Kyler Rediscovers His Archnemesis

IC Time: About 10pm the night of November 11, 2009
Location: Forest: Thorny Underbrush, eventually moved to Cullen Residence: Back Yard
Synopsis: Kyler torments another wolf, who just happens to deserve it this time, Carlisle intervenes and gets bitten, Kyler wigs out and gives Edward a migraine.
Submitted by: Kyler

The following is a Kyler-Eye view of the scene. Therefore, you'll get any thoughts sent to Edward from Kyler, but nothing that may have been paged that I am unaware of. Edward is free to edit this log and delete this message if he likes. :)

Forest: Thorny Underbrush Forecast: Autumn. Fair. 73.3F/22C

This area appears untouched by humans - it is off the trail and difficult to get to. There is no clear path of land here; the ground is covered in twisted tree roots, crunchy pine cones, and ferns growing to prehistoric dimensions. Shrubs with pointy thorns threaten anyone passing. It seems only someone with a tough physique might be able to get to this place.

There is a particularly knotted maple tree here, with long, thick branches that look good for climbing. It also has a deep hole in its trunk where someone must have cut off one of its limbs. Many birds and small animals can be seen in this area, but only to those who have the patience to sit and watch for them.

A chilly wind blows from the west, driving dark clouds before it and blotting out the stars in patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark. This is the desc of the waxing gibbous moon.

Kyler Tambrey Tayren

Tayren had made sure Tambrey had packed extra set of clothes for him, wearing a white shirt and blue pants, moving about the woods as if he had been through here before, seeming much more intune with his environment here then in the city. He would stop to turn back to see if she still followed. The clouds moved over head and while it looked like it would rain, it doesnt, the wind blowing leaves as the two moves.
From afar, Tayren probably wont recognize you at first, due to you having the cullen's scents.

Tambrey glances around as they walk, carrying his change of clothing. She's still a little embarrassed that she laughed over the room deodorizer spray incident - not telling him was mostly an oversight on her part, really - but the fact of the matter was that she had to let him stay hidden in her room overnight so that her mother wouldn't realize she had him there. That said, she has agreed to somthing dangerous for the first time in her life, and has no idea if she's crazy or just…. Well, she isn't even sure what else she COULD be. All the same, she's walking behind him into the woods, anxiety quite growing within her.

Tayren is not the only one who's an old hand at moving through the forest. As dark clouds scud across the sky, the winds whip the trees into a frenzy, making it that much easier for Forks' resident Creepy Tree-Dweller to hide from the invaders on his territory. As is his habit, Kyler slinks silently in their wake, remaining downwind to avoid being scented, while spying on their conversation. It's hard to say what his plan it, but he's definitely being sneaky about it. There's an even chance that Tayren might sense a presence, though, since he /has/ been doing this just a bit longer than Ky…

Tayren's sense of smell is weaker so Kyler's scent isnt smelled. He looks around the area, not really seeing anything amiss with the environment and stops. He then turns to Tambrey. "What I am about to tell you is what was told to me. At first I didnt believe it, it was so ridiculous, but everything I tell you is true. I look human but I am not human, not no more. There are many names for our kind. We are children of the moon. Most commonly, we are called Werewolves." He explains, sighing as he waits to see how she would react.

Tambrey halts as he does, looking around at the same time. She's got even less chance of finding Kyler than Tayren does, given she's just a human. As he reveals his information, she frowns at him. "Werewolf?" she asks distantly, as if in thought. "Like the kind you see on TV and in movies? I'm not, like, going to have to bar my doors and windows or hide in a basement from you during the full moon, am I?"

Kyler gives a near-silent snarl as Tayren reveals himself to the young woman. It takes another minute or so for him to sneak closer, creeping silently high above in the windblown treetops. There are still just enough dead and dying leaves clinging to the trees to keep him hidden… Until a spark flares overhead, lighting up his face with eerie flickering light just as Tambrey starts to worry about having to lock her doors. A split second later, the light is launched toward the pair, and it reveals it's true nature by exploding loudly just above their heads, to the accompaniment of a shriek of laughter from above. Kyler and his damn firecrackers…

"TV? Movies?" Tayren asks and he just shakes his head, dismissing it as some of the new human things he needs to learn, like to not eat soap, despite how good it smells. "On a full moon, I will shift forcibly, but I am still in control of myself. I would sooner harm myself then you." He says then the explosion and he growls, moving to shield the woman from the firecrackers. It was obvious they werent alone now. "Come out, Or I will make you come out!" He yells as he looks around, trying to find the prankster.
Tambrey is about to say something more after Tayren's response, but a sudden light and explosion from overhead has her yelping and ducking down as if to run. Tayren's protection is noted, but only because by then she's stumbled and fallen to the ground. "What's going on?" she calls towards the werewolf, dark eyes wide.

