A Housecall

IC Time: Late evening, November 27, 2007
Location: 1202 Russel Loop
Synopsis: Stasia seeks answers, both to the current mystery… and an old one.
Submitted by: Stasia

Port Angeles

1202 Russel Loop Forecast: Autumn. Clear. 50F/10C

It is a rather simple looking house that can be found here. Two floors, with a basement and from the looks of it a lot of work needs to be done on the outside as well as the inside of the home. A half wraparound porch is found around the front and side of the house. Five steps lead up to the front door, two hanging swings can be found, the chains look rather rusty and ready to break if anyone should sit upon it.

Once through the door the front room looks rather normal and homely, actually. Some old furniture is seen, two couches and some easy type chairs along with tables. Windows offer natural light into the room while a few lamps are seen upon the tables. A fireplace is found along the far wall, wooden bookshelves over it and at either side which hold old yet well kept books.

Stairs lead up to the second floor where four bedrooms can be found along with two bathrooms. Upon the first floor down a short hallway is found another bedroom with a small bathroom attached to it. The kitchen is off to the right of the front room, the appliances are old but still in working order. A kitchen table with four chairs can be found in a small room right next to the kitchen. There is a backdoor and window seen within the kitchen as well. A pantry is used to hold food items, and near the back of the pantry is a door and leads down into the basement. Once the house is actually fixed up it might me a rather lovely house to live in.

Outside, the deep blue night sky is clear and cloudless, and the stars glitter. An icy wind blows from the northwest.

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Abbey Stasia
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Door [O]

With evening settling over the area the house where a few certain people live is actually rather quiet. Abbey is dozing on the sofa, still getting over the fight from a few days ago. Her wounds are healing at least. The house still looks a bit of a wreck, but at least all the broken things have been picked up. No lights are on in the house and all the windows and doors are tightly locked, not that all that could stop someone if they truly wanted to get in after all.

The diminuative vampire approaches the house with a modicum of caution. She has scouted first, by use of her ability, and ensured that she was not followed, as well as assuring that no ambush awaited her within (there is no building created by man that a mouse cannot find a way inside). Finally, she steps to the door and rings the bell.

Abbey shifts some at the sudden bell ringing, a faint mutter escaping her at the sound while she slowly lifts her head to look over at the door and trys to will who ever it is away. She's quiet as she listions for a few moments before taking in a breath and shifts so she is sitting and then standing. A faint hiss escapes her at the feeling of moving, and she pauses for another moment before moving over to the door and unlocks it to look outside at the form there. Her pale gaze settles on a certain vampre and she is unsure for a moment what to do before opening the door more and leans against it. "Stasia.. How nice to see you again." Maybe..

"Abbey. You look like hell." The vampire points out helpfully. She is clad in a dark duster jacket, worn over a hooded sweatshirt. The hood is pulled up against the weather and to make the garnet hue of her eyes less obvious. "May I come in?"

Abbey ahs faintly as she hears the other. "So I look how I feel then.. Super." She says while smirking and shakes her head before steping back slowly and opens the door so the other can enter. "Suppose so.. You bring any friends with you that I should know of?"

"To the best of my knowledge, I am alone." Stasia replies, stepping in. She pushes back the hood of her sweatshirt. "What happened?"

Abbey closes the door once the other is inside, she then moves back to the sofa and settles down upon it once more. "A few vampires came to toy with my and my friends the other night."

Stasia frowns, shakes her head. "This is getting out of hand." She says darkly. A hand rakes through her brown curls, dampened by the rain. "Do you know who attacked the Volturi at the docks?"

Abbey hums faintly while closing her eyes. "Ya.. I would say it is very out of hand." She shrugs a moment while lifting a hand to rub across her eyes a few times. "No.. Like I told Aro I have no idea who could have done all this.. But I don't think wolves would have acted on there own doing it."

"Why not?" Stasia asks, though not in an accusatory fashion. "There's nothing to prevent your people from getting the necessary equipment and training. If humans can plant a bomb, why not a wolf?"

Abbey lifts a brow as she listions to Stasia. "Perhaps.. But wolves are not eager for being nearly wiped off the earth again.. Which the Volturi did and is trying to /again/

"So they wouldn't have started something if they didn't think they could finish it." Stasia reasons. She stands utterly still, in that eerie manner of her people. "Are you aware of any rogues of your kind that might have acted… prematurely?" There is a pause. "I want to find out who murdered my coven brothers and sister… but there is another murder I want to investigate." She opens her duster jacket and pulls out an old-looking journal. Flipping to a page, she pulls out a newspaper clipping. A glance at the book shows there is some writing inside and several other clippings or folded pieces of paper, some yellowed with age.

The clipping she offers Abbey is fairly recent, less than a year old. The date is shortly after Abbey and Aset were taken to Volterra. It describes a massacre of sorts, that is attributed to wild animals killing a family inside their home.

Abbey huffs out fiantly. "Well, they didn't finsh last time or I wouldn't be here." She points out before glancing to the piece of paper which she leans a hand up and takes hold of it reading the artcile. A frown is offered and she shakes her head. "I don't know of any.. Wolves, even when shifted wouldn't have a reason to go into a home.. Doesn't make sense to me."

"No.. I meant the wolves. You said that they wouldn't start anything because of fear of being eliminated. Therefore, if they /did/ start something, they must have reason to think they could avoid elimination… finish it." Stasia's brow furrows, "So whoever they are working with must have convinced them of their ability to destroy the Volturi." Her garnet eyes flick to the newspaper clipping. "The investigation my coven did, indicated wolves. Possibly your kind, possibly the Quileutes. You don't know of any rogues?" She seems to agree that wolves would have no reason to do this, as a general rule, and is therefore looking for the anomalies.

Abbey ahsf aintly and nods while offering the paper clipping back to the other. "No.. I don't know of any rogues that would do this.. Not without being, sick or who knows what.." Losing control is one thing, but in a house?.. Not likely. "But who would have tried to convince the wolves of something like that?"

"I don't know if the two incidents are related or not. I might be grasping at straws, I don't know." The vampire begins to pace, agitated. "I need to know what happened to these people. And, I need to find the murderers of my coven. As to who might have convinced your people to attack the Volturi, I don't know."

Abbey watches the other as she starts to pace, she's quiet listioning and thinking it seems. "If I can help you I will.. But your the only one I'll help Stasia." She isn't sure why she says this. "But.. if wolves are behind it I won't help your deal with them.. I will not turn again my own kind."

"I still owe you, Abbey. You stood with me when none of my kind did. I haven't forgotten." Stasia pauses in her pacing. The fact that she feels this obligation is a source of concern among her own coven. "But when I find out who did this, God help them. Vampire, wolf, both or neither, I will hunt them down and destroy them."

Abbey lifts a brow as she listions to Stasia. "You don't own me anything Stasia.. I helped you because I wanted too and it was the right thng to do."

"I pay my debts, Abbey." Stasia insists. "And you're correct. It was the right thing to do. Insane vampires need to be put down. I expect insane wolves are equally dangerous." She takes an unnecessary breath, exhales slowly. "I'll keep looking, keep trying to find something. This… war declaration…." She shakes her head, as if frustrated. Even though the controls placed upon her have weakened, it is still exceedingly difficult for her to openly question her masters. "Just the sooner we find the truth, the better."

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