelling and lifts his head to look towards the door and then smirks hearing Holly. "Hey.." Is merely offered while shaking his head. "I can go check it out, maybe I can get the power back on and get the drunks to move off or something." This said while he starts moving towards the door.

Liam shifts as Holly takes her seat, his hands balancing the box for the moment before he gives a faint, one shoulder shrug in response to the question. "Far as I know she left." He admits finally. Though, really, the drunken pixie as long since found herself astride in the back seat of a random car. Seriously. Some girls are just /talented/. Regardless his attention is reluctantly drawn from Holly as Trevor heads for the door, his eyes widening as the screams begin.

It is now that he highly regrets being sober. "Uhm….how about we NOT open the door? I saw Halloween! Teenagers in a broken down house with no power…on Halloween. Knife welding psychos. No thank you."

For once, Bev puts up a fight against Ana, though it's not much of one, since the older vampiress is able to pull her towards the trees. "I'm hungry, and dinner's out there," she states, her voice is almost calm, but, to Ana, it's no secret that Bev would certainly regret this act after it's committed. "No. We should stay in here, it's not… safe out there," she gives, shaking her head as she moves to position herself in front of the door, moving in strides far too fast and easily catching up to Trevor. In catching up with him she grabs him. "No. You're not going out there, not over my dead and rotting body are you leaving this cabin until it's safe," she states, the look on her face is not one to be messed with, it would seem, for all the puppy she acted the other day, today she's acting a very serious wolf. "He's right," she states, agreeing with Liam. "Stay in here," it's not a request; it's more of a demand, really.

"No. We should stay in here, it's not… safe out there," Piper gives, shaking her head as she moves to position herself in front of the door, moving in strides far too fast and easily catching up to Trevor. In catching up with him she grabs him. "No. You're not going out there, not over my dead and rotting body are you leaving this cabin until it's safe," she states, the look on her face is not one to be messed with, it would seem, for all the puppy she acted the other day, today she's acting a very serious wolf. "He's right," "Stay in here," it's not a request, it's more of a demand, really.

Holly nods to Trevor. "Yeah, someone better go check," she pipes up from her seat. The room is not as clear as it was an hour ago; she snickers at Trevor's comment. "What 'bout the drunks? Are you makin' fun of me?" There is a pause as she eyes Liam, hastening to straighten a little and act as sober as possible, seeing as she feels that he frowns upon drinking somehow. "I mean, I'm not really even… even buzzed. I don't really drink often." She falls quiet to listen to Piper get pretty serious about the whole going outside thing. "Piper, wow. Why are you always so overprotective of people? You have a little sibling or something? You're like, the ultimate… protector person." From the corner of her eye, she notices the ladder, set near the sound station, and stands. "Guys, look. We can just look outside through the cracks in the wood near the roof. We just need the ladder to see." So that's exactly what she moves to go do — she manages to grab the ladder, but dragging it across the floor is a bit more of a feat. It happens, sort of, and then she pauses to set it up straight, but she has more than a bit of trouble with that part: the ladder sways dangerously to the side, toward the trio she was just talking to.

Trevor pauses before the door as he hears the screams coming from outside, hey maybe Liam has a point. "Reall?.. Its a Halloween Party, what could possibly be happening /out/ there?" He blinks while looking to Piper as he is grabbed, a faint um escaping him. "An what if something is going on out there and someone needs help?" There is a pause as Piper says her demand and he seems rather unsure what to do while eyeing the door and listening to the screams that still trickle in from the outside. "..Maybe that's a good idea?".. He'll stay really. Trev smirks as he hears Holly. "Me? Not at all." Is offered as he grins a moment before blinking as he watches Holly drag the ladder around and then try and put it against the wall, his eyes widen slightly as the later falls towards them and he makes a grab for Piper's arm to try and get her out of the way along with himself. "Geez Holly.."

Liam sighs as he stands. Not because of the happenings around him so much as the simple fact that sitting for too long…he feels unproductive. Standing, he turns to set the box down before, low, his eyes catch sight of not only the defiant Amazon Piper but the 'totally not drunk; Holly as she tries to maneuver a ladder that totters dangerously close to falling on him. "No!" No. Not no to going outside, but no to once again visiting ER due to female related injuries. There’s only so much a guy’s ego can take. That yelled, he reaches to quickly push the ladder against the wall, reaching around Holly to try, at least best a guy on one foot can, to keep her still. "No. I do not need head trauma AND a pink cast. Just…no. Stay." And as for the screaming and movement outside: how very unfortunate for THEM.