The wind continues to whistle through the branches, causing the creepy laughter to bounce and echo strangely as Kyler scuttles through the tree branches, a leaping shadow among many other leaping shadows. A few moments later, from an entirely different place, another firecracker flares and is launched, only briefly lighting up a manicly grinning face that actually sparkles in the flare of light. "Get out of my forest, dogbreath!" he shouts, having a bit too much fun for his own good, as he follows it up with another laugh. "You're not welcome here! Take your bunny and go or I'll EAT her!" he threatens, gaily.

"I dont know." Tayren says and when the face and boy reveals himself, he growls as he glares at him. "Over my dead body will I let another one of your kind touch her." He growls out. He then turns to Tambrey. "Find a place to put your back against, a tree or something. Do not move from it, or he will get behind you. And dont be afraid." He says as he walks forward and growls as he goes to run but as he takes his step, he does something odd. It only lasts about maybe one or two seconds but if people dont blink, they would notice the man becomes a giant wolf, clothes ripping off of him and he stands on all fours, fur bright gold as he snarls at the boy and tries to leap after him.

Tayren shifts into his wolf form.

Tambrey is afraid, but the fireworks suddenly lose a little meaning for her at the other's words. Fearful or not, she yells back at the cackling madman, "I am NOT his BUNNY! The hell??" Of course, that's when she's told to put her back against a tree, and she rises to backpedal and do just that. Especially as Tayren sort of vanishes, and a huge wolf stands right there amidst the shreds of clothing. "Holy SHIT!" she manages, pressing back against the bark as tightly as possible. Which is followed by the slightly shrill babble of "DUDE!" Cue the slack-jawed, wide-eyed OMGWTFness!

This isn't Kyler's first dog fight, it would seem, in spite of his immature demeanor. "BunnyBunnyBunny!" he mocks, doing a little jig overhead, as though he hadn't already baiting the werewolf enough. When Tayren finally shifts, Kyler gives an excited whoop, and doesn't even wait for Tayren to leap at him. Werewolves have the advantage where speed is concerned, so he takes advantage of the speed he does have to launch himself fist-first at the werewolf, a blur of motion that attempts to barrel into Tayren's snout with the full force of his weight and speed behind his fist.

The Golden wolf leaps up after the boy, mouth opening when he see's the first come as if to try and catch the boy's fist in his mouth, opening his mouth wide and intending to close it when he felt the boys fist, powerful jaws closing as he tries to bite the hand that tries to punch him.

That guy… just came out of the TREE. THE TREE. And Tambrey couldn't even see him do it until the blur manifested more or less there in front of her with a vague shape. She can't even figure out what exactly it is she's supposed to do or say, though a little scree escapes her. It's followed by a most likely unheeded scream of, "We'll GO already! Tayren! Let's go!" Anything but fight, because… seriously, this is just surreal. She feels very like she did when she discovered Valerie's secret identity - only now, Tambrey's pretty sure that she wasn't dreaming then, because she's damn sure not dreaming NOW.

Kyler laughs manically as he just barely dodges being chomped, actually nicking the werewolves teeth. He doesn't even seem to notice he's been nicked, however, as he comes around with his other fist for a second punch, this time aimed at the werewolf's golden side. And whether or not the wolf dodges, Kyler will continue to laugh maniacly as he turns a backflip /over/ the werewolf. Vampiric jumping bean! "Heeeeere puppy puppy puppy!" he crows, as he once more takes off in a flash for the trees.

The golden wolf gets punched into the side and slams to the ground which he gets up and snarls and begins to run after the vampire but when Tambrey screams, he turns his head to her, blue green eyes watching her. He looks between her then the direction the vampire leaped out to and just snarls and moves to her, waiting for her to hold on to him.

Tambrey half covers her face as Tayren goes down from the punch, but looks up again afterwards. The… whatever it is - another werewolf maybe? but why hasn't he changed? - starts to flee for the trees in an attempt to lure Tayren off, but instead the wolf moves to her side again. Gulping air and breathing in a pant without knowing exactly why or when she started, she doesn't move towards him. "Don't fight, please," she begs loud enough for the two to hear her. "I'll leave, I swear! If it's a problem, I'll go and you won't have to worry about it anymore!" She has no clue why the two are fighting outside of Kyler mentioning her presence, threatening her, and Tayren only sticking around to fight it out because she's HERE and not gone.

While Tayren is busy with the girl, Kyler gets lost among the branches, disappearing once again into the shadows thrown by wind-blown branches. Even the slight hum of a vampire approaching at full speed is slightly warped and distorted by the high winds, until suddenly Kyler is there, zipping up behind the wolf to try and grab the girl before she can make up her mind to climb on Tayren's back. Damsel in distress anyone?

