Declaration of War

IC Time: Evening of November 19, 2007
Location: The Black Orchid at the Olympic Towers Hotel
Synopsis: Aro makes a declaration of war.
Submitted by: Staff

The restaurant has been rented out for the night. In fact, the hotel in general has a notable lack of presence of anyone with a beating heart. Great lengths have been taken to ensure whatever conversation will occur tonight will be kept from prying ears. Despite the strive for secrecy, the set up of the restaurant is just about what one would expect for a 'press conference' or perhaps more accurately, a 'rally.' A head table has been raised on a stage at the front of the place, decorated stylishly. It remains empty for now, though three spots are reserved.

Anastasia slips in relatively quietly, unless one counts her mode of dress. A worn black leather jacket covers her clingy black t-shirt against the evening chill, at least to most eyes, but her camo-printed fatigue pants and patrol cap are very out of place in this high-class establishment. She moves to claim a table near the middle of the floor, close enough to hear, yet far enough to be less obvious to those facing the audience.

Among those here at the "public" announcement, Stasia lingers near one of the windows. Her garnet-hued eyes are hyper alert, scanning the room. The young vampire is dressed practically: dark slacks, ankle-high boots and a peasant blouse of undyed linen. Her body is tense, almost restless.

Theresa is making her way into the restaurant; she's not as dressed up as normal but still looks rather nice. Designer jeans and a lovely silken jade green blouse, and a pair of black high heels are found upon her feet. Her hair is short as she doesn't have any extensions in at the moment, she also wears no contacts tonight letting her red gaze been seen. Some makeup rests above her eyes but that's about it. A glance is offered around the room as she moves inside humming a faint tune to herself while she wanders onwards towards a table at the side near the front where she settles down upon a chair.

After several minutes of mingling, of finding seats, and of curious glances thrown toward the stage, a silence cloaks the room as Aro descends toward the microphone, surrounded by two guards. He wears a smile, his face untouched by lines of worry as he takes a seat promptly, and adjusts the microphone. The room is full of vampires. Most of the Volturi that are in Port Angeles, and many others from around the area. They sit as Aro does, some skeptical, others seeming open to whatever he has to say.

"Good evening." His voice comes silkily through the room as he locks eyes with Stasia, then move elsewhere. "I'm here tonight on rather unfortunate circumstances, so you might have heard. I would first like to explain that is an open discussion. Please stop me with your questions and comments." He seems sincere on that note, and moves on. "Four vampires, and one human loyal to us were slaughtered by a significant force last week. This does not come as a shock to you all. While we don't know who did it, we are certain it involved our old enemies, the werewolves." Pause. "As such, my brothers and I have discussed at length what should be done. We will be bringing every Child of the Moon in for questioning. But I need your help… the Volturi need your help. We cannot do it alone. We have learned that this group will stop at nothing. There have been reports of other vampires, covens, being slain across the nation, as Children of the Moon rise up and support their cause. It has left us no choice." Aro shakes his head, as if lamenting his next words.

"As of tonight, we are declaring war on our ancient enemies. This does not just affect my coven. It affects all of us. Every vampire is personally responsible for ensuring the longevity of our kind. Any vampire caught fraternizing with a werewolf will be dealt with. Furthermore, there will be rewards, my friends! Money, as you know, means nothing to our kind. But I can and will afford the highest of powers, fame, and honor to those among you that will bring us the most information… or as Caius might like it, bring the most wolf skins."

There is a very long pause, so much so that some begin to clap until Aro frowns. "This is a sad time for me. I had so much hope, my friends… so much, that we might someday be able to use the Children of the Moon. But we cannot. They are a threat, and they must be eliminated. Now then. Your questions or concerns?"

Stasia does meet Aro's gaze from across the room. As the leader of the Volturi speaks, her features go from restless, to grave. These last few days have been especially difficult. "My lord," she speaks quietly. "Can you speak to the evidence against the werewolves?" The question is posed, perhaps, for the benefit of those who might be apprehensive or uncertain.

