Malice, Innocence, and Righteousness (Part 1)

IC Time: Dusk on November 10, 2007
Location: Port Angeles Pier
Synopsis: Two wolves come to defend Miyuki against the nefarious Alexander, leading to a fight and eventually a hostage situation.
Submitted by: Alexander

Miyuki is standing at the pier, leaning on her crutch while she watches the water in the distance. The ripples of the remnants of light for the day dancing against the water as night threatens to reign. Her long hair dances in the soft breeze, giving her some strange Anime broken angel type of look. Her right wrist where Alex completely pulverized the bone has been reconstructed, but the bruises and darkness of surgery still colors her skin sickly, the stitches showing where the work was done. Her left leg is casted in a booted cast all the way up to her thigh to keep everything in place while the bone heals.

From his activity in the sun, Alexander is dressed in his daytime outfit; hooded jacket and gloves. He despises the more modern clothes, and even moreso the idea that vampires have to hide from the sun in the first place. Whether Alexander knew Miyuki was here or it just happens to be a coincidence, the vampire stands a fair distance away from the girl at the beginning of the pier. Lost in thought at the moment, he only watches her, finger tapping anxiously on an elbow of crossed arms. He would look quite suspicious and creepy to any bystanders…

Miyuki remains still for quite a while, enjoying the open air and sense of peace for a change. Though feeling eyes on her, she glances over her shoulder in reflex, only to spot Alexander. All color drains from her face and she looks back to the waters. More weight is put on her crutch as her good hand goes to try and find her cellphone in her hip pocket. Once she has it in hand, she tries to send a text; though Alex would have plenty of time to stop it if he wishes.

As he's noticed, Alexander narrows his eyes on Miyuki and drops his arms, beginning a slow pace toward the girl. He doesn't bother stopping her from using her phone. He can't hear the tone of keys being pressed, so he assumes she texting. As far as he knows, one can't text the police. Though, the vampire's not entirely certain whether or not any of that's true. He's not very up to date with today's technology. Still, Alex doesn't stop her, approaching the human girl without much hurry. Even so, it doesn't take long for him to get to her. His pale expression as blank as ever, he doesn't speak a word. Instead, he seems to study the girl silently.

Miyuki pockets the cellphone once it is sent, shivering a little from the growing fear as he gets closer. "What do you want? Haven't you hurt me enough you damn fiend??" Miyuki turns to face him, leaning her back against the railing for support. "What do you want from me, Alexander?" She demands, even if her voice is quivering in fear.

"Hello… Miki, you asked me to call you?" Alexander responds with a calm elegance to his tone. "If I had hurt you enough, you would have been dead. And no, I'm not here to finish the job, so calm yourself. I'd be disappointed if you died of a heart attack instead." He pauses, and slowly steps toward the railing, placing both his hands on it and again tapping his finger with a sense of unease. "Who did you just message?"

"You've wreaked havoc on my life, and for what reason? Why? I want to know -why- you've left me so broken and not able to live the life that I loved. And you almost killed my friend! Did you enjoy it? Get off on it? Are you sorry now? What kind of vampire are you?" Miyuki demands, though she slumps her back against the railing, tears threatening to spill as she glares at him. Yes, she knows what he is. "The reaper of souls. What does it matter?" She spits in return

The human girl's brash response strips away some of Alexander's calmness. He turns his head in her direction. There's a twitch of his eye as his gaze lands on her. "I didn't expect you to find that bit out so quickly. No doubt the work of our nuisance counterparts. I suppose it makes no difference." He turns away and furrows his brows. "The life you loved, hmm? Your friend's still alive, what have you lost?"

"It doesn't matter how I know." Miyuki huffs in response. Her eyes are tearing up in either a swell of emotion or the fear of Alexander being near to her. Either way, she is leaning back against the railing, slumped against it with her crutch as support, Alex nearby facing the railing. "What have I lost? I can't walk normally, I can't work normally. I can't even write, barely! The life I love is to work on cars and I can't even do that. You've taken away from me some of the most important things in my life. And for what? Your own sick satisfaction? You still haven't answered me as to why you did this to me!"

The sound of a car engine races towards the pier, one Miyuki would recognize as Kado's, having worked in the car herself. The car expertly drifts around a corner and pulls to the end of the pier and stops suddenly, the small screeching of the tires. The car engine dies and Kado climbs out of the car, closing the door and starts to sprint towards the end of the pier towards the two.

