Mouse Returns

IC Time: 11/18/07 during the afternoon
Location: Port Angeles - Olympic Towers Hotel Lounge
Synopsis: Aro requests Mouse's help on finding the culprits of the crime. Mouse has cryptic advice.
Submitted by: Staff

For a few months, the Olympic Towers has been pretty much taken over by the Volturi. Needing a base for their operations abroad, the elegant setting and secure building has provided such a place. It is, however, the first time Aro and the other two leaders have actually stayed in the area. Homebodies at heart, they rarely travel, but current 'displeasures' would have it that their presence was necessary. That being said, security is heightened in the building. It's difficult to get to the second floor; save for maybe scaling up the outside or someone convincing the guards downstairs that there is a necessary reason for one to be there.

Aro sits in an executive lounge on this level, overlooking the lobby thoughtfully. It's early afternoon, and lazy light filters in through the windows, occasionally creating prisms of color and sparkles off his skin, and probably counteracting any pensive and tough leader-aura he's giving off.

There's no need to ask at the front desk which room holds the Volturi leaders. For one with the right skills its not so hard to see. Then again, heightened security makes it a little more obvious to most as to the general location of them. Mouse looks rather out of place in the lobby and halls of such a swanky place what with her plethora of black accented with bright pink, not to mention those ribbons in her hair. All the same, the girl heads upstairs, though there's avoidance of the guard and when she does finally enter the room it's from one of the rooms who's door opens into said executive lounge.

"Afternoon Daddy," the blonde greets in a sarcastically bubbly tone as she saunters up behind Aro. "Mommy dearest let you leave the house then? Really though I don't know why you would come here. London has such lovely weather and France such beautiful art…" the same annoying tone continues, a deviously sweet smile playing across her lips.

Aro takes a long moment to respond to the pesky creature that has come up behind him, his eyes closing for a moment before they re-open, a smile gracing his pale face. "Aurelia! What a surprise." Not so much of a surprise, though, that he can easily mirror her bubbly tones, with little to no hint of sarcasm. On the outside, it might even look like he's happy to see the Volturi-deserter — though his eyes tell a different story. A glance of cold disapproval skims her hair ribbons as he turns easily in the chair. "Sulpicia is reassuring our citizens back home. As you may have heard, quite a tragedy befell on our family." Pause. "A family that once included you. Am I wrong to assume you've come here out of a twisted sort of pity? Disguised, of course, by such mocking, as you do…"

Mouse wouldn't say deserter per say. More member of convenience really. "Surprise," she repeats dully, though that smile remains as she continues towards him. "Come now, you knew as well as I did that I would turn up eventually." And so she has, on her own whim and not his calling. "I saw, I heard, I listened. … Too bad they didn't," she continues. "You called, I came. Besides, I missed you," she finishes flashing a grin before spinning once on her toes, amusing herself if nothing else, and falling into a seat beside him.

"Eventually," Aro concedes, seeming to lose some of the coldness in his gaze as he watches the younger vampire spin and fall into her seat. "You do know," he begins, in the obligatory lecture, more father-daughter sounding than he intends, "We'd rather like to know when you're going to go, and when you're going to reappear. It's not what we usually /do/. And besides," There is a flick of his wrist as he moves to push back the straight curtain of black hair hanging over one shoulder, "Perhaps we missed you too." At that, his eyes sparkle with a hint of greed. He didn't forget about Aurelia's gift, and gifts were his favorite thing to 'collect.' "Anyway. Are you showing up to /help/ us? And if so, what is it that you want out of it?" It's asked rather brightly, not the wary tones one might think.

Mouse grins far too innocently as she looks up towards Aro, feet dangling over one side of her chair, head over the other until she rights herself a moment later. "You do that," she agrees, "But I don't know. When, where," she tosses a hand open with each word looking towards one and then the other and finishing with a shrug as her hands fall back to her lap. "It’s hard to say what comes any given day. You didn't miss me; you missed my pretty green eyes." The blonde flutters lashes that frame eyes that are ever so far from green in their ruby hues. He expression grows harder however at that question of what she might want. "Now don't tell me you called without having brought a present."

