By Any Means

IC Time: Late night / early morning on November 22, 2007
Location: 16th Floor - Olympic Hotel
Synopsis: A meeting in the hotel serves as plotting time for Aro, Afton, and Chelsea.
Submitted by: Staff

It is late in the evening, and Afton has retired to his room in the hotel as he often does during the hours that humans are supposed to be sleeping. Be out of the public eye for periods of time so they don't seem suspicious. He was gone for a solid week, slightly more, after having met Beverly and faced with the growing issue of the accident. During the conference, he was out of town chasing a couple of promising leads that unfortunately turned up absolutely nothing. Which, doesn't make for a happy Afton. His hands are folded at the small of his back, bright crimson gaze watching the few people mill about below as they go about the Port Angeles night life, expression set in something dark and brooding, but thoughtful.

There is a knock, though it's not necessary. "Afton, sir?" The voice of a lower-level guard rings out before she hesitates, and then opens the door with the approval of Aro, who nods silently behind her. "Milord Aro's here to see you," she adds unnecessarily, before stepping solemnly aside to join the other guard on security of the 16th floor. The Volturi leader moves with fluid grace as he steps into the threshold of the suite, a serious but pleasant smile moving his lips upward. "Afton. I heard your trip did not turn out as expected," he states in a low murmur, glancing at the door and eyeing the guard outside as she hastens to close it. "You missed some important news though, my friend." His tone brightens considerably.

The shower turns off at the first word of the guard and by the time Aro has entered Chelsea is walking out of the bathroom dressed in a white flowing robe, her damp hair resting upon her shoulders. She inclines her head to the Volturi, "Good evening Milord." She says with utmost respect in her voice before moving to the side of her husband, "If we had but knew you were coming we could have made a better reception for you." She says smoothly as she crosses the room. She arches a brow at the last words of the Leader and stands at Afton's side to listen.

Afton turns at the knock, "Yes?" Though as Aro's presence is announced, he nods partially; though more to himself. His hands unfold as Aro moves into the room, his frame bending at the waist in a bow for the Leader. The one he respects the highest and works for, after all. "My Lord." He greets respectfully, straightening once his name is spoken. "Unfortunately not." He confirms, his expression showing much to the effect. His true colors are rarely shown, and only to very few. Normally, its rather hard to tell what he is thinking. "Any leads we've found so far have turned up nothing but dead ends. We will find something soon." Conviction of a hope. "I heard, though the details I have not yet acquired, I'm afraid. My apologies." As his wife joins him, his hand raises to rest instinctively at the small of her back, a small smile despite his sour mood given towards her before his attention slides back to Aro.

Aro turns his light eyes over Chelsea, not missing the way the robe clings to her body, but remaining indifferent about it, offering only a slightly brighter smile. "Ah, but you can't get any more beautiful, dear Chelsea," he responds smoothly. There is a pause as he considers something that seems unplanned — "I will need to have a word with you about another topic after our chat. It's no less serious, but certainly not as high priority." The dark-haired ancient takes the liberty to sit in one of the unclaimed, plush chairs, straight-backed.

"There is some information I wish for you to be privy to, Afton." Aro wastes no time in getting to the point. "It is not to be repeated." Pause. "There were circumstances that caused this war. Surely, you have heard that my brothers and I have decided to declare war on the Children of the Moon. And yes, the attacks had something to do with it, and yes, we do not know who committed those crimes. But there is more. I won't delve into the details so much as I will tell you both that this move was political in some aspects. So as you ponder in your heads if we are overreacting, the answer is yes. But with a purpose. Now. How confident are you in the cohesiveness and the abilities of the Volturi and the vampires here in Port Angeles?"

"My Beauty enhances for your presence Aro, it is but a way that I honor you My Lord." Chelsea replies with a smile upon her pale lips. No makeup to adorn her face, and yet she is Angelic. An Angel with ruby red eyes. She settles neatly next to her husband. No doubt Aro alone knows the truth of this pair that keeps most people guessing. That the games they play with each other is not just games, but they actually do love each other as much as a vampire can. Devotion at least despite of…or because of their individual talents. She moves to sit down in a seat beside Afton, legs crossing suggestively, the robe parting over her knees. Just a casual gesture. She does not at least seem surprised by his words. "The Volturi I have the utmost confidence in…the vampires here about. I think they need guidance and have operated far too long without it, forgetting the tenants of our society."