The driver of the car isn't the only one that is making there way towards the pier. Abbey coming from another direction is moving towards it quickly, she catches sight of Kado and is quick to follow after him towards where the others are. Catching sight of Miyuki and Alexander she glances around a few times to check the area for any other vampires that might be around, an so far it seems to just be the one.

Alexander seems to become slightly more irritated as the human talks. As Miyuki finishes, the irritation becomes a brief hint of rage that he turns to show her. "I've taken away nothing that matters!" A brief pause, and he is slightly calmer, but still angry. "Though I should have." He moves his face closer, "You can still enjoy the taste of an apple as you bite into it, the hint of sunlight in the park with your friends. When they bleed, you can feel sympathy instead of an uncontrollable hunger for their very lives. You don't know what loss is. All you humans take everything you have for granted, asking for more and more. And you will take more, until nothing's left." The smell of tainted blood hits Alexander's nostrils, and he immediately swivels his head in the wolves' direction, straightening himself and stepping to face them.

"If you so unhappy then destroy yourself and stop taking our your own depressive raged pain on people who have nothing to do with what you are!" Miyuki bites right back at Alexander. The attack he did on her has made her rather bitter; and its showing. "We have one life to live and we enjoy and live to the fullest what we have. You have no right to toy with the lives of humans! You are no god! You are nothing but a sad leech of a vampire that prays on humans for no other reason but to find some sick self satisfaction for what you were denied." She hisses back at him. Though in her yelling and glaring at Alex, she barely notices the sounds of the vehicles coming up.

Kado picks up more speed as the scent of the vampire reaches his nose. He lets out a feral growl as he moves towards the two. "Back the fuck away from her." He says to Alex as soon as he is close enough, stoping a few feet from the pair. His eyes lock on Alex as he speaks to Miyuki in Japanese. "Are you alright? I need you to go back to the car and drive it back home."

Abbey isn't sure who she was expecting to see, this was the one she ran into at the park when he was talking to Miyuki, the scent is clear without a problem there. She slows to a stop on the other side of Miyuki, pale gaze narrowing as she watches Alexander. "My my.. Out on your own again are you?" She questions with a faint tone while Kado speaks with Miyuki. "I suggest you stay away from this one." Meaning Miyuki it seems.

Though his concentration is on the wolves, it's quite hard for Alexander to ignore Miyuki. The words of the human hit one of the vampire's nerves very hard. A deep fury sweeps across him on her last sentence and he swings his gaze toward the girl. Then, without speaking and in the middle of the wolves' words, he akwardly lunges at her as he growls in rage, moving to clutch her throat with his hand.

"Like I can drive." Miyuki tilts to Kado, her voice annoyed, but really its just left over from Alexander's effect on her. Though as he turns attention back on her, she starts to lean away to try and 'hobble run', but before she can even move her heavy booted foot she gasps for air as he takes possession of her throat.

Kado moves as quickly as he can as Alex moves to Miyuki, letting out a growl as he moves towards the leech. He tries to remove the man from the girl before he can harm her.

Abbey's eyes widen as she sees the suden movement of Alex towards Miyuki. A faint growl escapes her as well and she is quick to move forward. She is about to try and grab hold of one of his arms but suddenly gets another idea. With one hand balling into a tight fist she swings as hard as she can towards Alexander's face. Oh sure she can't do much damage to him like this but she is going for surprize more then anything, hoping the sudden movement will make Alex losen his hold just enough. Though she already knows her hand is going to really hurt after this sudden move, she'll deal with it later if she actually hits the vampire.

In his blind rage, Alexander had forgotten about the presence of the wolves. As Kado tries to force away his grip on Miyuki, he uses his free hand to strike at the unshifted wolf and knock him away. This does, however, preoccupy him enough to let Abbey's swing catch him. It doesn't do a whole lot, though, and his head moves only slightly as the fist hits his cheek. Releasing his grip on Miyuki, he eyes Abbey for a moment. Instead of retaliating, he only smiles. A broken, deranged chuckle escapes him. "Do you honestly think you're going to do much like that? Good, if your secrecy is more important than your lives, then I shall eliminate two wolves as a bonus tonight." The sun has set by now, and there's no one on the pier. Alexander hardly cares about his own secrecy at this point.