The golden wolf smelled the change in the winds when the vampire was coming back and he snaps at the vampire when he shows back up, moving to try and push the girl onto his back, trying to get her and run if he can.

Tambrey is grabbing for Tayren when she feels cold, metal-like arms banding around her, and the ground rapidly descends. Her stomach does a bit of a drop at the speed and angle, like taking off from a runway in a plane, and she screeches and latches onto the thing holding her out of instinct. The fact she's held by a vampire hasn't occurred to her, nor has it quite sunken in that it's the fast creature that Tayren was fighting against. No, at the moment her mind says, "FAR UP IN THE AIR OMG DO NOT DROP MEEEEE!" That's where her eyes are, wide and terrified as they latch onto Tayren. It just all comes out as a high-pitched shriek fit for a soprano.

Carlisle has arrived.

There is a golden-furred werewolf invading the forest that Kyler has come to call "his", whether or not the rest of the world may agree with him. So it may come as no surprise to Carlisle that an altercation has resulted… As the storm blows up overhead, the wind whines in the trees, and Kyler shrieks with delight as he takes off at top speed carrying Tambrey, who is also shrieking, but not with delight. The werewolf is still on the ground as Kyler scrambles into the trees like a fast-forward squirrel on crack, but Kyler pauses just a moment to throw Tambrey over his shoulder like a grain sack, and then flip his nose at the wolf on the ground. "Neener neener neener! Gotcher bunny!" he calls, before he giggles hysterically and darts off at top speed. Poor Tambrey.

The golden wolf snarls and growls loudly as he leaps along trees. He was faster then this vampire and before long, he managed to overtake the vampire by leaping to another tree, moving along the branches as if he had done this before and leaps from the tree in the vampire's path, snarling as he moves with the vampire, trying to keep him from going farther away, the way his hackles were raised and he snarled and growled that if the vampire didnt hold the girl, he would try to tear Kyler's throat out.
From afar, Golden wolf didnt try to tear kyler's throat out, by the way, just saying the way he looked, he would love to.

Tambrey cannot do anything while slung over Kyler's shoulder - nothing except yell in terrified anger, "I AM SO NOT HIS BUNNY!" This is accompanied with the drumming of her fists against Kyler's back to try and get him to put her back DOWN on the ground. Preferably without splitting open her head, if at all possible. "Oh God, I'm being kidnapped by a crazy escapee from a freakshow's acrobatic group," she says loudly to herself. Hopelessly at that. "I'm so going to be dropped and DIE out here," she whimpers. "Unless my boobs break my fall, or maybe my /ass/, and then… then…I can just… OW THAT WAS A BRANCH YOU MANIAC!" Cue the red welt on her cheek, and more fruitless pummelling of Kyler, complete with flailing, kicking legs. Maybe her words are lost to the wind, but she's still going to yell them.

Kyler cackles maniacly, paying very little attention to Tambrey's flailing and screaming. In fact, all his attention is for the golden werewolf keeping pace with him. Without any warning, he grabs a tree halfway through a super-speed leap, and the tree creaks, groans, and sways with the effort of stopping his momentum. But stop him it does, leaving Kyler standing with Tambrey, grinning cheerfully. "Hey dogbreath!" he shouts, "/Catch/!" And with that, assuming the werewolf came to a stop somewhere nearby, he'll toss Tambrey, leaving the werewolf the choice of either catching the falling bunny, or catching Kyler. Evil child.

Out in the forest is Carlisle, a hunt is what he needs to get his mind off a few other matters. A few scents though draw his curiosity causing him to come to an abrupt halt. One is a sickening smell that is known to belong to the wolves, while the other is definitely one of a human. A third one though has become known to him rather well. The voice betrays Kyler well and his eyes widen at the scene, "NO!!!" he shouts and before he can think about it he is off in a blur to catch the human. This leaves him open in case this werewolf decides to make him a target.

Tayren snarls when the boy stops and when he throws Tambrey he leaps without thinking twice, moving to try and catch the girl by leaping under where she will fall. It will also lead him along the path to the second vampire which he snaps at, seeming willing to bite this one if he couldnt bite the child.

"DON'T THROW MEEEEEEEE!" Seriously. Tambrey's voice, at that point, could almost literally shatter glass due to its high pitch. She's a natural mezzosoprano when she tries to hold a tune - or screaming at the top of her lungs. It's the new sport of vampires: The Bunny Toss. Kyler's a bit like a boy with his dog, playing fetch. With a living ball or stick. A stick that just sort of curls up into a ball as several branches whip at her - until she's caught. She doesn't know where Tayren has gone in all this, unable to have spotted him before she was hurled in his direction. But she IS caught, at least, and just stays still, mind threatening to black her out at all of this while adrenaline refuses to allow it. "Alive, alive, alive," she pants into her own crossed arms.