Piper watches Holly attempt to swing the ladder and try to maneuver it. "Sheesh, Holly," she gives, shaking her head as she ducks, moving to grab the ladder so that it doesn't take Holly over with it, fortunately, Liam beats her to that. "Maybe you shouldn't be climbing the ladder?" she questions. "If you'll all promise to stay here, I'll look," cause Liam can't with a broken limb, and Holly's too drunk to do anything that requires fine motor skills, and Trevor, well, he could, but Piper's too fond of him to risk him climbing the ladder.

Holly glares at the ladder, willing it to stay against the wall, not quick enough to keep it from falling. Luckily, someone is. Kind of sad that a guy in a pink cast is faster than her at the most. She laughs. "Oooops!" Except, he looks kind of mad, so she sobers her expression again, trying not to grin. "Okay. I can appreciate a man that's not's much of a pervert as Trevor," she declares, ignoring proper grammar for the moment. "Piper, I'm sorry, but Trevor was looking at my ass. But it's cool, we're just friends. He's too much of a prep for me." She steps away from the ladder, which requires brushing by Liam, since he's reaching around her. "We'll stay here. Why would we go out there? It's like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something. I'll just stay here. With the shots." She eyes the box top on the seat.

Trevor smirks as he watches Liam and Holly and shakes his head while glancing to Piper. "Alright, want me to hold the…" He pauses as dear Holly voices her two cents to what happened earlier and he eyes her a moment. "Do us a favor… Sit down and stop blabbing, I don't think you need any more to drink either." Maybe Liam can manage to take the shots away from her? Trev looks to Piper and shakes his head. "I /didn't/ do that…" He points out for his own defense…

Liam is…amused at…everything. At least for a split moment as she adjusts the ladder and moves to follow Holly toward the box again. Her comments toward Trevor earn a laugh, though he does send Piper a small shake of his head to back up the other boy. He also reaches to lift the box both out of Holly's reach and so that they might once again take a seat on the cooler. "Everybody calm down. Long as there's no half dressed blonds running dramatically through the forest we're all good. And even if there IS a half dressed blonds running dramatically through the forest we're in the cabin, so it's a win/win." That said, he does offer holly one of the shots before glancing toward the happy couple. "But, if Precious there could peek out, that'd be kinda awesome." unless of course something out there is prowling toward the cabin. In which case…please let him be oblivious.

Piper quirks a brow at Holly. "He was, was he?" she questions, trying to hide a laugh and smile, before she moves towards Trevor, kisses his cheek, and then climbs up the ladder, to take a peek outside. Looking out confirms exactly what she thought was going on, crazy vampires trying to eat the humans. The teen climbs back down. "There's lots of costumes, can't see much, but it doesn't look like it's much of a party anymore," she gives, as she plants herself between the rest of the group and the door to the chaos.

A troubled expression crosses Holly's face. "Aren't you even worried 'bout her? Even if it's not your girlfriend, she entrusted you with lots of booze." Booze which she actually passes on with a tired sort of grin. "Aw, nah," she says, carefully arranging herself back onto the bench. "I'm actually kinda… tired. I dunno." She's crossed the point of happy-fuzzy-drunkenness and turned more towards sleepiness, especially as some of the shapes begin to merge together when she turns her head too fast. She does, however, stay attentive enough to be offended at Trevor's comment: "Hey! No need to be mean, I'm just talkin'…" With that, she falls silent, watching as Piper scales the ladder and reports back happily. "S'good," she adds lamely to the conversation, before kind of leaning onto Liam and closing her eyes. Even if he's not there, she's content to lean against the wall, fading into the background of the party. That's what she gets for slamming too many strangely neon shots after beers. Looks like someone will be hauling her ass home.

Trevor blinks at the kiss and hehs softly while watching Piper quietly a few moments. He half listens to Liam and Holly though his full attention is on Piper as she checks out what is going on. "Well… I suppose not." No telling what happened to make it get this crazy after all. "Ya ya… I know Holly." Is offered while he shifts closer to Piper while trying to listen for anything else going on outside. A glance is offered towards Holly as she finally gets quiet. "Hope she didn't drink so much it'll make her sick or something…" See, he isn't /that/ mean!

Liam chuckles toward the couple, though as Holly goes limp next to him he reaches to re-situate her. Better he do so now than let her fall into the floor. Still, it's comfortable enough that he leans back against the wall, his cell phone pulled free before the texting begins. First to make sure Carly is still safe. And second to make sure he hasn't been left. The other two will be left to their own devices.

Piper sits on the floor, leaning up against the wall, keeping an eye on both Liam and Holly. "I think she had one too many," she gives as she hears sirens blaring outside. "I have a feeling things are dying down out there," she gives, loud enough for the others that are coherent to hear.

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