"Of course." Afton nods briefly to Aro, falling quiet to listen. "Not so much of an overreaction as just a more vocal point to our intentions against our enemies. At least in my mind." His hand lightly shifts at Chelsea's back, fingertips caressing her skin in the smallest of movement against her robe. "Personally.. you know that I'm not that liked amongst the vampire population. Even here. My presence, as I had already assumed, has caused some discord. Though those that we have issues with, Chelsea and I shouldn't have a problem convincing them to aid us, even if temporarily." As Chelsea settles, his hand moves up her back to rest on her shoulder, fingertips gracing against her throat. As much as they manipulate each other, and well, everyone else… the love is certainly there. And ode to how possessive Afton is of her.

Aro appears amused at Chelsea's answer. "Oh? Is that so?" His eyes dart to Afton. "You charm me, young one. I daresay it enhances for the presence of your husband, though, just as much." He folds his hands elegantly in his lap. "Precisely. You both seem to understand the need to be /here/, to help rally our subjects to our cause. Many of them have bucked against us for too long. Some remain indifferent completely — and some — like my dear friend Carlisle and his family, are even /friendly/ with the enemy." There is a tragic, staged wince.

"Merely telling the vampires here to fight the Children of the Moon will not work. As you have said, Afton, they do not like you. They do not like us. They feel no sympathy for our cause, and though some will be stirred by the promise of fame and power, it's not enough." He pauses and drops his voice. "You do understand what I'm implying here, right? We will need to induce hatred in some of the covens here. By /any/ means possible."

"Well perhaps so, though I think I have beauty enough for both my favorites." Chelsea responds to Aro with a pleased smile upon her lips. Her fingers come up to touch lightly upon Afton's hand at her neck. Her nose wrinkles at the mention of the Cullen Patriarch and she nods, "Some have become too soft, have lost their way. He holds so much talent within his house. Selfish really that he would not encourage them to aid the cause." Chelsea says as she leans back in the chair, her hands resting on its arms. "The Vampires here are like children, not realizing they need rules and bucking against them. We must act like their parents it seems and bring out the rod."

"Now now, Cheslea, darling. You know I don't share." Afton intones, grinning a little down at his wife before his gaze shifts back to Aro. "I'll send some of the other guards to try for other attempts, though Chelsea and I will handle personally the more difficult ones. As much as children they are, breeding discord isn't as hard as it sounds. It is breeding harmony that is the problem." He chuckles.

Aro smiles, watching the interaction with the two with a faint amusement that traces into a smile. "Yes, harmony. If you need to leave evidence that a wolf was responsible for the crimes…we have hair samples, saliva, fingerprints, and anything else you might need from Abbey, our former ally. Caius suggested killing off humans that are close to the uncooperative vampires and having it look as if a wolf is responsible. You see, hatred can unite us as much as it can divide us." In a sudden motion, he stands. "I won't keep you two. But Chelsea." He pauses and turns to the blonde. "I'll have you know I broke off my affair with Stasia. It was fun, but, she was merely an amusement, of course." A frown furrows his brow. "However, she took it hard. We need her in the coven, and so, I ask that you work with her." He heads for the door. "I should be going."

"Having you here may well make my job easier Aro. The connections being closer, if I can enhance their links to you it will be easier for Afton to sway them as well." Chelsea offers as she continues to stroke Afton's hand lightly. She smiles up at her husband before tilting her head to kiss his fingertips, "Only my Beauty do I share unless he would command otherwise." She murmurs before looking back to Aro. At the mention of Stasia she cannot help but smile, "Yes, you is a child, I would be happy to work with her. She still holds far too much sympathy towards the dogs for my comfort. This may well help shatter that and bring her deeper into the fold."

Afton nods partially towards Aro, his lips tugging at the corners. "We will gather them to our cause… one way or another. Rest assured. Though those items will be of use, quite so." His lips tug into a deeper smile; the plotting already going through in his head. As the mention of Stasia comes about, the corner of his lips twitch, but he holds his peace. He isn't harsh towards any of the coven unless it is to keep them in line, after all. As Aro moves to leave however, he bows to the Elder. "Until next we meet, My Lord."

Aro nods. "I am well aware of the way you two… work." His brow quirks just slightly with amusement of their antics, though he knows full-well of how it can be of use to him. "Thank you, my friends, and enjoy the night!" He departs on a bright note, eccentric and enthusiastic as always.

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