Malice, Innocence, and Righteousness (Part 2)

IC Time: Late night, November 11, 2007
Location: Diemos Mansion
Synopsis: Abbey and Kado attempt to rescue Miyuki from Alexander's mansion.
Submitted by: Alexander

The Diemos Mansion is a large, two story building, surrounded by a yard just as grand. While size lends it some majesty, not much else does. Dull grey coloring covers most of the building, and while the bushes and grass of the yard are well-tended, there isn't much else other than the loop of the driveway and the path leading to the door from that. Inside, it's almost equally as boring, aside from the grandiose library filled with books. The room Alexander has locked Miyuki in is plain and almost completely white. White ceiling, white bed, white curtains, white dresser. Moonlight doesn't shine in through the locked and barred window of the room. It's dark and cloudy tonight. Not just Alexander is here. There are two other vampires from the Diemos Coven sitting in the library at the moment, reading over something. One, a large short-haired man, the other, a skinnier red-headed woman. The head Diemos vampire, himself, is on the way to Miyuki's room. He unlocks it and walks inside.

In the plain white room, Miyuki is seated with her back to the wall. She looks extremely tired, bags of darkness beneath her eyes as she fights to stay awake. She doesn't trust these vampires enough to sleep. Her bad hand is held against her stomach protectively, her casted leg stretched out with her good one by it. She tenses and sits up as she hears the door unlock, setting her jaw as she sees Alexander walk in. But she keeps her silence, this time.

The wolves didn't follow after first, but that doesn't mean they didn't plan on following mind you. Abbey is in the lead as the pair move towards the house, at the moment she's in human form but that won't last for long. Her clothing a old shirt and jeans, and no shoes, she's done this sorta thing before it seems. Her gaze is quick to move over the house before her looking for points to enter and if there might be any security that might been seen from the outside.

Kado follows closely behind Abbey, his eyes searching over the area. While not as experienced as Abbey nor use to working with another wolf. After having lost a few sets of clothes, he's decided to dress down for this little outing, wearing a pair of faded jeans and a plain white tee-shirt. At Abbey's advice, he left his shoes at home. He keeps a few steps behind Abbey as he looks over the house they've arrived at.

"Hello, Miyuki," Alexander walks into the middle of the room, spinning a pen back and forth in his hand. "You look tired. Do you not trust me? Well, I assure you, there is one thing you can trust. It doesn't matter how alert you are, there's not much you can prevent." There is no apparent security on the outside of the building, though the library does have one window through which can be seen the other vampires. "You'll be happy to know your wolf friends are going to come try and rescue you, eventually." Alex says with a dull tone to Miyuki. "Perhaps even tonight." He didn't exactly leave the hardest trail to follow.

"I don't trust you. Why should I? You crush my wrist, break my leg, ruin my life, then kidnap me? Am I supposed to have any reason to trust you?" Miyuki spits back at Alexander, but she doesn't move from her spot on the floor. "What is it you want, anyway? This doesn't make any sense."

Abbey lifts her head while she watches the building for a few moments. "Kado.. Whatever happens in there I just want you to find Miyuki and get her safe, understand?" She questions with a soft tone. There is at least three vampires in this building, no telling how many more in rooms they can see into. Kado might know everything about cars, but when it comes to wolves and vampires she's the expert here. "Once you get her just get out, I'll follow after that." With this said she starts to move towards the house and towards a window not so near the libary, which she works on opening after glancing around to see if there may be any alarms on it or in the room itself.

Kado looks up at the building for a few more moments before he looks back to Abbey as she speaks to him. He looks at her for a moment before he nods his head once. "I understand. I will find her and get her out. As fast as I can." He says to her as he looks back up to the building. "I just hope we're in time…"

Alexander begins to pace back and forth across the room, still spinning his pen. "Fine, I'll enlighten you, it will help me pass the time. Speaking my thoughts aloud helps me think as well. First of all, the wolves in the area aren't the only ones who dislike me. A large organization of my very misguided bretheren have their eyes on me, and they don't like me breaking their imposed, overreaching rules." He pauses and peers out of the window. "I was performing a test at that teen gathering. I wanted to see how this organization would react. What my limits were. I had honestly overestimated their reaction. Also, I wanted to gauge the responses of the other vampires that were there. I was thoroughly disappointed. For my newest test, you've had the fortune to become my guinea pig yet again. Not only do you get to serve as a convenient hostage, once they arrive I get to kill you." Something begins to buzz in Alexander's pocket. He pulls it out and looks at what seems like an ordinary pager. "Oh look at that. Perhaps I'll get the chance sooner than I thought." The two vampires in the library seem to be unaware of the intruders' presence.

Miyuki listens, of course, but she shifts a little at the mention of killing her. "And what purpose will that serve? Killing me?" She stammers out the question, though when he pulls out the pager-looking thing, she looks confused. "What?" A tired mind makes her blink owlishly, until it finally clicks and she pales. Oh god. Does that mean she has to die soon?