Kyler is brought to a halt in his game by a suddenly familiar scent that the wind blows forcibly into his face. He looks around as Carlisle shouts, and for a moment he has an unsteady, kind of blank expression on his face. "…Dad-dad…?" He hesitates just long enough for Carlisle to leap in front of the werewolf, and for the werewolf to snap at him. And then he just….wigs out. Yes, it was a game before, but the dog had the gall to try to bite Kyler's family. Now he's pissed. With a sudden, wordless, infuriated warcry, he throws himself from the tree, using all the tarzan skills at his disposal to get himself in a blur of movement from his tree to the werewolf. Teeth bared and fists clenched, he's aiming for a smack down at the softest furry surface that presents itself, whatever that may be.

Carlisle arm is bitten by the wolf and with the instinct of pulling againt it. A gash is left in his arm that only werewolves are able to make. Since he doesn't bleed as a human the thought does occur to try and hide it the pain causing the pain to show upon his face. Though the actions from Kyler cause him to act immediately with a leap into the air to intercept the young vampire before he has the chance to hit the wolf. "No!" he says with gritted teeth hopefully temporarily pinning him with his good arm wrapped firmly around him.

Tayren lands, making sure to land so he doesnt throw the girl off of his back, making sure to get onto ground first before turning to growl at the two, snarling as he begins walking backwards slowly, so Tambrey can get a better grip, glaring at the two with blue green eyes.

Tambrey feels Tayren moving and latches on, feeling fur in the end and knowing it's him. She looks up and around wildly at the others, wondering numbly when the blonde man joined them, and tightens her grip on the wolf. Noting blood on that particular man's arm, she says with terrified misery, "I'm so sorry! I didn't do that? He… I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't want anyone to get hurt! I should never have come out with you, Tayren, this is all my fault!" She clings like a burr to the heavy pelt beneath her and buries her face into it, wanting to cry (and actually starting to), much to her dismay.

Kyler is caught around the waist before he can reach his goal, but it's too late. He's already snapped, and the snarling, kicking, thrashing creature Carlisle attempts to keep pinned bears very little resemblance to the cute, sensitive, just slightly strange creature he's become accustomed to dealing with. He doesn't even seem to realize it's Carlisle he's fighting, his eyes locked on Tayren as he screams with frustration and tries to get free. The only intelligible things that make it past his craziness are the words "Tom" and "Lemme GO!"

Carlisle hasn't had this much trouble since Jasper tried to go after Bella. The wolf right now isn't even on his mind. Pain surgining through his right arm, "STOP!" he shouts his dark golden eyes narrowing towards Kyler. Fighting wasn't something the doctor was ever prone to do, especially one he considers family. The pair do get recognition if just briefly, "You two just go. I will take of him." Keeping his arm locked around the vampire he also uses his legs to try and keep him down.

The golden wolf actually stops growling when the other vampire seems to be…helping them? He grabs the bag of clothes Tambrey had dropped and runs off at a speed where they will get away as fast as possible without losing his passenger.

Tambrey has left.

As the wolf disappears into the trees, moving firmly beyond his reach, Kyler gives a last scream, of impotent rage, sorrow…an anguished, cathartic cry that leaves him limp in Carlisle's arms, sobbing in spite of his dry eyes. His feverish red gaze searches the trees, and the only real attention he gives to Carlisle is the weakened attempts to break free. "Tom…Where are you? …TOM!" he ends with another, more pitiful cry.

Esme has arrived.

Carlisle is currently holding Kyler down to the ground with his left arm and legs. Once the wolf clears out along with the human, the doctors leaps up and backwards. The pain surges through his right arm and he holds it tightly against his stomach. Watching Kyler as he backs himself against the trunk of a tree, there are mixed emotions flowing through his dark golden eyes. Part of him is furious and another part is glad he was able to save the boy from being hurt or even killed. Looking down at the wound on his forearm, "Esme.." he says in a light voice though if she is nearby she might hear him if she isn't engaged within her own hunt.

Kyler leaps to his feet the moment he is released, his eyes wild and nervous as he stumbles backward to eventually lean against a tree. The anger has mostly drained away, leaving behind deeply etched lines of sorrow. "He's gone, he's gone, he's gone…" he moans, and a hand goes to his hair to tug at the frazzled locks. Eventually, he looks back at Carlisle, sharply. "I'll /kill/ him! I'll…I'll kill…" He doesn't seem poised to attack Carlisle, at least, though his body is still tense with restrained energy.

