Glitter, Cartoons, and Journals!

IC Time: Night
Location: Cullen Residence -Living Room-
Synopsis: Kyler colors, Carlisle watches cartoons and gives a gift.
Submitted by: Carlisle


Cullen Residence: Main House Forecast: Autumn. Fair. 73.3F/22C

-— LOCATIONS -. The living room is the most used room in the house,
| with the scattered white couches, chairs, and
Kitchen [K] | loveseats in a range of fabrics. The flatscreen,
Stairs [U] | high definition TV takes up a large portion of the
| eastern wall; the stereo, with all the latest
----—-' technology and stacks and stacks of CDs, take up half the western wall. On a raised platform on the north side of the room sits the grand piano, all shiny black with ivory-white keys. There is a door on the east side of the room that leads to the kitchen and dining room. The south side of the room is a wall of glass the looks out onto the backyard, it's pool and the river that runs behind the house.

Outside, a chilly wind blows from the west, driving dark clouds before it and blotting out the stars in patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere they glitter brightly in the dark sapphire sky.

— Contents --------------
Carlisle Kyler
— Exits -------------——

Kyler is back to his old tricks, it would seem, which will likely make Esme very happy (or not). Someone must have bought Kyler a new package of glitter crayons and a random color book, for at some point in the night he claimed the living room floor for his newest project. Colored sheets are scattered about the room, in a neat but incomprehensible pattern. Each is carefully colored (though not always realistically), and labelled with a name (none of them spelled correctly). The crayons are also scattered about, and Kyler lays on his stomach in the midst of the color book chaos, his feet waving in the air as he hums to himself and draws a purple smiley face on a glittery green cloud.

Carlisle comes down the stairs after spending some time in his office. Heading into the livingroom he just chuckles lightly at the scattered coloring sheets. Learning more and more about the way Kyler entertains to himself. Taking a moment he looks towards what is being worked on so diligently by the young vampire. A smile brightens his features as he silently and carefully moves to his chair not disturbing him for the moment. Having a seat he picks up the remote to their television turning it on keeping the volume low while browsing the channels until finding the local news. Settling the remote on the table next to him he props his head against his right hand listening to the news story about Seattle his eyes scan again the different pictures upon the floor.

There are many pictures, each one with the solid black lines of Looney Tunes cartoon characters. Apparently someone thought Bugs Bunny would appeal to him, and they weren't wrong. Though he has made fairly odd choices in his coloring. Among the pictures and closest to Carlisle once he has settled in his chair is a green Babs and Buster Bunny, carefully labelled "b3La" and "3dwaRd". After a few more moments of careful concentration, his brow creaased with the effort, Kyler finally sits up to examine his efforts. Once he has approved his creation, he carries it over to Carlisle and presents it with a beaming grin. It's a blue glittery Foghorn Leghorn, with carefully lettered, "fOR caRlaldad."

Carlisle's eyes study the pictures closest to him with an amused grin. The color choice was rather interesting and the fact he picked bunnies to represent the newlyweds. At least he was close enough on spelling the names of the pair. Once Kyler begins to move and come towards him, the doctor straightens himself just a little in the chair. Reaching out for the paper he looks it over with a curiosity, the character wasn't foreign since Alice, and Emmett actually watched these toons a few times over the years. If possible his smile brightens to its fullest, "Very nice!" he says with enthusiasm towards the gift. "I will hang this in my office at work. Did you make one for mom-mom?" he asks wondering about what character in Kyler's mind she would be viewed as.

Kyler watches as Carlisle examines the picture, and his grin brightens even further as Carlisle approves. "Really? You like it?" Enthusiastically, he scurries off to sift through the pages he had already colored, eventually returning with another page to present to Carlisle, with an even wider grin. This one is labelled simply "MOMOM", and is a picture of Granny and Tweety Bird, once more in fantastical glittery hues.

Carlisle nods his head in approval watching as he shifts through his pictures. Being presented the one for 'Esme' he lays his on upon the table nest to him. Taking the picture of Granny and Tweety it is all he can do not to laugh. His mouth twitching and curling a few times, never has he visioned his wife as Granny or this small bird character. "She should be very happy." hoping he can be present when this is given to his wife, it will be rather amusing to get her view on it. At least he didn't paint her up as the Tazmanian Devil, "Your color choices are very nice, Kyler. Who else did you make one for?"