The window is opened and Abbey is the first through it, she hops into the house and lands in a crouch looking around the room and then moves further inside so that Kado can get in. She is rather sure Miyuki is still alive. After all, she doesn't smell a newborn in the area. "I'll go to the Library, keep them busy, you try and find Miyuki." Tis offered softly to Kado once he's in the room as well.

Kado climbs in through the window as well as soon as there is room for him, trying to keep as silent as he can. He sniffs at the air trying to pick up Miyuki's scent as he looks around the room.
"Alright. Be careful." He says to her as he moves to the door of the room, slowly opening it a crack as he peers out to the space beyond. Once satisfied that it's clear, he looks back over his shoulder to Abbey. "See you soon." And with that, he slips out of the room and begins his search for Miyuki.

"The purpose will be to measure the reaction of the wolves this time," Alexander replies, still staring at the pager. "I'm just wondering if it will stir them enough." He presses a button on the device in his hand, then shoves it in his pocket, along with the pen he had been twirling. At this time, both of the vampires in the library suddenly stand up and begin to head only in Abbey's direction. From his other pocket, Alexander takes out a surgical needle filled with a clear liquid. The vampire moves in a flash to Miyuki and tries to pin her against the wall, yet again using her neck. Such an easily exploited human weakness. "As an instrument of God, I, Alexander Diemos, judge the existence of your life to be a blight upon this planet, and condemn you to your one and only death." Miyuki's scent shouldn't be hard to find, and he's left the door unlocked.

When the needle is brought out, Miyuki tenses automatically and tries to scramble; though it doesn't get that far. Gimp + Moving fast just does not work. She gasps as her neck is grabbed yet again, held up against the wall, barely on her tip toes. With one bellow she tries to scream for Kado- the last breath she really has with Alexander's grip. The rest of it is pointed towards keeping her alive: "KADO-AI!"

Abbey makes her way into the hall and pauses as she watches Kado go one way and then turns moving slowly towards the library. Though before getting that close she pauses hearing the movement and then seeing the vampires. A thin smirk is offered while she peers at them. "Party time?" She questions with a faint tone and sly grin. There is only one way for this to go, and there is no way she can take on two vampires like this. Within a flash she goes about changing into her wolf form, clothing ripping skin and muscle tearing and moving while she shifts. During the shift she hears Miyuki's scream and hopes Kado can take care of it..

Kado picks up Miyuki's scent nearly immediately as he heads down the hall, his pace picking up to a near run as he follows the scent. As he hears Miyuki's scream, he goes into a full sprint as he follows the scent. As he reaches the room, he throws his shoulder into the door, not bothering to check if it's locked or not. He pauses for a moment to scan the room, spotting Alex holding the girl by her throat. He lets out a feral growl as he charges the man, shifting into his wolf form with a shower of torn fabric and a symphony of popping muscles and crackling bones.

Peering at Miyuki, Alexander moves the needle closer and closer to her neck. Only an inch away from inserting it and ending the human's life, he halts… There is a very faint and very brief flash of hesitation across his face. It's only a split second, but it's enough to let Kado reach him. The door is bashed open, and Alexander turns his head just in time to see a wolf slam into his side. He drops both his grip on Miyuki and the needle, and is pinned to the ground. Gritting his teeth, Alex moves to knee Kado and try to throw the beast off of him. One of the vampires standing in front of Abbey rushes in to attack her with his fist, the other one standing motionless. Fighting both of them might be a bad idea for a wolf, unless the wolf is simply trying to distract, of course

Miyuki is trembling, gasping for air under Alexander's grasp- shaking from the fear. Her eyes stare at that needle as it gets closer and closer to her neck, but the sound of the burst in door tears her attention away. Despite seeing Kado, her fear still radiates from her like summer heat. Upon being released, she thuds to the ground, slinking against the wall as she coughs, rubbing her throat as she tries to get in normal breaths of air. The syringe she kicks at with her good foot, trying to get it as far from Alex as possible.

The one vampire is able to get in a good hit against Abbey as she is finshing her transformation. The wolf is sent flying back a few steps before she regains her footing and charges forward towards the one wolf where she lashes out trying to bite down against some part of him. It'll dawn on her in a moment perhaps why the other vampire may not be fighing as well.

Black Wolf tries to get in a few good bites on the vampire before the knee connects with him, sending him against the wall. He lands with a thud and a slight whine of pain before he tries to stumble back up to his paws and returns towards the vampire, trying to keep the attack up on the leech, his jaws biting and snapping.

Alexander takes a bite or two, which only seems to make him more angry before he gets the wolf off. As soon as Kado is off, Alex quickly gets to his feet, briefly glancing at Miyuki, then the needle, then the again-charging wolf. But, Kado doesn't have surprise on his side this time, and the vampire is ready. Set up for the beast, Alexander tries to catch him with a swing of his fist and a very fast follow-up kick. Abbey catches the male vampire's arm with her jaw and he makes a grimace, but he keeps his balance and tries to slam her into the wall with his free hand. The red-head merely sighs and crosses her arms.