Esme was only steps behind Carlisle, having got distracted for the slightest of moments, but that would have been just a few moments too long, it would appear, as the sound of her husband calling her spurs her forward at a speed that is rarely seen by the vampire. "Carlisle?" she questions on seeing her husband. She takes little time in getting to his side, her eyes dark with hunger and anger that someone would hurt her husband. "Who, what did this?" she questions as she takes gentle hold of her husbands injured arm.

Tayren is back, and hidden this time. Thankfully he knew his way around a forest and using the forest to his advantage. He moves along the fallen leaves and shrubs silently, letting the plants mask and hide his scent as he watches. He is hoping since he had been here before already, his scent would be dismissed, that it is lingering instead of him actually being there.

Carlisle continues to watch Kyler and just shakes his head in protest. "No you will not." he says with a stern tone to it. It would be better that Esme doesn't find out /what reason/ caused this accident to happen. Glad to see that his wife answered the call he watches her, "I can explain later. Just need to get this bandaged up." The scent upon the wound should be clear enough that it is a werewolf bite.

Kyler flinches at the sound of Esme's voice, which seems to magically sap him of all confidence. Carlisle's stern order is the killing blow of his death-rage, and his knees give out, leaving him to sink to the ground, still tugging at his hair with an unfocused gaze focused now at the ground. "Tom…" he whimpers again, curling up at the base of the trunk as he wound under the Cullen's porch in other circumstances.

Esme let's her hands gently dance around the wound, just shy of the bite itself. "Kyler, what happened?" she questions of the younger vampire, crinkling her nose at the werewolf smell, both around them and particullarly apparent on the wound. "Better yet, why would a /wolf/ attack my husband?" she questions with a scowl replacing her usual smile. "Do you have a kit with you, Love, or do we need to head back to the house?" the woman enquires, lifting her eyes from the wound to her husband's eyes. "Kyler, I'm sure whatever happened is not your fault, and I'd love it if you could tell me what happened," she requests in as gentle a tone as she can, though her eyes do not leave her husband, let's hope she doesn't catch wind of where the werewolf is.

Tayren remains still, having a clear view of them and he watches and listens, far enough away that the limits of his hearing can hear them still unless they whispered. He remains perfectly still, his own breathing slowed to near stop, watching them intently and silently, being certain to breathe out his nose, so his breath would go away from them.

Carlisle takes note of an odd scent in the air. It wasn't exactly the sick sweet smell of a wolf nor one of their own kind. It was more like something Esme would rather clean house with. Knowing that this would be very bad if Kyler told his wife what happened, "We need to head back towards the house. I'll just have to hunt.. Later." His eyes have grown coal black since being wounded. "Let's just go home." he says his voice sounding tired as if he could actually be tired other than just weakened.

Kyler brings his other hand to his head, in an unsuccessful attempt to hide from Esme. If he knew Tayren was there, no doubt he'd be less crumpled and more rage-filled, but he's too lost in whatever other world he's fallen into to notice any scent that might linger longer than he should have, given the high winds. It isn't until Esme speaks so gently that he looks up with tormented eyes and says, in a quiet whimper, "Tom's dead…It's all my fault…" Luckily Carlisle doesn't have much to worry about when it comes to Kyler actually telling anything useful about what happened. He's not coherent enough to manage a proper narrative.

Esme nods at her husbands words, never taking her eyes off him, nor does she take her hands away from his arm. "Come on, Kyler, it's time to go home," she states. "You'll tell me when we get you bandaged up, Carlisle, I want to know what and who happened," she notes, though her words are sweet, and gentle, those who know her, such as her husband, would know that there's a lurking danger hidden under her words and behind her eyes.

Tayren remains silent, Now learning their names and he commits them to memory, remaining silent and still until they leave, which he will try and follow from a good distance. Normally he runs and leaves vampires to their business when they outnumber him but Carlisle surprised him, and now he intends to find out more about this monster which saved him for no reason.

Carlisle eill someday hope to cross paths with this wolf again. Saving the werewolf wasn't really the goal in mind, though anyone that knows his background knows that fighting is not his way of handling things. Plus - He was not overly sure if this wolf was a stray or a shifter protected by the treaty either. "Fine." he mumbles out knowing his wife won't budge on the matter. "Kyler.. We are going home. You coming or staying out here?"

Kyler is rocking back and forth in silence, staring at the ground, by the time Carlisle addresses him directly. He glances up, lost and confused, and shakes his head. "I…" He glances back to the forest, uncertainly. "Home?" There's a visible struggle there for a moment, until he finally slinks to his feet, hunched nervously, and eventually glomps at Carlisle's side, to half-hide his face in the older-vampire's shirt. That appears to be the only answer he will receive.

Esme sniffs at the air as she holds her husband's arm, while keeping a bit of an eye on the psuedo grandson, until she catches a scent, vaguely akin to the one on Carlisle's wound, though it's mingled with something she'd use in her scouring the house. Her eyes turn, towards the woods, not seeing Tayren, but they do dance over where he is hiding. A faint growl is offered, maybe a little bit of a warning to the unfamiliar being. "Yes, Kyler, you, Carlisle and I will go back home," she gives, gently.