Kyler looks around, quite cheerful as he sifts through the pages of coloring. "Weeeeelll…I made this one for Jasper-dad," he explains, holding out a blue Porky Pig. "And this one for Alice-mom…" This time it's Lola Bunny, carefully rendered in an especially beautiful silvery, sparkling color. "I really like these colored books. They're much better than normal books…Jasper-dad says I have to draw in these and leave the normal books alone…"

Carlisle is rather proud at the moment, "We can go get you more of these to color. I think we can actually print you some off the computer as well." He would mention that Kyler could use a computer to also color with but he has a concern he might find the computer itself covered in glitter crayon. Handing him back all the colorings except his own, "He is right. The normal books are for reading and these are made for colors." he explains.

Kyler accepts the colored pages back, and starts gathering up those he didn't have a chance to show Carlisle, stacking them carefully and straightening the pages painstakingly before leaving them carefully stacked. That done, he goes to rearranging his crayons, lining them up in a glittery rainbow on the floor. "The computer?" he asks, distantly. "I don't know much about computers… I just color…" After he's finished creating his strange rainbow, he glances up, with a happy grin. "I /like/ these. They don't try to talk and jump around like normal books." Newly organized, he starts flipping through the color book to select his next work of art.

Carlisle just watches as he arranges his things neatly. This was very much like having a male-version of Alice in the house, but with even more childlike qualities. For a moment he has to stew on the choice of words about normal books. Deciding not to pursue it he simply reaches for the remote and begins flipping channels again coming across the cartoon network. The roadrunner signature 'meep-meep' catches his attention and he lays the remote back down deciding this rather matches the current mood in the room.

Kyler is distracted from his choice of a new coloring page by the 'meep meep' sound. He looks up, brows lifting, and head tilted with curiosity. After a moment, the colors and coloring book are abandoned, and soon Kyler is curled next to Carlisle's feet, watching the cartoon figures darting around the screen. After the third or fourth time that the coyote fails to catch the roadrunner, Kyler gives a sudden laugh and looks up at Carlisle. "Silly dog! That's not how to catch a chicken!"

Carlisle doesn't normally watch cartoon, but this was rather entertaining for the moment. Even as Kyler curls at his feet to watch with him, he laughs just shaking his head. "Indeed." he agrees with the young vampire. When the coyote ends up blowing himself up just before the cartoon goes off he laughs again and reaches out a hand to ruffle the top of Kyler's head just as another cartoon begins.

Kyler gives a startled laugh as the coyote blows up, and jabs a finger at the screen. "That's what you /get/, silly dog. The chicken always wins!" He brings his hand back to his face, half-smothering his giggle even as he rocks a little forward and back with glee. Carlisle's ruffling of his hair serves to ground him a bit, however, and he glances up with a grin, before going back to watch the next cartoon. After a moment, he lets his head fall to lean against Carlisle's knee, in a very childish fashion.

Carlisle continues to watch the cartoons now laughing here and there. "Be right back." he finally says standing up and disappearing back up the stairs. After a few minutes he comes back witha something tucked beneath his arm. "For you." he holds out a black leather bound journal for him to take.

Kyler finds the cartoons to be entirely hilarious, though he glances up when Carlisle heads up the stairs. He's still waiting and watching the cartoons as Carlisle returns. He looks up, and the moment he lays eyes on the journal, his wide grin falters a little. Instead, he looks at it nervously, without reaching to take it. After a moment, he glances up at Carlisle, questioningly, "It's a…book?"

Carlisle shakes his head sitting back down. Opening it he reveals that all the pages are blank, "This is called a journal. Many of us keep one, we write in it but you can do whatever you'd like in this one. Write, color things about how you are feeling or your day." Laying it on the floor next to him, "I got that for you. See…" he runs his finger across a gold script lettering of 'Kyler', "All yours."

Kyler stares at the book with wide eyes as Carlisle opens it to reveal the blank pages. For a moment, he doesn't seem to know what to think, but when Carlisle lays it down, he reaches out, tentatively, to touch it. He flinches a little, as though it might bite, but when nothing untoward happens, he picks it up for a closer examination. His fingers trace over the gold lettering, and he screws up his eyes a little, staring with extreme concentration. His lips move silently, until suddenly he announces, with surprise and wonder, "Kyler! That…That's me…" Suddenly, he seems to make up his mind about it, and clutches it to his chest, hugging it protectively. He looks up at Carlisle earnestly, and asks, "I can write…whatever I want?"

Carlisle observes how the young vampire takes to the gift. Once the question is posed he nods his head, "You may write whatever you want in /that/ journal." Propping his left leg over his right knee, his hands fold gently around his left knee. "I hope you like your gift." he smiles and wit one hand picks up the coloring from earlier, "And thank you for this! I will show Mom-mom before I take it to work."

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