A Curious Plea for Help

IC Time: Sunday, November 16th 2007
Location: Port Angeles - 1202 Russel Loop (Abbey's home)
Synopsis: Aro arrives at Abbey's home before his press conference to ask her to join his side in return for protection. She informs him that she'll give her answer tomorrow.
Submitted by: Staff

Another night home alone it seems. Abbey is half listening to the TV while she dozes on the sofa. The doors are locked and all the windows all seem closed save for one in the main room that lets a cool breeze flow into the house. The house itself seems rather bare save for the living room and one bedroom. Seems that Abbey is the only one in the house now compared to a few months ago.

A sleek Cadillac pulls into the driveway, in front of another identical vehicle that pulls up alongside the house in the street. The doors open and two guards step out of the vehicle in the street, while another steps out of the driver's side of the first car, hastening to open the door of the back seat. From there, Aro steps out, his long, dark hair gleaming in the moonlight before he moves swiftly toward the porch. There is a slightly disgusted look tossed at the humble house before he ascends the steps, and, well, knocks. The Volturi can be civil! The three guards creep up behind him, standing on the porch, and they all wait.

The cars pulling up are enough to get Abbey's attention and she lifts her head peering towards the door while blinking. She takes in a breath while shifting upwards so she is sitting and lifts a hand to rub across her eyes and face. There is a throbbing in her head, more likely thanks to the drinks she had some hours ago, because of this is takes her until the guards are at her door to figure out who is there. Blinking she stands up looking towards the door and the open window. Great… The thought of Aset's note comes back to her and she is rather unsure about opening the door. Still if they wanted her dead they would have already broke in, right? With unsure steps she moves towards the door and slowly opens it peering outside at the vampires and there leader upon her step. Nothing is said as her pale gaze narrows while she opens the door and stands up a bit straighter in the process. "Evening…"

Aro's eyes flick to Abbey's hair, undoubtedly a bit ruffled from her sleeping on it. He smiles coldly. "A bad time?" Nevertheless, he does try and push himself in toward the door, tacitly inviting himself inside and the three others as well. "I do apologize. However, as I think you may already know, we have quite a few things to discuss, my friend. Things of… upmost urgency," he expresses, bringing his hands together in a tent as he glances inside. "May we come in?" As if they already aren't all hovering at the door.

Abbey gives her head a shake and lifts a hand to brush some hair from her eyes. "I was asleep… You know, resting?" Well vampires don't sleep after all. There is a pause as he brings talk of urgent matters and a faint sigh escapes her while she shifts and waves a hand into the room. "Of course… Please come in." Like she has a choice in the matter. "I'd offer you all something to drink, but all I have is beer." No blood here, folks.

Fake laughter bubbles at Aro's lips. "Beer. No thanks," he says in his jovial tones, which sound a bit hollow as he sweeps inside. He dons a suit, apparently having left the cloak in Volterra. The other three come in as well, and all take the liberty to sit down on the couch, eyeing the television with annoyance. "Please turn that off," one says in accented English.

Aro sits tall and straight, eyeing Abbey for a moment before speaking. "As you know, something quite shocking has happened yesterday. Furthermore. Aset fled the premises soon after. This, my friend, does not look good for you." Pause. "Fortunately, we're quite sure it wasn't you that did this. But we do think it was your kind."

Abbey smirks faintly at the three on the couch; she is quiet though while moving over and flicks the television off before turning to face them, her arms folding before her. Aset did manage to get a letter off to her before he fled the castle. "I see…” Is about all she says to the whole Aset bit, he broke her heart so she isn't all that happy with him to say the least. She's quiet as Aro speaks on, not looking too worried, they wouldn't be taking the time to do this if they wanted to kill her. At least that is what she hopes. "I can assure you it wasn't I, or any of the other wolves in the area. Whoever did it came from the outside of the city."

Aro lifts a brow. "Oh? And any idea who that one from outside the city might be?" he inquires, folding one ankle over the other. He studies Abbey. The other three kind of fade into the background, not saying much, not even really looking at the werewolf — their faces remain solemn as they wait for a 'fight' that will probably never come — a compliment to Abbey, really. Aro leans forward. "Because even if you don't know, you could be a great help. We are rather offended in Aset's hasty departure, and indeed, it breaks out little contract. But this is also a time of great opportunity for our relationship. The Volturi and your pack can work together to ensure justice is brought upon the murderers."

Abbey shakes her head at this. "You drove my kind to the edge of death years ago, the ones still alive never gathered in large numbers because we did not want you to finish what you started." It’s the truth after all. Her eyes narrow slightly as Aro brings up Aset once more. "I have no control of what Aset did in by absent. He stopped responding to my letters some time ago." She pauses as Aro brings up the pack, a hand lifting to scratch at her neck while her pale gaze drifts over the room. "There is no pack anymore… Unless you try to count me being the only one left, but I don't think that would work very well."

"Oh, Abbey. That's a little dramatic, don't you think?" Aro counters, his lips curving into a thin smile. He listens to her response though, his brows knitting thoughtfully upward at the news of the distance between the couple and the apparent lack of a pack. "So I see. It's just you? And Aset's out of the picture…" His gaze skirts to one of the other guards, and they share a look that is very briefly crestfallen. "Rather disappointing. We thought we'd have a team of allies on hand. But if it's just you, that's alright too." Aro smiles. "As I said, we're thinking a werewolf pack did this. We will be rallying our kind to help us find the ones that did it. Can we count on you to help hunt them down? Seeing as you are one of them, they will trust you. You can be our double agent, per se. Please. We need you."