Tayren doesnt move and the growl is ignored, he remains still, watching them and remaining silent. He glances between the three, just moving his eyes as he glances to all three of them. Half his instincts told him to get the hell out of there but he ignored them.

Carlisle just gives Kyler a gentle pat with his good hand. Even if they are being observed by the wolf once more he didn't feel threatened. Pushing himself off the trunk of the tree keeping his right arm tucked against his stomach. "Home." he tilts his head in that direction and for the moment just begins walking.

Kyler is making no sound any longer, looking almost in shock as he huddles at Carlisle's side, staring at the ground with dazed, unhappy eyes. He doesn't react to Esme's words or Carlisle's pat, but he does walk along as Carlisle starts for the house.

Esme nods at Carlisle's word. "Home," she responds, walking at her husband's side, ignoring the wolf, though she's certain he must be present, so long as he poses no immediate threat to her family, she'll pose no immediate threat to him. An odd looking family group they must look like, walking close together, back home.
You paged Tayren with 'No surprise. He was well-kept and not quite as crazy when Tayren met him.'.

Tayren remains still until he can barely see them and moves slowly and silently, leaves covering him as he moves, trying to move fast enough to keep them within the limits of his senses yet far enough and hidden enough to not be noticed.

Cullen Residence: Back Yard Forecast: Autumn. Fair. 73.3F/22C

Carlisle Edward Esme Kyler Tayren

Tonight the sky is rather clear, allowing the stars to glitter across the blanket of a perfected ebony velvet. The only thing that outshines the soft stars is the moon high in the sky to mark the late hour in the state of waxing gibbous.
Having been a bit oblivious to the goings on, Edward arrived home to find most gone from the house. In favor of some peace and quiet, he has taken to one of the 'lounge' type of chairs around the calm pool. He has a book in hand, the faded title along the worn dark leather binding written in half-seen Italian.

Carlisle is glad once they reach the back of the house. The weakness from the need to fulfill his thirst, now along with his injured right arm tucked against his stomach. Able to get to the lounge next to Edward he falls onto it literally. Of course he is rather dirty from wresting with Kyler and the scent of a werewolf still also clings to him undoubtfully. "My bag is beside the front door." he tells Esme just now holding onto his right arm the pain causing him to wince. His eyes dark as coals it doesn't for the moment occur to him that he should probably say hello to Edward or anything in a greeting.

Kyler is hunched at Carlisle's side, walking on autopilot. Honestly, he probably gets some of his own blood on Carlisle in the process, from the cut on his hand. He clutches Carlisle's shirt, but his eyes have a peculiar, uncharacteristic dead look as he stares at the ground. When Carlisle sits down, he's roused for a moment by the very fact that he must either let go of Carlisle or be knocked over. He looks around, looking disoriented, as his face starts to crumble. "T…I…Wh…" Nothing very coherent comes out of his mouth. Slowly, he sinks to the ground next to Carlisle, bringing his head to rest against Carlisle's chair and his hands to lay limply in his lap, as his expression gradually smoothes back to that lifeless look. This is most certainly not the Kyler the Cullens have come to know and love!

You paged Edward with 'When Carlisle sits down, there'd be an echo of an inner scream, muffled as though from another room with very thick walls. Slowly it's drowned again, to be replaced by the unnatural silence.'.

Esme is at Carlisle's side, keeping a hand always on him, whether it's his arm or back, it doesn't matter. Upon seeing Edward Esme shrugs a little. «He won't tell me, but it was a werewolf, I'm sure,» she thinks to her son as she leaves her husband in their eldest's care just long enough to get her hands on the necessary items to attend to her husband's wound. "Kyler, why don't you take a seat," she suggests. "Edward, would you please attend to your father's wounds, you've more medical knowledge than I do," she requests of her son. "And Kyler after, seems he got a bit of a bite as well."

Tayren sneaks along, moving slowly and silently. He is in human form and he lays down on solid ground and moves under the fallen leaves and peers up between then to watch the going-ons, having clear view. He remains still and silent, looking between the goings on. He took special care to approach downwind, letting the winds blow his scent away from the home.

When Carlisle sits, Edward immediately frowns, setting the suddenly forgotten book on the table by his chair as he raises up to his feet. "What happened?" The obvious question, though there is a strange look as he focuses on Kyler for a few seconds. He takes the kit given to him by Esme and kneels at the side of the chair, opening it up to look within and survey the supplies. Vampires are different from humans, but when it comes to these kinds of wounds, little help. "Let me see." He offers to Carlisle. He does have a good bit of knowledge in the medical field; though mostly out of boredom. He never followed Carlisle's footsteps into Doctorhood. "Was it one we know?" He asks casually as he goes about cleaning his father's wound for the moment. A strange twist in fate. Though while he appears to be focused on Carlisle's wound, he lowers his voice: "We aren't alone."