Aro raises his brows a little, clearly trying to disguise amusement at Mouse's flippant nature, though he fails. It was difficult for him to dislike her, for all her disrespectful ways. It's a bit like being vain — except instead of beauty, he's far too enticed and lured in by her power to actually dislike her. "Are they green now? How charming," he responds distractedly, moving on to the more important topic at hand. "We have a present for you… if you'll help us with a few things. Perhaps we can come to an agreement, yes?" He'll deal in nice terms, for now. There's another flick of his wrist and the guard standing near the bar nods, disappearing in the back for a moment, allowing Aro time to study Aurelia. "Long way from home, Aurelia. I can't say we weren't surprised to find you here. Ah — yes."

From the back of the bar, the first guard comes out wheeling a cart, and behind him, a second guard with a cart, and a third. They each are cloaked with velvet, thought the middle cart seems to be squirming — a live present, no doubt.

"Three gifts. You may choose one. Don't you love games?" he asks cheerfully. "So which will it be?"

"Green really is the prettiest color," Mouse babbles, intent on avoiding serious conversation for as long as she can. "For eyes that is." But he's libel to have heard her opinion on such things more than once. Of course the mention of presents peaks her interest and she straightens visibly, pulling her feet up beneath her to sit on her heels. "New presents or old presents?" she questions curiously.

Those carts catch her eye as they're wheeled in. Gaze flits between them a handful of times and returns shortly to the older vampire. "Only one?" she inquires, a pout forming, though eyes remain filled with amusement. "And here I thought you missed me."

Aro's lips press together into a thin smile. "I said perhaps I missed you. I think," he says carefully, "Exactly how much I missed you will be decided when you let me know just how much you're willing to help." He reclines back into his chair a bit, glancing at the three carts before he reaches lazily toward the end table at his side, plucking a manila folder form it and opening it up. "We can then decide how many gifts you might be getting." A brow is quirked. "Deal?"

Regardless to whether she agrees, he presses on. "If you agree to stick around /at least/ until we find the murderers, and help us with your visions, you get one gift." Pause. "If you, however, are /kind/ enough to take on some other responsibilities, you get more." A hint of sarcasm taints his tone. "And what, you ask would those other responsibilities be?" He glances down at some papers. "You, my friend, have the advantage of not always being associated with us, since you are in and out so often. It would work to our advantage if we had a double agent. Someone that might be willing to act like a friend of the enemy, in order to report back. Now that… /that/ position would give you many more gifts than what I have here. But you wouldn't be interested in that."

Mouse raises a brow. Only one. He's sticking to that, but she's not pushing it any further. "I am a little hungry you know." Bored. She points a finger towards the first, moving down the line to the third and back before finally settling on the middle - that poor little mortal. Her attention drifts from the curtains before the choice is made even. "An advantage no? Really…" Sarcasm for his earlier disapproval in her flitting about the world on a whim. "Ah well. I suppose I could see what I can do," she agrees, propping her chin on her hands - elbows resting on the arm of the chair as she faces Aro.

The guard standing behind the cart with the mortal seems rather pleased at Mouse's choice, as if he personally had selected the gift for her. The cover is whisked off, and there, blinded-folded and undoubtedly somehow drugged up, are two rather skinny young males, bound back to back. They're a bit scrawny, but not in an unattractive manner, and seem to perhaps be twins. Their dark hair sticks up awkwardly and their clothes are straight from the American Eagle store in town. "I hope you're hungry," the female guard laughs, pushing the cart toward Mouse.

Aro watches with a lazy sort of pleasure before turning back to the blonde. "So you'll stick around. Annnd… you'll be befriend the wolves?" That's something new he's throwing out there. He waits with a half-amused grin for her answer, perhaps wanting to catch her off guard.

Mouse pays little attention to the pleasure or lack thereof to the guards, simply waving a hand dismissively. She'll eat later. A foot uncurls from beneath her to put a stop to the cart's rolling and an amused grin flickers Aro's way. Though if its for her present or his request is hard to say for certain. "Wolves?" there is a touch of surprise in her repetition of the word. "What interest do you have in wolves?"

As the cart rolls, the two bodies — breathing, but laboriously, as if heavily drugged — slump forward a bit toward the vampire. Aro allows an easy smirk to overtake his features, seeming to enjoy the surprise lilting Mouse's tone. "Indeed. We believe they might be the ones responsible for the attacks. Or, in the very least, partly responsible. They're becoming a nuisance again, and it's a problem that needs to be taken care of." His hands clasp together. "We have an offer with an alpha." He rummages in the folder and holds up a photo of Abbey. "To work with us. We think she will say no. But we'll still need a person on the inside. Someone who can gain her trust, perhaps. It would be difficult. You might have to change your diet… prove you're a "good" person. So subjective, don't you think!" His enthusiasm bubbles. "I consider myself good, do you not? But sadly, I'm stuck with this label…" He laughs. "So, Aurelia. Is this something you could do?"