Ana sits quietly through the address, her eyes snapping open wide at the declaration of war. When the call for questions goes out, her hand shoots up. To her credit, she waits to be recognized before speaking, and her tone is (mostly) polite, if marked by worry. "How do you /know/ it was them? I mean, I'm sure there was evidence… but was it /good/ evidence? This is a big step for not knowing who did the deed."

Theresa is quiet as she listens, her gaze drifting over the ones here taking everyone in to see who may or may not be here. She catches sight of Stasia and offers her a slight smile and nod before she looks back. While others ask questions she merely sits back and listens to them curiously.

Aro sits back in the chair, relaxed, and for the briefest of moment, appearing faintly amused. "Evidence? You doubt my claims?" he challenges lowly, though not in an unfriendly tone. He does, however, offer some support. "We have some of the smartest people in the fields of technology and investigational science on our team. Of course we have evidence. I will say that it does not appear these werewolves acted alone. After all," he leans forward a bit, seeming comfortable with himself, "We all know the Children of the Moon lack the … advanced knowledges those of our kind possess. It would seem they were working with a group of vampires. This is rather alarming, but at the same time… we will find out quickly who is siding with whom."

This news startles Stasia a bit. Her brows lift with surprise, then furrow in thought while she mulls over this detail a bit. A glance is given to the other vampires here, perhaps attempting to judge if they are satisfied with Aro's answer.

Theresa blinks at the talk of a group of vampires help the wolves?… She shakes her head slowly while tapping a finger upon the table. She isn't about to question Aro, she'll believe just about anything she's told. Still it’s a disheartening thing to find out about other vampires.

A few other questions come and go, and a notable murmur begins, mostly speculation about the wolves. Aro rises and descends from the stage, approaching Theresa, and signaling to Stasia with a nod. "You made it!" he exclaims brightly, glancing over her outfit. "Shall we speak for a moment, in private? With Stasia, too," he says, turning to head to a room off to the side.

Stasia approaches immediately, once she is beckoned. In spite of everything, she does have a smile for Aro. "My lord." Her chin dips in a graceful submission. Though she keeps her voice and posture even, there is an intensity in her eyes. These last few days have been difficult. "As it please you."

Theresa stands up as Aro moves towards where she is. A brght smile and nods is offered along with a faint bow, just common with her. "Of course I did. I would not miss this sir." Another nod is offered. "Sure, not a problem at all." A smile is offered to Stasia before she follows after Aro towards the other room.

Aro heads off toward a private lounge located just off the restaurant, and drops into a booth with a refined amount of grace. His eyes skim the two and he offers a smile. "So. Perhaps I might have surprised you. Perhaps not. Nevertheless. I saw many keys faces missing in the presentation tonight. Curious, don't you think?" His smile moves to a grim line. "They should be informed. Who better than you two lovely ladies to help out with this?"

"This has been a good deal to absorb," Stasia admits. As always, she tends to speak quite candidly to Aro. He can read her thoughts at any time, after all. "The Cullens are not here, neither the Krinovs or the Diemos." None of these are at the top of her popularity list.

Theresa nods as she listens to Aro. "As Stasia says it is a lot of information to take in at the moment.. Some of it rather surprising as well." A soft sigh escapes her. "Oh yes.. I have no problem at all filling others in on the information from here tonight." She would love to deal with the Diemos for a little while after all.

"Good. Then, I apologize, but I must be off. I'll be back to Italy soon enough, too." Aro raises his brows and then slides out of the booth. "I'm glad I can count on you both." There is no additional look or touch to Stasia as he makes his way out, which might seem a bit cold with the way things have been going.

The distance isn't lost on the young vampire, who is uncertain how to interpret it. She watches Aro take his leave, then turns her eyes back on the table in front of her. A few moments later, she departs herself.

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