Carlisle dark eyes watch his son for a moment. Moving his right arm to reveal the wound given by the bite of the wolf, which he probably made worse when he jerked his arm from the mouth of the beast. "I was out hunting with your mother. We decided to take separate routes." he explains, "I came across a human falling from a tree. The wolf was jumping to save her as well. We collided and I am certian this bite was accidental." Of course he is leaving out a large part of the story to protect a certian young vampire. "Kyler happened upon the scene and leaped in to try and attack the wolf. He must have gotten bittin before I tackled him to the ground before they could fight. You know me." he shifts a little in the lounge chair. "I won't stand for anyone fighting if I can stop it." reaching out with his left hand he rests it on Kyler's shoulder giving it a squeeze in hopes he will just go with the story. "It was all accidental."

Kyler is silent and unresponsive as Esme and then Edward speak, discussing the incident. He just sits at Carlisle's side, leaning into the chair limply. It isn't until Carlisle starts to tell the story that he tenses slightly. He still remains silent, but his expression crumples as Carlisle speaks, until once again Kyler reaches up to grab at his hair, rocking back and forth in silence. Or at least, silence so far as the non-mind reading members of the family can tell.

You paged Edward with 'As Kyler starts to rock, the inner scream returns. This time, however, instead of dying out it grows louder and louder, possibly enough to hurt but almost certainly enough to make concentration difficult. There are no words or images, just that scream.'.

Esme looks between her husband and Kyler, before she finally settles herself down beside Carlisle's chair and gathers Kyler close to her, pretty much in just a big hug. At her husband's explanation Esme's eyes turn to Edward, waiting to see if her mind-reading son will give any knowledge to her behind whether or not her husband's words are truth, he has been known to shield her from things in the past. Of course, at Edward's words of them not being alone she hisses, just a little. "Of course not," she murmurs, very quietly.

Tayren couldnt hear them murmer quietly but he assumed something was wrong. He doesnt move though and when Carlisle speaks, his eyes widened slightly and he just watches them silently, his breathing near stopped as he tries to make as less noise as he could.

While he works on cleaning Carlisle's wound, setting the bloody gauze and rags aside in a small pile to be dealt with later, Edward visibly winces. He lowers his head, hand with the gauze he was ready to place moving away as he tries to regain concentration. A low growl rises in his throat as his free hand clenches in a tight fist. "Not everyone has your strength of self control." He hisses through his teeth in a strained response to Carlisle. "KYLER!" He bellows at the poor young vampire, his expression something of a pained daze. Its hard to give him a headache, and it must be bad if he can't simply just ignore it/tune it out.

Carlisle lids his eyes for the moment just trying to relax. Wincing at the pain, humans only thought they have it bad. A wound given by a wolf not only hurts but it tends to burn as well. "Please don't shout so close to my ear." he mutters out once Edward raises his voice. Playing the story he just told over and over in his mind so that Edward would pick that up rather than the truth, indeed sooner or later he'd deal with Kyler himself over what really happened tonight.

Kyler allows himself to be held by Esme without hesitation, which says as much about his state of mind as anything (unless you're Edward and you know exactly what his state of mind is). He rests his cheek against her, eyes clenched tightly shut. Edward's sudden bellow doesn't help much, causing him to jump and then cling to Esme, just before he desolves into tearless sobbing.

You paged Edward with 'At Edward's shout, the inner screaming is replaced with a startled flash of red, and a series of incoherent visual flashes, much like the crazed and warped reflections one might see in a mirror someone had taken a hammer to. Soon, this is replaced with music, but this time it's anything but beautiful. Unlovely screeches of violins and discordant squawks from badly tuned oboes mix with the clatter and plinks of a piano long past its prime. It's slightly better than the screaming. Slightly.'.

Esme shushes Kyler, in that gentle tone that you'd use on a crying infant, gently rubbing the young vampires back. The woman shifts just slightly, enough so that she can rest her head back, just touching her husband's leg. "Kyler, you need to calm down a little, Edward needs to take a look at your hand," she gives in a tone she probably would have used on her long dead son.

Tayren remains silent as he watches them. A snake slithers by past him and he ignores it, the snake slithering away. He keeps completely still, his brow raising slightly when Edward yelled at the boy, peering to each one again as if trying to figure something out.