Miyuki falls to her knee, her casted leg stretch out to the side as she gasps, trying to catch her breath. "They will rip you apart before you can even blink." She snarls, her voice hoarse since he has claimed her neck for a second time.

Kado gets thrown by the vampire, sliding to a stop near the railing on the other side of the pier. He pulls himself up and growls at the vampire before he looks to Miyuki. "Get out of here." He tells her in Japanese, reverting to his native tongue. "Now!"

Abbey smirks as she hears Alexander, she shifts forward moving in front of the vampire and Miyuki. "Oh.. Right.. What makes you think I can't deal with you like this?" She questions with a thin tone, attemping to keep herself calm, which is working for the moment. Hearing Miyuki she blinks and peers back towards her slightly and then towards Kado, whom she smirks at before turning her full attention back towards Alexander. "You can try all you want but your fail like the rest of your kind." She's been in plenty of fights with vampires and knows to do any real damange she'll have to turn into a wolf, but with Miyuki there she isn't that eager to go shifting.

Seeing Abbey's determination, Alexander's smile fades. The vampire briefly glances to Kado as he tells the injured human to run, then sighs and turns to the wolf blocking him from her. "You're right. Our kind has failed so far. We could be so much more. I will be the one to take hold of this untapped potential." He steps closer. "And unfortunately, no, you can't 'deal' with me like that." With the speed, precision, and strength of a vampire, he rushes forward to strike Abbey hard with his fist.

With Alexander's attention focused elsewhere, Miyuki starts to try and get away. Its not easy getting back onto her crutch off the ground with one good hand, but she manages, panting against the railing some before she starts to hobble as quickly as she can manage, heading towards the car.

Kado starts to move towards Abbey and Alex as Alex starts to lunge for her. He lets out another growl as he attempts to tackle the vampire before he can get to Abbey.

Abbey lifts her head while her pale gaze rests on Alexander, listening to his comments about how his race has failed. A thick growl escapes her, well one way to get her to shift would be for her to be to mad and unable to control herself any longer. Vampires are fast, and in human form Abs can't do a lot to block or escape the attacks, other than take them and offer her own back. One thing about this wolf is she can take quite a beating and still strike back. Alex does hit her, right in the shoulder as she pivots forward as the other comes towards her. She moves towards Alex sending another hard punch towards him, this time his gut. Right after the punch is when something changes though, with Miyuki leaving she gives up holding back and the sudden ripping of both clothing and flesh can be picked up as she shifts into her wolf form. This takes seconds to do which leaves her open for any other attacks.

His fist connecting, Alexander is quite surprised to see Abbey bounce back so quickly. Now not so blinded by his rage and fully alert of where everyone is, the vampire notices Kado before he connects the tackle. Alex steps to the side, attempting to grab the unshifted wolf and throw him as hard as he can toward Abbey before she can retaliate with her own fist. In response to Abbey's transformation, Alex doesn't strike, instead he moves in a blur of speed toward the human as fast as he can before she reaches the car. "Your friends are fighting to help you and you flee? The least you could do is stay and thank them."

Miyuki is hobbling as fast as she can, though can't help look back to check on Kado and Abbey. More the former due to ties, but this makes her also see Abbey's shift. She pauses, blinking. She understood the whole werewolf/vampire thing, but hadn't -seen- it yet. Though before she can start to flee again, Alex is in front of her in an instant. She looks up at him, color draining from her face again with an 'o shi..' look on her face. "I'd rather given them a fighting chance than have to sacrifice themselves for me." She stammers out in response to the vampire. "What is your problem, anyway? What the hell do you want from me?" Though, she also tries to hobble in a direction away from him so if the wolves try to tackle… she's won't be between Alex and them. Hopefully.

Kado gets thrown by Alex once more, landing with a thud. He growls again as he moves to his hands and knees, shifting into his wolf form as Abbey does her. He lets out a growl once the change is completed before he moves towards the vampire and Miyuki once more.
Kado shifts into his wolf form.
Kado's form starts to take on a new shape. His hair seems to spread over his body as the sounds of his muscles and bones changing shape can be heard in a symphony of cracks and pops. His features start to meld into that of a large timber wolf. As the transformation completes, a large timber wolf stands before you.