As Kado goes flying, Miyuki almost tries to call out to him, but thinking better of it, she starts to look around and try and find a way out. She's pretty much stayed where she was deposited by Alex in the room; she can't hobble very well without her crutch. With this in mind, she tries to be proactive instead of a hindrance. She pushes herself, sliding some on the floor until she gets close enough to the table in the room, lifting her good foot to kick at the top and knock the leg free. With this in hand, she pushes herself up to her knee and drags her bad leg, to try and make-shift hobble towards the broken door of the room.

Abbey bites down as hard as she can upon the arm that she has hold of, her tail lashing about while her paws lash out, claws going to slash at the vampire in question. The redwolf is slamed into the wall, a muffled yelp escaping her as she loses her grip that she has. Another swing is all it'll take for her to go flying somewhere.

Black Wolf doesn't have the surprise on his side anymore, but that doesn't stop Kado. He charges and tries to bite at the vampire again, betting a punch to the head and a kick to the side for his effort, being sent flying once again. He lets out another yelp of pain as he crashes against the wall, blood flowing from his maw and nose. He still tries to scramble to his feet, shaking his head to try to clear it from the attack of the vampire. Once he is able to, he heads back for Alexander, biting and snapping with a slight limp. He doesn't seem like he's going to give up for anything.

"Try your best, I cannot die," Alexander tells Kado, before the wolf charges him again. The vampire knows he has the advantage in such an enclosed area, where the wolf can't use his speed to its fullest. With Kado slightly injured now, it's even easier for Alexander to catch an opening, just before the wolf reaches him, he tries to grab Kado and throw him yet again. "This is pointless." Despite what the others might think, Alexander doesn't want to kill the wolves just yet. He's found out what he wants to and the second part of his experiment is already ruined. He laughs and sifts a hand through his hair, while pressing a button on the pager in his pocket with his other hand. He makes no attempt to attack and seems to drop his stance. "A battle of endurance will only lead to your death, and I'll simply catch the human before she even leaves the building." The vampire fighting Abbey is about to follow up on his attack, before something buzzes in his and the red-haired vampire's pockets. The male stops his advance, though he looks angry enough to continue on any moment.

Miyuki continues to use her make-shift crutch, the leg of the table, to work her way towards the door. "Kado!" She calls in some desperation, wanting to get out of the place. Plus the worry etched across her face at seeing the wolf limping and bleeding. Her retreat doesn't halt, however, trying her best to get away; even if it is at a slow pace. Can't bend her casted leg, makes it hard to get much help in her escape.

A thick snarl escapes the red wolf as she eyes the vampire in front of her. She can only wonder what kado and Miyuki must be going on. Her pale gazerestson the vampire before her once more, she gives her head a shakey which sends blood and venom flying about. She is quiet for another moment before lunging forward snapping at the vampire before her.

Black Wolf lets out a deep growl as he eyes the vampire, slowly getting up to his feet after being thrown once more. He glances to Miyuki as she speaks to him before he looks back to Alexander. He starts to move towards Miyuki, letting a growl and a snap of his maw at the vampire as a warning before he continues to move back to Miyuki. As he reaches the girl, he shifts back to his human form, ready to pick up the girl and make a run for it.

Alexander doesn't make any movement to attack Kado, only brushing off his coat, now littered with teeth marks. The vampire narrows his eyes on the both of them, highly aggravated at the moment. He would like nothing more than to kill the both of them. However, this could hurt his plans in the long run. This fact, and his amazing self-control, stays his attack. Even as Kado shifts to human form, he merely walks over to the needle and picks it up. With an irritated growl, he takes it in his palm and slams it onto the wall, cracking it open and spilling the liquid. As Abbey attacks the other vampire, the male grabs her and merely tries to hold back her attack, not attempting to make any of his own.

Miyuki curls up in Kado's arms when she's picked up, dropping the make-shift leg as she presses her face against his chest. Resigned, the strength used to get as far as she was on her level of sleep depravation having her simply exhausted. She feels safe though; given by the more peaceful look on her face.

Kado picks Miyuki up in his arms, keeping his eyes on the vampire. Once he has a hold of the girl, he looks back to the man as he picks up the syringe and slams it into the wall. He uses this opportunity start his escape with the girl, moving down the hallway as quickly as he can with the slight limp and holding onto the girl. He looks back over his shoulder every few feet to make sure the vampire isn't going to try to prevent their escape. He tries to find Abbey on his way out and they can all make their escape.

As soon as Kado and Miyuki get to the door, Abbey lets up her attack and leaves the building with them. None of the vampires make an attempt to attack or follow them as they escape.

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