The brief reprieve that Edward gains from Kyler's mind, he uses to place gauze and firmly wrap Carlisle's arm. So much for the wound itself, as well as appearance. All done in silence; Carlisle knows full well everything that Edward did to it. His experience far exceeds his own. He moves around to the other side of Carlisle, kneeling in front of Kyler. Though he starts to get that pained daze look again as he tries to fight through what is flooding his mind, gritting his teeth. Everytime he reaches for Kyler's hand to inspect it, he jerks away with a wince. He rises to his feet, shaking his head. "He.. needs to calm down before I strangle him." He mutters through gritted teeth, trying his hardest to refrain from simply yelling at Kyler for his own sake of sanity. Turning towards the forest in general, with a rather annoyed look: "I know you are out there. If this was true an accident come out of hiding. We won't attack you unless you attack first." He states in a clear, though very strained voice.

Carlisle did not really want to deal with any of this right now. "Please just leave us tonight." he calls out to whomever might be watching them. /I lied but don't tell your mother/ his thoughts are clear towards Edward, but with Kyler acting out he is not sure the message will even transmit. Dark eyes focusing on Esme, "Not that I need it but I am going to lay down." Upon that announcement he turns heading towards the backdoor of the house and inside.

It's hard to say which part sends Kyler's thoughts crashing off in a different directly. Perhaps it's Esme's comfort or Edward's threats, but whatever it is, he looks up suddenly, meeting Esme's clear honey eyes with his own demented red, and the inner cacophony suddenly stops, leaving a ringing silence for Edward. Into this silence he drops, like stones into a clear pool, "He killed him," he whispers. "He killed Tom…" And then, as Edward stands up and makes his announcement, Kyler jerks a look toward the yard, eyes wide and his face blank. His thoughts, however, are clear enough on the subject. »killkillkillkillkillKILLKILL«

Esme grinds her teeth, just a little as Edward speaks to the werewolf, though instead of doing anything, she holds onto Kyler. "Shhh," she attempts in a soothing voice before she grabs up Edward's abandoned medical supplies and attempts to treat Kyler's wound herself, so that Edward doesn't strangle the poor vampie.

Tayren remains still when Edward calls out, his breathing stopped and he just peers at him before peering to Carlisle to watch him then to the woman and boy before back to Edward and he just remains watching him while holding his breath.

There is a frown that comes to Edward's face, but it is very brief. Blink and you miss it. He doesn't turn to face Carlisle, nor Esme or Kyler. Kyler's lapse in thought brings a brief sigh from Edward at the sudden peace of mind. Though the sudden burst of the last thought, he shakes his head once. "No, Kyler." A simple answer in a softer tone. "Esme.. you should probably take Kyler inside." A suggestion with a sense that he hopes she complies under it. Carlisle is going inside after all. There is a soft chuckle that finally leaves him however. His golden gaze remains watching the forest, his arms raising to fold against his chest.

Carlisle has disconnected.

Kyler never leaves Esme in all that time, letting her treat his hand even though it twitches and jerks nervously as she does so. His look to the yard is inturrupted however, as Edward speaks, and he jerks a look up to his 'uncle'. "…No, Kyler?" he echoes, tilts his head a litle at the words. "No Kyler…No…" He trails off, but at least Edward would get some peace as Kyler's thoughts devolve back into wordless murmurs.

Esme sends a glower at Edward. "If he comes out, I want to see his face," she points out, her words hardening a little as she speaks, though it quickly goes back to a soothing tone as her attention is drawn back to Kyler. "We'll stay right here, Kyler, it's okay," she gives, quietly.

Tayren raises an eyebrow as he peers to Edward and then peers to Esme and Kyler before peering back to Edward again, hand moving slowly amongst the leaves, making as little noise as possible.

"Relax, Kyler." Edward tries to soothe, though a bit thankful for the less chaotic thoughts. He's clearly not as distracted as he was. His golden eyes focus into the forest as he smirks in a hint of amusement. "I don't know, tell me what you think?" He speaks to no one in particular, but his amusement spills into his tone. "Carlisle doesn't want us in a fight." This, belatedly said over his shoulder to Esme. "It was an accident afterall." Going along with his father's lie.

Kyler is somewhat soothed by Esme's kindness, and even Edward's soothing tones calm him, leaving him a silently quivering in Esme's embrace. After a moment, he just hides his face in Esme's shoulder again, having been forbidden from killing his arch-nemesis. He'll just stay like that for now, or at least as long as Esme's willing to sit there with him, generally unresponsive to anything.

Esme quirks a brow slightly. "I never said I wanted to fight, you know me better than that, Eddy, I'm no fighter," she points out, though her thoughts, before she starts distracting them with some little known song, clearly proves otherwise. "I simply want to see the face of the person who hurt my family, my husband, that's all," she gives, and, judging by her hold on the psuedo grandson, it's not likely that she's planning on actually attacking the wolf, at least not tonight.

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