Abbey eyes narrow as she watches Aro. "Dramatic…?" She questions with a thin tone. "It’s the damn truth!" This said with a half hiss escaping her. She looks off to try and control her anger that is bubbling at the surface now. Having the group of vampires in her home doesn't help matters either. There is a pause as she listens to Aro and glances back towards him wide eyed at the thought. "Why would I turn on my own kind for you?"

The group of vampires assembled tense as Abbey's tones rise to a hiss; they look to one another with mild apprehension, as if they expected her to transform at any time. Aro is the only one that remains rather unruffled, and unsurprised at her anger. He settles further back into the comfort of the sofa, waiting several moments before responding. He lets his gaze drift toward the window before he studies the werewolf. "A good point. I never took you as someone without intelligence." He sighs. "But it makes things more difficult. Why indeed, should you help a group like us? Well. There is the contract," he points out. "And your guaranteed protection from not only the Volturi, but all vampires. This would of course, include any newly inducted members to your pack. Otherwise? If you refuse?" Pause. "Well then. I'm not so sure I can even safely say it wasn't you that did it…" He lets that sit.

Abbey doesn't seem to care how the other vampires feel or act as she stands there, the thought of shifting very much on her mind to say the least. "Protection… Right… Your little cronies around here don't listen to your rules. I've had to save humans left and right from becoming vampire bait." Which isn't a surprise, as this is what wolves to. She blinks as she hears Aro and eyes him thinly a moment. "I think you know very well it would take more than one wolf to do everything that happened. You trying to say I attacked some leeches in Volturi to?" Her hands lower, one balling into a fist.

Well. Aro doesn't like that very much. His dark brows shoot up at the mention. "If they don't listen, they have consequences to pay," he says smoothly. "But we could do more than just ensure consequences are administered, Abbey. We could have a bodyguard for you." He stands suddenly, a mere blur. "I don't think you understand this situation fully. The offer for protection will go far. Very far. You see," he begins to slowly walk around the room, giving the window a glance. "This is the single largest attack on those in my coven in nearly all of history. We will not take it lightly. I will risk everything to get revenge. I do think that if our thoughts our confirmed that your kind did this, it will very quickly escalate to another war." There is a pause and he smiles widely. "You don't understand the kind of power I have. I can, single-handedly, turn nearly all of the vampires in the world against you and your kind. I have a press conference… hmm, tomorrow? It could happen." In other words, probably will. "This is my last offer to afford you that kind of protection."

Abbey doesn't look that worried as Aro stands up and moves around the room. She's quiet for a moment while her shoulders slump at the talk of a press conference. "Your kind tried to do it before and it didn't work." This pointed out before she goes on. "Why are you so sure that it was only the wolves that did it…? What if it was some of your own kind that are tired of your rule?" She questions with a thin tone while she holds her ground. It’s her house darn it.

Aro shrugs. "Clearly, it didn't. We're not looking to wipe out your race. We just seek to find those murderers." It's perhaps a lie, but it's one he smoothes over rather well as the vampire stops in front of Abbey. He's not particularly tall, really. A solidly built man, but one born so many years ago does not boast a great height. "Hmm?" The question about vampires doing it seems to catch him off guard. "All evidence indicates toward the werewolves at this point, though of course, the investigation is still going on," he says loftily. "Anyway. So you've made your choice?"

Abbey smirks thinly while her pale gaze rest on Aro's as he stops before her. "Oh… I'm sure it would point towards wolves… If vampires planned it a certain way to throw you off the real trail, hum?" She questions with a thin tone. "I would betray one group of murderers for another…? Totally makes sense to me." There is a short pause before a faint growl escapes her. "Get out of my house." It’s hers still at the moment, but after tonight she'll never be able to stay here again. If she's able to live after tonight that is. "I will not give you my answer tonight." Not until she finds some things out first on her own.

Aro glances at the other three as Abbey brings up the possibility of vampires framing the werewolves. "We're looking into it," he says in a firm, clipped tone. The others gather around him closer as he glances toward the door. Aro's eyes grow cold at the comment about leaving — "Of course. We wouldn't like to stay where we aren't invited." He moves jerkily toward the door with the others. "You will give us an answer tomorrow night before nine," he demands softly. "Otherwise, we assume your answer is no." He stares at her a moment longer. "I do hope you make the right choice, Abbey. It's been so delightful being friends with you!" They head for the door.

Abbey smirks while lifting her head to watch Aro. "I'm sure you will…" Or in other terms she doesn't think they will, they’re vampires, after all. "I'll drop you a message tomorrow then." She says with a faint huff escaping her. "Friends… Right. What a friendship we have, the hate-hate kind instead of the love-hate kind, hum?"

Aro smiles thinly at Abbey, his misty eyes taking her in once more before he turns around, and steps onto the porch. "Ha, ha. You are so amusing! I'm sorry you didn’t share my feelings of… warmth and amusement toward you." He pauses, still facing the driveway, speaking in a low voice that he knows very well can be heard. "Best of luck to you!" With that, the four of them leave.

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