A grunt escapes the red wolf as she falls thanks to Kado getting slammed into her. Though the large wolf doesn't stay down long, scrambling up to her paws she is charging forward after Alexander. Now she and Kado have the upper paw so to speak as there faster then the dear vampire. Abbey lunges forward a faint snarl escaping her as her jaws snap towards Alex's leg going to grab hold and bite down as hard as she can if given the choice. As for Miyuki, hopfully she won't freak out over the fact that she's a wolf as well.

Alexander focuses his attention on the human's words. He focuses a little to much. As she begins to hobble away, Alex realizes what she's hobbling from. Not having fought wolves for so many years has perhaps made him a little rusty, but he begins to remember pretty quick. He notices Abbey too late, and she does catch his leg with her mouth, causing him to fall backwards. The vampire doesn't give her the advantage of a good hold, though. Catching his fall backward with his hands, he brings back his his leg and attempts to kick her off as hard as he can in the snout, very quickly getting back to his feet.

Miyuki is safely out of the way, but when Alex kicks at Abbey, she almost tries to intervene. She leans as if she is going to do something, but instead, hobbles further trying to reach the vehicle. Kado told her to leave. She probably should.

Black Wolf follows up on Abbey's attack, going for the upper body as Abbey goes for the leg. He tries to latch on to any where of the Vampire that he can, growling as he does so. He doesn't pay any attention to Miyuki any more now that she is out of the way and the attack is on.

A sharp yelp escapes the red wolf as the kick connects with her nose and pushes her backwards a few feet. Blood runs freely from her nose and muzzle and she gives her head a hard shake at the stinging feeling within it. With Kado attacking, Abbey leaps forward to back the other wolf now, she snaps out towards the vampire's other leg trying to grab on as before.

Having fought more than a wolf or two back in the day, Alexander knows their capabilities. If he lets either get a good enough hold on him, he'll spend forever kicking them off one by one as they try to gang up on him. As Kado lunges at Alex and catches his shoulder, the vampire does his best to prevent himself from falling and turns just slightly enough so that Kado is between him and Abbey, having to make her maneuver around him. This will give him enough time to try and punch Kado off, then aim for a kick at Abbey. If it succeeds, he uses what little recovery time they take to speed his way toward the hobbling human.

Miyuki makes it to the car though as She gets to the door and tries to open it, Alexander is upon her. She screams, turning to put her back against the car, shifting her crutch to be between her and Alex. Yeah… as if it would really do anything. "Get away from me!" She squeals.

Black Wolf bites down as hard as he can, shaking his head to try to rip some of the flesh from the vampire. He takes a few punches before falling from Alex's shoulder, shaking his head to clear the daze he's in before he starts for him again as he makes it back to Miyuki.

Abbey does find it harder to get to Alex with Kado in the way, and the moment she gets close she is kicked across the head again. A pained grunt escapes her and she stumbles backwards at the feeling before a hacking cough escapes her. If she ever gets a hold of Alex she'll be ripping his legs off that's for sure. Hearing the squeal from Miyuki makes her blink and she is quick to move towards the car where she and the vampire is. A deep snarl escapes her as she lifts her head to eye Alex.

"I would advise you both think hard about your next move," Alexander says as he ignores Miyuki's pleas and turns around, moving to wrap his arm tight around her neck. "You both know I'm not above hurting such a… fragile little thing." The last part is spoken with an extra soft tone as he tries to grab her chin forcefully with his free hand and shake her head slightly back and forth.

When she is snagged so forcefully, her crutch drops from her grasp in favor of trying to fight against his arm with her good hand. Not that it gets anywhere. "Let me go, Alexander no Baka!" Miyuki spits, writhing in his grasp trying to get free. She squeals as her head is shaken, trying not to fight back too much in that moment, afraid that her neck will snap.

Black Wolf stops a few feet from Alexander, the fur in the back of his neck standing up as he growls with his head lowered and teeth fully exposed. He slowly takes a few steps towards the two, a few strands of drool dripping from his maw.

The red wolf haults as she watches Alex hold onto the girl, her ears flick forward before lowering back to her head. Bloody fangs are bare as she snaps at the air but doesn't move forward. She is rather aware of what Alexander could do, and she would rather not push him it seems.

"Now, now." Alexander tries to get a better grip on the squirming human. "Insults will get you nowhere." He smiles as the wolves pause their attack. "Ah, good doggies." He looks to his hostage. "Apparently, your friends are foolish enough to let you live." Moving his attention back to the wolves, the vampire shows no sign of distress or conceit. His expression is dull and blank, with a tone to match as he states, "I don't doubt I could overcome the both of you in combat, but I'm not so overconfident as to take unnecessary risks. Also, I think I'll be taking the girl… For insurance, of course."