Mouse's gaze turns slowly towards pair of ill-fated young men, a grin creeping to her lips though she does avoid pouncing just yet. Ruby orbs return to Aro, head cocking to one side, perhaps so she can continue to keep an eye on her 'prize'. "There's only so much you can do with a wolf," she replies with a shrug. "But since I've nothing better to do at the moment," which only goes to say she'll agree until something else catches her interest. "Sadly, good is relative and no one else seems to understand that."

"Too true. Boring creatures… but creatures certainly capable of what was done. It would be like them, too, to do something like that." Aro purses his lips and then hands the folder over to Mouse. "I'll give you this. It has more information about the wolves. The best part is, my dear, if you get bored, you can simply vanish. Of course, not before you tell us what you learn. But see — I keep your interests in mind, do I not?" He stands up. "I should tell Sulpicia you came. She might have liked to see you. I dare say she has a soft spot for you. Of course, you might argue I do as well, but we both know the reasons for that." Aro motions toward the other two, whom pull the covers off the other gifts. "I surmise you saw this coming. These are yours. I have no other use for them. I'll give them to you contingent that you stick around."

Mouse chuckles, a laugh that's more menacing than what would be expected from a girl her apparent age. "They they are," she agrees rising from her seat in one fluid motion in which she also accepts the envelope. "We will see," for the rest, but she doesn't bother to look just yet as those other covers are removed. "And here I was thinking you'd save them for later." Or hoping perhaps? "Do give her my best regards."

Aro shares the chuckle. "Oh, but I am. They are yours, but I'm not giving them to you today. I'll keep them and give them to you as I see you're… performing correctly." He is faintly amused that she doesn't even need to look and see the gifts — it causes him to lean forward a little and study the small vampire. "Before you go, some assurance. Is there anything in your visions about the future? Do you see us finding out who the murders are? Perhaps you could give me your hand." He offers out his pale hand, covered with papery sort of skin, despite his middle-aged look.

Mouse grins, "Good. I hardly know what to do with them right now." Though they are treats right up her alley. Then again being given the isn't quite so fun. "Speaking of which…" There's a nod towards her present treat. "Wouldn't exactly do to go walking out with them like that." So certainly he should put her up for the day to enjoy. Yes? "The future is what it is. Its a fickle thing Aro. You of all people should know that." But she does oblige with slipping her hand into his. "Don't be surprised if you don't find what you expect to."

Aro affords a glance to the two boys, and then glances to the female guard. "I can have them sent to a room on the fourth floor," she suggests smoothly, walking forward to take the handle on the cart. "Won't you stay with us tonight, Aurelia?" She's a familiar face, probably — and one that looks upon Mouse without disguising the jealousy in her rose-hued eyes. In fact, if she's given the chance to place the mortals in the room for Mouse, she's likely to kill at least one of them first. By accident. Oops!

Aro takes no notice to this, however, grasping Mouse's hand with surprising strength and closing his eyes as her thoughts flow through his mind freely, glimpses of the future here and there — it's one that he seems to greet without much surprise. Fighting, disagreement, and… a weight of sorrow. "Sulpicia?" he murmurs, questioning the health of his mate. It doesn't suit him, he yanks his hand away. "Go."

"I'd love to," Mouse replies to Aro's request to stay with a smile. Her mind is a rather confusing mix of past, futures and possible futures of past and those times yet to come. Not always easy to match timelines up where they go, but he's certain to find something there to catch interest. "Touch them and you won't like it," she warns the other woman as her hand is released and falls back to her side. Then back to the older man, "A word on wolves … you know what they say about sheep." That said, as meaningless as it might be, she spins again, tossing a knowing smile back towards Aro before heading on her way. She'll find those boys again in a bit.

The woman makes a face at Mouse. "Like I'd do that." She'll just have to do something equally spiteful then, like cut the power cord to the TV or make sure no hot water works for bathing. With that, she saunters toward the elevator, but not before putting the cover back over the victims. Her hips sway as she walks out. The other two presents get wheeled into the back, into a safe, no doubt. But of course, a master thief could figure it out…

Irked at what the future showed him, Aro nods to Mouse, not seeming to really listen. The comment about sheep earns her an arched brow. "Of course," he responds back knowingly, though in truth, he'll have to mull that one over. "Until next time, Aurelia."

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