There is a string of Japanese cuss words from Miyuki as she tries to fight against him, trying to get free. Though when he mentions taking HER, she screams, "Let me go! Kado-ai!" And she only fights more frantic. (Not that it will do much with an 80lb Human vs. a Vampire.)

Black Wolf continues to growl as he watches the vampire before him. He snaps at the air as he threatens to take Miki with him. He lets out a final growl as he watches the man, not wanting to risk Miyuki's life, but not wanting to let him take her.

Abbey seems rather unsure what to do, especially with the fact that the vampire is talking about taking her with him. A growl escapes her while she takes a few steps forward, tail lashing madly. She might not openly attack him at the moment but she'll be able to follow after him without a problem that's for certain.

"Or even better yet," Alexander looks to his captive with a smile and a twitch of his eye, "You could make an excellent addition to my coven. Your wounds would heal and all you would need is a little training." The smile fades and is replaced by an angry scowl. "How about that? Would you truly like to know what it is to lose the life you loved?"

Miyuki screams again when he threatens to make her a vampire. "I would rather die than join your kind." She spits. Did she really just say that? She struggles against him more, crying at the pain of using her bad hand against him, but still tries to fight even so. "Let me go! Are you really that bored you have to pick on me all the time?"

Black Wolf growls even more at the threat from Alex, finally not able to hold back, he charges for the vampire, leaping to bite at his neck. Doing whatever he can to help Mikyuki and prevent her from becoming one of…. them.

Abbey snarls out as she hears Alex talk about turning Miyuki. She steps forward a moment surprized at the other wolves movements before she darts forward jumping up enough to snap at Alex's arm that is holding onto the girl..

"No, I simply find your innocence rather irritating," Alexander replies to Miyuki before both the wolves lunge at him. He grits his teeth, and raises his free hand to barely grab Kado's maw less than an inch from his neck. Abbey, on the other hand is prepared for, as she comes a second or two after Kado. He brings his leg around to kick Abbey in the side before she can reach him, while simultaneously trying to toss Kado's maw in another direction, giving him the sliver of time needed to speed off a split second away from the wolves. He manages to keep his grip on Miyuki. As soon as he gets away he raises a hand to wrap around the other side of her head, getting ready to snap her neck, though he doesn't do so just yet. "Worthless," If this last attempt to reason with the wolves fails, he's not going to bother with her any longer. Alexander has absolutely no reason to keep her alive if he's going to be taking even more risks holding the girl.

As both wolves come after Alex, Miyuki can't help but yelp in surprise and try to press herself back against the car; though her head doesn't budge. She cries in pain as she is jostled during the attack, but as she is pulled away, still in Alex's grasp, she goes very still. It seems her words aren't getting anywhere, and her eyes don't leave the two wolves, searching for injury. Its some meager way to keep herself calm even though she's shaking like a leaf in fear.

Black Wolf's attack is deflected and gets sent away from the vampire he was attacking. He tries to scramble quickly to his feet. He growls as he looks up at the vampire and Miyuki once more.

Abbey once again finds herself kicked to the ground, this time with a slight crunch from the force of the hit, something broken for sure. She is not at all pleased by the turn of events, if he didn't have hold of the girl it would make things alot easier. The red wolf is slow to pull herself back up onto her paws, but she stands there merely watching the vampire. her head lowered, ears back while a thick throaty growl escapes her. If he hurt Miyuki again she'll kill him it's just that simple. This isn't over that's for sure.

Alexander keeps one hand near Miyuki's neck now, being a little more careful. "Perhaps I underestimated your attachment to the girl. I assure you that she is useless to me if I'm attacked again. I would rather fight you without this human to worry about, and as I said, I am confident I could defeat you," His expression and tone are a bit more irritated than before. "If either of you follow me, I'm sure you know the consequences. Farewell. You can be sure to hear from me soon." With that, Alexander moves to lift the hostage over his shoulder and flies off with his prize, well away from any lights.

The crutch that Miyuki still had clatters to the ground as she is tossed like a rag doll over Alexander's shoulder. She screams and tries to beat on his back with her hands. "Kado-ai!" She screams, but her cries for help soon fade into the distance as she's carted off.

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